Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla having a talk. Mrs. Bhalla tells about Raman’s childhood wound when he fell from the cycle and how Mr. Bhalla took care of him. Raman shouts and hides under the bed. The nurse says he is not taking injection. They all ask Raman to come out. Raman refuses. Ishita says think what Ruhi and Adi will think, fine they won’t give injection. He says she is a liar. The nurse calls ward boys. They hold Raman and nurse gives the injection.

Shagun gets Mala’s call and says we will meet for dinner. She leaves from the house. Manoj arrives there in the taxi. Shagun sees the driver waking him up and says how irresponsible, he is doctor and drunk. She asks the driver did he drink a lot. The man says no, he is not drunk, he got unwell on the way,

he told this address and I got him here, he fainted. She checks his fever and says she will call security guard. The man asks where should I take him now. She says help me, I will take him to my house.

The nurse gets angry as Raman calls her by ringing bell. She asks what happened now. He says he is not getting sleep. She asks him to have medicine for sleep. She asks his routine and asks him to sleep, he won’t get TV here. She says she has option of injection for sleep. Raman says he is getting sleep and lies down. The nurse leaves. Ishita asks Raman to sleep. He sleeps. She smiles seeing him. yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………..

Its morning, Manoj wakes up and sees Shagun sleeping on the other side couch. He says sorry, I know you took care of me, how did I come here. She says you fainted in taxi and I got you here. He thanks her and says sorry for behaving rudely yesterday. She says its okay, how are you feeling today. Manoj tells Shagun that he does not remember anything. Shagun says I think should leave. He says yes, and opens the door. They say bye to each other and do not go out of the door. She waits for him to go. He waits for her to leave.

They say bye again and smile. She asks is he feeling better. He says yes better, thank you very much. She says you are welcome, so…. And show each other the door. They get puzzled and she asks him to leave. He asks why will I leave, you will leave. She says this is my house. He says its his house, he got this from Vicky broker. She says even she took it from Vicky, maybe he is confused.

He says this is my house, and recalls the other room of the owner. They think they stay in opposite rooms, and their maid is Shanti, and get angry on Vicky. Ishita says Raman troubled everyone in night and not sleeping peacefully. Pathak comes and asks how is Raman. Ishita says he is better now, whats this. He says its imp papers to show Raman, Simmi told about this fight, who were they. She says no, Bala and dad did complaint, its good you came. She asks why does he look worried. He says I have bad news, I went to ministry office to do formalities, I was shocked seeing both the contract cancelled, they feel if Raman is in hospital, who will manage the contract. She gets sad and looks at Raman.

He says how should I tell Raman, he had hope from this contract. She asks him not to tell Raman. She sees Raman and takes him out. She says do me a favor, fix my appointment in ministry. He says he can do this. Pathak tells Ishita that he will come with her and not tell this to anyone. She gets thinking. Shagun asks Manoj to leave and he says he ghave deposit and rent, why will he go. She says she came first in this flat, so he has to go. He says I don’t think so. She says I will call broker, how can I share apartment with a stranger. She says his phone is off, and asks him to go, she won’t go. He says you stay here, I don’t have any problem.

She says all men are same, what can I expect. He asks what do you mean, I m doctor, I stay busy, I don’t have time to bother about others, you shift if you have problem. She says fine, we will see flats individually, the one who gets flat first will shift. He says sounds good. She says she will do drama to see flats, he has to leave. He says she thinks she is smart, who has time to find flats, I m comfortable here, she can leave.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita what is she thinking, is she worried. Ishita says nothing, Raman is fine. Mr. Bhalla asks why did Pathak come. She says he got contract papers, I asked him to come later. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is sleeping like a kid. Ishita gets a call and says she has urgent case at clinic and leaves. Mr. Bhalla says why do I feel she is hiding something from us. Suraj and Parmeet talk to the minister and say maybe Raman is in illegal activities, so he got beaten up, and Ashok is framed in that case, you did mistake giving contract to Raman. Parmeet says Raman is in hospital. His CEO Mihir is abroad, who is responsible person there. Suraj assures that he will do the contract, who will fulfill the order instead Raman? Ishita comes there and says I….. Suraj looks at her.

Mr. Bhalla warns Suraj angrily, and says we know you have sent the goons, the day we get proof, we will send you to jail. Parmeet says Ashok was right, Rinki got the slap, she will support us now. Suraj says Ishita will also get a big shock.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Hayyyy Cuteness ki hadh hogayi yaar kitna cute lagraha tha raman jab nurse injection lagane aayi aur raman. .bed k neeche chop gaya. ….aur ward boys ko lana pada raman ko handle karne k liye. ..

  2. Aur raat mein bell baja kar nurse ko bolata hai ki usse neend nahin aarahi hai. .par jaise hi nurse ne kaha ki usse neend ka injection degi. …tab raman ko jhatse neend aagayi. .aww soo cute kya expressions the. …….
    yaar mujhe ye cute and naughty ravaan kumar bahut achcha laga. …bilkul chote bachche ki tarha behave karraha hai. ..

  3. bhagi

    nice episode nd i by spoilers nd the remsining news i think aab kiso bhi tarah shagun ko rinki ki intemtions ke baare me patha chalega aur phir vo contract me ishu ki help karegi nd phir baad me vo surrogacy vali rackt ko pakadwaane me ishu shagun ki help karegi i think so wt u say guys

  4. tahira

    Hi to all epi was nice waiting for tomorrow still i m in tension dont know what will happen to our ishu this suraj is realy doing over now

  5. tahira

    Yar ye aaj itna late update aya yhm ka kab se wait kar rhi thi mai comment karne k liye kha h sab

  6. Jhanvi

    ….ishra scene was very nice ….Nd sweet…. Nd Raman was looking sooo cute yar. ..just like a kid…so funny ….kitna dar raha tha injection se Nd bed k niche…kitni muskil se bhar nikala Nd for bhi bechare ko injection to khana hi pada …sote hue kitna cute lag raha tha…

  7. Jhanvi

    Thnk god….. Mr. Bhalla ne suraj ko achha javab diya….. Nd contract Raman ki company ko hi milega …ishita use pura karegi…intact puri family milke use pura karegi…..

