Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi following Sujata. Romi keeps an eye on Sujata and hears he talking on phone that she is going to meet Ruhi, its her essay competition tomorrow. He says how does she know this and he should tell Raman about this. Raman comes to Ishita and sees her applying cream with difficulty to her feet. He applies with the brush and she smiles seeing him. Hasne laga sehra…………….. They have a talk. Yeh hai mohabbatein……….plays……… She calls Neelu asking for a folder. Raman reads Ruhi’s essay in it and smiles proudly. He reads my dad is a superman, and calls everyone to show off what Ruhi said, her dad is superman.

They ask why is he shouting. He says some people think I m bad father, and wants to clear the air, truth does not hide. Ishita and Raman

start taunting each other. The family laughs. Raman says Ishi Maa irritates my father, huh… They all leave. Ishita says they are fed up of you. He says I will go to your mum and say what a son in law she got. She says what was this drama, I love my daughter loves me. Raman comes out and says she got jealous.

Ruhi calls her and asks him to come in her essay competition. He says I will come. She says thanks, I love you and miss you. He thinks to do something special for Ruhi. Ishita asks Pammi to make it special and says you will get superman costume, if you become superhero, kids like it, Ruhi calls Raman a superman. Raman hears her. Ruhi says kids love superhero concept. Raman thinks was Ruhi saying this to me and gets an idea. He says don’t worry Ruhi, your Papa will make all dads leaves. Ishita says I will go in saree, you go well and enjoy your grandson’s fancy dress.

Romi come after Sujata and sees her with someone. He goes close to find who is that man. Its Bala. A waiter bumps into Romi and he gets busy. Bala leaves seeing him. Romi says where did he go. Its morning, Mihir asks Raman whast the connection between essay and fancy dress. Raman says maybe its connected, school have new concept. Mihir asks him to come out, stop being shy, there is nobody in the house. Raman comes in superman costume. Mihir sees him and asks will he go like this, lets try something else.

Mihir asks is Ishita wearing some costume. Raman says she is jealous, and says why do superman wear inners outside. Mihir says it should be unique and compliments his body. Raman goes. Mihir says there will be solid fun today. The driver sees Raman and smiles. Raman asks him to keep eyes on road. The car breaks down and Raman asks him to get car to Ruhi’s school, he will go by auto.

He stands on the road to take auto. Main to superman…………….plays……….. The girls laugh seeing him and he asks did they not see superman before. He stops an auto and tries to hire. The man sees his costume and refuses. Raman gets angry knowing he forgot his wallet, and calls Mihir. He asks him to send car, people are laughing.

Ruhi’s elocution competition goes on and Ishita attends it. Ruhi waits for Raman. Mihir makes Raman wear bathrobe, and asks why did he do this, he could wear a suit. Raman says you will understand when you become father. Raman says today Ruhi will know her dad is superman.

Ruhi is called next. Ishita and Shagun clap for her. Ruhi goes on stage. Ishita says Raman’s phone is not reachable and tries. Ruhi starts speaking on her topic my Papa my superman. She says her dad is her best friend and she enjoys a lot with him, he solves all her problems, she missed her dad, and loves him a lot. Raman comes there in superman costume. Ruhi smiles seeing him and says he protects her from all problems, her dad is her superman and points to him.

Ishita and Shagun get surprised seeing him and everyone laugh. A kid tells Ruhi that her dad does not know anything and came as fake superman. Mihir comes. Ishita sees everyone laughing and looks at Raman. Ishita defends Raman, and says he is Ruhi’s superman, you know why, Raman Bhalla is such dad who does not care what world will think, he wore this costume for Ruhi’s happiness, as he know he is superman for her, he gives importance to Ruhi’s feelings, and he is hero is true sense. Everyone clap. Pita se hai naam tera………….

Ruhi and Raman smile. Ruhi gets the prize. Ishita gets Mihika’s call and says Ruhi won, I will come. She wants to tell Raman that she has to go to meet Pathak and sees him busy with kids. Ruhi and Ishita laugh seeing him being celebrity today.

Everyone look for Ruhi at the school. The guard says she has gone with a lady, with someone else. Shagun asks who.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. divan

    Raman aaj super man nahi ccomedy man ban gaya….:-) 🙂 …..aur tho aur hamesha ki tharah aaj bhi ruhi ka competition miss kar diya….

