Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi feeding Pihu and telling her a story about a princess, who fell ill. She says a doctor came and tried to make her fine, an old minister said princess needs a friend, then a girl came and played with princess, then princess got fine and stayed happy, tell me how did princess get fine. Pihu says she got fine because of that girl, she needed a friend, not medicine, this is moral of story. Ruhi says yes, we all need a true friend, I know a princess who has everything, but no friend, will you become her friend. Pihu says yes, sure. Ruhi says I will take you there, we will cook something for her.

Mrs. Khatri thanks Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita congratulates her. Raman thanks Kiran for getting Shagun back, how did you manage. Kiran says I spoke to Shagun’s PR team and they

agreed, then Shagun got convinced. He thanks her. Ishita says I should thank Kiran. Shagun thanks Kiran for giving donation to her NGO, I m glad Raman chose you as business partner, you are just perfect. Kiran thanks her.

Ruhi and Pihu come to meet Riya. Ruhi makes excuses. Pihu likes the toys in Riya’s room. Riya comes. Pihu gets scared and says let me go Ruhi. Ruhi says listen to me. Pihu says please let me go. Ruhi says remember one thing, Riya is the princess of that story, she is alone, she has no friends, what happened. Pihu says she troubles me. Ruhi says fine, we will give her khichdi and go. She tells Pihu to give tiffin to Riya. Riya throws the tiffin. Pihu gets scared and runs. Ruhi looks at Riya.

Everyone come home. Amma asks are you angry with me. Raman says no, thank God Kiran managed everything. Ishita goes to make tea. Amma says I shall leave. Mihika says sit, I will change and come. Raman asks what did you do in party. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it now. Raman asks Ishita for food. Ishita gives him readymade food. She says I have to say thanks and sorry. He asks why. She says Kiran managed everything today. He says exactly, she will keep Bala happy. She asks why to mix two topics, we should not mix this, its about Vandu’s family. He asks why are you deciding, its imp to talk. Amma asks what happened. Raman says what’s the problem if Kiran loves Bala and wants to marry him. Bala comes. Raman says if Bala and Kiran want to marry, why is Ishita against this. Amma says Bala, what am I hearing, you want to marry. She goes. Ishita asks did you had to say this way. Amma sees Vandu’s pic and cries.

She says I still feel my Vandu will come, my heart does not agree that Vandu is not with us, Bala forgot her so soon and Raman too. Ishita says how can anyone forget her, we all love her, Bala is alone, he loves her, Raman wants Bala to get love in his life. Amma says everyone forgot Vandu. Ishita says I want Bala to think of children and take step, he should not forgot Shravan and Shitija, will they accept a new mum, can that woman Kiran, she is superb in her work, will she be able to take their responsibility, this house may break, so I m scared. Amma says I won’t give Vandu’s children to anyone else. Ishita says relax, I will talk to Bala.

She gets Adi’s call and says Raman’s launch was good. She asks why are you crying. Adi cries and says Aaliya is missing. She asks what do you mean. He says we had a fight, Nikhil was trying to come between us. She says you said you will get friendly with him. He says yes, he always insulted me. He tells everything. She says I don’t know, did you talk to Nikhil. He says he does not know about her, I got angry and slapped her. She asks what, you slapped her. He says yes, I m scared she may do something, I could not control. She says please don’t scare me, you were with Aaliya, you shouldn’t have done this, I will talk to Raman and come there. He says I don’t know how to talk to Mani and Shagun. He gets Aaliya’s message and says she is in Delhi. She says she did not come home. He says maybe she went to Mani’s house, don’t tell anyone about it, I will make everything fine. She asks him not to take any rash step now.

She calls Aaliya and gets phone off. She calls Mani and asks is Aaliya there. He says yes. She says I was so worried. He says thanks for worrying. She says I will come and talk to her. Shagun says no need, leave her alone. She ends call. Ishita says she will drag this matter. She turns and sees Bala and Appa. She says I spoke to Amma and told my point of view, everyone will need time to come out of Vandu’s memories. Appa says I won’t talk to her now. Ishita says Bala is much sensible and knows better, there is difference between GF, wife, and a mum, think well and decide, Kiran is good, but don’t forget children. Bala nods.

