Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita agrees for Roshni’s godh bharai rasam

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni saying I know you are worried for me, we both got shocked, but Raman and everyone aren’t wrong either, they are annoyed with me, its right, they will love this child a lot, because this is Adi’s child. Ishita asks is this not your child, do you lose rights on this child, will you simply hand over the child, a mum can’t be separated from her child. Roshni says I understand their feelings. Ishita says its your greatness, I want Adi’s baby to get love and care, Aaliya might never be able to accept this child, no one is wrong here, the kid will bear the problems. She gets a call and says I m coming. She asks Roshni not to think much, they will find some way. She goes. Roshni says Ishimaa forgot her wallet and purse here.

Amma gives prasad to Aaliya and

says I went to pray for Roshni and her baby. Parmeet claps and says wow, you are praying for Roshni, what’s Aaliya’s value here. Amma says I had no such intention, don’t listen to him. Parmeet says people will stop listening to you, Roshni is carrying Adi’s baby, I m warning you, you may have to leave this house. Aaliya returns prasad and goes. Amma says just Aaliya will be our bahu. She scolds Parmeet. Romi gets Mihika to Bal Bhavishya trust. She asks what’s this. He says we will have a new house, we should have a child too. She asks are you serious. He says I want us to have a family. She says you got me here by cheat. He says this was a surprise. She says we need to have a mutual decision. He says for how long will you be an aunt, don’t you want to become a mum, just come for my sake. She agrees.

Amma apologizes to Aaliya. She says I m also angry on Ishita. Aaliya says I know you had no wrong intention. Shagun comes and greets them. She says I didn’t come to discuss yesterday’s problem, taste this cookie. Aaliya likes it and says everyone went to get Roshni, are you angry. Shagun says no, I have a different agenda to come here, I have thought to start a catering business, Mani said he can’t help me, will you help. Aaliya says we will make it successful. Amma asks can Kiran and I join you. Shagun says yes, we will put south indian dishes in the menu. She thanks Mani for his idea and smiles. Everyone comes home. Amma asks Raman did Ishita agree. Mrs. Bhalla says no, Ishita didn’t agree, she thinks we will separate Roshni and baby. Amma says yes, we want that. Raman says how will Roshni stay here, we will get Roshni’s baby here. Pihu hears him and says we will meet Ishita and tell her to send Roshni here. Shagun says I was thinking to go shopping, will you come along, you can buy books. Pihu hugs her. They leave. Pihu likes the icecream and says you would bring me every Sunday here. Roshni looks for cab. Pihu says its Roshni, stop the car. She says you say we should help everyone, please drive back and help Roshni.

Shagun sees Parmeet at the door. Parmeet asks what happened to you, you don’t care for Aaliya, Bhallas are getting Roshni home. Pihu says Roshni taught me a new game. Shagun says sit, I made a healthy juice. Parmeet sees Roshni and says she is a Naagin, you are feeding her. Shagun says I got concerned, we call this humanity. He says it would be good if anything happened. Shagun says shut up and leave. Mani says its enough, get out. Roshni says I need to go, I have to return Ishita’s wallet and phone, she went to market. Shagun says have the juice, I will drop you.

The lady tells adoption process to Romi and Mihika. She asks does your wife want to adopt a child, mutual consent is necessary. Mihika says of course, we want to adopt a child. The lady asks about entering his property details on their website. Romi says we have joint property, I m buying a house, its on my name, you tell me what I need to fill in the form. Mihika looks on. Ishita looks for her wallet and says maybe I forgot my wallet, I do have some change. She buys the vegs. The guys take the bags from her and sing Madam ji desi…. Ruhi hugs her and shows the decorations and flash mob. Everyone dances. Roshni, Mr. Bhalla, Raman, Ruhi and Mrs. Bhalla dance. Raman says we did this to show that we care for child and Roshni a lot, you decide to keep godh bharai or not. They all ask Ishita to agree. Ishita agrees. Raman says we will go on lunch and decide everything. Ruhi says I will drive the car. Pihu, Roshni, Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi leave. Pihu asks Ishita to come with Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays………

Mrs. Bhalla welcomes Roshni and does her tilak. Ishita smiles. A lady says we have to turn this happy times into a sad one, its Roshni’s godh bharai rasam.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This yhm lost its track juz filling up the episode

  2. Riana

    This change was suddenly made just bcoz its 1500 episodes celebration ! Cannot say loveyhm but can say congrats only to the whole cast ! You guyz were awesome always you did everything perfectly and showed everything with great emotions…Whatever i am not at all happy with this 8 months leap but still hoping for the best (which will never come ?????)