  2. Raman ko dekh meri hasi rukh nahin rahi thi. … sweet yaar beti k liye. .superman ban kar aagaya. …love raman. .

  3. Mizun & Priyaroli……humne wo story padhi thi tab socha tha na ki Raman ka fave kaisa hoga …to aaj pata chal gaya hoga na ki uss waqt Raman ka face kaisa hoga………

  4. divan

    Ab ishitha ramn pe chilayegi ki vo ithne careless kaise ho sakta hai n vo log phir se ladne lag jayenge,,,,……….god yar sab kuch acha hokar bhi bura ho raha hai

  5. Thank god yaar IshRa k scene ko cut nahin kiya. …superb scene tha. .kitna happy tha.ramsn ….aaj k episode mein raman bahut cute laraha tha. …

    • No yaar ek scene cut hua…..yaad hai….jab Raman Ishita ko langda Tyagi…bolkar bahar jata hai…tab Ishita bolti hai ki nahi hai to aap ko bhi langda kar doongi…..

  6. Aab formal suit me the & Raman Superman ban kar aaya….kitna embareassing tha……..dhyan se dekha…….ek baar Raman ki aankho me aqnsu aaye ho aisa laga……..Par Ishita ne ussi Embarranssing moment ko kitna happy moment banadiya Raman ke liye………. .wo Shagun bhi hans rahi thi……

  7. No yaar ek scene cut hua…..yaad hai….jab Raman Ishita ko langda Tyagi…bolkar bahar jata hai…tab Ishita bolti hai ki nahi hai to aap ko bhi langda kar doongi…..

  8. Hey precap mein jo bataya. .ki ruhi ko koi lady leke gai hsi. ….kahin woh. ..sujata toh nahin. …uss ne kaha tha ki. .ruhi ka aaj essay competition hai. .uss se milna hai. .right. .

  9. Yaar…..inn logo ke Script Writters achche ho na ho….but Dialouge Wrrittets …. bahot bahot bahot achche hai…..hqi ke nai……..

    • Yup. …..IshRa k dialogues bahut bahut achche hote hai. .aur raman k one liners uss ka mukhabila koi nahin karsakta. .aur karan ne kaha ki kuch lines toh uss ki khud ki hoti hai. ..

  10. Ruhi ne kuch clues chhode honge….taki IshRa usse dhundh sake….Mihika & Ishita ko Ruhi ka Rumaal milega raste par…….par yeh Raman Shagun ke saath kya kar raha tha…….

  11. Heh ek aur dialouge cut hua aisa laga……jab Raman essay bolta hai taamb shayad yeh bhi kehta hai ki Sab super heroes to upar underwear pehnnte hai…but wo unique hai……

  12. Hey pata hwi….StarUtsav par 26th se Bidaai shuru hone wala hai….bas humara YHM hi nahi aata …..kyo nahi aata…….I hope yeh new shows shuru ho rahe hai to YHM bhi shuru ho……

  13. SS

    precap was also good mujhe lagta hai ki vo lady vahi sujata hi hogi………..tumhe kya lagta hai prayosha,mizun

  14. Aaj ke ep ke liye……….

  15. Raman..jab ruhi adi k sath hota hai. .woh song bahut achcha hai. ..pitah se hai naam tera. ….beautiful song yaar. …

  16. Kam se kam aaj ke ep se to YHM kii iss week ki TRP badhni chahiye. …….YHM ko 5th position par hum nahi dekh sakte……at least 3rd position par to hona hi chahiye……….

  17. Ishita ne baat bahut ache se sambhali …superb…Raman galati se superman ki dress phene aaya…par ishita ne ache se sambhali situation …

  18. Yeh Bala Sujata se mil raha hai ……to Muje nahi lagta ki wo IshRa ke saath kuch bura hone dega……. wo Subbu ko IahRa ke bich nahi aane dega……..

  19. Are yaar Superman ke chakkar me humne IshRa scene ke bare me to baat hi nahi ki……How cute na Ramsn touch karne ko mana kiya to Brush le kar aa gaya….par uss scene me BG song play hua to IshRa kya baat kar rahe the wo pata hi nahi chala……

  20. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    spoiler (hate it)
    New Twist In Yeh Hai MohabbateinYeh Hai Mohabbatein is soon going to have a major twist with Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi)ex-boyfriend Subu’s entry amid all the separation drama amid Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) and Ishita. In early episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita was seen engaged to Subu, but Subu cancels the wedding as Ishita is unable to bear a baby.In the soon to be introduced track, Subu will come across Ishita while Raman will be out of town with work commitments. Ishita and Subuwill be both stunned to see each other while both will have flashback of moments shared together in the past.Subu, being the egoistic man will be annoyed to see Ishita sharing a good life with Raman and all settled with her husband.It will be interesting to see what impact Subu’s entry will have on Ishita and Raman’s marital life

