Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman being angry and sharing everything about Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to do as Raman says and take care of kids, let Shagun do anything here. Raman decides to go back to Delhi in morning. Ruhi hears them and gets sad. Mr. Bhalla asks everyone to get ready as they have to do for Raman’s office inauguration. Romi argues and says he has done all the arrangements. They all come in the new office. Rinki loves Mihir’s cabin. He asks her to come for the puja. Raman and Ishita sit in puja along others. He asks about Adi. She says Vandu is with him, don’t worry. He sneezes and they do the puja.

Rinki gets a call and says what, you are in India. She tells Mihir that her friends came from Australia and she wants to go. Mihir agrees to let her go and she goes.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Mihir that she should have stayed till puja got over. Raman and Ishita do the puja. He sneezes again and the diya blows off. Amma worries that its bad sign. Raman says I have cold. Ishita lights the diya. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays……….

They all come home. Ishita shows gifts for baby, Vandu and Mihika. Ishita tells them about everyone coming to Delhi. Vandu asks Ishita to do something, she has explained her to make the romantic ambience. She gives some tips. Ishita laughs. She says Mihir and Raman went for imp meeting, she will talk to Raman when he comes. She leaves.

Mihir comes home and is tired. He gets credit card’s message and says maybe Rinki is shopping, and gets many more messages. He says what happened to her, and calls her. He asks her about her shopping. She asks him to relax, he is now CEO and she has to show off infront of her friends. She says she will come late. He says I m hungry, I m tired. He asks her to come, they will have dinner with friends. He says I don’t want to. She asks him to go to Bhalla house, and he likes Ishita’s hand made food. She ends call. He says he will leave for Raman’s home.

Pathak calls Raman and says he has applied for Rohit’s adoption, and he wants Romi and Sarika’s marriage certificate. Raman says they will marry in 10 days, it won’t be problem. Pathak asks about his health. Ramna says he caught cold and checks on internet. He gets big diseases names by his symptoms and says I m dying. Ishita comes and says this site says I m going to die. She says what rubbish and shuts the laptop. She asks him to show it to any doctor. She calls a doctor and asks to send someone, they have to get blood test done. She makes him rest.

Later, Raman gets tensed seeing the blood test being done and the syringe. Romi diverts him saying about pro kabaddi league. Mihir joins them and eats food. He lies to them that Rinki is at home and takes a tiffin. Mihika meets him and talks to him. She understands he is not okay to take tiffin from Raman’s home. He says Rinki is busy with her friends, and she asks him to talk to her and tell your feelings. He says I m also bore of my nice guy attitude, I will tell Rinki whats in my heart. She goes.

Raman meets the doctor and knows about his reports. The doctor says he is fine, and nothing to worry, he will drop his results in evening at his home. Raman comes out and talks to Mihir. He goes to take his prescription. The doctor checks Mehra’s reports and talks to someone. Raman gets mistaken that he has got this rare disease, and patient has no symptoms like fever and cold, his wife is also a doctor, how to tell he will be alive for one month, I will tell his family in evening. Raman hears his conversation and asks for his prescription. He asks how much time. The doctor says 2-3, don’t worry, life period can’t be trusted these days. Raman gets sad and comes out. He thinks to find out about his disease.

Mihir tells Raman about the disease in South Africa, and its spreading a lot. Suraj tells Ashok about his plan to ruin Raman’s company, we will make the kids have the juice manufactured by Raman’s company.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hai frds
    bt i like so much pets
    pets are god gift to us

    1. which pet u like the most..??Ramchin sis..

  2. Pata nahin rinki aaisa behave karrahi hai…

  3. ye ashok nd suraj
    kabhi nai sudharegi

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  5. Hihi friends

  6. Oh btw I’m not the Liya u all know I’m someone new who has the same name

  7. Hey guys

  8. hey sana and mizun.

  9. hey liya and rihaana.

  10. Hi rithushree

  11. hey sana which college in banglore?

  12. hey guys 100 comments ho gayi.

  13. aajkal priyaroli thachu nimrit sab nahi aathe hai theek se.

  14. muje sab pasad hai
    most dogs

  15. ya dr
    nimrit came in evg dr

  16. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu ramchin angel bhagi nimrit and all yhm friends.

  17. teeke kal milthe hai gd n8 sweet drms bye tc

  18. sana u like pets r8??

