Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla and Amma pampering Shagun at Bhalla house. Manoj asks Shagun to take care and leaves. Shagun asks Amma about Ishita. Amma tells about Niddhi Chabbra, she promised Raman that she will free Ishita. Shagun says I m sure Raman will do his best. Raman asks Mihir and Romi did they not go for meeting. Mihir and Romi apologize as they were in Ishita’s tension. Raman says its fine, its my mistake, I should have divided duties. He divides duties. Mihir says I m sorry, this won’t happen again. Romi says I will fix your meeting and goes. Mihir says Raman has to be in NY for meeting, else we will lose 3 contracts. Raman says I don’t care, send them a mail. Romi comes and says investors want to meet Raman. Raman asks him to call them today.

The woman helps

Ishita. Ishita asks how is her toothpain. Woman says its okay now, thanks. Ishita says no need to thank, I m doctor and its my duty, show to jail doctor as well, you can get treatment done well. Woman asks why did you not tell my name to warden. Ishita says I m dentist and they taught us that 36 teeth have balance, same way we have balance too, so I did not say name. woman asks did you not get scared. Ishita says no, if I do right, I will get good result, my daughter sent me a doll. Woman says you are nice lady and smart too, why did you get into this murder matter. Ishita says I m emotional too, I can’t see anyone in pain. Woman says you should think about yourself, this is your mistake. Ishita asks what about your pain then, we can’t think just about ourselves, we have to think about others, my parents taught me that we should do what our hearts say. Woman apologizes saying Suyyash made me do that, be careful, he is dangerous and will take revenge for his brother’s death. Ishita says I m sure nothing bad will happen with me, my family prays for me, I will be out of here.

Sarika checks the bowl and sits to eat besan halwa. Mrs. Bhalla stops her and says I made this for Shagun. Sarika argues with her and says I will eat this halwa, and takes the bowl. Mrs. Bhalla says this is too much. Shagun stops Sarika and scolds her. Sarika says leave my hand, else…. Shagun asks her to shout and call police, I m 10 times smarter than you, I can break your hand, we are not related, you can’t do anything with me. She twists Sarika’s hand and says if you try to trouble my family, I will see you, you think you will rule if Ishita is not here, I m Shagun, don’t get into fight with me, my daughter made you leave room, if you do acting, I will kick you out of this house. Sarika angrily leaves. Mrs. Bhalla says you did right, but calm down, don’t hurt yourself. Shagun says Ishita is not here, but we have to stand against Sarika.

Mr. Bhalla brings Prasad. Shagun thanks him. Mrs. Bhalla says Manoj, can Shagun stay here for few days, kids will be happy. Mr. Bhalla says kids are feeling low without Ishita. Shagun says yes, even I want to spend time with them. Manoj says I will bring Shagun’s belongings tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla blesses him. Sarika looks on. Shagun says I will sleep with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla says great, but be careful, Ruhi kicks in sleep.

Sarika stops Manoj and says you are doing a big mistake by giving permission to Shagun to stay here. He says this is her house, her kids stay here. Sarika says now all this of Ishita, just Raman is here, that too alone, don’t pretend as if you don’t understand. He says I m not interested in your nonsense. She says Shagun is Raman’s ex wife, Raman was mad about Shagun, she traps men, she is doing this drama to show love and respect, she is doing this to make her place in this house again. He says enough, I can’t hear a word against my to be wife, I trust her more than me. He leaves. Sarika thinks to do something.

Raman meets the investors and asks him about the ongoing projects. He says I m leaving some work by the situation currently and explains the investor. The man asks for guarantee this in written form. Raman agrees to sign, and stops thinking company is on Ishita’s name. The man asks what happened, sign on it. Ashok and Suraj come there. Ashok says Raman can’t sign, you have to send these papers to jail, company owner is Ishita bhalla, she spends time in jail. The man says Raman did not find this necessary to tell us, we all invested money and you can’t take decision without asking us, please return our money. Raman worries.

Raman is on the way and stops car. Mihir and Romi pacify his worries and asks him not to take any stress. Raman gets call from Niddhi’s office. The lady asks for proceedings payment of 6 lakhs. Raman asks Mihir to send cheque. Mihir says we can’t use company funds. Raman says send it by my personal account. The women in jail see Siya Ke Ram on tv. Ishita shows woman how to hold pen right and write. The woman thanks her and says I m trying to write my daughter’s name. Ishita says I will teach you and when you go out, you can write well till then. The woman says I can’t go out, I got life imprisonment, and tells her story. Ishita says why are you saying this, your family would try to free you.
The old woman says everyone move on in life, they tried a lot, now its 6 years, I think they forgot me, this is life. she cries and leaves. Ishita thinks will my family forget me too, no Raman will free me, I trust my husband. Raman is shown driving and worrying. Ishita gets sad and cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………

Shagun asks Raman not to worry, everything will be fine, just relax. She hugs Raman. Sarika takes their pic and says now I will kick out Shagun from this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What’s this nonsense crap
    Just stop this
    Shagun I hate
    Mujhe koi faraq nii parta whether u changed or not but don’t what to see u just go to hell n shagun ne sarika se kaha mera parivaar kn sa parivaar Mrs bhalla kya pagal ho GI hain unho ne ishita ki absence me shagun ko kasay roooka stop this koi limit hoti hai ekta n shagun ne ye Bhi kaha mere bate really shagun
    Just stop this sooooooo irritating I hate shagun n how dare shagun hug Raman
    Stupid shagun mujhe to is Kay in tensions par shak ho raha hai shagun n Raman ne ek bar Bhi niii socha k agar ishita unhe asay dekhi gii to use kasa lagay ga,n Raman is also guilty WO kasay bhol gaya Kay shagun us ki ex hai shagun ko too hell n ashoke……………….

