Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok getting his informer’s call. He asks for some good news. He asks what, those two oldies did my work easy, that’s great, now we have to make Raman assured that Ishita needs treatment, remember step 2, we have to make Raman desperate that he takes Ishita to Baba, this time attack should be much bigger, the person should look Ishita, so that blame goes on Ishita. He ends call and says now Ruhi is on my target, save her if you can Ishita.

Ishita wakes up by Shagun’s call. He sees Raman sleeping and goes out. Shagun asks about her and Adi, she heard Muttu has bitten him. Ishita says we are fine, Adi is given injection, he is sleeping. Shagun says I want to meet you, I m in your compound. Ishita asks why not, and asks her to be careful. She goes to meet

Shagun. The informer’s shadow is seen. Ishita goes and meet Shagun. Shagun asks how did this happen. Ishita says Adi will be fine. Shagun asks how did Muttu do this, he is a calm dog. Ishita says yes, he never did this. Prateek asks how did he get violent. Ishita says yes, it looked he is not our Muttu and is another one. Shagun asks did you feel Muttu is replaced. Ishita says yes, Muttu can never do this. Shagun says Ashok did this. Ishita says so this was his second attack, why did he do this, why did he attack on Adi to prove Shagun is alive. Shagun says Ashok can do anything. Prateek suggests they have to be more careful, Ashok is playing very safe this time.

The informer goes to Ruhi’s room and sees her sleeping, Ruhi wakes up and screams seeing the person dressed in black clothes, holding a knife. She asks who are you. She moves back on the bed and cries. She calls out Ishita and Raman….. She runs and tries to save hself. She opens the door and shouts. Ishita hears her and asks Shagun to not come. Ishita comes there. Raman hugs Ruhi. Ruhi cries and asks Ishita not to come close to her. Ishita asks what happened to her. Simmi says Ruhi is scared. Raman says Ruhi it was just a bad dream. Ruhi says no, it was long hair aunty, wearing black clothes, she had big knife in hand and wants to kill me, save me, I don’t want to die. Mrs. Bhalla pacifies her and takes her with her.

Raman goes to check Ruhi’s room. Ishita says first attack on Adi and now Ruhi. Raman says who will attack Ruhi, and looks around. He gets Ishita’s mangalsutra and gets shocked. He goes to Ishita and she asks about Ruhi. He asks where were you, when I heard Ruhi and woke up, you were not here. She says I went out. He asks her for her mangalsutra. He shows her and says this was in kids’s room, how did it go there. She asks what does he mean, that she attacked Ruhi. He says no, I did not say you attacked, but the situation you are in, you can do this. He goes. She says Raman feels I did this….

Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ruhi and calms her. She asks everyone to go and sleep. She goes out in living room and asks Raman whats going on. Ruhi is so scared, I can’t see her, do anything, who attacked her. Raman says I know, I got Ishita’s mangalsutra there, she was not in room when I woke up. Amma says it means Shagun’s spirit tried to kill Ruhi, we should call someone for help and free Ishita from Shagun’s spirit. Simmi worries and thinks its not Ishita, who can it be.

Ashok meets Baba and tells him that his friend’s wife has attacked on his kids, he wants the lady to be out of this state. Baba asks Ashok to get his friend at the temple. Ashok says actually, my friend and I don’t get along well by some problem, he won’t listen to me, you make a call to him for my sake, meet him once. Baba says you are a very good man, I will meet him for sure. Ashok greets him and leaves. Ishita tells Shagun that Ashok has done this. Shagun asks what will we do. Ishita says I don’t know, I can’t tell anything to Raman. Ishita says Ashok can fall to any extent, I m sure he would have thought a bigger plan. Shagun asks what. Ishita says I don’t know.

Ashok comes out and smiles saying what will happen to Ishita now, I should share this with Ishita, bad will happen with Ishita, what will she do, she is caught badly this time. Ishita tells Shagun that she is getting Ashok’s call. She receives Ashok’s call and scolds him to harm her kids. He says don’t take stress, be calm, I got to know Adi was bitten by dog and someone tried to kill Ruhi. She says you did it. He reminds the 4 step challenge and says its just 2nd step, he will make Bhallas kick out Ishita, this is the last night for her in Bhalla house, so goodnight and sweet dreams. She cries.