Ishita calls Adi and says Aaliya is with Mani, she is much annoyed, take flight and come. Raman asks where is Aaliya. She says I will tell you. Its morning, Raman comes for breakfast. Mihika says Ishita went clinic. Raman thinks Adi should have come by now. Adi comes. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and says what’s the matter, you guys came early. Raman says I called Adi for meeting. She asks where is Aaliya. Raman says she went to Mani’s house, she will come. He asks her to pack breakfast, they have to leave for meeting. He holds Adi and says I will talk to Aaliya, don’t worry.

Ishita says what’s Mani’s mistake, you tell me what will he go through, when Aaliya cried and said Adi slapped her, what would you do if anyone did this with Ruhi, this is time to manage relations, we will explain Mani, Adi should go and apologize to Aaliya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello everyone VP mam Rithu Sindhu Shivani Khushi Magic Shreya Hp Bhagya and all. Hope you are all fine. I am good here.

    I don’t accept Kiran and Bala’s alliance because none can replace Vandu. I feel Kiran is purposely getting close to Bala for her bad intentions. Shagun doesn’t really deserve any appreciation or award for what she did till now as an NGO. I didn’t see her being responsible and sincere towards her job. From now, I don’t want to see Shagun, Mani, Kiran , Ashok, Aliya and Adi’s fight, Nikhil, Riya and much more rubbish. I want to see IshRa in full episode. I miss their nok jok, romance, and their happy scenes. They are only busy in solving family matters. I miss their sweet and cute fights also. And Adi Aliya, Adi is just a carbon copy of Raman. Adi is wrong by slapping Aliya. I say, they are too too immature to get married. And Raman supporting Adi, is not right. Mani’s frustration on Adi is not wrong. This storyline is related to IshRa and Mani misunderstanding. Cvs don’t think something new and unique… They always try to copy the past happenings and paste it to the present and future. What to say, we can’t expect anything new as it’s ekta’s show…

    1. I forgot a word, this storyline is related to IshRa and Mani’s misunderstanding that was shown before the leap.

    2. Hi Priyavadha how are you ? Adi Alia totally mess . Both are responsible more of Alia .. there is a limit in teasing your husband .. and all the time on vedeo talk .. after her marriage she does lot of mistakes and end sorry .Marriage is not a joke … and Adi too wrong in slapping her . We will view Manis and Shaghun reaction now .Amma and Ishus talk is nice . Ishithas thoughts are highlyconcerned . Its not easy to be a mother of grown up children . Ammas thoughts are justified .Ruhi inteference in Priyas issue is too much . No roles for Ruhi .Kiran lied to Raman she has no children and if Priya is her daughter ? Shaghun and Kiran will join hands …Hats off to Dt …. even in her absence we havegot to watch her . That much shoots she has back stored . Great !

      1. Hi VP mam, so true marriage is not a joke
        Kudos to your comments so true
        All points spot on
        Ruhi should stay out of Priya’s situation – I can smell big trouble ahead
        Same way Ishita was snooping around that lawyers home showing concerned for his wife – what happened someone killed him and blamed it on her. She has visited once, know that there is a problem, she should report it to the school and leave it at that.

  2. Hi friends… Nice episode…in recent episode s Raman is not blaming it fighting with ishu… That’s good….Raman is better than ADI… He never slapped ishu…ADI realise ishu only when he is in problem s… From now war between Raghav and bhallas… ADI should have not slapped Aliya… Also if Riya turns out to be daughter of Kiran… Then ishu and Iyer’s never accept Kiran…so Mani, Shagun, Kiran, Taneja and Ashok team up…. Unless ADI is with bhallas no problem…

  3. Hello Priyamvadha, it has been a long time since you came on. Hope you are doing well. Hi Rithu, VP, Magic, Khushi, Missy, Shreya, Bhagya, Ravi and many YHM fans…..