  19. Oy…. Sootiga sootiga dheetuga
    Naatuku poyina choopulu
    Cheetiki maatiki.. maatiki
    Ghaatuga taakina oopiri
    Daataka daataka geethanu
    Chekkili chere chekkera kottudu
    Meetaka Meetaka manasse
    Maatalu cheppe chethala
    Kottina vaade deggara jarige…
    Deggara jarige siggulu Karige
    Siggulu Karige premalu perige
    Premalu pindaga..nomulu
    Komali chempalu malli kottaley…
    Aa…Amma thalle..normuyavey…
    noti muthyaal jaarneeyakey..
    Amma thalle Normuyavey…Noti
    muthyaal jaarneeyakey…
    Aa mabbunu gaale thaaki..
    Aa gaaliki mabbe aagi
    pongenanta varsham..
    Mari nee debbaku bugge
    Naa buggala range chindi
    andhenanta Harsham
    Vuli taakidi sokina maarunu
    kaadha shila shilpam
    Puli dhookudu choodaga
    regunu kadha cheli muripam
    Veyle kammaga taakina
    ventane…Le lemmani niddura
    Venuvu madhilo madhura
    Naa kommanu taakina ventane
    Pooremmala tenelu putte…ragile
    nishaa ushodayam
    Nuvvu nacchina chota navvenu
    Gichina chota yavvana gandham
    Neeku naaku Jeevana
    Hey.. amma thalle
    naancheyyake.. navratnaal
    Nuvv Nuvvekkada vunte
    nenakkada pakkana vunta
    Naa dikkuvi nuvvenanta ukkiri
    bikkiri chesthunta
    Naa Chukkaki jaabilivanta…
    Naa rekkaki paavuramanta
    Nuvvey nenataa..
    Amma thalle.. Allaadake..
    O..repuni maapani.. maapani
    Ledani…kaadhani Kaadhani
    Vedana Vadhana.. Bhodhana
    saadhana chaalinchamanta
    Nee vaakili vekuvanavutha.. nee
    cheekati chaakirinavutha
    Naakai kekalu pedithe kaakila..
    Nayagaaraala chilakaa..chilaka
    Nuvvu naa ningini korina vela ve
    mari aa ganga tirige nela ..
    Sangamalu sambhavinchela..yela
    yela yela yelaa….
    Na Nanana Nanana Nananaa…
    Na Nanana Nanana Nananaa…
    Na Nanana Nanana
    Nananaa…Na Nanana Nanana
    Jaabili Bhomma..Jaabili
    Bhomma..Jabili Bhomma… ||4||
    Kottina vaade deggara jarige
    Deggara jarige siggulu perige
    Siggulu karige premalu
    Premalu pindaga..nomulu
    pandaga…komali chempalu malli
    Pama paa pa..pama daa da ..
    Daanii nisa nisa.. dani da sa ni
    da pa…
    Saa..Saasa sasa riii riri
    Amma thalle…normuyavey.. Noti
    muthyaal jaarneeyakey.. ||4||
    speed telugu song

  20. ok frd gd n8 c u
    tc sd bye

  21. Nice episode.

  22. Why Raman

  23. Star Plus’ show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” has been revolving around Romi (Aly Goni) trying hard to get Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) back in his life.And after a lot of struggle, Romi, who has realised that it was a mistake to leave Sarika when she needed him the most, has convinced her to marry him.While it is not known why and what has made Sarika to hide from Abhishek and has recently added another mystery to the twist by refusing to acknowledge having a brother.But Abhishek is on a revenge mood and decidesto stop Romi’ marriage but the twist is he did not know that Romi is marrying his sister Sarika only.On the other Raman is suffering from cold but he mistakes that he got some deadly disease and hardly he has few days left in his life.When ishita tries to come closer to Raman but he will make excuses to go away from her.Raman will be surrounded by his fears.Soon we will see entire Bhalla family including Ruhi,ishita and adi will be seen crying infront of Raman’s photo for his death.Shocking Isn’t it? But the real fact is it will be Raman’s imagination.On the other hand,Ruhi also imagines a baby for her ishima.We have to say that the father and daughter Duoare in a imagination world and wish they come out of that soon.Will shagun re-enter Raman andishita’s life?Will Sarika and Romi’s marriage will happen without any problem?Keep reading for more updates.

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