Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Divya doing makeup to Raman and giving Gulabo’s look. Abhishek and Romi wait for him. Divya says this makeup will stay upto 12 hours, you have to come home at night. He asks how do I look. She says stunning, none can identify you. He says let’s check, call them. Abhishek and Romi come and get shocked seeing Raman. Divya asks how does he look. Romi says great, what to name him. Divya says he is lovely and pinky, how is Gulabo. Romi says perfect, Gulabo. Raman leaves. Gulabo…..plays…………

Pihu’s principal tells Ishita that Pihu’s performance is getting deteriorated in all subjects, she was a bright student, what happened to her. She says maybe she is affected by personal things, I m staying away from Raman, so maybe this is

influencing her. He asks her to take out some time for Pihu from her busy work schedule. She says I will see what I can do.

Parmeet gets kachori for Ananya. Gaurav comes and gives donuts to Ananya. She asks Parmeet shall I have donuts, I can have kachori later. Parmeet asks her to eat anything she likes. She asks Gaurav can I share this with friends. Gaurav says sure. She goes. Parmeet holds the tiffin and gets sad. Gaurav asks what did you say, I can’t buy Ananya’s love, today she chose the thing I got, she will choose me, not you. Gaurav goes. Parmeet says you are challenging a father, a father can do anything for a child.

Raman goes to PCO. The men stare at Raman. Raman calls Shagun and talks as a lady. He asks is this Abhimanyu’s house. She says yes. He asks for interview timings. She talks to him. He says I have worked at big houses, even at Kajol’s house. She says that filmstar, lovely, can you teach kids. He says yes, everything, history…. She asks him to come. He asks her to wait for him. She says be on time, what’s your name. Raman says did you not hear song, Gulabo…… Gulabo Singh. She says fine, Gulabo Singh, be on time.

Everyone stare at Raman. Raman smiles. Gulabo…..plays…….. Raman holds a man. The man smiles. Raman sees the attention he is getting. Raman skips the queue by using Gulabo’s charm. All the men give him place. Raman smiles. He hires an auto.

Ishita is at clinic and talks to Dr. Batra. She says I was single and now my children need me, I don’t think I can continue practice here. Dr. Batra says this is not fair, when you came back from Australia, I have let you join here, you worked hard and earned good will for this clinic, now our clinic is one of the best clinics, I took big loan, I count on you, you can’t ditch me. Ishita says I will continue for some time, you can find a replacement, I have to leave now, I have to interview few Nannys. Dr. Batra asks her to go.

Ruhi says Aaliya, I have shortlisted 12 profiles. Aaliya says I trust you, whatever you decide will be good for Shagun and Ishita. Ishita says interviews should be in front of Shagun. Shagun asks Ruhi to add Gulabo Singh, she sounded good. Ruhi goes. Shagun asks Ishita why is she in stress. Ishita says its bad that I need someone for my children. Shagun says its normal, everyone hire Nannys, we will get helper and that lady will get work, we will fix camera and monitor, we will be updated, don’t worry, we will hire a good Nanny. Ishita says daughters are mother’s shadow, I want to give them best upbringing, but I m not able to do anything. Ruhi and Aaliya hear them. Shagun says you did a lot. Ruhi goes to her room. Aaliya asks what happened.

Ruhi says I m not okay, when will I become something, to fulfill Ishita’s responsibility, Ishita is so worried, I want to do something productive in my life, but I can just create problems. Aaliya reminds that Ruhi is Ruhaan. Ruhi says Ruhaan was just a face, its done, I can’t be Ruhaan all life, I have no talent, I don’t know. Aaliya says I know what talent you have, business. Ruhi asks what. Aaliya says Raman is a businessman, he won many business awards, you can join him. Ruhi says Adi is already there. Aaliya says so what, did family differentiate you and Adi, you should go for business studies, you can help Raman. Ruhi smiles.

The auto driver sees Raman in mirror and asks name. Raman says Gulabo Singh. The man says your name has essence. Raman says drive fast. He talks normal. The man gets shocked hearing man’s voice and hits auto. The man says its my loss. Raman says I can’t miss my interview.

Mrs. Bhalla and Amma are leaving. Amma asks are we doing right. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, we are going to see which Nanny will be selected for Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla gets Mr. Bhalla’s call. Amma asks her to tell everything to him. He asks Mrs. Bhalla what’s the need to go, Ishita will manage. Amma says we will go and come back soon, before Mr. Bhalla comes home. They leave. Mr. Bhalla says how did Mrs. Bhalla agree so soon, they will really go there, I have to go there.