    Today’s episode is nothing great. Either it is sorry or thank you or slapping or running to your parents’ house. It is so stupid with such a monotonous story line.

    1. Hi Sindhu,
      Your comments is so funny – laughed out loud
      These CVS are sending us on an emotional spiral
      What is the need for Adi (sweet mamas boy) to slapped his wife.
      This is my take
      Adi and Aliya are both immature
      Shouting my wife or my husband is not all what marriage is about but being able to deal with rough patches in marriage is what’s it all about.
      Adi was wrong to do business on his honeymoon
      Aliya should have returned home if she feels neglected by Adi
      Aliya took her friendship with Nikhil too far. You do not tease your husband with your guy friend especially when he has expressed his dislike of him.
      The argument was not such that he should slap her – should never have done so.
      I don’t think Aliya should have gone home to her maayaka unless if she is really through with the marriage – by going home the matter is now escalated but then again I do understand her feelings because I wouldn’t tolerate my husband slapping me either. I would be thinking that today is a slap what would you do tomorrow punch and kick. This is scary. I probably run away from him myself.
      Even if things get sorted – Aliya is going to be scared now to get into fights with Adi because he might slap her again. So where do we draw the line.
      Men, please walk away from a woman when you are angry, don’t hit us for anything think of your mothers, sisters and daughters. Hitting us: degrade us; smashes our self esteem; take our confidence away; leave us fearful; belittle us. And if we are in love with you; it kills our love.
      I really don’t know what the CVs are trying to show here unless they are trying to make way for Roshini to come back to Adi.
      I read somewhere that the actors who portrays Adi and Aliya hates each other in real life.

      1. True Missy agree with your comments .Alia if gone to her house , cannot complain . Your own house is the most secured place for anyone . From beginning … lot of patches in their married life … todays real world … divorce happens in a short time …. instead of two individuals lliving with no happiness … better to divorce … Thats my opinion always ..

  4. I would get a migraine if I lived with a family with so much daily fights, arguments. I know it’s a soap but there isn’t anything relaxing at all about any scenes here. Like a simply family dinner or sitting around just chilling…every scene makes you exhausted…

    1. Hi Sharmila
      I so agree with you – when I read your comments in laughed out loud
      Me too I cringed with embarrassment at their escapades
      I will probably spend time out of home all the time
      May be that’s why Pihu is always absent ?????

    2. Hi Sharmila laughed out reading your comments . All these serials are supposed to be tension free . We are all having lot of tension in our life .. and funny we are simply stressing with Ishra .. Crazy Bhallas and Iyers

  5. azuka nkwonta

    This woman ishita is not good. When it comes to ishita everything is good but when it comes to others they are not good. When ishita wants to marry Raman she did not think that their family will break since nobody liked her that time. Ishita always thinks that she is better than everyone. She talked about Kiran working too much but what about her, does she not work too much. When she became ruhi’s stepmom she works from home to clinic from clinic to school. So why does she think that somebody else cannot do that. The basic point here is that ishita will never find any other woman better than her. What she did is not magic any other woman can do that besides people can raise kids the way they want ishita does not have to tell them how to do that or lecture them on how to be a good mother.

    1. Azuka … Ishitha never wanted to marry Raman and Raman did not want to marry Ishitha . Their fathers forced on them fo Ruhi … She went thru a lot to win the family …

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Bhalla family is the worst family ever. Everyday fight, war, slap, meddling into other peoples business, giving long lectures and creating family drama in the public as well as drinking and creating a public shame. I need a new family this family is so stupid and shameless.

