Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita attends Raman’s sangeet

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi saying you are our Ishi maa, you deserve this shagun mehendi. She applies mehendi to her. Ishita says its so beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla insists and applies shagun mehendi to Raman. Yeh hai mohabbatein…plays….. Pihu makes a danger sign in Mihika’s hand. She asks Mrs. Bhalla to see, its done. Mrs. Bhalla asks what’s this. Simmi comes. Mihika asks shall I open my eyes. Pihu says yes. Mihika opens eyes and sees it. She says its itching, I will clean this. Aaliya says its shagun mehendi. Mihika asks what did she make. Ishita says look at this mehendi, its so pretty, you wrote R, my daughter is so talented, I m so proud of you. Ruhi says I need to go there now. She leaves. Mihika asks is this mehendi of good quality. Simmi says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says I also

got this same mehendi when I applied this to Raman, we don’t have any itching. Ruhi comes there and smiles. Neelu says Parmeet is calling you. Simmi goes to Parmeet.

Parmeet asks Simmi to give instructions if any, he is paying to decorator in advance. Simmi asks the man not to spoil anything, Raman is big businessman, everything should be good. Ishita comes and shows mehendi. She says mehendi is applied in bride’s hand. Simmi asks is this mehendi for Ashok. Ishita says Ashok starts with A, and R is for Raman. Ruhi comes and compliments. Simmi says this is your doing right, you changed the mehendi cone. Ruhi says I remember everything, your favor is getting costly, don’t make me helpless to speak up. Ishita says don’t boss around on my daughter, you can enjoy sangeet, Raman was, is and will always be mine, no one can separate Ishra. Parmeet says its no use listening to her. They go. Ruhi and Ishita laugh and hug.

Simmi removes Mihika’s mehendi. Mihika says its abshagun and cries. Simmi says Ruhi has applied mehendi to Ishita.Pihu and Aaliya compliment Ishita’s mehendi. Ishita thanks them. Ruhi says you are our mum. Aaliya says we won’t let anyone take your place. Ishita hugs them. Adi comes and says did you forget me, I m also in team. He hugs them. Simmi says Ishita’s children did this. Mihika says I will go to Raman. Parmeet says no, Raman has seen Pihu happy, he thinks she is happy with this marriage, he won’t believe us. Simmi says they spoiled the function, they will realize we are ahead of her.

Mrs. Bhalla applies the cream to Mihika’s hands for relief. She says Raman doesn’t care, he is quite fond of Pihu’s jokes, he will say how cute. Simmi says yes, cheer up, go and have tea, its your sangeet tonight. Ruhi and Aaliya come and show the outfit. Aaliya asks about her mehendi. Mihika says I m going to become your Saas. Aaliya says sorry, Raman doesn’t remember anything, so I can’t call you Saas in front of him. Ruhi says yes sorry, he doesn’t remember Adi and I are his children. They joke on Mihika’s mehendi. They offer help and leave.

Ruhi laughs and says I m enjoying doing this, did you see their faces, I will go and see Pihu. Aaliya asks her to go. She says I just hope Ishita finds that man before marriage. Ashok says you kept the note there, that man will be caught if he is there, I have sent a man to monitor there, relax. She says its about Aaliya’s life. He says relax, you should be with Raman, it may affect his memory. She says you mean I should go in sangeet. He says yes, you should go. Raman asks Neelu about Mihika. Neelu says maybe she went to Amma. Kiran compliments Ishita. Ishita says Raman had gifted me this saree, is it looking good. Kiran says yes, Bala and Amma went, wait for me, we will leave then. Ishita tries to make a call. She waits outside. Raman sees her and says its good Mihika you are ready. She passes the gajra to him. He says I will try. He fixes the gajra to her hair. Ek main hoon…. She recalls the old moment. Raman gets flashes. He smiles.