Raman asks Ishita where is she going. Ishita says I made Ruhi’s fav sandwich, I m taking it for her. Raman asks Ishita not to go, and asks Mrs. Bhalla to sends kids if they are ready. Ishita gets teary eyed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    I don’t have words to describe my feelings yr me pagal ho jao gi I wanted t o see ishru scens n what was that yrtr really fed up every thing has a end but seems there is no end of this track

  2. Siddhi

    Am I watching yhm or ye hain musibattein or ye hain chalbaziyan really disappointed with the present track

  3. Siddhi

    Honestly mujhe Raman par boht gussa a raha but is me bhi kahi na kahi ishu ki more mistake hai agar WO subbu ki mum ko sach pata sackti to why not ishu first surrogracy track then murder ye ho kya raha hai

  4. Raunak

    Ishita can share her plan with Shagun(her hubby’s ex wife)…
    Ishita can share her plan with Abhishek(other men)
    Ishita can share her plan with Prateek (also another men)
    But she can’t share it with Raman…
    Now this is ridiculous…
    Such a illogical crap…. ?

  5. Siddhi

    Aur ye ashoke khanna k liye to har gali kam hai omg sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad episode yrrr poor ruhi she was scared of her ishimaaaa

  6. diya

    guys i saw the episode ..nd have no words to express my feelings ..
    it is the worst which cn evr hppn in yhm
    raman is doubting on ishu fr attacking ruhi and god knows y ruhi is being also scared by her . she is her ISHIMAA how cn he think of such a thing also . i hate raman for this totally . does the mangalsutra says evrything nd y didnt try to defend ishita .
    nd this sarika aunty … idiot , witch . … frst tried the child nd dn giving fake expression .
    and coincidentally shagun had to call at that time only . evry thing went against ishita’s favour . this chal of ashok khanna is the worst one. how cn he b so inhuman that he using innocents dogs nd kids for his game . well what else can we xpct from that bustard.
    the precape was so so bad . am really feeling bad fr ishita . i think she should tell this to raman ..about her drama . …… this the only way to stop this bullshit going on.
    ekta nd cvz have totally lost it . they are thinking that fans will enjoy this . they shld b sent to torture centre . they r haunted by the ghost of unwanted drama nd negetivity seriously . i m pretty sure they r gonna drg this track until years end . now raman will take ishita to the torture centre by wednesday . ishita’s encounter with the baba will take a whole episode .they will comeback by next sunday . raman will do jasoosi on ishita . keep her away from ruhi nd in the last week they will show the crocodile attack . nd ones it happens i dunno what can stop ishita or anyone to prevent the truth from coming out . after that i really hope and pray no seperation nd leap happns . ashok khanna SHOULD NOT win this . after all this toooooooooo much dragging nd torture we deserve a happy nd justified ending of this prooolonged track …. i hope ekta gets it ..
    totally fedup nd irritated .

  7. diya

    guys i saw the episode ..nd have no words to express my feelings ..
    it is the worst which cn evr hppn in yhm
    raman is doubting on ishu fr attacking ruhi and god knows y ruhi is being also scared by her . she is her ISHIMAA how cn he think of such a thing also . i hate raman for this totally . does the mangalsutra says evrything nd y didnt simmi try to defend ishita . ??!!

  8. Siddhi

    But I couldn’t understand on think ruhi was shouting soo loudly n San drama k badd ghar walay aye they did not show anything clear from where khabri escape ghar walay kasay living room me aye nonsense

  9. diya

    hello siddhi , rithu , jhanvi , darshika , raunak , resh , misty , mino , faya , zara , chiki , parvathi , diya , ramchin , vp ji and all .

