Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma arguing. Raman and Ishita come there. Ishita cries and stops them, saying judge said why do we want Ruhi back, we requested judge to give us Ruhi, we are a dysfunctional family, you fight for small issues, we will lose Ruhi by our ego. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma say we won’t fight, Ruhi is imp for us. Ishita tells them what judge told her.

She says we can try to get Ruhi and keep her happy, we have to cooperate. Mrs. Bhalla promises they won’t fight, Ruhi will see we stay with love. Mr. Bhalla, Simmi and Vandu also promise, and say we won’t lose Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla and Amma hug. Simmi and Vandu hug. Ishita smiles. Raman asks what do you want to show by this pretention. Mr. Bhalla says its not a show, come we will go home. Appa says yes, we are

one family now. Mihika asks Romi to come along. Romi refuses and goes. Mihika says you have to come back home one day, I will get you back.

Shagun asks what, we have to win Ruhi’s heart. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, thanks to Mata Rani, judge took right decision, we have to keep Ruhi happy, we won’t have fights, we have to bring Ruhi in this house. Adi says Ruhi thinks our family is dysfunctional, Raman and Ishita have to unite, Ruhi should see we all got together, I think we should get Ishita back. Shagun says it will be awkward, she moved on, her life is in Australia, I don’t think this is right decision. She thinks what about me, what place will I have in Raman’s life. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi said right, Ishita should be back here. Mihika comes and says you are right. She gives Simmi’s phone to her. She says Raman and Ishita should be together for Ruhi, I will convince her. Mr. Bhalla finds Shagun upset.

Mihika goes to Ishita and tries convincing her. Ishita says I left home many years ago, I can’t go there. Mihika says you have to do this for Ruhi’s sake. Ishita says I will talk to you. Raman comes and says Mihika is right. Mihika goes. Raman says we have to stay together for Ruhi, this time we will be staying for Ruhi’s sake, we won’t have any problem or ego, we both know Ruhi is imp for us, we have to do this Ishita, just for Ruhi. She recalls their marriage was also for Ruhi….. She says I will come to stay with you just for Ruhi. He says yes, just for Ruhi. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays……………

Adi tells Shagun that this is right. She says it will be so uncomfortable. He says this is best idea to get Ruhi back, think about others, stop thinking just for yourself, Raman and Ishita will decide. She says when Raman and I marry, when Ruhi gets her family, she will come. He says don’t know Ruhi wants to see you and Papa, or Ishi Maa and Papa. He goes. Ishita calls Shagun to fix a meet. Shagun thinks why does Ishita want to meet me.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to make aarti plate ready, and make badam halwa too. Mr. Bhalla asks her why are you doing this, Ishita is coming for few days, Raman will marry Shagun, don’t dream this false things. She says no, I want to do Ishita’s Grahpravesh. He asks what about Shagun and Pihu. She says don’t worry, help me in arrangements. She goes. He says you haven’t seen Shagun, I know she is not happy with all this.

Ishita meets Shagun and thanks her for handling everything well. She says Adi got so mature, and Pihu is very lovely, its all because of your upbringing. Shagun gets teary eyed and says she was your trust deposit, now she is my world, my daughter, whenever there is tension, everything gets fine seeing her smile, I got everything which I lost, because of her, my identity, family and all, I m feeling insecure because of your coming, its all mine, I think I should go, else I could say that I don’t mean to say. Ishita stops her and says I called you to talk about all this, Shagun I did not come to snatch your place, I wanted to see this, I could see this insecurity in you, trust me, we are helpless, I m coming because of Ruhi, its just for Ruhi.

Shagun leaves. Ishita says how to explain Shagun. Amma hears them. Amma gives coffee to Ishita and is tensed. Ishita tells Amma that its tea. Amma says I m so careless, I will make coffee. Ishita says you are not careless, you are worried, you don’t want me to go to Bhalla house. Amma says yes, you told Shagun you are going for Ruhi’s sake, but I m your mum, I know you love Raman a lot, I can’t see you in pain, if you leave me… Ishita says I won’t go anywhere, I m going there for Ruhi, I have to be strong, you are my strength, please help me, I won’t go anywhere.

Ishita comes to Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla stops her at the door and does her aarti. She keeps the kalash and says I told you I will do your Grahpravesh. Ishita cries getting emotional touched. Ishita’s grahpravesh happens. Ishita asks Simmi shall I keep my bags in your room. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you stay in Raman’s room, Ruhi should feel everything got like before. Raman says even Pihu stays here. Mrs. Bhalla says I know what to tell Pihu. Ishita goes to Raman’s room. Shagun looks on teary eyed.

Ishita says I came to stay here for few days, don’t vacate the cupboard Shagun. Raman comes and asks Ishita to keep her things in cupboard, no need to keep in bag.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kimberly

    Great , now that Raman and Ishita will do fake drama of husband-wife to get Ruhi back , but these fools dont understand that Ruhi doesnt want to see them together .

    • jaz

      Hey who are you again and again u bashing ishra stop now Kimberly.enough is enough..ayisa kya dekh liya niddhi mein tum baar baar insult kar rahi hoon ishra ku..