  21. ♥♔SaRa♔♥

    spoiler (hate it too much)
    Ishita’s past to create troubles in her life!Viewers of Ye Hai Mohabbatein, to witness a high voltage drama as Ishita’s past will create problems for her and Raman…The viewers of Ye Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus, are quite curious about Ishita’s past and the recent entry of a man.The ongoing tracks revolve around Ruhi’s (Ruhanika Dhawan) custody case which has kept the audience emotionally hooked to the show and they are smitten over Ishima and Ruhi’s bond and love is being shown on the show.Well, Ishita’s past is to hound her back. To know more what is in store for the viewers, read the following -Source says, “Ishita’s ex -lover Subramanium(Bhanujeet Sudan) will come back and this time he will be seen as the owner of the advertising company. Ruhi will be acting in the ad film and he will share a very good relationship with Ashok (Sangraam Singh). Later, Subramanium will come to know about Ishita through Ruhi and his feelings will again develop for her.”As the show will progress further, Subbu will join hands with Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) to create differences in Ishita and Raman’s life and will try to separate them so that he can get Ishita backin his life. He will create so many problems that Raman will be left with no option to give a divorce to Ishita, so that she can remain happy,” adds the source.Will Ishita and Raman get separated forever? Well the time will tell everything now!

  22. Are yaar…..YHM ka timing phir se change kar diya…………… koi naya shpw shuru huaa to YHM ka repeat bandh kar diyaa……DABH & SNS ka nahi kar sakte……YHM hi mila……..

  23. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman and Ishita’s loving daughter Ruhi to go missing!

    That’s the latest twist on Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…
    Raman and Ishita’s darling daughter will soon go missing on the show. And this latest drama will be all thanks to Ishita’s reckless husband. Yes, Ruhi has always been by her daddy dearest’s side, but looks like it’s not the same for Raman. The so-called doting dad has forgotten to pick up his daughter. Ruhi in her school announced that her father is a superman. And so Raman decides to get into the superman look. Now the thought of this has made us go ROTFL! No wonder in this picture even Divyanka couldn’t hold back her laughter after watching Karan in this avatar. However, his this look will not impress Ishita. Ruhi will go missing coz Raman forgot to pick her up from the ad shoot. While Shagun will take this opportunity to get back at her ex-husband, Ishita will be mighty pissed with her husband for being so careless. First she lost her loving daughter to Shagun all thanks to Raman and now this.

    However, here’s some relief. Ruhi is not kidnapped! She is in safe hands and is with Ishita’s ex-boyfriend Subbu. And playing this role is none other than Amit Tandon. Remember Dr Abhimanyu Modi from from Dill Mill Gayye. Right he will be seen as the new entrant in Raman and Ishita’s life. Will Subbu succeed in winning Ishita and Ruhi over? Will Raman lose both his wife and daughter to Subbu on the show? Well, gear up for some twist ka tadkas on the show soon… For the latest updates on Yeh Hai Mohabbatein come back right here!

  24. nimrit

    is subbu ki track ki wajah se na yhm ka trp na ki badhega…….. balki aur bhi low & low ho jayega…..dhire dhire sare viewers yhm dekhna chhod denge & then tab yhm ka trp 7 ya 8 pe aa gaya na to in writers ka dimag thikane pe aa jayega……… abhi in logoko samjhme nahi aa raha hai kya…… abhi to trp 5th pe hai………… aaise ishra ko alag karke kya show superhit ho jayega kya……….sare viewers ko unka seperation nahi unka bonding pasand hai…… hate u all makers & writers…… hate u…hate u…hate u

    • No yaar….Karan ki shaadi hai…to wo chutti lega iss liye……Subbu ko dikhayenge………jab Karan waapas aa jayega… Subbu YHM ko bye bye bol dega………

  25. Waah aaj Adi aur ruhi dono shagun ko hate karte hai. …dono ne shagun k sath Jane se mana kar diya. ……
    …maza aaye ga dekhne mein. …aur aaj hi bataye ga shayad. …

  26. nsb

    oh god now this subbu track will bore us fr 1 month..even if raman is busy with personal break, we viewers dont want this short break up also of ishraa..trp will surely go down..can show raman gng on official trip to make them realise each others toh gng to stop watching YHM..all d best..

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