Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tania accuses Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri seeing Amma and Ishita. She goes to Simmi. Simmi says how dare Amma make fun of me. She removes the warm clothes. She gives money to Manjiri for the news. She says you have to do my work, I will tell you when the time comes. Romi comes home. Raman says why did you go there for the job. Romi says I didn’t join the company, I just went to meet and know the offer. Raman says why, we already have a company. Manjiri steals a phone. She gives it to Simmi. Simmi says Amma and Ishita were laughing, see how I teach them and Raman a lesson, I can do anything with this phone.

She thanks and pays Manjiri. She calls someone and says I have some urgent work, can you meet me at cafe. Ishita comes to Iyer house. Amma and Appa smile. Amma says I will make butter dosa for

Ishu. Appa hugs her. Kiran takes a selfie with them. Ishita says I wanted your help, you made investments for me before my marriage, I wanted it. Amma asks you have any financial problem? Ishita says Romi needs help, I wanted to help him, will you give it to me. Appa says yes, its yours. She thanks him. Romi says I can’t stay here.

Mihika asks why are you doing this. He asks are you blind, can’t you see how they behave with me, if I stay here, Raman and I will fight every day, nobody cares for us, even I don’t care, I decided we will go from here. Ishita comes and says he is saying right, he doesn’t need to bear Raman’s insulting words. She gives the file. She says you will need money to set new house, Appa bought shares for me, you will get good value if you sell it. Romi says sorry, I can’t take this. She says you have to take it, I m your Bhabhi and Mihika’s Akka, I want you to keep this as house warming gift. She goes. Mihika goes after Ishita and asks why are you doing this, you should stop Romi from leaving the house, I thought you will bridge the gaps between Raman and Romi, I was wrong. She goes. Ishita says sorry Mihika, I know what I m doing and why. Ishita calls Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says she maybe waiting. She says Raman doesn’t stay at home for long, come and have food. Ruhi says dad doesn’t answer our calls. Ishita says its wrong. Romi says he doesn’t care, he makes rules just for us, not for himself, he is the boss here.

Its night, Ishita says Raman is so insensitive, he doesn’t care, he isn’t answering, he could have called and informed, his family is waiting, I didn’t have food till now, I will go and find him. Raman comes drunk. She asks him what’s all this, come in. He says I don’t need you. She says everyone is sleeping. He says don’t make noise. He asks where’s our home. She says there. He says what will happen of me without you. She takes him inside the house. He falls on the sofa. They hold each other and have an eyelock. Simmi and Parmeet come home. Ishita tries to get away. Simmi says we have to stop them, Ishita go to your room and romance, no need to do drama here. Parmeet says no, its not romance, she is handling Raman like always. Raman says its my house, my wish. Ishita takes him to the room. She puts him to sleep. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays…. He holds her hand. She sleeps beside and smiles. Parmeet asks what’s your plan. Simmi says this time you will be proud, trust me, I m your wife, plan is good.

Its morning, Ishita wakes up and sees Raman. She smiles. He turns away. She goes. Raman gets ready and calls out Neelu to ask for lemonade. Ishita gives it to him. She says if you want me and Roshni to stay here, you have to follow some rules. He asks what do you mean. She says a pregnant girl is living here, I don’t want her to see you drunk. He says sorry, I don’t remember what happened. She says yes, so you have to write it. He says get the stamp paper. She says plain paper is enough, write down, you won’t drink wine. Raman says I m helpless, I m writing. Everyone laughs. Tania comes home. Tania asks where is Raman. She asks Raman how dare you do this. Raman asks what happened, why are you crying, what did I do. She says I didn’t know you will do this, I thought you are a nice person, you made my video while I was taking a bath. They all get shocked.

Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Shagun says Raman was there in Tania’s building CCTV footage. Tania asks what if this happened with your daughter. Mr. Bhalla slaps Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    Ohh no,here it goes again!!the same and old repeated story tale drama coming back in the sense to kill our joys here in this villainious show
    Mihika is so completely misunderstood and ishu should try sorting out their problems by sending them somewhere else (romi and mihika)so that they can finally stay in their new home in peace and not cause trouble between the family matters
    Simmi needs to be exposed before 2019 approaches as soon as possible otherwise there is absolutely no meaning in watching this HOLY CRAP!!don’t take me wrongly that i am swearing,its just my anger justified in this mad running serial which i am not watching right now but only reading its daily episodic updates and commenting here as a member
    I cant describe much about these butchered and poorly shown characters,but lets wait and watch what the show will give out its freshness next
    Till then Its good as always Raman really does deserve that slap from Mr bhalla.i have been awaiting for this moment ever since he tried abusing Ishu for all those years verbally and physically by slapping her thrice
    he deserves even more,but i don’t think its justified.That S’s dirty plan has to be revealed sooner or later and yes i have also got to know that once more that foolish shagun and goody ishu will join hands together once more to expose those fraud ladies who is none other than simmi+tania!!
    wow,this proves that the story itself never changes and will always remain the same as usual like how that idiotic producer and her brainless cvs try messing up the good scenes and include bad ones so as to increase its spiciness of the show,i must admit Ekta u r indeed a nonsensical writer who shows all this to everyone and MAKE ALL DRIVE US CRAZY to HELL