    • Khyati

      See, either u write some positive comments or stop writing and keep ur comments to urself.
      u r full of negativity. oh no not negativity some other understanding problem. I guess ur brain has also benn washed and filled with stupid things. Plz understand no one likes ur silly comments. Iguess ashok and nidhi’s actions are much better than ur comments. pz keep these kind of things to ur own self…………And this should be ur last comment against ishra…..

    • sam

      Kimberly what u said was right…. why they are reconciling only for ruhi? This is not fair. Why shld ishu stay in Australia when she gets ruhi back? But don’t speak sick abt ishu… this has happened only because of raman. Why did he bring niddhi home seven years ago? Why can’t ruhi understand her parents love… . I want the two families to reconcile not with fake drama just to bring ruhi back, they shld love each other.

    • lisa

      Kimberly we have said u thousand times to not to say but u don’t understand just don’t use such words

    • Ruksy


      |Registered Member

      why are you saying such things. if you dont like raman and ishita then you should stop watching this because this show is about raman and ishita.

    • bhgi

      you aur ek shabd tumhare muh se nikalega ma i vl beat u to the death if u dnt lyk jz say out of it dnt create issue hear if u again use bad wrds i vl compliamt to tu team they vl complaint to police no one can do anythng so if u lyk spread positivity but dont cum n create nonsense hear dz iz the final warning frm our team i guess u dnt knw laws if u abuse any actor or amy person they r nt going to leave u dz iz the last warning so keep ur mouth shut n get lost frm here

    • Lekha

      Don’t say anything about ishra…. If u don’t know about them sh*t u r m***th……I don’t want to offend u anymore …plz don’t make me majboor….. We r ishra fans…

    • AM

      Why you people is telling her to stop? She is free… her opinion.. you can comment what you want here. There isnt any warning like you should write only positive comments or whatever! Come on people? Its only a show!! Why these reactions!!

      • Tyna

        Stop overreacting!!! You people are just too much!!! And ya she is not stupid!! Rather you?? addicted to these kind of sh*t!

    • Siddhi

      Guys pllzz ignore her she just want to seek our attention if v again again give her reply she will do it more pllzz try to ignore her

  2. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino and many many other yHM fans. Thanks Amena for the fast update. I can’t believe Mr Bhalla. What is he trying to do? Becoming a saint??? Raman and Ishita are always saying Ruhi ki liye. I am fed up hearing this. Bhalla is thinking Raman is going to get married to Shagun. Raman also did not say anything about it. I am so glad Adi told Shagun that Ruhi may not like Shagun and Raman together. She prefers Raman and Ishita.

    Maybe the plot should run this way: RUhi accepts the family and Ishita should get ready to leave and wish Raman the best in his married life with Shagun. Mr bhalla can be happy but Mrs Bhalla and Simmi perhaps be sad. Ishita should not even move to Australia. She should just live alone. Raman will get desperate that Ishita is leaving him forever. I want him to chase after her and kneel and beg her to return to him telling him this time he is asking not for Ruhi but he wants her in his life. Then it will show the true love between them. If this happens at least it would justify all the actions of Raman on how he treated Ishita after the leap.

    Diya it was nice to read your comments yesterday. Didn’t see you for awhile.

  3. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    hahahahhahah…. precap was good…. poor SHAGUN…. Raman u r making ishu embarrassed before SHAGUN… 😛 … loved the way he said to ISHITA to share the cupboard… Hope to see the old chemistry between them…

  4. rajat

    I think Shagun will dysfunction this family… She will try to create misunderstanding between Raman n ishita so that didn’t come close… Maybe she jion hands with ruhi… As ruhi also wants to separate isra…

  5. shivani

    Just for ruhi…. i hate that dialogue… raman did a big mistake by proposing shagun…now everything is going to change… i dont think raman let ishita to go back to Australia…poor shagun… sometimes I feel she is right,sometimes I feel she is wrong….waiting for next spoiler…
    Hi VP Rithu Sindhu Mino and everyone….

  6. Sindhu

    I forgot to add one more comment. What I am afraid is Shagun might concoct with NIddhi and make it difficult for Ruhi to accept the family. Perhaps Shagun will join hands with Ashok and use evil plans to distant Ruhi further. If Ruhi refuses to stay then Raman and Ishita cannot get together which means Shagun can come back and retain her position. I suppose that is what Shagun is trying her best to do. Shagun wants to be good to Ishita but I think she will turn negative towards ishita and probably try to remind that she left Pihu so she has no right in this house. Shagun has become so cheap. Though she looked after Pihu for 7 years which I am grateful to her but I think she should realise that she should not snatch Ishita’s child from her. Shagun left Ruhi for Ashok but Ishita did not leave for another man. She left because Raman told her so and she obeyed. It is unfair to make comparison that Ishita also left her daughter. I really hope Pihu will realize that Ishita is her real mum and she will be very fond of her.

    • Reshma


      |Registered Member

      Sindhu i don’t think SHAGUN will join hands with ashok… romi will be there. after knowing shagun’s plans he will definitely tell evrythng to Mrs.bhalla.. she will definitely kick her out after knowing this.. so, I don’t think SHAGUN will join hands to distance ISHRA using ruhi

  7. Sweety

    Good evening yhm fans!I don’t like the episode except BHALLAS & IYERS REUNITING.Precap was superb.