    1. Siddhi,….it’s just a friendly hug dear….If it had happened infront of ishita,then itself she might’nt had misunderstood..but incase of photo sometimes a chance of misunderstanding is there….
      Mrs bhalla cared shagun only because she is pregnant with ishra’s baby

    2. So chill yaar

    3. Common y do u hate shagun so much…everyone shld get a second chance…its her character which was potrayed which she played wonderfully and we used to hate her..dats her acting if she is positive like her dis way as well…dont u give people a second chance in ur life or do u hate dem from core of.ur heart

  2. episode was ok .precap was bad . shagun sarika part was good .

  3. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabtein will
    show that Raman is
    happy knowing Ishita got
    bail and now she will free
    from jail.
    Raman reaches to police
    station and waits for
    Raman recalls his all the
    days and cries for getting
    separation from her in
    these days.
    Raman also calls to FM
    and asks them to play to
    song for his wife Ishita.
    One of the constables
    gets surprised seeing
    Raman’s love for Ishita
    and gives him a radio.
    Raman wishes to make
    Ishita hear the song and
    bring smile on her face.
    Will Raman get
    successful to free all
    problems from Ishita’s
    Stay tune dfor further
    exciting updates.

  4. hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya rithika reshma and all yhm friends.

  5. It is already revealed that Raman
    (Karan Patel ) will point a gun at
    Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) to kill
    her but the real reason behind it is
    This entire incident will turn out to
    be Raman’s protectiveness
    towards Ishita. He will plan a
    hideout for Ishita and will
    surrender himself as Ishita and Mr.
    Chadda’s murderer, thus leading to
    Raman being jailed.
    As finalized by the creatives of the
    show, the tentative story line post
    this track will reach the turning
    point of the show culminating into
    the much awaited leap.
    While all the members will be left
    in utter shock of disgrace that their
    lives have offered, they will
    discover that Ishita is ‘finally’
    Empathizing with the situation,
    ACP Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) will
    decide to get married to Ishita
    followed by a 2 year leap.

    1. are the writters are foos ishita to get marry abishek ask them to see today siya ke ram epi and know the meaning of marriage and rituals idiot ekta and writters better DT to quit the show please dont involve in your personal life with the serial

      1. fake news dnt worry ..later the same site which frst posted it .confirmd it
        that its fake

  6. In one of the Facebook page I have seen the news that after Raman shoots Ishita,Raman keeps ishita in a safe place and will go to jail himself bearing Mr Chadda’s and Ishita’s murder charge…
    Soon ishita will be pregnant&abhishek will marry ishita and 2yr leap will occurs….
    Isn’t this shocking guys???
    Is it afake news???
    If somebody knows plzz tell me yaar

    1. But vivek himself told in his Twitter account that there is no romantic angle or anything like that in the story line between acp and ishita so no worries

  7. What is this noncenses story ekta….. To much draging when will ishita got bail….. Nd one more thing ekta your serial are day by day to much draging just like kumkum bhagya, meri aashiqui tum sai he, yeh hai mohabbatein so boring yar……

  8. Oh no…. is it true that the 2 year leap is going to happen??? Oh please say that it is not. The writers and Ekta are all mad… Then what about Ishra baby? This is so stupid. What is happening to YHM? It is getting by far the worse. Oh Rithu I hope it is not true about the leap. Even if there is a leap, what nonsense is this about Abhishek and Ishita getting married? I only hope they close YHM and finish off the serial. Ask Ekta to start another soap drama starring Divyanka and Vivek and they can shut down YHM. All of us can be happy watching the old episodes as they are more fun and exciting. Do the writers ad Ekta ever read all our comments? This is so sad to know the drastic and horrible twists in YHM. Nowadays it is more stressful to watch YHM then pleasure

    1. no leap isnt happning .. neithr acp nd ishita romance .. they r both fake news

  9. The writers spoiled the beautifull story into a garbage and totally spoiled a beautiful ishitha character to a b*t*h then what is the difference between ishitha and shagun character how can ishitha get pergnant when raman is in jail

  10. What is the point in ishita marrying abhishek???Is this love???I don’t think so…It’s all crap…No sense at all…For protecting ishita Raman goes to jail and in return ishita marries abhishek (eventhough it’s for protecting ishita doesn’t make sense)…Vandu’s issue and everything left incompleted…..If this is what it is going to happen,trp of yhm will defenitely falls and may even disappear from the trp sheet…It’s better to end the show rather than making such disgusting twist

