Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

epi start with raman adi playing chess.. romi ask him to win over raman.. ishita sees this from outside the room.. thn she goes to prepare food for adi.. there she remebers all incident how adi said tht step mom story and how mrs balla scolded her. simmi coems there and ishita ask her to giv the food to adi. simmi asks ishu giv her. but ishita refuses. raman watches it and thinks again ishita is blaming her for adi state.

in iyer home amma is worried and feel bad for ishita. she says to appa. tht y mrs balla blaming ishu. appa says no girls will do wht ishu did( bringing shagun home and taking care of adi). he says ishu is unique. appa askj amma not to talk abt this matter to mrs balla(thts blaming ishu for adi state) ishita comes there ask curry leaves etc.. amma ask ishu to stay to

talk. raman follows ishu .but interupted by appa . appa says raman tht there is pooja in temple. where u can ask manat. raman and adi play video games. and adi wins the game and jump in exitment.

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raman says he has to go to temple.

adi ask wht temple. raman explains tht there is pooja and he is going to ask manat. adi thinks its for him and says i will also come. raman says but shld wear south indian dress/. adi says k. raman gets call from mihir. he says today i will ot come to office. but mihir say ashok has come and talking abt contract.
raman says he will come.

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in office
ashok ask mihir to sit and hav talk. will u not giv coffee. mihir say there is nothing to talk and raman is coming and ur coffe will be given
all in conference room(pathak suraj ashok. raman mihir). raman say here is ur contract . but beofre u get sign this file. pathak says tht it contains tht adi isnot ur son and u dont hav to take any decision in adi life. ashok says tht u promised tht u will giv contrat.raman says whts a eal u never kept u promis from birth left shagun etc.

if u sign u will get contract ifnot no. raman gets adi call.he says will come soon. whn raman leaves suraj say will sign but need one more contract. says ashok he is begging us give it.
raman says i will many contract for u for my children how u know abt relation love. after ur work whn u go home and whn ur children hug u ur day will end happy and whn u r wife loves u more and talk with love.

raman taunts ashok how u will know all this u get all second hand na shagun my son my ruhi .. and mihirs s mihika.ashok siogns the file. raman leaves. in between thy showed mrs balla buying vege .. pammi aunty phones her and enqquires abt adi. mrs balla says ishu gave wrong tab.. amma was there ..s he came to inivte mirs ball for temple.. after hearing mrs balla complaining abt ishu.. thy hav fight .. ruhi see this. adn thinks ihsma will feel bad. adn goes. appa and mr ballatake thm from there.

ruhiis adi room writint adi name in medicine.. mrs balla comes there and sk wht r u doing ruhi.. she says helpins ishima so tht adi doesnot go to hospital again.. mrs balla says good.
thtn raman comes with south indian dress for adi.. ruhi says boys will go to ramans room to chg and girls will chg ramns room . raman helps adi to wear dress .. and thn raman comb his hair .. adi does same seeing him.. thy hav laughthnthy reach tample..mrs balla says wht saree is this. i cant manage it.. mrs iyer helps her in setting saree.

mr balla and mr iyer says how long thy be soft lets see..mrs iyer gives flower for mrs balla. and both keep flowers in their head.raman and adi comes. and meet ishu..

adi say wht does hse doing in tample.. she will know today after the pooja who is important.. ishita complement adi. raman say some thing( i forgot yar sorry). ishu replies appreciating ur self..thn pooja starts. pandit ask raman to call the person form whom he asked manatadi thinks its him and ask ruhi to take photo while papa doing pooja. ruhi is puzzled. and adi forward his hand . raman ask ishita to come.. adi face chged.( but he deserve this).

precap.. in home ruhi sayd to raman tht she took lots of photo of him and ihima.. he ask her to show. adi get angered and ask to ruhi to giv his phone as he needs to make a call.adi calls magin and ask did u see the photo(he sent raman and ihsita photo) shagun says i will coem soon..

Update Credit to: Pri


  1. mariya

    nice episode@ adi cant do nothing ishita and raman love each other also very strong relationship bad boy adi i just say blindy guy

  2. Rkbgree

    gud jb pri…. hello aap logon gud eng chahiye ya wu chahiye…. keep encrage dem yaar….. love u pri…

  3. ruhi

    Ruhi u superb. U just insulted Aadi in a nice way by writing name on medicine. Coz that fat Aadi being so elder doesnot know tobtake medicine himself.