  10. Oh god what the hell is going on in yhm…. That blo*dy kamina ashok is such a creep and by seeing today’s episode it’s definite that the informer is a lady and there are 99% chances that it’s sarika and they are showing sarika’s face often when something bad happens and how could raman doubt ishita even though he assumes that she is possessed I couldn’t digest that raman accusing ishita. Mrs iyer and mrs bhalla are they gone mad already once they tried to relieve ishu from the so called bhoot and the consequences was worse and now again, the worst part is raman is also agreeing that and the precap was such a disaster it totally damaged the relationship of ishraru 🙁 today the way ruhi said to ishita don’t come near me it was so hurting and after that raman confronting ishu like a criminal was Really intolerable and the way he said ishita “koi zarurat nahi” and ishita’s tears was heart breaking:-(, now how low could the creative people can go spoiling the bonding of all relationships and I am asking this question for the 22nd time “WHAT’S THE PROBLEM IN SAYING THE TRUTH TO RAMAN????????” I am losing my temper due to this track please yaar ab jaldi katam karo yeh track aur humari original wala khata meetha walla yhm ko wapas track mein ley aao. I can’t express how desperately I am waiting for seeing my sweetheart ishra’s katti meeti pyaar and thakraar I am consoling my heart by seeing old episodes on hotstar I am badly missing my yhm……

    • V P

      Very true …. I totally agree with you Raghu . I too watching the old episodes …. How beautiful and brilliantly done … This is happened only from the surrogacy track . Ekta has achieved to bring positive … But what rubbish …. Ex wife and present wife together ….. Shaghun so cheap to imagine ….. Very short time to fall desperately in love with Manoj ….. And the same with Manoj . Acp is not shown … These days , feel controlled a bit of this nonsense becoz of Delhi police . We want to see the old Yhm . .

  11. diya

    raman bhalla u have lost it . ishita u too. cz u r not saying nythng to raman . the cvz have turned the charecters into fools. WANT MY OLD YE HAI MOHABBATEIN BACK .

  12. tia

    The makers are doing all this as no ome wants leaps.but our ruhi wants to quit the show.think about her too.she is small she dnt want to ruin her childhood.we shouldnt demand to postpone leap for our entertainment.if u all love ruhi then do think about her lets not be selfish guys.

  13. what a rubbish yhm ko kia bana diya ruhi is getting scared of ishita raman is also doubting on her and those stupid oldies i think raman will take her to tantric where she will be attacked by crocodile i hope ishita leave her family so raman and all family know what they had done this family doesnot deserve ishita they deserve a creep like sarika and shagun

  14. ramya

    In al the ekta serials its an unwritten rule tat the female lead shud nt reveal the truth to the male lead .. Ex in kkb pragya s hiding tanus fake pregnancy matter to abhi by acting as such she s bad n greedy .. Similarly in yhm ishita to act as possessed to Raman n hiding the truth about ashok n the secret informer .. With is this

  15. i feel bad for ishita also the precap also very bad why dont ishita say the truth to raman
    she can believe shagun prateek and abi cant believe her lovely husband rubbish. how simmi accept for raman’s behaviour why cant she support ishita
    ishita should think is she may be go to that bhooth torture centre means it is easy to ashok
    kill raman or the whole family so better ishita must tell the truth to raman

  16. Cindy

    Why the hell can’t ishitha tell the truth tof raman what is wrong with her if she tells that to raman their plan would definitely work

  17. Hi all…The worst epi ever.How can raman doubt on ishita?And the attacker has long hair it doesnt mean she is ishita…

    And the ashok khanna m thinking how could be he a business man? He is always busy planing against bhalla family..Cheap disgusting man if he use his brain for business he’ll be successful…

  18. Hi All,

    How is everyone. Goodness me this is really Crazy Crazy & Rubbish. what has gone wrong in this beautiful wonderful drama, Totally Messed up. There is no reality at all if Ashok Has an Informer & Spies What sort of her guy is the ACP.. where is his Brains. At the bottom of his feet. Why as an Officer why can’t he do all what is Ashok doing… Have a strong feeling that ACP is in this. hope I am Wrong. Why Did he not arrest Ashok after he was caught many times. where was he when Shagun was locked up in the store room..
    he may be innocent but have reasons to believe that for Sarika he would do anything as they were very close.Oh Raman Sucks . he doesn’t deserve Ishitha from the first it self he was rude & Arrogant & His love is very fickle.. at a drop of a pin he doubts Ishu . & All this, she is going through to save his life. then when he realize the truth he will cry like an idiot & ask Pardon. I am sick of all this . so long to end these scenes . From where is the croc prop up. I think the writer is in love with Ashok that is why he is made a Hero. ha ha
    Anyway Guys keep your cool why are we stressing over a silly Drama though we all loved it at first. our blood is boiling but the writers don’t care so better to cool down & Back off for a while . Have a great Day Love to all

  19. diya

    guys according to the source the baba at the torture centr will cm to know about ishu’s truth nd will support her nd tell that he wont tell nythng to nyone . soon ishita will come to know about sarika’s truth nd will xpose her infrnt of evryone . want this fast in the show.

