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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita bringing Mrs. Bhalla to Subbu. Mrs. Bhalla cries and apologizes to him for her mistake. She says she did now know her angry words would do this, forgive me. Subbu says you did not think once that you are no one to interfere in anyone’s personal life, that your poison can end someone’s life, but you said one thing right, that his wife and son can’t come back ever if she apologizes. Ishita says yes, many things happen and he has to move on. Subbu says he will not move on, in his eyes, this woman is the murderer. Ishita says they all can see his pain, Mrs. Bhalla came to apologize, whats this justice to hurt her, it was not her mistake, but he was planning to murder someone, is he doing this for Laxmi, would she feel good seeing him become a devil.


asks her not to take Laxmi’s name, and asks her to leave with her MIL. Raman waits outside and thinks Subbu is mad. He goes. Subbu asks them to leave. Sujata calms him and asks them to leave. Ishita insists and he angrily asks him to leave. The recording plays on tv and Laxmi asks him not to be angry, and not punish anyone for mistake. She says her husband is caring, anger does not suit him, keep smile on your face. Subbu smiles seeing the video. Laxmi hugs him and he gets teary eyed seeing their happy time. Ishita says Laxmi is trying to explain him that he is a good person, he still loves her, why is he snatching her Subbu from her.

She says she loved old Subbu, not this one, give back old Subbu to her, she deserves this, come back to the right path. He recalls Laxmi. He faints. Raman comes and they all hold him. Adi gets Vinni’s call. She says his voice is cracking and asks him to give his landline number. He says he is at his cousin’s place, he loves to spend time with cousin. He gives the landline number and she says she can hear him well now. She says she will talk later and ends call. Adi smiles.

Sujata says you all should have not come here, you disturbed him. Subbu says I m fine, Laxmi was right, she did not like anger, she will be worried seeing me, I have to stop this for her peace. Sujata says why did this happen and hugs him. Subbu apologizes to Mrs. Bhalla. Sujata asks how can he apologize to them. Ishita asks what kind of woman is she, she is provoking him, she shows she works for woman welfare, and she is provoking him to take revenge, did you think of his life, what did you make him. Subbu says Ishita is right, you have seen what Laxmi wanted, its time to let her be in peace. He hugs her and they cry. He apologizes to them again.

Sujata says its her mistake, she forgot the difference in right and wrong in her daughter’s death pain, forgive me. Mrs. Bhalla says no, you were in pain. Later, the families have a talk. Shaila says she will go back. They see news and Subbu taking the case and blame back. They all get happy. Raman says I think we should go back. Bala says we would feel good if you all stay for some more days. They all thank him for the support. Ishita says Vandu is very lucky, Bala is very sweet.

Raman gets a call from his investor and says Subbu has taken complaint back. The man says I m sure you have thrown money to shut people’s mouth, anyways, and talks about work, taunting him on his time spent on his family more.

They all come back to the service apartment. Subbu comes to them and Simmi gets upset. She starts leaving. Subbu apologizes to her. She says she has forgiven him, they both were going through pain, but she understood she does not need a father for her daughter, she can become her own support, she can take care of herself and Ananya, he has broken her trust and she will remember this all her life, she does not hate him, but she can’t trust now, I m sorry for whatever happened with you, but this will not happen with me now. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Subbu and blesses him. Subbu says thanks and leaves. Ishita says she is proud of Simmi, what she did needs strength, now Ananya will not feel a father’s need, if she gets anyone in her life, it will be for her love, not need. Romi asks them to leave all this and goes to have sweets.

Romi gets sweets and they all have it. Ishita asks Raman to come. He goes to her in the room. She says he takes his health very light, they will go to doctor tomorrow morning. He flirts and they smile. She jokes on him and hugs him. yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………….

Simmi tells Raman that she thought to think about herself, she wants to become independent and can’t see direction. He shows her an article in newspaper to become a business woman entrepreneur.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz stop the leap…….. i hate thz drama bcoz of leap….plz dnt separate ishra..plzzzzzz change the leap of YHM…

  3. plzzzzzz plz plz plz plz plz plz makers plllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz stop yhm leap………agar leap lana hi hai to laao bt plzzzzzz dont seperate ishra……plzzzzzzzzzz………man to karta hai in makers ko ph karke dher aari galiya de & unhe puchhe ki ishra ko separate karake kya milega na to show ka trp badhega aur na fans badhenge hoge fans & trp lossssssst hi hoga……

  4. hate u hate u hate u…….makers log…..& ekta kapooooor hate uuuuuuu……hate hate hate hate hate hate uuuu……agar ishra seperate kiya to meri dua hai ki ekta ka koi bhi show hit na ho……plzzz ishra ko juda mat karo…..

  5. guys this is star plus no.180030007827 it is toll them & just tell that we do not want leap or IshRa separation. Dont forget 1 call is like 10 tweets. Go YHMians. Also tell them that we ll boycott the show if this happens.