  7. you no what miss azuka you always bash ishu you are totally love with her kyunki jab ishu koi episode mein nahi hoti tum comment hi nahi karti you are great you are not good for us tum yhm chodkar koi aur show dondho

  8. Well said.. n in every sentence she ll use parvarish parvarish… I hate it.. I agree with ur comments.. if she does anything it’s for kids and family sake. If anyone else shud be called as good it needs her approval. For shagun she ll tell she is aliya mum so chalta hai lik tat… For aliya she ll tell bacchi hai.. y is she judging everyone

  9. Hi everyone vp , muskan, sharmila amaya n all I am a silent reader and read your comments every day I am a big fan of divyanka and watch this show daily guys but now a days some problems are going on i wanna ask you what is love ? And what is a difference between love between a girl and boy and a two girls and two boys if you can clear this it will be a great help

    1. Hi Lovely ! Nice question … What is love ? Cant explain …. I also dont bellieve in this …. I say jokingly … money is honey … Problems are defferent type . Most important thing according to me is Respect any person small or big .. rich or poor … Love is care . Ones attittude . Ability to understand other person in his or her shoes . Love is do anything without expectation . Love between friends .. value that relationship . Husband and wife their togetherness for anything and everything is their love . And trust and communication is the most important thing in married life . It goes like that … Bring simple humble caring and your attittude … all these things can explain love ? No … relationship between mother and children , husband and wife , between friends all will have defferent kinds of demands … if you are able to achieve that … maintain a good balance whatever the situation is … called maturity . Character is greater than beauty , humanity is greater than wealth and but nothing is greater than relations . Love cannot be explained Lovely … Here Adi really loves Alia … but Alia is not his type … she said she had crush on Nikhil … infatuation on Mihir … The Alia we saw … in Adi Alias engagement was defferent .. Situations play a big role .
      7 years … Ishitha was forced to marry Mani … she did not .., people say she left her Pihu … comparing with Shaghun … her belief is Ruhi is dead .. Ruhi was her breathe … no Ruhi no Raman that was her way . Raman too livef in her memory .. Shaghun is used there . Its true but her intention from beginning once Ashok left her was to come back to Raman . She is selfish . And Ishitha did not enjoy that pregnancy hood or mother hood .. nursing Pihu .. Even today many bash on Ishitha … for saving Pihu .. lgiving Ruhi to Nidhi … she was forced to save the little girl when thrown with two hands and thus Ruhi was taken by Nidhi .But she was living on guilty till Ruhi was found ..She moved on with her life . Ishras love is not comparable … both are extremes …This yhm started with all these beautiful Ishraru love …showed us Ishitha and Raman who was madly in love with their first loves … shattered .. totally .. found love between them inspite of lot of issues .Issues in life is defferent for defferent people .How to manage that is in your hands . Adi is a insecured boy … Shaghun is the reason for that … First twelve years in your life is ones base . He was confused … same insecurity is his married life …Bala has to move on in his life … but Kiran can be a good mother is only the doubt Ishitha has . Its true . She is not against that … What she told amma … .. Sorry something and all i wrote … Many typing errors can be there .

      1. Thank you so much VP being a teenager and going through so love stories I was wondering what love actually is ? but what ever you wrote made me understand a lot ?? now I am clear

  10. Ishu is saying that coz she knowz that is not easy to become a mother to anothet woman’s kidz…if Priya is Kiran’s daughter then how wil Kiran raise Bala’s kids if she can’t raise her child as a mother should…Vandu’s kidz have grown up n they wil trouble her coz they used to their late mother n father n Kiran wil come with new rules that’s the kidz won’t listen but she wil hav to be patient with them…its was very difficult for Ishu to be accepted by Adi but Ishu never give up on him

    1. Yes Lunghile … Adis case how Ishitha handled him with love and care was amazing . Ishitha just said opinion on Kiran … as she knows how defficult , Sha has experienced it by herself .

  11. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita’s fans what is wrong with you people you think your ishita is going to remain a queen forever. You are having it bad this time and you are not happy. You are trying to manipulate people so that they will not give their views and comments here so that ishita will continue to reign.