    • Cham

      SOOO happy to hear that, and I thought that it would happen! or else I thought that Ishitha would tolerate all the painful things that Ashok mentioned,(I mean walking on the fire….)because of her love for Raman.

  20. Raman i hate u for dis as u r 2 much yr u r doubting on ishita for all dis can’t believe dis….nd ishita y r u not syng nythng 2 raman abt dis dat how can he doubt on u…

    • Cham

      Anyway,as I saw it was a brownish and quite long hair.Surely It was not Ishitha and everybody knows it and Simmi’s hair isn’t that long and the colour is not that. Then who???? None other that Sarika!!! She is the only one remains in the Bhallha family!

  21. Resh

    Guys……Raman is not doubting on ishita….He is just thinking that shagun’s soul is still inside ishita’s body and that soul is doing all these…..As when ishita act like being possessed by shagun,she told that she’ll gain everything that she had lost because of ishita.So raman thinks that it is shagun.Its not raman’s mistake.This misunderstanding will not have occured if ishita recite the entire story to Raman.Ishita also intially doubted on Raman(regarding shagun ).It happens b’coz Raman hid the truth regarding surrogacy.Now ishita is hiding truth.If ishita can misunderstand raman ,then Raman can also…………………….

  22. Resh

    This track is so much dragging……….so much suspense…..plz end this track soon……….and bring old yhm back

  23. Resh

    If ishita can trust abhishek,prateek,shagun,simmy &even subbu’s mom….then why not raman????Moreover she got a chance to reveal the entire truth to Raman(when they escaped from falling down the cliff).the story is becoming worse…….Stop this track….. Being another superbbb track

  24. zaraa ali khan

    Sindhi i really agree with u, yeh hai mohabbatein ab ye hai musibatein ban gaya hai.
    Ishita agar raman ko batade gi toh uska kya chala jayega. Balke raman bhi shayad uski madad karega.
    Mana k ishita apni family aur hasband ko bachane k liye kar rahi hai magar iss me toh wo khud phas rahi hai.
    Jab raman ko pata chalega to ishita ko kheeench ke thappad marega fir gale lagayega.
    The informer is 100% sarika.

  25. Sree

    What r u trying to show shagun is good and ishita is vamp I think ekta,CV are trying to show shagun surrogace drama ham sab fans accept ,but sorry we didn’t accept

    • Jhanvi

      I agree with u guys ……Ekta is so smart she did all this to make fans accept surrogacy Nd Shagun….even after surrogacy when she saw that fans r not ready to accept Shagun as a surrogate mother though she is changed …..Ekta did this drama… So that she can show Sshagun’s mahanta Nd after seeing that Shagun is doing this for Raman Nd ishita fans will accept Shagun……..BL***y hell…

      Shagun told everything ishu in d hospital but nt Raman y ???? She could have told Raman when Raman brought her home ( after society refused Shagun to stay there ) then in d car no one was there with them so she can also tell him dis….. But no coz our so called Ekta mam wants fans to accept Shagun Nd surrogacy any how , she did this
      ……by d way she is called d Queen of television so how can she accept her defeat so easily…..

      No offence to Shagun fans…. I m nt blaming Shagun I m saying bout Ekta’s trick…..
      Sorry if I hurt anyone….!!!!!

  26. Sree

    I have reading only wrtt update but I think I have to stop because shagun surrogace drama,ishita will take her home and she will become devi in all eyes late be remains u she the only problem

  27. diya

    ppl r blaming ruhi today .saying she dsnt lovw her ishimaa . plz dnt guys also a lil upset wid ruhi the way she reacted after seeing ishita today . but it doesnt means she doesnt love her ishimaa. remember whn the attackr frst entered she shouted ishimaa only in the bgning . she us just a 7 yr old nd scared by a lady with a chaku who has long hairs like ishita . thats y she reacted like that . dnt frgt the 1000 times she has stood for her ishita against all . i love ishru more than ishra . cz they r bond is stronger than ny thng else. on reaction or one incident cnt change thr equation at all. its raman who is trying keep ishru alaag . ruhi and ishita r made fr each other .