  4. Rkbgree

    actually pri doesnt write WU 4 dos who wants fluent english….she posted specially 4 her frnds…. finally u guys undrstd WU r nt…. dats all….

  5. Arpit

    You guys just see the comments in the spoiler that will be enough to describe this serial .
    Makers of YHM – In Reddy & Anmol Style

  6. Rkbgree

    pri sry yaar felng bd 4 u… dunno who posted dis(cuz here 2222222 mny crtszrs)… dats k nyc try…. u made YHMs hpy…..

  7. Arpit

    As no one would be interested to read the written update so the person who writes have stopped writing . As I told u guys there is no point of watching this serial , the makers do something good in the serial and then the ghisa pita track chala dete hain . Disgusting serial .

    • Rkbgree

      im nt ur enmy dr…. c how can i explain u…. she doesnt want 2 post dis….. she jst wrote dis 4 DTBians…. bt sumbdy copied dis 4m der nd posted here…. k i suggest her….. dis is her 1st try… hope she will give bttr update….. k bye veera….

  8. Rkbgree

    hey gopu gud 1…. ya till nw evry1 dying 4 2dys WU… nw dey got it nd demanding 4 gud WU…. ha kaisa jamaana aagayi…….. im pri bst frnd…. dats y im defending her…. if any1 hrtd by my cmnt sry guyzz….

  9. episode was ok espesially raman ashok.part. but i think so the show is going fast but really enjoying because this drama has been extended for a long period.

  10. surya

    bad update..
    could have been much more better…if u got to update late its fine bt not with hell a lot of issues like this..

  11. Hey tum sab ne SBB ke alava U me & TV ka video dekha tha..?? Usme dikhaya ki Raman Aadi ke room me jata haii & waha na to Aadi ka saaman hota hai na Shagun ka iss liye Raman wooried ho jata hai & apna gussa bechari Ishita par nikalta hai……& hum gussa unhi par karte hai jinse hum pyar karte hai……..ab yeh dekhane maja aayega ki itna gussa karne ke baad Raman Ishita ko kaise manayega………

  12. adi you are just getting miserable day by day. tumhare wajah se raman ishitha pe chillayega aur ishra ke beech fight hoga aur ab toh adi ke saath double power hai.shagun wapas aa rahi hai . patha nahi yeh shagun toh buss apne naam ke hisaab se shagun ki tarah transport ho rahi hai kabhi ashok ke yaha toh kabhi bhallas ke yaha toh kabhi mihir ke yaha toh kabhi apni maa ke yaha.lekin yeh jo shagun hai na apshagun hai ekdam kohinoor diamond ki tarah jo ek raja se doosre raja se transport hotha tha kyonki agar uss diamond ko koi bhi raja rakhtha toh uske saath bahut bura hota.aisa maana jatha hai.theek waise hu shagun.

  13. akira

    wht do u think i dont knw meaning of terrible??
    I ws pointing ur mistake
    it is terrible not terribal
    Did u get tht???

  14. Nice episode. …are wah Ruh ur too good. …..Adi ko haste hasate. ……uss ki insult ki. …
    Ur ishimaa ‘ s bachcha na. .toh tum apni ishimaa ki aaise hi. ..Help karti raho. …..

  15. atul

    @rkbgree without proper english its very difficult to understand. and if we dnt understand the update then whats the use of writing it.

  16. sharmi

    Really, is Adi 2 that he doesn’t know how to manage his own allergy pills? First of all, Ishita only reminded him to take his tablet, she never give it to him. So common sense would say that the idiot switch the tablet himself or took it by mistake so why blame Ishita. Don’t these people sit down and try to solve issues instead of screaming like banshees blaming each other. Why would Ishita look at a wrong tablet and hand it to him…these writers/directors really need a lesson in common sense….I like to look at this show but at time the storyline makes me feel just as stupid watching it as the show is itself.

