Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th March 2014 Written Update

Ruhi comes to Ishita and Raman. She asks Raman if he loves IshiMaa that much. Raman is speechless. Ishita interrupts and tells Ruhi that Raman loves him the most. Ruhi says I love you papa and kisses him. Raman smiles. Ruhi touches his cheek and says so clean today. Raman says he will always be soft for Ruhi now. Ruhi says wow, we all will be soft from now. She puts one hand around Ishita and other around Raman and hug both together. Ishita kisses her. Raman tells Ruhi to sit with her friends now.

Raman asks Ishita, aren’t you ashamed? Ishita is confused. Raman says you’re such a big liar. You said your fantasy story on the stage. Ishita says, what else could I say? That Ruhi’s parents can’t even talk properly to each other? It doesn’t look

good. It’s just a game, so relax and enjoy it. Raman folds his hands and requests her not to take part in next game now. The teacher announces next game. Raman bangs his head. In next game, daddys will ready mums in 10 minutes. Raman says, let’s go.. just a game.

All wives sit on chairs and husbands stand behind them. Raman first puts the earrings and then necklace on Ishita. Ishita adjusts her hair to help him out. All children are enjoying. Ruhi asks Raman to put gajra too. Ishita passes him a pin. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein plays in the background… Ruhi asks Raman to hurry up. Raman adjusts Ishita’s saree. A pin hurts Ishita. Raman then does it carefully. He then picks up a waistband and thinks it’s a necklace so takes it to Ishita’s neck. Ruhi laughs. Ishita moves it down and then he ties it on her waist. He then puts a Tika on her forehead. Time is up. The teacher praises Raman for finishing first. She tells Ishita she looks very beautiful. Everyone claps for Raman and Ishita. Ruhi gives a flying kiss to Ishita. Ishita returns the kiss. Raman is happy.

The women says Ishita is so lucky as Raman is very romantic. Raman says lets go now. Ishita asks where is Ruhi. He says Ruhi is waiting in the car. Ruhi tells Raman that my friend say my mum is beautiful. Raman says her eyes are not fine. Raman applies sudden break seeing a man lying on the ground.

Raman goes to help her and asks Ishita to bring water. The goons surround Raman and Raman asks Ishita to lock the car from inside. Raman fights with the goons. Ishita calls the police. The goons brings hockey sticks to beat Raman and hit him with tubelights. Raman fights well. Ishita smiles seeing the goons run away. Raman catches the goons and the police comes on time. The police arrests the goons. The inspector asks are you fine. Raman says I m fine, there were many, some of them run. The inspector praise Raman for fighting with many goons alone. He thanks Raman for catching them as they were wanted.

Ruhi hugs Ishita being scared. Ishita says everything is fine, Papa won. She says Papa has beaten the goons. She says I was scared about you but you handled many of them so easily, its commendable. She says they were so huge and you so short. He says what short, me? Mihika talks to Mihir and says our plan is getting well, Raman and Ishuta are getting closer. They went to Ruhi’s school and played games. Some goons attacked them and Raman fought with them being short. Raman comes to Mihir. Mihir asks what happened to your hand. Raman tells him about the fight. He says I m very upset, I fought with four goons and Ishita called me short. Mihir says does we short people don’t have strength.

Mihir names few. Raman says I m taller than you right. He says check on internet, average height of men. Mihir checks and says we are average. Raman says she has hurt my ego. Mihir praises him as best CEO. Raman says she has complex, she is dentist and calls herself a doctor. Raman says I m not short. The scene is funny. Mhir says I will just come and thinks of an idea to change Mihika’s thoughts for him. He says from where should I bring goons. He smiles and talks to his colleagues. He says your leave application is accepted but you have to work hard for it. He tells them that they have to tease his girlfriend. They say no way. Mihir says then you won’t get the leave.

He scares them of late night work. Mihir says its a simple work, do you watch films, who are your fav heroes, think of a scene where a lonely girl stands on the road, and two goons come to tease her and a hero enters and beats the goons. He says the girl gets impressed by the hero, it will work, if it works, then she will know we are not less. The agree with Mihir. Mihir shows them Mihika’s photo. They say she is nice. Mihir says she is your Bhabhi, I will message you the location. They say sure boss and leaves. Mihir calls Mihika and asks her to meet him outside the park. He ends the call and smiles.

Ishita comes home and calls out Mrs. Bhalla. She says it seems there is no one at home. Mihika comes to her and hugs her. Mihika says I m going to meet Mihir. Ishita smiles. She says so you came here to take my blessings, go and have fun. Mihika bumps into Rumi and says I have some work and leaves. He talks to his friend and says the results have come and its good.

Raman tries to get taller. A man from the shoe shop comes to him. Manish talks to Raman. Raman asks for high sole shoes. Raman says I have one friend, his wife feels he is short, its not me. Manish says you are that friend. Raman says I don’t need all this. I m fine, I m tall, wife thinks he is short. Manish says even my wife used to taunt me on my height and one day she left me. Raman says will I look tall wearing this. Manish says yes, I will come after few hours. He leaves.

Ishita gives her phone for repair. She sees Simmi’s name in the register and thinks how can she be here at this time.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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