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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Mani that he is taking care of his sister’s children, she respects him, they are soul mates, but they can’t have love in between, Raman is her love and life partner, I m sorry, don’t let this affect our friendship, I m sorry. He says I m not happy with your answer, but I expected this, you are right, our friendship is superior and this won’t come in our friendship. She asks promise and forwards hand. He holds her hand and says yes. She gets a call and says I will attend the call. He says sure. Mani says Raman is very lucky, don’t know he knows this or not.

Mihir gets a call and tells Raman that Romi got the Gurgaon project. Raman says what, he can’t get this, I should have known this, he is getting business by wrong works, he is taking

Ashok’s help, he should win honest way and then show me. Ashok reads the news and Romi says its our victory. Ashok says we have to get more three projects. Romi says find out about Raman’s bid. Ashok says I found out and tells Raman’s project. Romi says I want that contract in any case, bribe someone, do anything, but I want that. Ashok says fine, I was thinking time changes, you used to come and fight with me years ago. Romi says that time he was my brother and now he is my business rival. Raman gets angry and says Romi does not know me, I m his elder brother in relation and father in business, I will show him bad time now. He goes.

Ruhi cries and says why did Ishita come back in her life, why is she doing this, now I m missing my family again, how to know about them. She thinks to check on fb and finds it blocked. She sees none of social media working and says Niddhi blocked this. She asks Nancy to give her wifi details. Nancy says I can’t help you, I lied because of you about Aaliya’s mother, I m sorry, this time I can’t help.


Adi comes to talk to Raman. Raman says you have 5mins, hurry up. Adi says I want to know are you marrying mumma, I heard Amma and Dadi saying that you want to give respect to mumma which she deserves, what did you mean. Raman says you want to know, come with me.

Aaliya comes to Mani and asks what happened, why do you look unromantic, did you propose Amma, what did she say. He says no, I m just a good friend for her. Aaliya says but you love her, I know Amma will take time, you don’t give up. He says I can’t force her, enough is enough, I can’t talk.

Mrs. Bhalla is glad talking to Mihir, and says Raman said this, really, I m happy. Shagun comes home. Mrs. Bhalla tells Shagun that Raman agreed to marry you. Shagun says no, this can’t happen. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihir called and said Raman told him that he wants to give you respect which he deserves, even Adi met him. Raman is coming to tell this to us now. Shagun says I can’t believe this. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman does not tell us anything, but he tells everything to Mihir, I m very happy today, Pihu will be happy too.

Shagun goes to room and says Raman wants to marry me. She smiles and says am I dreaming. She sees Ishita’s pic and says this is not right, Raman is just of Ishita, I m here for Ishita’s Pihu, this family was of Ishita, what am I thinking, but till when will Raman live like this. Its not wrong if he wants to move on, marry and settle for Pihu and Adi, its 7 years, if Raman and I unite again, what am I thinking… She hears Raman and says why is he shouting…..

Raman is angry and talks to Mrs. Bhalla about her and Shagun’s marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Mihir called and told me. Raman says I did not mean I will marry Shagun, Shagun left Manoj for us and Pihu, I wanted other proposals for Shagun, I spoke in marriage bureau, I want her to get happiness. Shagun gets angry and says whom did you ask to talk in marriage bureau, you have no right to take decision of my life, stop this nonsense. Simmi tells Raman has hurt Shagun’s heart. Raman tells them that he can never marry anyone.

Raman talks on phone and says I have to buy even if company has loss making, whats matter is profile, send me mail, I will check. He checks Mihir’s mail and sees the Australian company profile. He sees Ishra, by company owner Ramachandran. He calls on the number. Ishita is already on call and looks at the other phone ringing.