  8. jaz

    Today episode was just lliye..o shagun ku tu dekho she turns grey now..and how much jealous.I like Mrs bhalla today she love ishita so much NA Adu..and Adi also nice today..but shagun uffff..I think ye zaroor kuch na kuch kareghi ishra ke bhich..shellfish.blo*dy.greedy women.hai ye nahi sudreghi..chiiii..

  9. veena

    Pihu HS ryt to kW any her real mother,if she cn understand serials,marriage……y cn’t she understand this.

  10. Sweety

    Yes kimberly this is fake drama but very soon this drama will become real Be ready to watch

  11. farheen

    Its gud of being together Raman and ishitha long ago they are living now together … Serial was going awesome love u ishitha snd Raman

  12. Sanu

    Hello guys….!
    Where are you ADITYA KIRAN…..?
    Today epi. is good…..
    Isn’t it…..?
    I hate Shagun really…. really…. really…

    • jaz

      I’m also hate shagun lot lot lot..Yeah today episode was nice..u are from sri Lanka.. it’s my neighbor country.I’m from Tamil nadu..can you join us a friend.bcuz Adi is my best friend..

  13. Shivs

    I just don’t understand… What does Ishita mean by going to Australia aftr bringing back Ruhi???? She doesn’t want to live with Ruhi?! What kind of mother is she?!!!

  14. jeni

    Why is yhm showing the same track again – shagun trying to separate ishra…b4 she used adi &now she’ll use pihu….if it is so it’s gonna be boring….i hope shagun turns gud….& does sumthg 4 ishra……

  15. Sindhu

    Kimberly please mind your language on this site. Most of us here use proper language when we are commenting about the characters. It is fine if you do not like Raman and Ishita. That is your prerogative of whom you like and we respect that. It is not necessary to use such swearing language. Even if part of it is deleted, most of us know what you have said. I don’t think it is pleasant to read. I hope you are conscious of it the next time and we would appreciate of you tone down in your language. It is hard to ignore the comments as all of us scroll down and read everyone’s comments and sometimes we comment on someone else’s. It becomes disturbing when such language is used. Thank you

  16. True Star plus fan

    Finally rishita unite ruhi come to your senses and pihu ishima is your mum don’t call her ar vali auntie finally shagun what the f**k is your problem

  17. Niraja

    I want ruhi to know all the truths within these 30 days like how ishu was forced to bring ruhi to that spot and it was Raman’s stupid plan. She also must get to know that Raman called ishu a baanj and threw her out of his life. How ishu was forced to stay with Mani as coz of her he was paralyzed and all these 7 years she was doing a job of home nurse and aaya. It was ishu who suffered as she also had to stay away from her beloved ones just for others happiness. And after ruhi coming back to bhalla house again she is gonna leave them all for their happiness. Ruhi must come to know about the selfish nature of bhallas and shagun and on the final judgement day like the last time she must choose ishu over nidhi and her father and must say that she just want to stay with her ishima and she don’t want anyone else. Then ishu will get ruhi’s custody and they both should go to some far away place like London or America and must live a joyful life.

    • Siddhi

      I agree with u niraga Raman don’t deserve ishu in yesterdays eposide ruhi said to mrs bhalla when ishita decided to give ruhi in exchange of pihu why no one opposed her decision that time any from the family should have told her that Raman was the one who decided this

  18. Leanna

    Kimberly, you need to chill out. They have lived apart for 7 years. There is a lot of awkwardness. Raman has anger issues. As Romi said that he has done things in anger that he has regretted afterwards.
    It will be interesting to see how they will play it out. To show Ishra chemistry, this was the best case scenario.

  19. Nivedha


    |Registered Member

    Woww… Again Sirf Ruhi ke liye scene.. But not in arguing mode…. Lovely Ishra… And Ishitha entering Raman’s room… Wow… Ishra… Nice episode today…
    I guess… May be Ruhi trying to unite two families and Ishra so only she is acting like this…
    Its just a guess… But I know it won’t happen…
    Nice episode today

  20. Edel

    Most of these Indian serials have turned marriage into a joke! Plots do not have to be premised on marital status of protagonists. There was no need for linking Shagun and Raman to create the twist, she can still be very relevant without harbouring marriage desires with Raman. Same goes for SSEL. Writers should think of something else.

  21. Kimberly

    I guarantee that if Ishita gets Ruhi back she isnt going to move from the Bhalla house . This selfish witch Ishita is just fooling Shagun that she will not come between her and Raman . Seriously , how much this woman is going to stoop low ?