  28. diya

    ppl r blaming ruhi today .saying she dsnt lovw her ishimaa . plz dnt guys also a lil upset wid ruhi the way she reacted after seeing ishita today . but it doesnt means she doesnt love her ishimaa. remember whn the attackr frst entered she shouted ishimaa only in the bgning . she us just a 7 yr old nd scared by a lady with a chaku who has long hairs like ishita . thats y she reacted like that . dnt frgt the 1000 times she has stood for her ishita against all . i love ishru more than ishra . cz they r bond is stronger than ny thng else. on reaction or one incident cnt change thr equation at all. its raman who is trying keep ishru alaag . ruhi and ishita r made fr each other . plz dnt attack thr rltnshp like this.

  29. Siddhi

    Ya diya I agree with u the way ruhi behave with ishita today is disappointing but she always supported ishu n I also love ishru more than ishra

    • V P

      I too feel Mihir is the culprit . He is bringing Ashok out . Once He came to know Mihikas divorce is not signed , I really think he is the one behind Ashok to sign . And here he is in fact trying to save his brother , Raman and his Ishitha . But the did scene , Ruhis and all can’t expect of him , but if Ishitha cud harm her mother , Ruhi and all you can expect anything from Ektha .

  30. mussarat masania

    what is this yaar . this was my favourite program and now my favourite program in star plus is saath nibhana saathiya .plz open the truth that ishita is doing all this for raman and family.

  31. Jhanvi

    Ekta has gone mad…. Writers have lost their minds…. Stupid Ekta Nd her duffer writers….

    Hi everyone….

    Worst epi Nd worst precap…
    What to say yar….I can’t understand y ishu is nt telling Raman…. Writers r so stupid to show this nonsense btwn ishra …total useless ….Nd now everything is going to be more worst..

    Now Raman will send ishu torture center….. Can’t blv this.. But guys for this I will blame ishita.. Don’t forget that she is d one who make Raman to blv that she is really possessed. ( Raman was nt blving bout Shagun spirit Nd ishu did a drama on karvachoth Nd then Raman blvd that.. So only ishu forced Raman to blv that )…….Nd Raman is not doubting on ishita Nd nt trying to hurt her by keeping Ruhi away from her….he’s doubting on d shagun’s spirit in ishita’s body.. Nd he’s only trying to save Ruhi Nd nt from ishu, but from d spirit….
    Nd this all happening bcoz ishu is nt telling him I can understand d reason hiding this from family but y from Raman????? I m also asking this for d 25th times…. Though she dsnt have d solid reason for that..she can tell everyone but nt Raman… She’s d one who always says that couple shld share pro. Nd she’s hiding this..

    I know guys that ishu is doing this only for her love RAMAN but she is guilty this time… This tym I will blame ishita for this misunderstandings………. Nd yes one more thing Raman is nt doubting ishita , nt blaming ishita he’s doubting Nd blaming d spirit in ishu’s body… He’s nt doing this intentionally he’s only trying to save kids from d shagun’s spirit who can harm them ( Raman thinks so )…..

  32. Jhanvi

    Hi guys …how r u all ????

    Anyone is here ????

    I m heart broken today…… Bl***y Ashok Khanna…. Want to kill u….

  33. episode was ok .precap was bad .iss show ko sirf log ishraruhadi ke kiye dekhthe hai aur apne apne favourite actors ke liye .warna etka aur makers ki bass chale toh twists laathe hai aur high trp ke baad show ko satyaanash banaane par thule hai.

  34. Devesh

    Yaar mujhe to ye samajh nahi aata ki abhishek acp hai ya kuch aur…na ashok ke mobile trace kar raha hai aur na hi raman ke ghar ke logo ke….aur to aur na hi ashok ke upar spy laga rakha hai…. Poor & ullu acp….

  35. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    show that Raman is
    shocked assuming Ishita
    attacked on Ruhi and
    feels that Shagun’s ghost
    is still present in Ishita’s
    Ashok did a big
    conspiracy against
    Raman and Ishita where
    he wants to prove Raman
    that Ishita is just
    pretending of ghost
    drama while Shagun in
    alive in real.
    Ashok sends his man in
    Raman’s office and he
    tells Raman about a baba
    who can bring out
    Shagun’s spirit from
    Ishita’s body.
    Raman takes Ishita near
    to the temple and Ishita
    understands that Raman
    again doubts on her.
    Baba asks IShita to walk
    on the coal and devotee
    wife Ishita is ready to
    anything for Raman’s
    Will Raman believe stop
    Ishita walking on the coal
    seeing her pain?