Shagun and everyone meet the ladies. Shagun asks about Gulabo. Ruhi says Gulabo did not come till now. Ishita says everyone has come. Raman worries seeing time and goes. A man stares at Raman. The man shoves Raman. Raman smiles and gets away. The man gets close. Raman slaps and beats him up. The lady asks what happened bahenji. The man apologizes. Raman scolds the man and asks him to run. He says we women are not weak, we can make you our shoe. The lady praises Raman and asks name. Raman says Gulabo Singh. Everyone clap. Gulabo….plays………

Guard stops Raman and asks where are you going madam. He asks Raman did he come for interview and asks him to go. Raman collides with Mr. Bhalla. Shagun and Ishita discuss.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. love u pakistan

    Todays episode is tooo funny Raman gulabo?????

  2. love u pakistan

    Todays episode is tooo funny Raman gulabo?????!!!

  3. Ishita gets restless by Raman’s ignorance in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman’s Gulabo avatar bring tension between Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi).
    Ishita is upset when Raman does not wish her their marriage anniversary and also not in contact with her.

    Ishita meets to Mrs Bhalla and shares her about Raman’s weird behavior which makes Mrs Bhalla surprised.
    Mrs Bhalla also tells Ishita as Raman does not come to home too and suggests Ishita to control Raman before he crosses his limits.

    Mrs Bhalla asks Ishita to control Raman.Mrs Bhalla develops a doubt in Ishita’s mind by telling Raman might have any affair outside that is why he does not care about anyone.

  4. Hi Rithu, VP, Mino, Shivani, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary, Riya, Ahs, Monique, Susan, Jay, Zaiba, Isuri, mp and many YHM fans…..

    First I like today’s episode because of Raman and Gulabo make over. The story flows exactly like Kamalhassan’s Chachi 420…. Raman looks really different in this Gulabo get up. His voice is still manly though he tries to adjust the voice.

    I don’t understand Ishita. Why is she giving so much importance to Shagun? She mentions that the interview should be conducted in the presence of Shagun. Shouldn’t Shagun be resting since she is pregnant and very critical since as she is pregnant at a later stage in life? Why is she so busy with the interviews? While the interview is going on, what is Ishita doing? In fact it is shagun who decides who will be the nanny.

    I just felt that before the leap Ishita and little Ruhi shared a great mother and daughter bond together. After the leap that chemistry between Ishita and Pihu is missing. I don’t feel the bond there at all. Before the leap if Raman and Ishita do quarrel, I am still happy watching Pihu and Ishita but now when Ishra quarrel, there is nothing for me to look forward to because the chemistry between Pihu and Ishita is also lacking tremendously.

    1. Yes. No special bond between Ishita and Pihu. I also feel that by using Ruhanika for this role they have even in a way destroyed the special moments between Ishita and Ruhi. I love Ruhanika but it is difficult to separate my memories of the cute little Ruhi who was always trying to unite Ishra from those of Pihu who hardly has any role these days. Pihu being IshRa’s child I thought should have had more importance. Most of the time they use double when Ishita and Pihu scenes are shown.

    2. Hi sindhu,
      Hw ru doing?
      What u said is right sindhu..
      Cvs are really brainless people.. They ruin each nd every character in yhm..
      It would be better if hagun would have remained positive.. Make her positive then change her to villian then again positive.. Stupidity.. Ishitha is behaving like shagun is her boss nd much worried abt her nd nt thinking abt her family nd her kids.. She need to take care of her kids nd spend time with them rather than roaming around playing the role of shaguns nanny.. This same shagun had insulted nd evn tried to kill her nd plotted against her countless times.. In this show villians always enjoy all pleasures.. See nidhi is she in jail or on some pleasure trip.. Still very much linked to the outside world nd hatching plans nd blackmailing others.. Disgusting… The way they turned a lovely realistic story to a sensless baseless one is really heart wrenching..

  5. Hi All
    I don’t mean to insult any actor but the Cv’s are making Ishita character to be brainless not an educated and righteous dentist. and since when is shagun the ring master.

    how can Ishita blindly believe and trust mani instead of the husband she dearly loves. Dt nails any part she does but this kind of behaviour makes fans to start disliking her and same for KP . how CV’s have ruined the 2 beautiful characters.