    • vp

      yes Kimberly …once Ruhi cones Ishitha will not go … she wont ve able to go thats the fact … becoz Raman loves her … they are awkward now becoz of their guilt … so they said Ruhi ke liye … very bad language is being used by you … please .. dont .. you can comment your views … in good language … are you facing some negativity in your life … have you watched this serial from beginning ? or you are trying to make us boil with anger and reply you .. one thing please understand .. Ishra worlds best actors … how well they are now as matured parents of grown up children ..Dt and Kp is living in the story … they are very young and Dt is going to marry Kp married one year ago .. still their acting as parents love shown to children really they have delivered so well to the viewers . Shaghun … deserves no sympath …. look at the defference in Shaghuns and mIshithas views … Shaghun is scared of losing every thing … Ishitha doent want to capture anything only to see every one is happy …becoz of Raman she was forced to commit suicide … lived with their memories … today … her own child Raman is worried of what Pihu will think if they sleep in the same room . Its only he was scared having her in the same room … he will not be able to control his emotions . in the beginning he never allowed to share the cupboard … but today he said use it .. he knows for sure he got his Madrasan back … Adi great .. how well you know your papa and Ishima … own son is telling Shaghun not to be selfish ..he knows whats shaghun up to ..Dt acted beautifully today .. love you Dt

    • Madhu

      You blo*dy,
      Don’t you have sense mind your words . You are such a bad character like niddhi. Don’t dare to call ishima as witch and all I ‘ll smash you. You are such a negative character. Get out of this site here no one invited you to comment. So get out from the site.

  22. Sharadiya Banerjee

    I really sometimes feel bad for this Shagun. Because she took care of Pihu for 7 years and has developed a motherly bond with her so I think she is feeling bad and hurt because she thinks that Ishita will take Pihu from her and will tell her to go. But she is wrong….?


    Today’s Episode is OK
    Not CHAKKAS like Previous One.
    But This is A Replay of EARLIER RAMAN-ISHITHA STORY.
    They Earlier Also Came together for Ruhi And Fallen in Love
    And Now
    The Same is HAPPENING.
    Again SHAGUN WILL Become An Outsider.
    “Jaisi karni
    Waisi Bharni”.
    Kyun RAMAN KO Chodi
    ASHOK keliye?


    Hi JAZ Roz Ramchin Super GIRL RithuShri And All The Members of The GROUP.
    Good Night Guys.
    Have A NICE SLEEP.

  25. Fan

    When Raman asked Shagun to marry him it was very sudden wasn’t it. They were in the same house for seven years and Ishitha was presumed dead. Just when she comes back and Raman is upset with her for keeping away from them he asks Shagun to marry him, why???? Is it to spite Ishita or to safe guard himself from getting close to her again.
    He still loves Ishita, his actions speak louder than his words. However, he is in a very difficult situation. Marry Ishita for Ruhi’s sake or Shagun for Pihi’s sake. What to do, what to do??? Aaaahhhh, let true love decide, not the children, not family, not circumstances but just what the heart wants. Not for Ruhi’s sake Raman but for your own happiness. Once you get that right then everything else will fall into place.

  26. Santanya Singh

    Can someone help me please? in some of the episodes it says that Pihu is Ishita’s daughter, but how Shagun gave birth to Pihu and she raised Pihu .Then how is Pihu Ishita’s daughter❓❔

    • Mino

      Shagun is a surrogate mum.. she was used by Raman without Ishu’s Knowledge to have their baby at that time Shagun was involved with Dr Manoj. He was a Gyno.

    • jivisha

      Hii Santanya
      pihu is Ishita”s daughter &shagun is her surrogate mother as ishita could not bear a child due to some medical problem

    • Khushi

      Hi santanya,
      Pihu is raman- ishithas biological daughter. But since ishitha cant give birth to baby shagun became the surrogate mother of pihu. Shagun is pihu’s surrogate mother while ishitha is her biological mother. Ishitha left her family 7 yrs back since then shagun is taking care of pihu.nd pihu still dnt knw ishu as her mother. She is unaware of the entire scenario. For her raman nd shagun arr her parents. Hope your got the story

    • Resh

      Pihu is Raman-Ishita’s daughter.Shagun is pihu’s surrogate mother.When ishita left to Australia it was shagun who raises pihu.As ishita was assumed to be dead till days back,pihu hasn’t been informed about her orginal mother ishita

    • Reina

      Ishita can’t have a baby so Raman asked Shagun to be a surrogate mother, to give birth to Ishita’s child (i’m not sure if that’s even the word i was looking for ?)

    • Hema

      Shagun was just a surrogate mother. Pihu is ishita and Raman’s child. Since ishita left them shortly after pihu was born and was assumed dead, shagun called off her marriage with Dr.Manoj to luk after the kids.

  27. kokila

    Iam huge for yhm.. Iam from chennai. Iam silence reader I read each n every one comment.. I don’t know hindi but I will watch for dt,kp,n all other yhm cast I love each n every one in yhm, I MUST THANK TO AMENA BECAUSE FOR HER I LEARNT HINDI LITTLE BIT THANKS TO AMENA, I DAILY READ WRITTEN UPDATE THEN ONLY I UNDERSTAND …

  28. ss

    feeling bad for shagun ……this time shi is not wrong …..ishita always do drama and overacting to become mahan

    • vp

      True SS , this time she is not wrong … but can I ask you something … she being asli ma to Ruhi is afraid she will lose anything and everything … such a person will genuinely love Pihu ? If her love to Manoj was true she should not have left him cvs have made Raman s character spineless …Ishitha , there is no fear … see if one is true and fair to all and wants others happiness , there is no need to be insecure …

    • Arushi

      Your words are true to some part… Feeling bad for Shagun… But the bond between Shagun and Pihu is always missing. She is not even concerned about her own daughter. she din’t even seem to be bothered about it anymore.. she is just afraid of her position in Bhalla house