  36. ruhi kaise yeh soch sakthi hai ki ishitha uske saath kuch karegi . lambe baal hai toh sirf ishitha hogi kya? ruhi ka ishitha ke liye behaviour accha nahi tha . kyakya backwaaz dikha rahe hai shoe mein.

  37. Cham

    Anyway,doubting Ishitha is a pathetic situation because she is doing every for Raman! AND DON’T FORGET! He might doing such that thinking it wasn’t Ishitha but SHAGUN!! So don’t worry guys

  38. ashok jaisa inhuman wahiyaad ghatia kameena awaraa ganda aadmi maine aaj tak kisi aur serial mein nahi hoga .ekta sirf ek copy cat hai .sns jaise serials mein jitnee bhi chewing gum jaise kheecho toh log dekhthe bhi hai aur trp bhi badtha hai lekin yhm aisa serial nahi hai .it is a unique serial yaha ek hadd tak serial ko kheecha ja saktha hai aur agar tracks aur twists ko zyaada kheecha toh trp ka satyaanash bhi dikhega parde pe aur ekta ko hamesha logon se aise hi comments milenge.

  39. raman jaisa pagal aadmi aur bewakoof hero aaj tak nahi hai .hamesha rotha rehtha hai aur ab toh ishitha par shak kar raha hai .woh toh ishitha ko pehle mental asylum bhi bhej raha tha phir woh tantric aaya tab bhi ishitha ko bachaaya nahi aur ab ishitha jab koile par chalegi tab bhi chup chaap tamaasha dekhega aur ishitha bhi kya kamaal ki hai ,abhi tak raman ko sacchayi nahi bataaya aur woh bhi hurt ho rahi hai aur khud ko ruhi se door ho rahi hai .kya kamaal ka drama hai !agar aise hi rahega toh yeh track agle 100 saal tak kya kabhi bhi khatam nahi hogi.

  40. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita attacked by a possessed woman
    Another conspiracy of Ashok hit bulls eye. He sent Ishita to a place where possessed people are treated. There she is attacked by a
    woman who tries to kill her. There Ishita reveals the truth to the Baba and tells that she had been impersonating as a possessed woman
    for the well being of her family.

  41. yeh acp agar sach mein acp hai toh bhalla house ke sab logon ke phone records check kar saktha hai aur patha bhi laga saktha hai ki koun ashok se baath kar raha hai aur wahi ashok ki khabri hai .wow!great .itnaa bada plan aur drama kiya aur show mein sirf bewakoofiyon ka dher dikhtha hai .

  42. arey iss show ka main part tha ishruh ka unique bond aur aaj toh kuch alag hi dikha .iss show ke main hisse ko hi ekta aur makers ne aaj ukhaad ke phek di .lagtha hai inn logon ka dimaag ka screw dheela hai aur crack hai yeh log issi liye iney sirf craps hi soojtha hai aur wahi craps hi dikhathe hai.

  43. diya

    haan guys i thnk ishita walk on those hot coals. cz whn she is entering the khotri to meet the baba. it was hurtng her to walk properly on her foot.

  44. Sunita

    Hi all yhm frnds…how r u all doing???
    Seriously ye drama bahut hi ghatiya hota jaa taha hai….raman n ruhi doubting ishita is toooo ridiculous….infact the whole bhalla n iyer family is doubting her….ek taraf raman doubt karta jaa raha hai…n doosri taraf ishita raman ko kuch bataati nahi hai….jab ki maukr bahut mole ishita ko….if ishita tells everything to raman then they both can catch the informer together by planning something….the writers are sgowing the main lead if the show as dumb heads and the villian as the smartest one of al..and the ACP completely vanished from a tough situation. …when Ashok can track ishita’s call register being a normal person…then why can’t ACP track Ashok’s phone….Is the ACP so dumb….come on writers…kuch to hum viewers ko respect do…we are not fools….prhle bhoot ab crocodile…n aage na jaane aur kya….either change the track to the old YHM….else change the title of the show to YEH HAI NAFRATEIN….kyuki aajkal serial me mohabbatein to nazar aata hi nahi….