  11. Please ekta dnt sperate ishra fr any reason.

  12. Hoooo is it true I don’t believe this ekta can’t do this omg nonsense yrr

  13. Areeyyy yaar it will be more sensible bring the twist that the murder hasn’t been done by ishita and they have to prove it…Anyway a person will not die without even a struggle…They can bring such a twist ,no instead of this rubbish track…ACP itself is ready to play drama….what nonsense is this

  14. Nice episode please drag more . I love yhm very interesting

  15. We want old yhm
    We want ishra back
    We don’t want keep
    We don’t want ishra seperation

    Defenitely we won’t watch the show of ishra seperation followed by leap occurs


  16. Plzz ekta mam plzz end this current track plzz save ishita from jail and and the show

    Plzz mam don’t make the best romantic show to worst flop show

    Plzz and the show

    I can’t see the show as such

  17. Well there is sooooo much negativity in this show nowadays…n I hate leaps..duhh ! Why can’t they live in the present??

  18. Why is abhishek marrying ishitha? What about ruhi??

  19. sarika kitnii horribly behave karthi hai. usko koi poochtha nahi hai aur naa hi uske rehne ya naa rehne se bhallas ko pharak padtha ho aur na hi uss ki koi izzath kartha hai tkh woh kyu abhi bhi bhalla house mein hai . kyunki paise bhi usse mil nahi rahi hai aur woh jo bhi plan karthi hai woh sab flop hi hotha hai .pagal kahiki.

  20. agar raman jail gaya aur ishitha acp se shaadi kar legi toh poora serial satyaanash hoke bikhra padega . ek toh raman ne shagun se shaadi ki phir ishitha se aur koun jaane ishitha ki acp se shaadi ho jaane ke baad raman niddhi se shaadi kare . patha nahi iss serial koi aatha hai aur harr koi dekho toh do theen shaadiyan kartha hai . shaadi ko mazak banaa ke rakh diya hai .bilkul unrealistic hai yeh sab kuch. jab ishitha ko bail mil gayi toh raman ko ishitha pe nakli goli maarke ,usse safe jagah par le jaake phir jail jaane ka kya maajra hai .bilkul backwaaz comedy lagthi hai aur bewakoofon ki dher kehthe hai usse . pehle toh inn makers ne shagun ko positive karke surrogacy karwaaliya jabki koi bhi yeh sab yhm mein nahi chahtha tha . aur patha nahi kis kis ko positive karke aur kya kya backwaaz aane honge yhm mein .kyunki abhi bhi yhm kuch khaas nahi hai balki overall bole toh backwaaz hi hai aur agar aage aur backwaaz dikhaaya toh backwaaz ke uupar backwaaz ek bada backwaaz hi banega .pharak yeh hai ki abhi fans aur veiwers dekh rahe hai yhm toh trp bhi aaya aur agar leap jaise backwaaz aaye toh veiwers aur trp dono gayab .

  21. O my God horrible story line on FB. If Raman shoot her madrasan with fake bullet n keep her on safe place n go to police station n surrender himself for Mr Chadha’s & Ishita’s murder then what this high profile lawyer Nidhi Chabra is doing YHM. Writers plz don’t saperate Ish Ra . Viewers will not accept Ishita n Abhishek marriage they too want to keep their relationship away from fans n media.

  22. i also read in wiki that the ishita will marry acp,raman marry again advocate nidhi to save ishita.i think and say ekta kappor to STOP THIS NONSENCE AND RELESING ISHITA.GIVE BIRTH SHAGUN CHILD.FINISH THE SERIAL.OR WE HAVE TO STOP WATCH IT.

  23. shagun need to stay alive

  24. What nonsense and rubbish this is ? Totally disgusting ….. How badly this show is twisting , can’t even imagine . A love story between Ruhi Ishima and Papa is spoiled to the maximum . Going bad to worse ….. How this Ashok can influence every one and interfere in each and every thing . Ekta really something is wrong with the production team . Please stop this crap if you don’t know how to twist . From surrogancy this track is damaged . Why to get Divyanka and Vivek married ? Ishras love is something what we fans admired , used to wait for the episodes …. Now don’t feel like watching at all

  25. guys ..acp nd ishita is not going to romance . vivek confirmed it . leap wil;l also not happn . but raman nd nidhi will pln afake muder of ishita to protect hr nd also hlp her solvng the murder mystry of chadda

  26. This is too much crap to handle

  27. Hey all …..hi guys r u all???

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all …..

    1. hey are you? after many days.

  28. Am fine Same 2 u……… Thankx janvi

  29. Gross show. I think Ekta is writing this bullshit script under influence of drinking which has put her out of her common sense. Wait till her show hits rock bottom, then she will learn her lesson.

  30. Yhm successfully completed 700episodes

  31. Resh n lovely I don’t hate Anita in real lifevbut I love ishu I agree that every one deserve a second chance but I don’t like shagun in ishra house in ishita absence I like ishu n shagun friendship but ishu is heroine n ya I do give every one second chance in my life n its my opinion sorry if I hurt anyone

    1. Take it easy dear…..

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