  29. Anu

    Now who all are against Ishita ! Earlier it was Shagun Mrs Bhalla Simmi Adi now she has to face many more for acceptance in her house! Her journey would be interesting and worth living if there is happiness in her life like ppl who are giving trouble to her face either funny situations or dire consequences ? Make it funny and unique (like double role, suspense of jagga jasoos

  30. Sanju

    Todays episode was okkkk…soo happy for ishra tht nw they will stay together..hope nw again they will,make a decision tht tey shd stay together forever…shagun ka to hadi hogaya….ab vo phir se pale jaisa banjayegi.niddhi se ya phir ashok se milkar plan karegi…precap was also gud.raman toh abhi bhi pyaar karta hai ishu se lekin vo ishu ko bolta kyu nai..hope ishra will together soooon….
    I cant understand ruhi’s intentions.y is she behaving like tht..hw many days will ishra act like staying together……
    Tdy missed u pihu.

  31. Maham Sheraz

    Oxm drama i just luv this drama.I hate shagun.what she is doing.shagun ki beti ko ishita ny smbhala orr ab ishita ki beti ko shagun smbhsl rhi hai.pihu ki wajah sy raman ny shagun ko nhe chorna.ab toh ishita orr pihu k bech pyar paida ho toh kuch ho skta orr shagun burii bnn jaee or ashok ya nidhi k sath mill jae

  32. Laiba

    Kimbery what u saud was kind of true but raman and ishita dont know that they just think that ruhi hates her nothing else..

  33. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.what to say and what not to say.ishita brought iyyer and bhalla together which she promised mihika on her wedding day.but there is definitely love between raman and ishita this time, they hiding their feelings. Only time will tell what we all want to see, ishra reunion.

  34. jeni

    I recently read the spoiler-ruhi agrees to stay with bhallas but alongwith nidhi!!!!!!!!! Wht nonsense is tht……hope it’s not true…..if so will she make Raman marry nidhi!!!!!saying tht “woh mujhe sath saal paala”thts wht she said in court……&ramans policy is “ANYTHING & evrythng 4 RUHI”… i knw dat wont happen but pls make ishita&ruhi unite….b4 nidhi creates more problems….

  35. snaakht

    today I agree with kimberly….b/ c if ruhi does not want to see them together ..then they all are doing this fak drama…i think jaise 7 yr phle ruhi ishita j sath connected thi..waise hi aaj pihu shagun k sath h…a cute mom n daughter…n its good than sagun speak straight forward to ishita instead doing some bad thik….ishita should understand al this..b go away from her life…

  36. Siddhi

    Hi everyone today’s episode was boring again sirf ruhi k liye shaguns acting was bad she acts best as negative character

  37. Megha

    Gud episode…..nd precap is also vry gud……now again sirf ruhi ke liye scenes (lol)…..hope ishita nd pihu have gud bonds…..nd vry happy that bhallas nd iyers have united nd now slowly slowly our ishra family will get unite by saying there most popular dialogue”sirf ruhi ke liya”…..vry eager to see that scenes where our ishra family is together again nd is happy…..nd now plz don’t let shagun again cum in between ishra nd make plans to seperate them…plz dont show shagun in negative character again….nd Dr. Manoj shuld cum back nd shagun shuld go with him…

  38. Siddhi

    Guys I have watched pavitra punia ( niddhi ) interview in which she said that after 30 days ruhi will put forward a condition that she will live with bhalla family along with niddhi

    • jeni

      Oh no….so its true…but there is this shagun playing -ve role @ bhalla house & now why nidhi???writers r surely draggng the story…..the
      more v wait 4 ishita & ruhi union…they r testng our patience….

  39. Megha

    Hi ol the fans of yhm….the episode was gud….nd precap is also vry gud……now again sirf ruhi ke liye scenes (lol)…..hope ishita nd pihu have gud bonds…..nd vry happy that bhallas nd iyers have united nd now slowly slowly our ishra family will get unite by saying there most popular dialogue”sirf ruhi ke liya”…..vry eager to see that scenes where our ishra family is together again nd is happy…..nd now plz don’t let shagun again cum in between ishra nd make plans to seperate them…plz dont show shagun in negative character again….nd Dr. Manoj shuld cum back nd shagun shuld go with him…

  40. Hanu

    Luv the epi….guyzzz..shagun is also a woman…for 7 years she take care of pihu..without any complaints..just like ishu has some bondwith ruhi..shagun has with ishu and shagun is in same pain…so here we should all just blame raman…bcoz of his angry and rude behaviour..all this has happened…hope they will not turn shagun again to a vamp…plzzz dont do that…luv yhm