  17. Ashok tumne galti ki. .Raman ko chedkar. ……bekari main apni insult karadi. ……waise tum aaisi insult deserve karte ho. …….
    ashok tum raman ko bhik mangrah kehrahe the. ………par bhikmange toh tum ho. ………
    raman ne sahi kaha. …ashok tum jo mangte ho. …2nd hand mangte ho. …….2nd hand biwi ….2nd. …hand. …bachche. …aur ab 2nd hand. .contract. …..superb raman tum ne ashok ko uss ki assliyat dikhai. ……….very good

  18. pri

    Sry yhm frds.. I gave short description to my dtb frds.. I used as thy didnot watch the show.I dono Hindi tht much.some shortform.which thy will understand..I dono who posted it here…u all will be disappointed .will try my best next time…
    Gree ruchi thnks yar for ur support.

  19. sunil

    Pls keep updating daily written updates. We do wait. I appreciate Pri’s spending time. Keep it up. Someone not intrested pls stop sharing comment and can get lost

  20. Adi tumhe kya laga raman tumhare liye pooja kare ga. …….raman ke life main tum toh important ho. .but. ..tumse bhi zyada ishita important hai raman main. ….
    waise tumne aaisa kya kiya jo. ..raman tumhare liye. ….mannat mange ga. ..pooja kare ga. …..pehle kuch….achcha karo. ..achcha soncho. …. karo. …….tab aaisa sonch sakte ho. ……..

  21. pri

    Thnks frds.for ur responses for wu… It will help to improve..

    I am not a regular writer.. My frds asked for epi.. So I gave. Thm…sry again

  22. thanks for the update’ but must say yo english is like a first grader’ the worst english…dont yo have dictionary installed? your writing is poor i can’t make up half the writing’ however thanks!

  23. pri

    I can understand.. No probs..all is well..chill.. Gud night frds..
    gree iruch are My frd s so. they supported me. Don’t take it wrong…

  24. ruhi

    Hi Mizun… I think… This serial is losing it value. There are many haters now. Just coz of this stupid track. This is stupid actually…. Typical ekta shows. It should regain it’s value.

  25. akira

    everythng is messed up
    Happy Makar Sankranti
    heyy ruhi i read comments
    this year is very special for u right??

    Til Gud Ghya Aani
    God God Bola….:-)

  26. akira

    Hi! Mizun
    How r u??
    actually kuch reason k wajah se me yaha nhi aayi
    bt sorry i dont remember u
    Tum ishra ho??

  27. my name is khan

    Khushi is a simple and traditional girl from Lucknow deeply rooted in family values. She believes in the strength of love, relationships, and faith in God. Arnav is a rich, arrogant and suave business tycoon with no belief in love or God. His closest emotional bond is with his sister Anjali. Arnav and Kushi are annoyed by each other instantly but find they are more similar than they might suspect. Khushi starts working at Arnav’s office and his workers Lavanya (Arnav’s girlfriend) started mocking Khushi and her clothes along with her friends. Then Lavanya then stays with Arnav’s family and everyone is happy but Arnav’s nani. Anjali hires Khushi to help Lavanya become a good bahu. An incident happens when Lavanya looses Nani’s goat Laxshmi but Khushi saves Lavanya from getting into trouble and says it was her fault. This makes them friends. Lavanya starts learning the values of a good bahu from Khushi and tries her best to become one. As time passes, Lavanya improves and Nani gets impressed with her. Khushi and Arnav realize that they love each other but are too stubborn to accept. Instead, Arnav starts hurting Khushi’s feelings in many ways to see her reaction. He even announces his engagement with Lavanya after he and Khushi share a romantic moment. However, Lavanya soon realizes that Arnav loves Khushi and leaves him to settle in London.

    Shyam, Anjali’s husband and a lawyer by profession, meets and falls in love with Khushi. While Shyam pretends to be a loving husband and an honorable man, he secretly lusts for Khushi and remains with Anjali only for her wealth. Due to circumstances involving her adoptive father’s health, Khushi and Shyam become engaged. However, on discovering his married state, Khushi breaks off the engagement and warns Shyam that he must mend his ways.