    1. Yes Jay agree with you … I too will tell the same … cvs brainless … they purposely spoiling these two beautiful actors . Dts fans will be very upset to see the Ishitha with a sixth sense is acting very immatured ..

    2. Khushiarvind

      Ys jay… Nd vp.. What u said is right… Cvs had spoiled each nd every character in the show…ishra doesnt look like that old affectionate pair nd same with ishitha pihu too.. Y she is believing shgun blindly.. They are portrating her as dump lady..that jahnsi ki rani trait is missing..
      Isitha leaving house is fine but living with mani to take care of shagun is beyond my understanding…
      They made raman an arrogant fool nd ishitha a brainless lady..

  6. Raman’s scenes were cute. The rest is all just a waste of time. Ishita was so independent. Now starting to depend on Shagun for all decisions. So tired of Ruhi’s screaming voice. Can’t they just make her talk normal. Does she always have to be screaming and close to tears. As I said earlier she actually has no role to play in YHM anymore. What will they do with her character? To young for marriage and too old for school.

    1. yes Susan Raman did the role cutely . Cvs never bothered to give more space to develop bondness bet Ishitha and Pihu . Little Ruhi was smart .., agree .. big Ruhi never studies till 12 th why cvs are showing her opting for business studies . what bullshit these cvs do … they cud have given more of Ishra and her kids bondness more than to bring negatives .. What type of interview is this .. Shaghun .. bed rest they say … i feel her role is to saree and her blouse exhibition .. fed up totally … Todays epusode not enjoyed at all …

  7. Nivedha

    Track is funny.. But they are taking Chachi 420 ie., Avvai Shanmugi’s track… If I m not wrong… Definitely Ruhi or Pihu ll identify Raman’s Gulabo avatar and ll help him in his mission… Anyways nice to see Ishra than others… Hope Raman ll soon sort out Mani’s problems and get Ishruhu soon with him…

  8. I dont know whether DT will be affected by portaying this type of ishithabut being a fan of divyanka i will get affected because i loved that caring ,loving and mature ishitha not this egosistic and immature ishitha before when i used to see episodes like where raman scolds i wanted to break his head anf hid bones i used to forget that this is a tv show but now i feel like slapping ishitha and tell raman is very good person for her more than ishitha i loved DT till today i watch this show only for DT but now there are potraying ishitha has a bad mother who has no time for her children now i remember once DT said i dont want act in negative roles because she doesnt want people to hate her anf DT belief became true because people started to hate ishitha character i must say DT can do any type of role her emotions are so natural she is a born actress DT is wasting her time and energy by being part of this stupid show i want to DT to be part of shows like ishqbazz or mehak i like DT a lot not because she is a beautiful actress but she is a good human being and always think positive and handles situation postively and maturedly vivek is lucky to have a wife like DT

    1. Exactly Abhishek … same thing with me . Whatever you have written is what I too have to say . I too like Dt a lot off screen … and Vivek too … in fact she is not in negative but the cvs portrayed wrongly . We all want her to be away from Raman … here she is butchered … respect … royalty .. pampering and happiness is with Shaghun . I want to see the Ishitha who always have values … cvs completeltly damaged her . they made Raman characterless … now Ishitha … the reason cvs are showing is the worst to accept … being stubborn to reform Raman is understandable … there is a beauty if she had gone alone with out kids … and it wud have been nice both Raman and kids trying to bring her … this is bullshit … taking care of Shaghun .. and to give Shaghun a space .. if children are not included .. cvs cant show that … what all rubbish .. yhey r showing .. a child is really affected when parents are broken .. Ishitha knows it more than anyone .. here they show her worse than Shaghun … Shaghun we fans cud accept .. becom portrayed as a bad mom for her own luxury … but Ishitha is not like that …