Mihika comes and calls out Raman. She asks what are you doing. Raman sees Ishita. Mihika and Raman scold Ishita. Ishita smiles. Mihika says we will go, everyone will come. Pihu says we will come with you, Mihika doesn’t love me and didn’t wear the lahenga I chose. Mihika says I have worn it, but beautician dropped lotion on it, sorry. Ishita says Mihika would have dropped lotion herself. Raman says Mihika can’t do this, Ishita is a liar, stay away from her. They leave. Ishita says don’t be upset, relax, go and enjoy. They leave. Ishita says Raman can’t hide the fact that he loves me, we are made for each other.

Iyers come in the sangeet function. Mrs. Bhalla welcomes them. Bala says Amma focus on our agenda. Mrs. Bhalla says this is our style, we celebrate happiness open heartedly, have something, we have prepared veg food for you. Amma says I don’t want anything. Reporter asks Simmi when will Raman come, they want pics. Simmi says he will come, enjoy starters till then. Bala says be ready, do it well. The man announces the special couple is coming. Raman and Mihika come. Mihika bends to check her dress stuck there. Ishita walks in and stands with Raman. Ruhi signs the lady to shower flowers. Reporter takes their pics.

Simmi dances in sangeet. Raman says I remember now, you are my Ishita. He hugs Ishita. Everyone gets glad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good to see ishita mehendi was beautiful, proud of ruhi , she speak up infront of simmi today, it was so fun to watch when pihu made a danger sign mehendi in mihika hand, which was itching later,and more was mihika washed her hand, it was good to watch mihika crying, mihika deserve more crying for hurting ishita .

  2. It is reported that Mihika will finally join Ishita and replace herself with Ishita in the marriage. But in the promo, Ishita is being kidnapped while the marriage goes on. I don’t understand what happens next.

    1. Promo looks like mihika is getting married.dont know what is going to happen

  3. I think precap is dream sequence not the real one

  4. thanks ekta

  5. When Raman remembers everyone in that family then y he couldn’t remember his children n wife??.

    He also remembers his Ex wife Shagun,but not ishitha..Strange


    2. Ishitha ne raman ko 3,4 thappad marega tho sabkuch yaad aayenga,raman ko

  6. azuka nkwonta

    The way this marriage thing is going I think I can see where everything is heading to. Bala’s plans is likely that they are going to swap mihika with ishita and maybe Raman is likely going to marry ishita because of it. This happened in saath nibhanna saathiya between gopi and ahem, I think I am tired of seeing the same thing in every serial. If this happens that means ishita will marry Raman for the third time. Now she has joined the club of those who have married many times. Now don’t tell me that she married the same man because I can tell you that in each case she got divorced before getting married again. Now you can see that your beloved ishita is not the perfect woman that you think she is. Even shagun that some people hates so much did not get married three times. Even ishita who thinks that she is so good isn’t righteous at all. I thought she would have stopped ruhi and the rest of them from trying to stop the marriage and show us that their love is really eternal and they are bonded forever as she claims but instead she is supporting them and even pushing herself forward to make sure that Raman never marries mihika but instead he will marry her.

  7. Vo hong nhung

    Tai sao comment cua toi khong duoc chap thuan. Khi chung toi khong hai long va co y kien ve bhung gi dang dien ra tren phim thi cac ban lai tu choi. Chung toi se khong tham gia trang web nay, neu do la dieu cac ban muon.

  8. I don’t understand why married in Hindis publish like playgroup school in this drama. As I know married ceremony is very sacred. Exchange love partners such a shirt. Playing love such football. I am going to stop watching this non-sense drama and seems cheap. Even Raman loosing his memory I think he is not idiot but this show yes he is. May the writer has no idea anymore or better end the serial and make another drama with the same actor Raman and Ishita. It will be more interest. Very boring with un-classy plot.

  9. This is a shit…. hahah… indian dramas hv no end… messed up families with numerous wives nd children. Really z india lyk this… r they human???

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