  45. diya

    happy birthday divyanka tripathi . u wr the best , are the best nd will remain the best actress forever. hoge fan. love yaaa :*

  46. diya

    i wonder how will ishita xpose sarika …. she cant do the ghost drama now .as she sarika already knows she is noy posssesed . i dunno yaar… y isnt ishita telling nythng to raman …

  47. tais

    This is sarika only and no one else how bad this sari ka is doing everything and acting as if she does not know anything

  48. Dee

    Hi All,

    Like a lot of you I’m heartbroken.Ishru was my first love in YHM and continues to be. Unfortunately the writers aren’t sparing any relationship, wanting to butcher all of them!!!
    Ruhi’s reaction although sad was natural. Remember an earlier episode where she went to Ishu and asked Shagun to give her Ishi Ma back – that time Ishu under the pretence of being possessed chased her out of the room. Kids remember such things,they remember fear. Deep down she loves her Ishi Ma. What she is unsure of is the woman in front of her I.e is it IshiMa or Shagun.

    I mentioned yesterday that the biggest frustration is Ramans doubt of Ishu. If she walks on hot coals for him and he still doubts her then his love is not pure. Ishu would be better off with someone that loves her unconditionally.

  49. Jhanvi

    Gd mrng everyone….!!!!!

    Nd yeah Raman is nt doubting ishu yar he is nt hurting ishu, he is doubting Nd hurting shagun’s spirit in ishu’s body… ( coz he thinks that Shagun is angry on them Nd can do anything ) ….Nd don’t forget that only ishu make Raman to blv that she is possessed by trying to kill him Nd Amma…. When surrogacy time we blamed Raman for hiding d truth ( though he was doing that for ishu’s happiness ) ishu doubted him Nd we blamed Raman…Nd now ishu is doing d same Nd made Raman to think that Nd if he is doubting yet blame to Raman ??????? Y ????? Ishu can tell everyone nt Raman ..y ??


  50. Misty

    I agree with you Jhanvi …correct.

    Dee, sorry but I don’t agree with you how can you say that Raman’s love is not pure.. I think you had forgotten whatever Raman did during surrogacy for her happiness.. Raman didn’t want d baby for him , he has already 2 children. He did all that for her ….he had suffered a lot during surrogacy.. He hided surrogacy from ishita , Shagun jumped , and we blamed very badly Raman for hiding surrogacy.. There was a reason he wanted to be sure about pregnancy so he was waiting for d right time..but here ishita is hiding for no reason..

    That time we blamed Raman for hiding ,this time ishita is doing d same mistake d same situation and yet you guys are blaming Raman …grow up guys ishita can’t be right always.. This time the fault is hers.I also will not support ishita, ishita did a big mistake for hiding this..really unfair for Raman..

  51. shampa

    drama is taking much twists and nw the writer is trying to create problem on affection between ishru which i don’t like anymore. ishitha is more emotional when it cmes to her family specialy ruhi ad raman. i hope that writer will not keep ishitha away from her family.

  52. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Wish you a very happy B’day #Cutee_DT…..!!! May your every dreams come true….!!!

    Hi everyone……. Good morning. I’ve stoped thinking about the informer. But want to know about it.
    What’s next…..? crocodile attack or exorcist scene….?
    From SL.

  53. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Yes sree……. I also want to tell it and I was always afraid of it……. Now makers want to show ishita is the nothing and shagun is the goddes. Whatever they show, I can tolerate. But if they do this to ishita/divyanka, it means they kill heart of the yhm. And THEY KILL US…..!!! Hate you ekta……. Go to the hell with your friendship…….!

  54. mona

    Why ishita is hiding all this from raman. She was doing aal this to save raman from ashok but a ashok is knowing all the truth now so what is a need to hide from raman and now they destroying ishruh bond which is unbearable soo much dragging and making us fools plss change the track writers too bored by aal this and ishita is really mad and al are blaming raman always

  55. nimrit

    Wish u a very happy happy happy b’day to Divyanka……may gid bless u all time…u r all dreams…passion.,..may all comes true….love u sooooooo much dear…….