  2. Shreya Shetty

    Barathi and VP let me just say this,
    Barathi,do u really want the proof about the episode where Roshni apologized to aaliya whole heartedly accepting her guilt mistake and moving on?well then heres this try checking this:within this tellyupdates site click yhm in blue bar above the tittle in full form and check the episode 10th july,2018
    there u will see when aaliya doesn’t forgive roshni,but roshni says sorry to her accepting her past deed earlier.hope that helps and u might not be having any doubts regarding it.its full proof i tell u,watch and then tell about what do u say of this?
    VP thanks for ur concern about my blasting anger,its not because of me people don’t wish to comment here but the crappy storyline indeed as u mentioned
    don’t feel scared.i am no monster or any threat to u.and yes i have correctly read ur advice to me as well as ur point of view regarding this show.but presently its too late to change the story and lets keep watching it on until it shows some positive effect atleast to bring back our old friends here in this site filling with happiness and returns finally again

    1. meine bhi wo episode ko dheka he. phir bhi apko nai laga woh bohath late he. roshniko pata he uski ped me adi ka bacha tha when she ready to marry shantanu. suddenly adi ka death ki bat uski ishuki zaroorath ka kya zaroorath he. she should moveon her life with her child without giving the baby to selfish bhallas. am not blaming roshni here. she shouldnt ve taken ishu ki help for her dhelpal. roshni ka sahi ma ko kya hua sahi behn ko kya hua. ishu ki help se dhuniya nai chalthi yar. roshni bhi ek adult he. khud ki care ussine kar sakthi thi na. ye writers ne custody custody karke show ko hell banakar rakthiya. custody winning ishra ka milan thn any problem, again ishu try to sortout thn sabko colapse karke khud prblm me fall hone ke baad raman and bhallas ne ishu ko kar se nikaldenge…… )

      1. Shreya Shetty

        Koi problem nahi mujhe Ishra apne problems solve karne ke bare me,bas me tumhe uss pichle episode ka no aur uske saath me roshni ki maafi aaliya se sabooth dey rahi hoon
        thoda sa late to hogaya roshni se,jab wo bhalla parivar me andar aaayi aur phir aaliya se apni galtion ko sudharne ke liye voh roshni sharminda hona pada sochte huye,islye maafi mangne se problem solve ho jana chaahiye tha,magar aaliya ki dimag mein sirf badla lene ki soch abhi bi hai aur who hai ki roshni ki illegimate baccha ko chinne se,aaliya ko lagtha hai ki woh adi ke liye hi swaad bacha sakthi hai,
        lekin agar ishita ko iske baare me tho paathi chali ki uski adopted beti eisa karne ki plan kar rahi hai,toh voh kis nazar se dekhlengi nahi pata,par hum sabko pata hai ki roshni adult hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki mujko ya phir jo bacche iss ghatia show dekh rahe hai,unhe be patta hai roshni ke character ke baare me,thanks
        jaanthi hoon ki jis samay roshni apni bacche ke janam dene ke baad aayngi,usi stithi me in dono ishu aur roshni ko to ghar se bahar nikalenge yehi un logo ki dirty mind hai ki mrs bhalla ki dirty mind hai sirf apna pota heir pana,ishu ko maaf karne ka nahi
        raman bhi kabhi nahi sudhar saktha,voh hamesha se hi ek irritating,stupid aur crowy aadmi character tha jisko apni biwi se bilkul izzat nahi karte aur usko bahut hi sathaathi hai thappad se aur unke loud arrogant ishu se baat karne se
        maanthi hoon ki yeh jis show ke updates hum roz padthe hai voh bi episode tv par bina dekhe,usi ki writers aur cvs yaani ki ekta Kapoor ji ki dimag me batti jalthi nahi,hum sabka sir kathi hai unki stupid story lines se,show toh band hi nahi karthi aur hamare pass koi option hi nahi he
        either show dekhe ya phir mat dekhe ki tarah ho chukka hai

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