    Arnav decides to tell Khushi that he loves her. However, things change when Arnav accidentally sees Khushi and Shyam together and thinks that they have an affair. Shyam then misleads Arnav, claiming that Khushi and he are in love with each other, and only Anjali is their barrier. Believing Shyam and to save Anjali’s marriage, (as Anjali was pregnant) Arnav forces Khushi to marry him by threatening to destroy Payal’s (Khushi’s elder sister) marriage with Aakash (Arnav’s cousin). Their marriage is a contract for six months. In spite of their unwilling relationship, Khushi and Arnav get past their differences and Arnav realizes that Shyam is responsible for their troubles when Khushi risks her life to save Arnav from Shyam’s kidnappers. Khushi and Arnav then openly accept their feelings towards each other. Arnav kicks Shyam out of the house, which makes Anjali misunderstand Arnav, which he later clears. During Godh-Barai, Anjali gets a shock as per Shyam’s plan of miscarriage to get into the house again, which he does due to Anjali’s bad condition. Meanwhile some misunderstanding takes place between Akash and Payal.

    Arnav’s paternal grandmother then enters, and after troubling Khushi a lot, reveals the truth of Khushi’s adoptive mother Garima as she was the reason behind Arnav’s father and mother death. Arnav still remarries Khushi formally with all the rituals, in spite of opposition from his paternal grandmother, and decides to forget the past and move on. After proving to Anjali that Shyam was responsible for her miscarriage, Arnav kicks Shyam out of his home for the last time.

    Just when the marriage seems to be back to normal, Sheetal (Arnav’s friend) brings a son – Aarav, who is a carbon copy of Arnav. Khushi begins to suspect he might be Arnav’s son. Later it is revealed Sheetal was a gold digger who brought in Aarav and trained him to be like Arnav only to gain access to Arnav’s immense wealth, and that she had promised Aarav she’d lead him to his parents if he did so. Khushi and Arnav kick Sheetal out of their lives and legally adopt Aarav from his orphanage.

    Finally Khushi wins Mrs. India crown with Arnav by her side and they live a happy life to

  28. Haapy Makar sankranti to IshRa & all IshRa ‘s fan…….
    Happy Uttarayan to my Gujju Karan Patel……..& all Gujarati Brother & sisters……..

  29. Hi. ..prayosha. ……&…..palak. .
    happy makarsankranti &uttarayan. …..
    waise special day par special episode hoga. ……
    IshRa phir se phere lenge. …….Dono bahut achche lagrahe hai. ……
    Ab bas 7:30 ka intezar hai. ……….

  30. Yeah Mizun special day par special ep..
    Aaj hi Pongal hai & aaj hi YHM me IshRa special pongal celebration dikhayege……..
    Only 1 month to go for happieat day of my life……valentines day… Birthday…..& its very special because its 1st valentines after their new love…..
    I hope ke 14th Feb ko hi yeh log IshRa valentinea day dikhaye……..ab to roj iss din ke liye Dil me count down hogq…….

  31. Raman romi se panja lada raha hai. .aur shagun aakar raman ka hath padhti hai. ..ishita ko bura lagta hai. Gusse main …raman hath chodhkar. ..kar chala jata hai. …

  32. Mizun maine dekha video….wo panja ladanewala………..but usme Jelous & ignorant kya tha???……..& yeh kamini Shagun phir se aa gai ….uss ne Raman ka haath kyo pakada??? Achha hua Raman ne uss ka haath chhod ddiya & bahot sunaya bhi……

  33. Mujhe woh video dekh kar achcha laga. …isse. .IshRa ki nok jok dekh ne ko mile gi. .woh bhi. ..dono k. ..bina kuch bole. …ek…dusre jo bat nahin karahe…hai. ……..

    .I hope k. …raman ……ishita ko manane k liye. .kuch achcha kare ga. ……

  34. Hey tum sab ne SBB ke alava U me & TV ka video dekha tha..?? Usme dikhaya ki Raman Aadi ke room me jata haii & waha na to Aadi ka saaman hota hai na Shagun ka iss liye Raman wooried ho jata hai & apna gussa bechari Ishita par nikalta hai……& hum gussa unhi par karte hai jinse hum pyar karte hai……..ab yeh dekhane maja aayega ki itna gussa karne ke baad Raman Ishita ko kaise manayega………

  35. But hume IshRa ki khatti mithi takarar achhi lati hai….tikhi tikhi nahi…….”& yeh jo Aadi missing wali takarar me to dur dur tak kahi pyar najar nahi aa raha I hope ke yeh takrar 1 hi din me solve ho jaye….par yeh takarar ki wajah yeh hai ki Aadi & Shagun chale gaye…..Shagun chali gai yeh to achhi baat hai……

  36. No Mizunye yeh panja ladane wala ep pehla aayega baad me dono ki fight hogi……kyonki iss scene me Shagun thi…& wo takarar iss liye hui kyonki Shagun Aadi ko lekar chali gai…..