  8. Jhanvi

    Finally shagun aur Manoj ko pata chal hi gaya…..wo dono ek dusre k samne a hi gaye….. Shagun Manoj scene was funny…dono ek dusre ka Jane ka wait kar rahe the….

  9. Jhanvi

    WO baddimag ladki Rinki …..pata nahi kab sudhregi…??? Wo jarur kuchh garbad karegi.. Contract to sab milk pura krenge lekin phir bhi kahi ye bevkuf sabki mehnt pr pani na fer De…..

  10. tahira

    Lekin ishita ne raman ko kuch bataya kyun nahi ki wo contract ab wo sambhalegi kuch gadbad na ho jaye in dono k beech aur ye suraj ishu k saath kuch karne wala h sb raman ko ghar aa jana chahiye

  11. Jhanvi

    Ha bhagi muje bhi aisa hi lagta hai..aj SBB me dikhaya puri family ne milke company ka contract pura kiya….

  12. bhagi

    haaaa yar par rinki hai na khabbab me haddi par am sure ki agar kuch ghadbad kar di na tho mihir tho nahi chodega use…….

  13. Jhanvi

    Ha bt ishu Raman ko pareshan nahi karna chahti thi isliye nahi btaya…..SBB me dikhaya tha ki Raman uspe gusa krta hai sab janne k bad aur WO roti hai …phir Mrs. Bhalla Raman ko dantati hai aur btati hai ki ishu ki vajah se hi contract pura ho gaya…

  14. Jhanvi

    I think contract to sab milke pura karenge BT dlvry k time pr WO kamine aur WO Rinki kuchh garbad karenge BT is bar in sabki pole khul Jani chahiye aur in he bhi jail hi honi chahiye ….in logo ki jagah sahi me wahi hai…

  15. Jhanvi

    Precap achha to tha Mr. Bhalla ne suraj ko sunaya aur bta diya ki Raman akela nahi hai…BT bura bhi hai.

  16. rinki se kharab aur ghatia panothi koi nahi hai.apnr hi bhai to takleef dethi hai aur bacchi bhi nahi hai.itnii horrible behave karthi hai pagal ladki.

  17. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohababtein will
    show hat Param and
    Suraj make a plan to use
    Raman’s illness in favor
    of them.
    Param and Suraj inform
    to company about Raman
    is in not in condition to
    complete the project that
    they should stop giving
    the project to Raman’s
    On the other hand, Raman
    forces Ishita to sign on
    the paper and makes her
    owner of the company.
    Raman tells Ishita that
    they will have take that
    project at any post and
    makes Ishita believe that
    she can do it.
    Ishita reaches to the
    office along with Romi
    and Pathak.
    Ishita tells office owner
    that she is boss of
    Raman’s company and is
    ready to complete that
    Suraj and Param are
    upset to see, they lost the
    chance again to get the
    However, Suraj and
    Param will not let Ishita
    complete the project

  18. sharmi

    Have they ran out of villians, they are going to make Rinki turned against her family…stop writing such cheap stories.

  19. Roselyn Dada

    The episode is good Shagun is looking so beautiful pls let her contineu to stay positive . wishing Raman quick recovery pls Ishita and Ankita take good care of him. From Nigeria

  20. darshika

    good episode. My god,raman……!!! You are very funny….. I can’t control my smile. And yes, shagun’s story is little bit interesting now. That is very nice scene. Actually I want shagun to have a good husband. Because she has turned as a good person and she has realized her mistakes. And shagun has sufferered a lot because of ashok. So I think that makers should give better life for shagun.
    I feel that now a days ishita is alone with business. At least there isn’t mihir. And all the villains are shaking hands together including rinki.
    And this rinki will do anything for money. We can understand about money minded new generation like rinki. I think that is good massage for society.
    Mihir…. Come soon and help ishita. I think that ishu will balance everything. And will shagun help ishita…….? I ‘m confused about today episode…..From sri lanka.

  21. vidhya

    such a big contract is in hand and raman is not at all thinking or worried about it. just playing like kids in hospital. the way he is running to avoid injection, it seems he is not that much unwell that he cant take even small efforts for the contract. no businessman will forget about important contracts. please dont fool the viewers further.

    • V P

      True vidhya. Just making it funny that’s all . About the contract very true he is not that unwell not to take care of it . If stinky realizes well and good. We don’t want her to be with Suraj and Param . And I heard about Ishitha talking about their consummation night , actually the creators have made it beautiful and both Karan and Ishitha worked hard to make it awesome . You can’t expect more than this … On TV

    • V P

      True vidhya. Just making it funny that’s all . About the contract very true he is not that unwell not to take care of it . If Rinky realizes well and good. We don’t want her to be with Suraj and Param . And I heard about Ishitha talking about their consummation night , actually the creators have made it beautiful and both Karan and Ishitha worked hard to make it awesome . You can’t expect more than this … On TV

  22. bhagi

    guys ek gud news hai rinki will realise her mistake soon nd 15th august ko koi ghadbad nahi hogi infact rinki ne bhalla’s ki help kiya hai vo suraj aur param ka baath sunthi hai ki vo drinks me kuch mila rahe hai bachom ko nuksaan pahunchaane ke liye aur vo akaar e baath ishu ko batha dethi hai aur ishu sambhaal lethi hai……thank god

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