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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi getting ready and recalling Suhail. Simmi comes and asks her to come for watching a play. Ruhi says next time, I m going to meet Suhail for concert meeting, its my look test today. She goes. Ishita calls out Ruhi to ask. Simmi says she is going to meet Suhail. Ishita recalls Shagun’s words and thinks to talk to Raman. Raman wears the shirt Ishita kept for him and praises her dressing sense and color sense. She asks what happened to you, when did you like my dressing sense. Simmi thinks Raman is complimenting Ishita, there is something. Ishita gets Dr. Batra’s call. She says I will check reports and call you. She asks Neelu about reports. Raman worries. Ishita gets call again and says I m not getting reports.

Dr. Batra says its imp reports, how can

you be so careless, what will I tell my patients. Ishita says sorry, I will find it and call you. She checks again and says I m careless. Raman says I have to confess something. He tells about tea falling on reports. He gives the reports and says you can scold me, beat me, I will close eyes. Simmi says Raman is gone. Ishita goes. Raman asks what happened, she went without beating me, I will say sorry. Ishita stops. He says sorry. She says its okay, it happens, I will get other reports and explain Dr. Batra, don’t feel guilty, everyone makes mistakes. She goes. Simmi asks how did she not scold you. Raman says I think she got drunk. He goes office. Simmi says this never happened before.

Ishita goes to room and thanks Lord. She says I m so happy Raman got mistake, I thought Raman will kill me knowing my mistake, now I reacted cool, he will not tell me anything. Ruhi meets Suhail. She gets dressed as Ruhaan and comes. She thinks why is he staring like this. She asks what happened. He says I like the look, but popstars wear different shoes. She says no, it was my mistake. Her cap falls. He loosens her hair and says you are very pretty, don’t hide yourself in all this. She smiles. Chahe tum kuch na kaho…..plays………they have an eyelock.

Raman recalls Ishita’s words. Simmi says I m also thinking same, Ishita’s behavior was strange, she was normal and did not say anything. He says yes. She says you were complimenting her, you had reason, why is she doing this, there is something wrong, you did mistake, it means she also did mistake. He says yes, I will find out. He goes to room and checks laptop and other things. Ishita comes to room and asks shall I help, are you finding anything. He says no, what happened, what did you do. She asks what. He says don’t act innocent, you did something. He gets a call. She thinks sorry, I can’t tell you.

He says what, I can’t believe this. Vidyut says you gave me my prized possession to me, thanks, tell Ishita I reached Australia and I will be in touch. Raman ends call and scolds Ishita for giving his scotch bottle to Vidyut. He says I saved it since years, it was my property, its not sambar masala, I feel like you took my life. She says its getting over now, sorry, I felt someone has run with your wife. Raman says I would have got wife back, how to get scotch. She says sorry, I wanted to gift something to Vidyut, I thought he will like it, I thought to replace bottle before you know, I ordered scotch. He asks is it same, sure. She says yes.

He says thank God, my BP got high. She says you love a bottle so much. He says ask those who drink. She says its too much, I have upset you, will you like to go dinner with me. He says we will first take bottle, we will take Ruhi alone. He calls Ruhi and asks where are you, did your work end. Ruhi says it will take some time, I had food, I will come home and have dinner. He asks how will you come. She says I will end work and come. Raman tells Ishita that Ruhi is busy. Ishita says I think its planned, Ruhi is not coming along, get ready, when Pihu comes, you will say she has come. He says I can’t take this chance.

Suhail says sorry, I came late. Suhail asks Ruhi to come for dinner. He asks her is she sure, she can go home. She says no, I m hungry, we will go. Aaliya talks to her friend. She says I can’t meet you today. Her friend says your fiance is handsome, will you not introduce him. Aaliya says he is busy, we will meet. Her friend insists. Aaliya says I will talk to Adi. She thinks what to do, how to tell Adi, I will call him and ask what is he doing. Adi comes home tired and asks Neelu to give him green tea. He gets Aaliya’s call and says I spoke rudely to her, I will talk well. She says he is not answering, so rude. He says she is complicated. He calls her. She says I will show attitude and not answer. She answers and says my friend wanted to meet you, you maybe busy. He says no, we will meet. She asks sure, tell me, I will book a table. He says no, we will meet at home, we will get time to spend.

She asks what did you say. He says nothing. She says fine, I will inform her, don’t complain later. He says fine, we will meet and ends call. He thinks she is showing much tantrums, I have to show attitude. She says its big thing he is meeting me, I should not stretch this topic, I will message Surbhi. Simmi asks Mihika to come along to watch play. Mihika says I m busy, I have to do Pihu’s project, even Romi’s work is pending, ask Ruhi. Simmi says she is also busy. Mihika says go alone, you are independent woman, you will enjoy. I will book your ticket. Simmi says no. Mihika books ticket and asks her to watch it alone, I m sure you will enjoy. Simmi thanks her and goes.