  37. Par. …..dono ek dusre se bat nahin karrahe. …aur ek dusre se bat kare bagair rah bhi nahin sakte. ……….toh raman bhi chaha ta hai ki…ishita usse bat kare. …..issi liye toh woh harne ka natak karta hai taki ishita aake uss ki help kare. ..lekin woh shagun aajati hai. ..aur woh phir se naraz ho jata hai. ..
    I hope k ruhi IshRa ki naraz gi durr karde

  38. No..prayosha. ..pehle ladai hogi …phir raman dono ko leke aaye ga. ……usske bad ye panja ladane wala scene aaye ga. ……
    divyanka ka ne interview main kaha ki. ..hamari pehle hi ladai ho choki hai. ……
    ye sab shagun ne jaan bhoj kar kiya hai

  39. Par muje to lagta hai ki yeh pehle panjewala scene aayega baad me wo fight karenge to yeh panjewqle scene me wo kyo baat nahi kar rahe…..

  40. Par jiss scene me panja ladanewala scene aaya uske baad hi aayega ki Raman Shagun ko jalane ke liye…Ishita ki kitchen me help karata hai….

  41. Oh matalab yeh pura scene aise hoga ke pehle IshRa figjt karnge….phir Raman Aadi & Shagun ko wapas le aayega…baad me yeh panja ladanewalq scene aayega phir IshRa ko yunh ruthe hue dekhakar Shagun khush hogi aur yeh shagun ko jalane ke liye Raman kitchen me Ishita ki help karega…….par yeh Shagun ko kya patq ki hum jinnse pyar karte hai un se hi Ruthte hai…….

  42. Par …tumhe kaise pata ki…..
    kitchen wala scene raman shagun ko jalane k liye kare ga. …
    .maine suna ki. ..pehle. .kitchen wala scene hoga. .phir ladai. ….hogi. …

  43. Ab muje pata nahi ki yeh kitchen wala scene pehle aayega yaa baad me par mene U me aur TV me dekha tha ki Raman Ishita ki help Shagun ko jalane ke liye karata hai….

  44. Sbb headlines main likha hai. …..abhi Nahin bataya
    sbs main aane wala hai ki. ..mandir main ruhi Rora hi hai. ..ishita usske sath hai

  45. 123

    absolutely bullshit. Raman, u said u will never fight with IShita but fight for her. this promise is broken. not satisfied with the happenings.

  46. Yeh log Shagun ke saamne fight kar rahe hai to kahi aisa to nahi ke yeh sirf Shagun ko dikhane ke liye fight kar rahe hai……..
    & Akirq abhi to me terrace par hu to baad me video dekhungi….

  47. Akira. …maine dekha hai woh video. ….
    main IshRa vm roz dekhti hoon. …….
    tum ne ye ishra vm. .dekha hai. ……
    lafzon main kehna sakon ,mast magan…

  48. Haan prayosha. …..ek fight khatam hoi k dusri fight shiro hogai. …..
    Divyanka ne kaha ki. .hum shopping par Jane wale the. .matlab San thik hogaya tha. ……..
    lekin unhe shagun k samne ladne ki kya zarorat thi. ….

  49. Haa Mizun dekha maine SBB me wo hi dikhaya…..IshRa shopping jaa rahe the baad me fight karne lage…….unka topic yeh tha ki Raman kehta hai ki Mihir India me rahega & Ishita kehti hai nahi rahega…….are yaar inn dono ke paas puri duniya ke liye time hai par

  50. Anika

    aisa likha kijiye jo hamare samjh aaye!
    puraa hindi likho agar english kamjor hai!
    please, its a sincere request!

  51. Haan sahi kaha sab k liye time hai. .bas apne liye time nahin. …..jab IshRa apne liye time nikalte hai. …toh dusre beech main aajate hai. …….

  52. ishita saha

    when raman helps adi to wear south indian dress..& they both are combing their hairs together……….this is really beautiful & too good scene…..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.