  6. All thanx to the makers and Ekta Kapoor for coming up with an unique twist of separating Ishra. Now, I have a very good reason to boycott this show. Aisa bakwaas show shayad hi aaj tak kisi ne banaya hoga. Ishra ka pyaar/mohabbat incomplete hi reh gayee. Shayad isiliye aaj tak Ishra ki suhaagraat bhi nahi dikhayee gayee. Grt work. Hats off.

  7. agar vamp shagun ko good banake bhalla house mein laana hi hai toh ishitha ki kya zaroorath hai.shagun aur raman ko agar happy family banaana hi hai toh serial ko end hi karde toh accha hoga. kamse kam koi yhm ke torture ko toh nahi sahenge. kyunki raman ne toh ishitha ko divorce de diya hai.toh ishitha bhi mihika ki tarah sacrifice ki moorthi banegi.

  8. thnq kp for the num i’ll definately make a call bec i dont want to loose my favt show…….

    1. always welcome fellow YHMians..Dont forget 2 ask about the leap & IshRa separation. Tell them we ll boycott if separation happens.

  9. guys aaj sbs sbb me kya dikhaenge batana plz…..

  10. yar thang aa chuki hu ye leap leap sun ke e kya bakwaas hai yar,……ye log kyom nahi samaj rahe hai jab thodi din ke liye ishru ko alag kar diya tho yhm top 5 me se chaligayi tho aab ishra ko alag kare ga tho ye show top 10 bhi nahi hogi………..just hating makers………

  11. yr aj sbs me bhi ye btaya tha ki raman nd ishita have some intimating moments in coming episodes nd they’ll be separated very soon…..yr thats means post leap news is true….ekts mam has finally decided to add this track in the show…yr ab hum sab fans ko hi show ko dekhna band krna hoga after leap taki show ki trp kam ho jaye…..tabhi ekta mam ko pata chalega…makers are seriouslly foolish…..

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  13. abhi bhi hope nahi loose karna hai and if is confirmed then nobody will watch yhm.makers ko dimaag lagaana chahiye lekin agar leap hua toh obviously trp kam hoga and they cant return back but just repent over their decission.

  14. Heart broken fan of yhm

    After Subbu’s matter solved, Simmi does not hold grudge against him realizing Mrs. Bhalla’s unintentional mistake. Raman will be bothered by his prime investor, whose daughter Vinni will be linked to Adi. The current track shows growing friendship between Adi and Vinni, and how she has supported him when Raman was blamed by Subbu. Adi grows a soft heart for Vinni. Vinni’s mum is rich class influential lady who is positive towards Adi, but troubles start when Vinni’s dad comes to know about Adi being Raman Bhalla’s son.

    The upcoming track will be bringing Raman and Ishita close after all the matters got solved. The viewers will get to see their romance and their marriage consummation. Sooner, The show will be taking a leap after this romantic track, where the probability is high for Ishita and Raman parting ways. Ishita’s critical illness track leads her to bring Shagun back in Raman’s life to take care of Raman and the kids. Shagun’s positivism will be seen with Raman’s anger and disbelief on love. Ishita’s migration brings Shagun closer to Raman. The leap is slated to be shown in July. This will surely sadden the YHM lovers!! Keep reading.

  15. Ekta serials r boring serial :->

  16. Guys, pls stop watching this stupid serial . This makes no sense that after the leap Sagun , Raman and ishita and subbu will live a happy life .

  17. ???????finally friends I’m going to stop watching this show ?now I’m going to disconnect star plus and m gonna utilities my time in playing with my friends in the park ?ekta you’re so mean! You didn’t listen to us and r going to separate ishra ?keap your leap track with you!don’t ever try to impose on the viewers!bye bye friends if spoke something rude then plz forgive me ?????

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    Ok bye guys meet u at 7:45pm

  21. i ‘ll boycott the YHM serial if it takes a leap generation.I loved seeing Pavithr Ristha serial (from Zee tv) so much as it was my fvt serial.also Archana(Ankitha lokande)-Manav(sushanth singh rajput) were my fvt actors.the charactets played by them were very close to my heart.but i stoped seeing PR b’coz of change of original manav and the leap generation.TRP rating started to decrease after that.the same happens to YHM (except change of raman character) also Ishra’s seperation will have an impact on the serial.I luv seeing Ishra in this gnrt not the leap.Balaji production should think twice about the leap as so many fans are protesting aginst it.

  22. Yeh hai Mohabbatein Update:Raman and Ishita to consummate their marriageAs we already informed our readers about Raman and Ishita will consummate their marriage before they get separated.Karan Patel and Divyanka Tripathiwill be shooting for a consummation scene for their show ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’ next week.According to sources, “Divyanka has put forth some conditions for shootingthe scene. She has asked the production house that there should beminimal people on the sets and that the costumes for the scene should be of her choice. She wants the scene to look aesthetic and not vulgar in any way. In fact, she has said that she will shoot the scene only if her conditions are adhered to.” Sources also say that after this track, the makers will start planning for the generation leap sequence that will go on air by the end of this month or next month.As per some assumption, Ishita is likely to get pregnant after the consummation but she will not tell anyone about this good news and leave her family because of some illness.Stay tuned with us for More updates.

  23. Mizun i love u

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