  56. nimrit

    Hey rithu diya ramchin janhavi darshika misty sunita sidhhi & all remainig guys…..yhmians…..happy noon…….

  57. Please writer of yhm stop this ghost drama. Please viewers are tired of it and this is the 5month of ghost drama, is this what we are going to watch till the end of this movie.

  58. sbb mein dikhaaya ki ishitha jab uss baba ke yaha jaathi hai toh shagun burke mein ruhi ki nigraani ke liye chaakoo lekar jaathi hai .jab shagun chakoo lekar apna muh dikhakar dekhthi hai toh ruhi shagun ko dekh lethi hai aur phir shagun ruhi ko dekh kar bhaag jaathi hai.

  59. sbb mein dikhaaya ki ishitha jab uss baba ke yaha jaathi hai toh shagun burke mein ruhi ki nigraani ke liye chaakoo lekar jaathi hai .jab shagun chakoo lekar apna muh dikhakar dekhthi hai toh ruhi shagun ko dekh lethi hai aur phir shagun ruhi ko dekh kar bhaag jaathi hai.ruhi samajthi hai shagun ne hj uss par hamla kiya tha aur rothi hai.

  60. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress Divyanka Tripathi turn
    31 on 14 December, Monday, but the celebrations are
    going to be extremely private to be attended by only
    close friends and family members.
    In an interview shared by the leading lady, she says
    how for the first time in a few years she will get to
    spend her special day with family.
    Divyanka cut her birthday cake and thanked her fans
    saying it is because of them that she works hard,
    adding that they help her keep the positivity alive.
    This leading lady may have become a household nam
    with her portrayal of Dr. Ishita Bhalla in “YHM”, but sh
    began her career over a decade ago when she started
    anchoring for Akash Vani Bhopal.
    A few years later she was declared Miss Bhopal and
    later cracked auditions for “Banoo Main Teri Dulhann”
    The show did get her a bunch of awards and then she
    took up projects which dealt with comedy.
    Mrs. & Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale was one of the few
    shows she did around that time.

  61. Television’s most popular show ‘Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein ‘ is set to take a major
    twist, with Raman (Karan Patel’s)
    character being bumped off.
    Actress Divyanka Tripathi, who says
    she is a mountaineer, says she is
    happy to keep her “adventurous
    passion going” even while doing a
    daily soap.
    She recently shot a “risky” sequence
    for the popular show “Yeh Hai
    The entire sequence is being shot in a
    real location in Mumbai near the
    mountain areas. Both the leads were
    given a choice to use body doubles for
    the sequence but, both insisted on
    doing the sequence themselves.
    Known for her acting skills in the
    current track in the show of super
    natural character, Divyanka also
    showed her passion for some.
    Getting to do a daily soap, along with
    real-life like stunts and unusual
    character amidst the story line is like
    an icing on the cake for Divyanka.
    Talking about her dare-devil
    She said “The entire was sequence
    was fun but very risky. We were 25ft
    above the ground level. I was kicked
    about the entire sequence since I
    heard the story line. I was thrilled and
    got an adrenaline rush inside me. I
    feel blessed to keep my adventurous
    passion at peek while doing a
    television daily soap. The most
    difficult part was to look stressed out
    and scared, but honestly I was

  62. diya

    the read the recenr spoiler ..totally hate it …i dnt want to blv on the last part of it cz raman will not see shagun’s face so early . nd thn they will go to the baba’s torture centre frm whr ishita will cm back . u know how nd the crocodile sequence will hppn

  63. diya

    the read the recenr spoiler ..totally hate it …i dnt want to blv on the last part of it cz raman will not see shagun’s face so early . nd thn they will go to the baba’s torture centre frm whr ishita will cm back . u know how nd the crocodile sequence will hppn.. nd guys raman wont see shagun’s face.

  64. vid Hurpaul

    I totally agree with Misty. Ishita is faulty. She should have shared the problem with Raman. She accused him for hiding the surrogacy issue from her and she is doing the same. I think this issue should be over now. The informer should be exposed. My sixth sense tells me that Shagun is part of this whole scenario. She is fooling Ishita. Remember she promised and vowed that by the end of the year she will be with Raman and her children in the bhalla family. It seems that this will happen soon. But I hope she will be exposed before it’s too late and Raman’s family will be saved m

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.