Ishita goes to receive call. She answers the call. Raman hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. No Raman will be more cruel when he will come to know that Ishu is alive he will think that he doesn’t care about pihu and left her alone every family member will be against Ishu
    But if Mani tells everything to aaliya about each and every incident than she might tell ruhi
    Than rruhi aadi will be joining ishra

    1. I too think the same . ishitha in yhm is only to suffer …. serial … it has to move on

  2. this is better cuz raman n ishu will meet

  3. Awesome Awesome story.. It lost charm a bit in between.. but now.. again back to the top list.. Love the Ishra & Ruhi..Pihu.. All the characters… 🙂 🙂

  4. hey guys good morning to all.

  5. stop this moderation .plz.

  6. where are you guys jhanvi darshi darshika nivedha siddhi nimrit ramchin naaz parvathi zaara and many?

  7. Hlw every body but am not a Indian from (( england )) came to see Ma parents there all r in (( SL ))….
    I lv YHM vry mch ….
    But … Unfortunately am not in S -L I hv stop that serial since from last year … Becoz am in engalnd
    recently came ang again gonna watching that serial again …
    It was really Gud & I lv it sooo much
    and again gonna miss that serial on may 26 th 2016 …
    Again gng to england to wrk in my project …
    I ‘ll pray that this YHM will be finishing in a vey gud ending …
    MAY GOD BLESS ALL … In (( YHM )) …

  8. So?
    What is next?
    All i want is a happy ending
    Dont stretch that serial for too long
    It gonna be boring

  9. In SBS they showed pihu and ishita in a hotel while pihu was taking pastry she saw ishita and ran to her but was unable to meet her and had got a doubt that she is that lady whom she has seen in iyers house and that reporters told that ishita Raman pihu ruhi niddhi and Mani will be meeting in
    The same hotel I think so on that day only when Raman ishita bumbed nlbut I’m happy they will be meeting but I know Raman will be very angry after knowing ishita is alive

  10. May be when Raman will see ishita alive he will obviously get very angry and if he marrys shagun in anger then what will happen I wish nothing happens like to that

  11. hey guys good afternoon to all.

  12. Happy Birthday Shagun aka Anita Hassanandani .

  13. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Mani tells
    Ishita about his plan to
    start a new business.
    Ishita is happy hearing
    Mani’s new plan and
    supports him in his new
    Mani loves Ishita a lot in
    spite of knowing he can
    never get her love.
    Ishita in forms Aaliya
    about Mani’s new
    business and asks her to
    make Ruhaan as brand
    ambassador of their new
    Nidhi gets shocked
    seeing Ishita in Australia
    and asks Ruhaan not to
    have any contact with
    Ruhaan already has hate
    corner for Ishita and
    accepts Nidhi’a orders.
    Will Ishita find Ruhaan’s
    reality as Ruhi?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  14. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Raman is in
    Australia for his business
    Raman and Ishita’s first
    confrontation stopped by
    Ruhaan aka Ruhi hate
    her parents Raman and
    Ishita so she uses some
    trick and stop Raman
    seeing Ishita.
    Apart from this, Raman
    and Ishita come to a mall
    where they bump with
    each other but once again
    they get failed to see
    each other faces.
    Raman tries to help the
    lady (Ishita) but he gets a
    call and goes from there.
    What will happen when
    Raman and Ishita come
    face to face after 7 years?
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  15. Lot of twists and turns are expected in
    the upcoming episodes of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein as Raman
    (Karan Patel ) has come to Australia
    and is expected to bump in to Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) soon.
    Raman and Ishita have separated from
    each other post 7 years leap in the
    Ishita stays in Mani’s house in
    Australia and looks after Mani’s niece
    Raman too lands up in Australia for
    business work and there will be
    interesting turn of events.
    Ruhaan aka Ruhi too is in Australia
    and will notice Ishita and Raman in
    coffee shop.
    Ruhi has grudge against Raman and
    Ishita and will make sure that both do
    not meet each other.
    However, soon Raman and Ishita will
    be in the same mall, where Ishita will
    get hurt.
    Raman will notice a hurt lady and will
    decide to help.
    However, a phone call will take Raman
    away from the lady, who is none other
    than Ishita.
    Viewers will have to wait and watch
    for Ishita and Raman’s meet after