  41. Mino

    Hi P, Sindhu, Shivani Rithu & All My YHM Fans,

    Pls Ignore This Kimberley character as she is trying to play with our emotions. i have a feeling this person is a guy. annoying us & who has something against Ishu. So pls ignore as she can write anything till she or he is blue in the face we have to have a pleasant site here. we are all one family we will think she is a painful friend who has come for a few days to our house ha ha.
    Now this Drama is going to be something really unbelievable Do you all remember how Raman chased IShu from the house ofcourse what a stupid question to ask from u all. who can ever forget that. Now he himself goes & ask Ishu to come for Ruhi’s sake. isn’t that funny h e said all the bad things to Ishu saying she is a bad mother step mother u name it he said it. Now he has forgotten everything just to get his daughter back. In a way i am glad ishu is coming reluctantly just for Ruhi’s sake. Raman ‘s Anger only has put him in this situation. . He through anger just to spite Ishu proposed to Shagun serves him right let Shagun cling to him. seven years he was just civil to her & now went & got himself in to a soup. Still his Pride & Ego has not come down. look how he treats Romi. very Badly too. there again anger. he without thinking shouts like an idiot & then regrets but too late all the wicked things come out of his mouth. I want IsRa to unite but let him go behind & sweat for his love. he should not get it on a platter. look how Ruhi behaving with anger just like her father not knowing the truth. just find the truth not bothered of finding. Have a feeling Ishu she gives in to everything & wants to get Ruhi home as she has not forgotten all the bad things said to her by Raman the man & his Family she sacrificed everything for. Raman is also under the impression that Ishu is going to marry Mani. that is why he too is very watchful. & he won’t show he is jealous. he too must be trying to get Ishu home on the pretext of Ruhi. As he is a proud man. He is also not wanting to show Ishu any emotions. Now Shagun is only worried about herself. see her thinking all the time of losing the security etc. but not about her kids. she is not even happy Ruhi is coming home. Pls don’t make Shagun negative. though Raman deserves a person like Shagun as the story line is between IShu & Raman. they should get them back together but Raman has to show respect IShu for what she is . not just say sorry. Ishu should unite Ruhi & go back to the mothers house or to the flat she was living till Raman apologise. ha ha this is my thinking sorry darlings if i hurt anyone’s feelings. Luv to All Bless u all

  42. Samirah

    Hello! I’m posting for the first time but I’ve been reading your comments each day and I felt I need to say something.
    I think some people are condemning Shagun without understanding her feelings g or situation. She has been a good character for a while, and she did a lot to atone for her sins. Remember, she carried Ishita’s baby when Ishita could not! While Ishita was away, she ended her engagement with Manij and took care of Pihu and Raman and the entire family. It’s true that Ishita and Raman love each other. But Shagun’s heart will be hurt because after so many years, she has nothing to show for all her sacrifices. I think she has the right to be upset. And Ishita today showed that she also understands that Shagun will be hurt.
    It’s true that she cannot separate two lovers, and she may learn that eventually. But to take Pihu away from her would be unfair and unjust.

  43. Kimberly

    To all those who have shown me love (sarcasm) in this site , I want to tell you all that I like all the actors of the show from leads to villains , i dont have any negativity in my life nor am I trying to get ur attention , ok I have not seen the show from beginning but I have read the story and understood it . I know that Raman and Ishita are leads and Ruhi loved Ishita and Raman before the leap . But I am just expressing my views that I feel is right . I have freedom of speech , this my smartphone , my fingers and I can type whatever I want , u can agree or disagree with me but u have no right to question my behaviour or moral compass . Actually u people have showed your morals very well that if someone doesnt agree with your views , abuse them . Did I said bad about any person on this site ? No i just said bad about Raman and Ishita who are fictional characters then why so much hatred on me ? Well , i just want to tell u that i will keep commenting what i feel , so the hell with u and ur Ishita or Ishimaa or whatever .

    • bhgi

      Report Quote
      Looks like ur intention from the very beginning was to grab attention in the forum. And what better way to get attention than by bashing the lead. Congrats for your success. Let me tell u, discussing or criticizing an actor is one thing and taunting the members through sarcasm is another thing. If u can do it, so can others. Please dont think u r superior than others in any way or everyone should always agree to what u say or believe.

      I dont have anything else to say. And u dont deserve any more attention.

      • Kimberly

        Bhgi , When did I said that everyone has to agree with me ? Are u blind…and when did I taunted members of this forum.. huh

    • vp

      Hi Kimberly … sorry from my part .. you are free to comment your views … bad words … i was not liking that … will try to ignore your comments ….

    • bhgi

      u r blind cnt u see ppl here dnt need a prsn lyk u they r telling in a vry gud way u dn t listen to them u shud have some sense before talking here u are free to say wat u want but that doesnt mean u van cum here n cant say any shit lyk this express ur views in a positive nt in a negative way jz shut ur mouth dnt talk stupid r dnt create mess here

      • Kimberly

        Bhgi, I will decide whether to write a positive comment or negative comment . This is a public site and anyone can comment ok u r no one to to tell me what to write and what not ., whether u consider my comments shit or not , i dont care . And people here have also used abuses on me when I didnt said a single word to them…

      • shreya shetty

        first keep a hold of ur tongue and who the hell told u to behave negatively here by commenting bad against others madam bonker bhagi huh.we ll c how this serial goes on today where ishita and raman try their best in efforts and at last will surely get ruhi back to the bhalla family.why r u all fidgeting for such a tiny twist that’s happening right now,even I too just literally hate ruhi more than ever because of her selfishness towards others especially on ishita and raman.nidhi had spoiled her too much by poisoning her both delicate heart and mind which indeed caused me a surprise on watching the show


    Hi Sanu
    Actually I Was Studying
    That’s Why I Didn’t See Your Comment.
    Episode Was Not NICE
    The Coming Episodes WILL BE Definitely NICE And Interesting.
    Shagun is A Selfish WOMAN.
    Through Out Her LIFE She Did Only One GOOD THING, That is
    SHE Has Taken Care of PIHU for Seven YEARS.