  12. This time Aliya reacted right….mani and shagun are also right……how could adi do this?……loved ishita in precap…….

    How can ishita jump to conclusions that kiran cannot be a good mother…..IF kiran is riya’s mum clearly she is not a good mother but how does ishita know this?……Amma’s reaction is understandable but not right…..

    1. True…Ishitha’s mom should not decide if bala has to remarry or not…it should be bala’s decision…he can choose his own life…i left ishitha and her mom are selfish in this matter

      1. it was felt sorry not left

      2. No Valpa … it takes time to accept . Bala should move forward . As a sister Ishithas concern and Ammas are like that . They can only think about Vandhu … Any close person dies it brings memories … one cant erase memories … if memories can die , how beautiful the world would be . I lost my husband 15 yrs back even today if the front door is opening … I feel its my husband . Bala is the apple of Iyers … it takes time .. Ishitha never said no ..

      3. I feel so sad for u VP aunty…we are all with u 🙂

      4. Thank you Valpa . I am very much ok Valpa .The way you call aunty makes me very close to you .. I was just making you realise … these are not easy for mothers to accept . Its not they dont want Bala to be happy . I have become very close to all of you . This site ( first and last ) in my life … that too becoz of DT and Divan impact … addicted to this site . Ishithas many many steps were wrong but totally the character is selfless .. seeing to the happiness of others .

      5. If you dont mind me asking…wats ur full name aunty?

      6. Ss to hear VP ma’am… condolences r wid u

  13. Shreya Shetty…dont u have a life other than ymh…u can relate to characters only to yhm uh…sad man…i pity u all

    1. Vety true Porsha …. Shreya is not able to take up anything against Ishitha … What about Azuka ? Her views and comments are respected but she doesnt have to bash on Ishithas fans . We are all commenting on characters .. I have not come across with bad people in my life … so finding it defficult to accept Shaghun .

    2. Hi Porsha

      You can expect me and Shreya to leave this site. If you don’t know how to speak in this manner and stay out and stop poking your nose in my comment. My commentary are for everyone in this site. I am just saying this for Ishita benefit and you may never know the truth about what Ishita does for Raman and children. Don’t you dare to tell Shreya that you have pity on her but I am much more pity than you are. GET LOST!!!!

      This site is not for you only….It is for everyone to use this site and everyone can comment on their own opinion like Azuka supporting Shagun and I am not against her. She can do what she want so I am. This serial is about Ishita and Raman and Ruhi. NOT SHAGUN!!!!

      If you don’t know how to speak to other people think twice before you make comment on my post. You are very disgrateful person who don’t know how to respect other opinion in their comment.

      1. Disgrateful…hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!……
        Why should i be ever greatful to u…are u provising my daily breakfast,lunch and dinner?so are u helping me in anyway to life my life…why the hell should i be greatful to u…u get lost…nonsense…go study or get a job to do rather than sitting in this site…wat are u shreya shetty’s mouth piece?

      2. You are not great person as you think. If you want to attack on me and you may never know what I will be capable of. You are not my boss and I am not your servant or waiter to serve you food. I don’t need to help you with your life as yourlife is full of shit which I will not want to clean you up. I have my job and I am not sitting like an idiot give you and your shit mind by giving me your words. You are nothing to me and please get out of my way.

        As for your information I am not Shreya’s mouth of pieces. She is my friends and she need me to help her where she is having difficult to handle herself. As I know how she is to me and I respect her and she also respect me too. You have no respect of other people opinion and commentary and you are attacking wrong person. It is better that you will be very careful with your language when you speak to me as you are not my grandmother, mother, aunty, teacher and boss. I don’t laugh like devil that you are so shameless woman as you can laugh on others. And I am not a lazybum as you think because I am much mature unlike you. I have respected other people but you don’t deserved to be respect because you have abouse every people respect. I don’t need to respect of who you are and I know what kind of person you are. Shitty and wizzy and cheapo person. I don’t need to answer your shit comments. I don’t need to get lost as I was here for longer than you are.

        When people make the comment and they know that I am not giving the lecture as you think. If you are boring with my comment and don’t think to read, replay and comment in what I am written.