Raman and Ishita are on the way and have a talk. She says we could not stay angry and lie. He says we should not. She says our children have same values. He says yes, I can’t bear it. She says they will not lie. He goes to get the scotch from shop. Ishita gets shocked seeing Ruhi and Suhail there. She says what is Ruhi doing here with Suhail, why did she lie, why did she not say she is coming for dinner here, Raman can’t bear this lie. She goes to them. Ruhi gets shocked.

Ruhi says actually, work ended soon. Suhail says Ruhi was hungry, we thought to come for dinner. Ishita says what a coincidence, we also came for dinner, will you like to join us.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why ruhi cant understand ishu i affraid that ruhi will ignore ishita for sohail

    hi shivani how are you ? And why you not coming ragulary at this site busy with study?

  2. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Marin, Madhu, Bhagya, Riya, Priya, Priyamvadha, Ridika, Siddhi, Khushi, Jaz, Kiran, Parichary and many YHM fans. I hope everyone of you is keeping in good health. Enjoyed reading your comments though I did not comment for about a couple of days.

    Today’s episode is ok. I really wish they will have more nok jhok and funny scenes between Raman and Ishita. When they add such funny scenes between Ishra, that episode pulls off very well. Both Ishra can act so naturally and realistically in such kind of scenes. I also do not know why Shagun is given so much importance based on yesterday’s episode. She must be a close friend of Ekta or one of the cvs friend. She is always given a lot of screen space. Ishita and Raman are becoming more like a califare. YHM is about Ishra and Ruhi and now Pihu. There should more scenes among Ishra, Ruhi, Adi and Pihu. Forget about scenes of Suhail, Shagun, Aliya and others. Just have one or two episodes revolving on Raman Ishita Ruhi Pihu and Adi.

    I actually liked Vidyut. Too bad his part comes to an end. VP is right. Suhail can’t act. Suhail looks so unnatural and he acts in an exaggerated manner. No power in his deliveries of dialogue. At least Vidyut has the charisma.

    1. very true Sindhu … when you see Ishra scenes only we understand how much we enjoy them … very natural …in the car their talk was so real and natural and Ithey were talking about their kids and there Ruhi with Sohail ..Somehow cant tolerate him .. Ruhi is the bone in this yhm … if Ruhis character is spoiled all gone …With Nidhi though she was loving Ishima her anger cud be justified … she has to show her good up bringing .. it will be a big disappointment fir Ishras otherwise .. Adi Alia is cute … No shaghun
      if spoilers to believe … we are going to watch rubbish only … Ishra was amazing awesome … but Dt looks otherwise also fat and in these type of blouses more .. The thing is that in real she doesnt look this fat also

    2. Actually I don’t oppose your comment but I like adi and Aliya scenes more…. I am sorry to say that but they look so cute….amd made for each other.

  3. Ruhi has started lying and this is not good. Now Shagun will insult further of Ishita’s upbringing. Ruhi should not lie to her parents. She should just be truthful.

    1. Sindhu agree with you I just penned it , and to see you have commented the same .children should not lie to parents … whatever it is they should open up to parents .

      1. Khushiarvind

        Hi vp dear,
        Nice to hear frm u..
        My grand mothet ther is in gud health nw by gods grace… Thanks to all ur prayers nd concern..
        She is keeping well so i am back here..

    2. Khushiarvind

      Very true sindhu… This show now reaching
      No where.. I used to wait for the airing tym at the time
      Of old yhm bt nw i skip all episodes juz read the update. Came aftr 2 mnths break thnking cvs should hav got some sense nt alas its same precarious situvation prevailing here…its bettr to end the show rather than dragging lyk this
      I wonder what this show all about.. It was once a feast to eyes portraying the bond between relations nw what ridicullous things they r showing…
      What they r showing abt ishithas upbringing.. They r portraying her as a vry gud mother nd all her kids going out frm her control.. Then what sort of ideal mother they r showing.. Cvs hav clearly gone nuts .. They themselves dnt knw what to write.. Baseless plots always hanging in air without proper closure.. Somebody shld shot down such incompetent writers

  4. Episode was ok.precap was worst .I am not at all liking this track .yhm is going after 1000 episodes also and now it is boring.ruhi is behaving soo horrible.she acts like a big lady or mother to pihu and on the other side she is doing some nonsense. For what reason did ruhi like to ishitha. this track is just boring and dragging.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli Marin madhu pinky priya Tia and all yhm friends.