    Am Very Surprised By Seeing South INDIANS Here.
    JAZ Roz MAM mai Ab Bhi Comment Dehri.
    MAM mai Ab kuch NAHI Bacha HAI
    Khaali BAINGAN.

  46. yhm fan

    Yoday’s episode was OK and precap was nice … Hope ishita and pihu get close bonding with each other…? well I really hate shagun’s character

  47. Swarnalatha

    Infact What Shagun did with ruhi,ishita did the same with pihu.atleast Shagun is trying to make it up to pihu!! don’t ishita have any feelings for pihu?did she ever think about her?even now is everything for ruhi?so pihu means nothing for them?I think Raman has to stay with ishita for ruhi’s sake,and with Shagun for pihu’s sake! because pihu’s emotions should be as important as ruhi’s!!all the best Mr.raman bhalla,your family is infact a dysfunctional family!!

    • vp

      Did you hear the conversation between Mani and Ishitha on Pihu ..Swarnalatha .. Pihu is not told the truth and she is unknown about Ishitha as her mom and she is in safe hands in Bhalla family . Ruhi first six years … mother left her and swarna latha , Raman full of anger never got that love which Ishitha cud give to her .. that too a short period … she cant believe her Ishima exchanged her that stroke plus Nidhis torturing … all together she is pshchologically gone … Ishithas priority is Ruhi here …And both of them are madly in love … misunderstanding .. like Raman is thinking Ishitha is going to marry Mani .. Ishitha knows very well his anger only spoke out his marriage proposal to Shaghun ..She has trust over Raman where as he is scared about Mani and Ishitha … Shaghun … own daughter Ruhi is alive , she is not happy thinking Ishitha will come back to Raman .. I cant find any sympathy to Shaghun

  48. Swarnalatha

    Was ishita not selfish when she left pihu because she thought ruhi was dead!I don’t find any difference between Shagun and ishita,i don’t understand the characters anymore,serial has lost its track,writers have lost their brains!

  49. ARDHIK

    I like shagun and pihu both of them not hiding anything and speak straight forward, no one care for their emotion, everyone used shagun and now trying to kick out because she is a along lady?

  50. Swarnalatha

    Was ishitha not selfish when she left pihu because she thought ruhi was dead?I don’t find any difference between Shagun and ishitha,cant understand characters any more,serial has lost its essence,writers lost it!!

  51. Arushi

    Episode is nice…. Ishita came to Bhalla house.

    But even though Shagun raised Pihu for seven years and treats her as daughter but still somethings is missing in between them.
    The bond which Ishita had with Ruhi is missing…
    Divyanka and Ruhanika really look perfect together….. Just like real mom and daughter…They both create a spark

  52. Ashok

    When ishu died shagun thinks that she will marry raman. That is why shagun take care of pihu. When ishu alive she is insecure that raman will ignore her. Actually she don’t love pihu. Just for her sake she pretend to be take care of pihu. Too selfish shagun

  53. jeni

    I dont agree…ishita left coz raman told her to leave……& v have seen ishita &ruhi’s luv from beginng…..ishita thght she lost ruhi 4ever & couldnt bear it…..moreover raman blamed her 4 it…she might have been helpless tht she tried to commit suicide….mani saved her but she didnt have the guts 2 face the family where there was no ruhi…she didnt leave pihu 4 her selfish motives as shagun did…so i thnk ishita has right over pihu….

  54. jane

    shagun not selfish
    how will u feel when u get everything and then again it goes
    she is helpless
    please try to empathize

    oh and please it is upto you who you like or dont like
    u r basically trolling kimberley

  55. rithushree

    Shagun will plot to keep Pihu
    away from Ishita
    In the coming episodes, we will see
    Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) and Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) getting closer. The
    latter will be making dosa in the
    kitchen and Pihu will be enjoying
    seeing her make it. They enjoy each
    other’s company and Ishita sees Ruhi
    in Pihu.
    Pihu is about to eat the dosa but
    Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) stops
    her. She asks her to come inside and
    Ishita tells Shagun that let her be
    there with her. Pihu also feels bad.
    In the mean time, Mr and Mrs Bhalla
    plan to bring Raman (Karan Patel) and
    Ishita closer. They will make Pihu
    sleep in their room so that they can be
    alone in the room.
    The court has given Raman and Ishita
    20 days to prove their love to Ruhi
    (Aditi Bhatia). If they fail to do so, then
    the custody will go to Nidhi (Pavitra
    Punia). Ishita and Raman plan to do
    everything to get their daughter back.
    We will also see the Bhallas and Iyers
    ending their sparring to make the
    atmosphere a loving one for Ruhi, who
    is back home. Raman and Ishita will
    also come closer.
    However, Shagun will be seen getting
    very insecure and will convey her
    feelings to Ishita. She will say that
    she is leaving the house. The latter
    will hold her hand and tell her not to
    do so. Stay tuned for more updates on
    the family drama…