  9. Wat is Raman trying to do he is too funny

  10. Raman looks cute. Ishu is looking lost without raman.

  11. Khushiarvind

    Hi dear rithu, vp, shivani, sindhu, bhagya, mino, monique, riya, kaira, shreya, sharmila,sonya,summi,manju,parichari,reshmi, raghu,susan, madhu, jay, supergirl, tvfan, tuffy, mansi,niah, soniya, uhah,parichari, cham, pradishma, abhishek,jay, deepa,leila,nivedha nd all yhm fans nd silent readers..
    Happy valentines day to all…
    Raman rocked in his gulabo avtar.. He is really an awesomly talented actor.. Flawless acting.. Gap filler scennes spoiled the spirit to some extend…
    I wonder what is happening with ishitha.. Doesnt she have sny self respect.. Too much goodness will serve for evil.. She left raman in the name of well uobringing for her children nd come nd stay with mani and shagun whose entire life is a mess due to her selfish nd rude behaviour.. Raman is evn better than shagun.. What hiod upbringing she can guve to her kida by living with shagun.. Instead it will only end up in spoiling the kids..
    It wod be better if she stayed alone or in her ammas hse..
    Cvs are spoiling ishiths character like what they did to raman.. This way viewrs will start hating her..
    She left raman for a solid reason bt staying with shagun had made all her genuine reasons futile..
    I wonder if shagu is again cheating ishitha by her sweet behaviour.. Bt she will nvr understabd unless she received a severe blow in the end..

  12. Khushiarvind

    If this plot of gulabo’s entry happend while ishitha staying alone in another house with her kids then it was acceptable.. Cvs always have a revenge plan as backup.. For the reentry if nidhi nd her revenge plan they made ishitha stay with mani.. This will nvr going to do any gud to the show bt will end up in fans hating ishitha

    1. All truely said … we can just discuss only … how can cvs go this low … how can we expect Ishitha to get good upbringing in Shaghuns company .. This is all for shaghun and DTs fans are really affected .. and cvs wanted to play with our emotions ..

  13. Hi All

    Happy Valentines Day. Cv’s have really messed up Ishita character. I agree with VP Abishek and Khushiarvind. The plot not making sense anymore, when Ishita married Raman just to get custody of Ruhi , they hated each other but still got married she tolerated every thing just for Ruhi. Now when they love each other so much and now Ishita is taking the kids away. She can see how this is affecting Pihu so badly but still her sense of right and wrong is gone out of the window completely. These CV’s need to be shot for their brainless writings.

    Sub kuch bigart karte he.

  14. Hi all!!!

    Happy Valentine Day to all of you and have a blessing day.

    This esipode is really nice but don’t know why I am not satisfy with is stupid writing to separate Ishra.

    Shagun plan with Nidhi to separated Ishra and keep Mani’s aunty and Aylia’s nani as their captive and Shagun faked pregnant and taking girls away from Raman. Ruhi and Pihu are not happy that they don’t want to stay with Shagun but agreed to take care of baby for Mani. Raman and Mani will get to know about this and will be fumed on Shagun and Nidhi master plan to hurt Aylia nani. Raman will send someone to save Mani’s aunty from Nidhi caretaker. Mani’s aunty will be out of Nidhi captive then Raman and Mani will keep Aylia nani safe place then informed Ishu about what is happening and who get Nidhi bailed then Ishu will be shock that Shagun bailed Nidhi to revenge on her and Raman. Pihu will be angry on Shagun for breaking the family and will throw objection on Shagun to hurt her. Ishu bring girls back to Bhalla house for their protection and leave. Pihu refused to let Ishu go away and demand Ishu to stay. Ishu cried and tell Pihu that Raman will take care of you and will love you so much. I can’t risk your life because of evil aunty Nidhi had me and papa divorced. Ishu left then Pihu get sad when and refused to talk to whole family and not want to eat without Ishu which make Raman helpless. Pihu fall ill and call for Ishu. Ishu feel Pihu calling for her and get sad. Raman contact Ishu to come immediately because Pihu is sick and is calling for you and she is in hospital. Ishu rushed to hospital to meet Pihu and apologised to her for leaving her. Pihu cling to Ishu and ask her not to leave. Raman ask Ishu to stay back to Bhalla house so that she can sleep with Pihu as moreover taht Pihu need her more than me. Ishu agree but worried about Nidhi and Shagun will check on her if she is with Raman. Raman tell Ishu that he is giving precaution to her and girls. Mani willbe alone and fumed on Shagun evil deeds and doctor lied. Mani take Ishu and girls away which hurt Raman and Bhalla family then they blamed on Shagun. Adi tell Raman that he can bring Ishu and girls with Mani back.

    1. Hi Parichay … wow if you say is going to happen … a big salute to the cvs and I would love to send a gift or a treat to the productiom team for such a rubbish waiting for us to view ..

  15. to day episode is superb .raman you looks like a beautiful ledy .

  16. what is ishita teaching her children?? to break the family…is she doing anything better than raman.
    stupid mindless story

    and raman’s makeover….could have been done much better

  17. Ishiths now taking wrong decisions .

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