      3. Rofl….parichary..parichary…u are soooo funny…
        wat are u capable of…u said na that u are so capable…show me wat u are capable of…wat u can do…
        ya right u dont have to clean my shit for me…i will do it myself…i wont bother u for that…if u still want to clean it…fine…i will let u do it…

    3. Then why the hell r u commenting here…..i u think its a waste of time

  14. Ya true azuka nkwonta…ishita can never accept anyother women is better than her…Rather she shouls marry bala also and take care of his kids too…wat say azuka nkwonta…lol…such a fake piece of shit ishitha is…

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Porsha ishita will never leave Raman she has occupied that place like it’s her territory and she will never let any woman come there except if she will become polygamous or if Raman leaves her.

  15. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  16. Hi friends.. latest promo is out… Karvachouth with Raman and Shagun… Shagun in ishu s place… Shameless Shagun how many times she changes husband’s… Now I think she again want Raman and bhallas…

    1. HP True ? Ramanand Shaghun ? Why ? Where is Mani … disgusting … soo … third class story yhm is turned to .

  17. In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein there is a sudden change observed in the nature of Aaliya towards Ishita taking Nikhil’s side.

    Ishita gets to know that Adi and Aaliya have been into a bad phase of their marriage with Aaliya taking Nikhil’s side too much.

    Ishita as a mother goes to give advice to Aaliya to which Aaliya in a straight forward manner asks Ishita to stay out of Aaliya and Adi’s fight which hurts Ishita.

    Ishita always used to talk to Aaliya just like Ishita does with Ruhi and now there are cracks even emerging upon Ishita and Aaliya’s relationship.

    Adi humiliates Aaliya for arrogant nature

    Adi further again shouts at Aaliya for not behaving in good manner with Ishita who is in place of Aaliya’s mother.

    How would Ishita sort out Adi and Aaiya’s matter without breaking Aaliya’s privacy factor?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in story of serial.

  18. Star Plus love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness a lot of twist and turns in the upcoming track.

    Aliya goes to Mani’s house post Aditya raises hand over her, Aditya comes to Delhi so that he can talk to Aliya and sort all the things.

    Ishita calls Mani and asks him to finish off everything as whatever happened was just by mistake but Shagun asks Ishita to stay away from Aliya and asks her to keep Adi also away from her.

    Shagun lashes out at Adi for raising hand over Aliya

    Later when Aditya reaches Delhi then Ishita-Raman and Aditya goes to Mani’s house, Aditya apologizes to Mani for his mistake but he refuses to forgive him.

    Mani even calls police and get Aditya arrested for raising hand over Aliya, Ishita and Raman tries to stop Mani from arresting Aditya but he does not listens anything.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  19. Hi Azuka
    I never said anything about your commentz the only thing i said ppl hav different point of view n we like different thingz in way to say i accept that you love shagun’s character n it’s good right…n as for me i like Ishu so plz dnt try to change me to like Shagun’s character or anyone else as i dnt do the same to you….dont say anything about Ishita’s fans plz just comment your point of view coz the way you r doing it you want all of us to side with you n be Shagun’s fanz….so plz Azuka comment whatever you want n it’s acceptable instead of trying to make us hate Ishu

  20. Hi all and azuka nkwonta I totally agree with you is is sick as a mom reasons
    1.shes least bothered abt pihu looks like pihu is Ruhis daughter
    2 she get anybody home(roshni) and that girl becomes more imp than the dghtr in law
    3 she’s got the most sick mom and mom in law who can spoil anything then cry at one corner and say did we do a mistake
    4.i DNT think ishita is good as a mother her children are either too bold or toooo timid look at pihu she watches all the serial but could not face riya and ruhi she acts as though she the mother of all kids leave riya thts hers mother wish to bring her up PLS EKTA IF YOU LIKE THIS WAY THAN FINE BUT YOUR STORY LINE US SHITTY AND STINKY

  21. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

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