  56. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita cooks
    dosa in kitchen and Pihu
    enjoys seeing it.
    Ishita and Pihu like each
    other company where
    Ishita feels Ruhi in Pihu.
    Pihu is about to eat dosa
    but Shagun stops her.
    Shagun asks Pihu to
    come inside and Ishita
    tells Shagun let her stay
    here as she is with her.
    Shagun takes Pihu away
    from Ishita which make
    Pihu feel bad.
    Apart from this, Mr and
    Mrs Bhalla ask Pihu to
    sleep with them and not
    with Raman.
    They want to bring
    Raman and Ishita
    together so they decide to
    let them alone in the
    Will everything be fine
    between Raman and
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  57. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie mino and all yhm friends.

  58. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Finally Ishita though hesitatingly
    decided to return back to Bhalla
    house for the sake of Ruhi and
    pressure from Bhalla family.
    On the other side, Shagun feels
    insecure with Bhalla’s family’s
    decision of getting back Ishita.
    Mrs. Bhalla does Grahapravesh of
    Ishita and welcomes Ishita to
    Bhalla house.
    Ishita takes her clothes to
    Raman’s room, Shagun tries to
    vacate her cupboard but Ishita
    stops Shagun.
    Ishita consoles Shagun and make
    her understand that she has re-
    entered Bhalla house for Ruhi.
    Although Raman tries to get close
    to Ishita as he still loves his wife
    Ishita, seeing this Shagun gets

  59. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    The upcoming track will showcase
    Ishita and Raman is worried to get
    their Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) back to
    Bhalla house and have filed case
    against Nidhi.
    However Ruhi supports Nidhi over
    her real parents and blames Ishita
    for all the bad happenings in her
    Court grants twenty days period to
    persuade Ruhi.
    Nevertheless Pihu succeed in
    melting Ruhi’s ruthless heart as
    they both develop sisterly bond
    and decides to return Bhalla house
    one condition.
    Raman and Ishita get shocked to
    hear that Pihu wants to return
    Bhalla house along with Nidhi.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  60. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high voltage drama.
    It was earlier seen that Nidhi
    (Pavitra Punia) has brain washed
    Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) against Raman
    (Karan Patel ) and Ishita (Divyanka
    However in the episodes to come
    Raman will offer a big sum of
    money to Nidhi to leave Ruhi.
    Shockingly Nidhi will take the
    money in exchange of Ruhi.
    This will come as a shock for Ruhi
    as she is once again been used as
    a commodity for exchange.
    It would be interesting to see what
    will happen next in the show.
    Will Ruhi be able to forgive Ishita
    and Raman or not?
    Will Raman and Ishita be able to
    win Ruhi’s confidence back or not?
    Keep watching this site for more

  61. rithushree

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein has kept the viewers
    hooked on to it with new twists
    emerging in each passing episode
    in Raman ( Karan Patel ) and
    Ishita’s ( Divyanka Tripathi) life.
    Raman and Ishita learn about
    Ruhaan being their Ruhi (Aditi
    Bhatia) and request her to return to
    Bhalla house.
    Shockingly Ruhi denies returning
    to Bhalla house and opts to spend
    her rest of her life with Nidhi.
    Raman and Ishita files case for
    Ruhi’s custody.
    However court will grant twenty
    days to Raman and Ishita to
    persuade Ruhi to return back to
    Bhalla house.
    While first step towards Ishita’s
    masterstroke is to unite both
    Bhalla and Iyyer family clearing
    out differences amid both the
    family and later she will get more
    evidence against Nidhi.
    Will Ishita succeed in getting back
    Ruhi to Bhalla family? Let’s wait
    and watch.

    • Sanu

      Thanks Rithushree for your comments…..
      I’m so excited…
      I can’t wait to watch today epi. ….

  62. Swarnalatha

    VP,ashok ,jeni ,if Shagun wanted to marry Raman she would Ve done it 7yrs back,and if ishitha thought about little pihu on that day she would not have left the family! For different reasons Shagun left ruhi,ishitha left pihu!that’s why Shagun is bonded with pihu,ishitha with Shagun was never there for ruhi she went to ishitha,wt about pihu? Separating pihu and Shagun is awful,anyway it’s my opinion,thanks for commenting

    • Sne7

      I agree with u a 100%. Ishita did not even bother to enquire about Pihu or Adi all these years. Shagun deserves Pihu much more than Ishita. But maybe Ishita deserves Ruhi.

  63. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    IshRa forgot Ruhi’s birthday. ”
    WU – IshRa are in the parking lot with Ruhi who’s upset with them, no lines are audible and a BD is shooting for DT.
    Aditi said that the family who’s fighting for her has forgotten her birthday and it hasn’t been celebrated since seven years now. They’re now talking about throwing her a party and getting her gifts but they couldn’t even remember her birthday. Raman looks guilty and sad when Ruhi is confronting them. When he goes home later he finds Romi with his mom, Simi and Ishita and gets angry.

  64. Mpho sebaga

    hello i love this show and i watch it daily online,please include english subtitles on the online episodes.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.