  5. 14th December is Divyanka’s birthday.

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys vp rithu sindu siddhi shivani jaz az aditya magic khusiarvindi shreya sunitha madhu sobana ranaji ishveerian reshma saritha parichey and al yhm frds .iam busy with my best frds marriage thatswhy iam not coming to this site daily how r u al ?

    1. Hi bhagya how are you? I am missing your cmt friend now i think you will cmt daily

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    i like ishra scenes

  8. Hi rithushree hope you remember me and all yhm fans how r u all?.episode was nice.ishra cute scenes

    1. Hey Tia .I remember you .I am fine.thanks . how are you?

  9. Many many happy returns of the day.wishing you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY divyanka mam.I wish the happiness will be always there in your life.I am your big fan and I love you mam.

  10. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  11. Happy Birthday Divyanka Tripathi.?????????????????????.

  12. Happy bithday to Divyanka Tripathi . Wish you many many more happy birthdays … May God bless you ..

  13. I am fine rithushree thanks for asking.I have seen that some mms drama is going to happen. Whats in that mms about ruhi?..

  14. Hi Sindhu Parichary Vp Rithu Priya Madhu Riya Shivani Pinku Tia Magic Ridika and all yhm fans..Hope everyone is Fine…

    IshRa scenes was very nice..But I am not liking ruhi & Sohail track at all.It is so boring.Ruhi is only 17 and she wants to date with sohail.Sohail acting is not good at all.I think he is villan.Adi and Aliya scene was very cute.I love adi,aliya & IshRa…

  15. Good morning all
    Happy Birthday Divyanka TripathI ???
    I pray you enjoy your day – best wishes

  16. In today’s episode,,When Ishita wore Saree at first she was looking sooo beautiful..But when she was going to dinner with raman her dress was not nice at all.She looks beautiful in saree..

  17. I don’t like Raman’s style at all.He wears chain around his neck,So many tatto in hand.Before he used to look very handsome.But now he looks bad.And Ishita was looking beautiful at first in saree.But when she was going to dinner with raman her dress was so bad.I laughed by seeing her dress.And before the leap she used to look more beautiful.But now she has become a little fat.So i think cvs should chance the dressing style of Ishita.

  18. Hi all yhm fans…
    Hlw Marin,Sindhu,Magic,Rithu,Madhu,Riya…..

    Loved Ishra scenes.Adi and Aliya is so cute.I don’t like Ruhi & Sohail at all.

  19. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  20. The upcoming episode of Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama in Bhalla house.

    Ruhi is stuck in MMS trap and Ishita-Raman are tensed for their daughter, Ishita even takes Shagun’s help.

    Shagun is also worried as it’s a big problem and after all Ruhi is Shagun’s daughter, Shagun tries to find the culprit.

    While Ishita doubt’s over Sohail as he was also in Australia at the time Ruhi was there, tries to confront Sohail.
    Ruhi stands for Sohail

    Sohail comes to Bhalla house where Raman gets aggressive over Sohail asks him why he did this with Ruhi.

    While Ruhi defends Sohail and stops Raman from accusing Sohail for it.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  21. Ishita consoles Ruhi and makes her understand not to worry as she will try to find out the solution for the same.

    Thus Ishita will seek Shagun’s help and once again Shagun and Ishita will unite to trace the blackmailer.

    On the other hand, tensed Ruhi will decide to end her life by committing suicide but Raman and Romi will come in the nick of time and will stop Ruhi from ending her life.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  22. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes madhu now i wil comment daily


  24. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ruhi are upset with each other.

    Raman has beaten Sohail which is unlocked by Ruhi and thus is not talking to her father.

    Raman can’t take Ruhi’s anger and also feels bad for raising hand over Ruhi, Raman thus brings Ruhi’s favorite ice cream.

    Raman’s ego doesn’t allow him to talk Ruhi thus Ishita comes as savior.
    Raman and Ruhi unites back

    Ishita makes Raman eat chilly sambar, while Raman can’t take chilly pain and Ruhi thus gives water to Raman.

    Raman apologize to Ruhi for what all happened, Ruhi and Raman thus unites together feeding ice cream to each other.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  25. Repeated telecast
    Ruhi custody case Then Athi custody case again Pihu custody case
    Athi anger then Ruhi anger again Pihu anger
    Mihika accident murder of Pinky then Ishitha accident murder of that advocate
    Mihika MMS at the start now Ruhi MMS
    Oh nooooooo

    1. Khushiarvind

      U r righy malar.. All repetition of previous sequences…

  26. oh hlo so boring

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