  3. Shreya Shetty

    what in the world is happening to this good show right now? I have a strange feeling that the bhallas and including shagun,aaliya and amma are too in taking a turn of being part of this drama of snatching roshni s child from her
    it may not be a right thing for me to say this,but its actually a fear which I am getting by any chance I would just quit watching this show and only read here if that truly happens of what I am thinking worser about the current track
    hope aaliya and shagun shouldn’t take a wrong step in dealing with ishita and that roshni girl in a hard way of separating a child from its mum.they may not talk with those two,but let us all assure that nothing goes wrong in this case
    I am not supporting ishita and roshni because of my opinion that I agree for that ishitas decision to take care of that cheap lady roshni,but I am slowly starting to dislike ishu for behaving like a great mother of all times in saving a stranger and leaving the family
    sometimes I kind of agree with guys not like earlier I used to blindly support ishita in all situations being her true fan,but she should have thought and planned well for her family s happiness and welfare being its MIL,still lets see whats going to happen next

    1. Shreya!

      Don’t blame Ishu for her wrongdoing. Roshini have family but they are in village and far away so village has not good environment and it is dangerous for the unborn baby. Rossini need someone to take care of her as she need Ishu the most than others. Alyia might have a lot of negatively thoughts in her mind without understanding Ishu helpless. Shagun is such selfish woman as she interfere other people affair and why can’t she focus on her own and leave others alone. Adi had warn Shogun to stay in her limited but no. Raman does that with Ishu and she did. How can Raman said that to Ishu that she is not the mother of the children and god had made her motherless? Raman should remorse on his harsh word on Ishu. Ishu is right that Bhalla have not accept Roshini after 8 months and ask her for godhbarai. No way. How can Raman and families think like that to separate the child from its mother. Raman is an idiot one for agree with Shagun and Aylia that Ishu killed Adi. Tell me if you watch whole of it and answer me.

      1. Did Ishu pull the trigger of the gun to shoot Adi?
      2. Who is the mother of Pihu?
      3. Why did Shagun force Rossini to marry someone else if she knew about the affair and did not tell Raman and Ishu?

      1. Yes , If I am not mistaken then ishita did shoot adi. And shagun is pihu’s mother , she carried her for 9 months and gave birth to her … It doesn’t not matter they are not blood related , ishita, ruhi and adi weren’t blood related either. Shagun was trying to save her son and daughters marriage, ons what any mother would do , she didn’t abandon her daughter to support an infidel the way ishita did

      2. Shreya Shetty

        Parichary,i am sorry to answer this to u but please don’t stop me this time
        I understand also that ishita didn’t intentionally shot her own stepson adi purposefully but to save that girl who slept with him even knowing it could ruin the couples lives was so wrong
        at the time of saving roshni from that mad and cheap headed man like adi both are also completely shameless
        I was actually expecting roshni to understand at first being a YHM fan among all,of not doing such a thing with adi even if she has fallen in love with him,she could’ve stayed in limits and controlled her temptations but NO,she has failed to do so in saving her own self respect
        and that ishita whom I used to admire as a true blind fan all this time,has taken a wrong step in supporting that woman who has committed a home wrecking mistake but isn’t feeling guilty for what she has done actually
        and for ur kind information,i am not blaming ishita for anything at all parichary
        this time I am changed that too in expressing my own point of view
        I am so sorry but I am unable to answer ur questions currently,dont accuse me of blaming ishita for this,besides I ve told u once that all whats happening are unreal i.e reel.

      3. Please read Vany comment and understand that. Real Adi is much alive. Fake Adi is killed. Adi is kidnapped by Suraj. You will regret someday for believing wrong commentor. Sorry I don’t know why I trust u that u will never comment badly. Don’t apologised me ever.

  4. I agree with you Diana di they have messed up everything. So even bringing ishra together will not be good??

  5. I think Aliya need some good slap n y she wants her baby

  6. Raman looks like such an idiot. Poor Karan, he has to do his job as Ekta wants. He is fighting this story because his mother wants her great grand child with the Bhallas, but he himself never cared about his own grandchild. Poor Roshni has to die because she has no connection with the Bhallas since her lover wasn’t Adi Bhallas. And Romi and Mihika will adopt Roshni’s baby. The real Adi will come back soon and everything should fall into place. I wonder what the next drama will be about. I thought they would have gotten rid of param and simmiI by now, they have long outdone their existence. Now I hear that it was param who shot the fake Adi.

  7. Raman looks like an idiot but poor Karan has to do his job. He is fighting this case only because his mother wants her great grandchild to live with the Bhallas, but he himself never cared about his own grandchild. Roshni has to die because she has no connection with the Bhallas since her lover was a fake Adi. The real Adi will soon come back and everything should fall into place. I wonder what new drama they will invent then. Romi and Mihika will end up adopting Roshni’s baby. I thought that by now, they would have gotten rid of param and simmi because they have long outdone their existence, but apparently it was Param who shot the fake Adi.

  8. YHM and the Bhallas have reached a new low. They are supporting cheaters over the real victims, supporting murderers and infidelity. Hurting the hurt and pampering the home wreckers. It is beyond redeemable , truly pathetic.

  9. Hey…
    Why are u all so concerned about this serial so much ???its just a serial not a real life incident ??Anyways we cant decide how the storyline must go…..and it wont go as we want ?
    Each and everyone who are a daily viewers of this show might be having many problems with this show since ishita shot adi and the episodes which followed it …..But whatever happens in the following their might be a reason behind everything………Prior to this segment…earlier when Niddhi was playing a negative role everyone had the same problem but after that sequence got over then everyone those who ever had problem started to like this serial ……So its better to wait and watch what happens next………
    Anyways i would like to congrates YHM for completing its 1500 episodes. …..??

  10. ishita should not have been agree for the godh bharai rasam.

  11. Hi I too have a same feeling that adi is still a live who could have been kidnap by some one because what I feel is .adi know very well about value of relationship and family .he saw what his own mother did so I don’t think he did something like that .the one who died was some one else who was similar to him in appearance wise so let wait till everything revealed

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