  16. The upcoming story line of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring
    new twister as Aaliya will soon come
    to know Ruhaan (Aditi Bhatia) is none
    other than Ruhi.
    It is seen that Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) has moved to Australia post
    7 years leap and is staying with Mani
    to look after his niece Aaliya.
    Aaliya is rock star Ruhaan’s fan and is
    crazy about him.
    Ishita misses Ruhi immensely and
    holds the guilt of parting with Ruhi in
    her mind.
    On the other hand, Ruhi aka Ruhaan
    blames Ishita for her ill fate with Nidhi
    and wants to avenge Ishita.
    Ruhaan will realize Aaliya and Ishita’s
    connection and will make Aaliya
    assistant to gain entry in Ishita’s life.
    Aaliya, however, will soon realize that
    Ruhaan is actually Ruhi.
    Shocked Aaliya will decide to reunite
    Ishita and Ruhi.

  17. ISHITA Suggests Mani to make
    RUHAN as Brand Ambassador for
    his Bussiness. | MANI

  18. Raman hits Ishita and goes without
    of seeing her its AMAZING to watch
    Ishita Scolding Raman…

  19. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some major
    It seems that Nidhi (Pavitra Punia) will
    come to know that Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) is in Australia.
    Nidhi will be shocked to see her and
    will get tense as she will get scared
    that her plan might get exposed.
    On the other hand Ruhi aka Ruhaan
    also knows that Ishita is in Australia.
    It is heard that Nidhi will warn Ruhaan
    to not to have any contact with Ishita
    or else she will get angry.
    Ruhi will agree to Nidhi as she hates
    Ishita and is willing to accept Nidhi’s
    Will Ishita come to know that Ruhaan
    is actually Ruhi or not?
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  20. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ on Star Plus
    currently showcases how Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman
    (Karan Patel) who were madly in
    love with each other prior to the leap
    have chosen to start their lives
    independently, on a clean slate.
    In the coming episodes, Mrs.Bhalla
    finds out that Raman is going to
    Australia. Adi wishes to go with
    Raman but he refuses askin him to
    concentrate on his studies.
    When Pihu hears this,She asks
    Raman to take her with him as she
    wants to meet her Rockstar Ruhaan.
    Finally Raman agrees to take Pihu
    with him. Raman hits Ishita and ges
    without of seeing her its Mazing to
    watch Ishita Scolding Raman…
    OMG.. Lets see what next happenes
    in Australia..
    On the other hand, Mrs.Bhalla
    decides to make Raman
    marry Shagun. Not only that She
    finds out that Mihika and Romi are
    going to marry and decides to irritate
    Iyers by keeping chicken bones in
    their compound.
    On the other hand, Aliya comes
    home upset as Ruhaan shouts on
    her. As usual Ishita consoles her
    and prepares her favorite food.
    If sources are to be believed, Raman
    and Pihu are in Australia,and the
    chances of Ishita meeting Pihu are
    great and Ruhi aka Ruhaan also
    meets her lookalike Pihu.
    Isn’t that an amazing twist.The
    whole Family is going to come
    together. Stay tuned for more

  21. Raman and Pihu lands in Australia, the
    family to reunite?
    Raman along with Pihu are going to
    Australia. Pihu will accompany her
    father for the business trip. In
    Australia, Ruhi will see Raman and
    break down. Ishita and Raman will
    have some misses before they
    actually come face to face. Ruhi will
    try to stop the couple from meeting
    each other. Pihu will spot Ishita in
    Australia and recognize her as the in
    the photo. She will want to meet her to
    know more about her.
    Will Pihu meet her mother? Will Ishita
    and Ruhi reunite with her family? Keep
    watching to know more. This track is
    likely to thrill the audience with its
    interesting plot.

  22. It means ishra reunion wont happen in Australia…

  23. Oh my god!Raman will fly to Australia

  24. Hey guys gud news yhm officially become no 1 show in India

  25. Hi Rithu Thank you v much for the updates

  26. Hummm so?
    Whats new?
    Any updates?

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