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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita going to make sweet corn soup for Ruhi. She gets a call and says I m coming. Raman tells her that Mihir called him. She says even I got his call, how is Ruhi. He says Ruhi is fine, this time you stopped me, Niddhi has to pay for this for sure. They leave. Raman and everyone discuss about union in the meeting. Raman says union workers are not ready to listen. Adi says I think we should file police complaint. Mihir asks what will we say, union workers did not do wrong, union’s work is to protect workers. Aaliya says Mihir is right, police complaint is not a solution. Adi reacts angrily and asks her to keep her views to herself, I told Mani that you won’t be involved in this project, go away. Mani asks whats this way to talk to Aaliya, she is just giving

her point of view. Adi says she is not needed here. Ishita asks Adi to stop it. Adi asks Aaliya to leave.

Mani asks whats wrong with you, you are saying Aaliya is responsible for this, its happening because of you, if you did not beat that worker… Raman apologizes on Adi’s behalf and says Adi is stressed. Mani says no, this is not a reason, Adi has to apologize. Raman asks Adi to apologize to Aaliya. Adi refuses and leaves. Mani says I think we should leave Aaliya. Ishita apologizes from Adi’s side. Mani asks her not to cover up Adi’s mistake and leaves with Aaliya. Mihir says its all going bad. Raman says its getting personal, this way things won’t get fine. She says I think we should go home and sleep, then think fresh.

Shagun asks Mani shall I get angry on you or be proud of you, you tried to help Raman and your own work got spoiled, its my turn to do something for you, sorry I just have this much. She gives him a cheque and says I m your wife, whatever is mine is yours, pay double money to workers and start work, we can’t keep factory shut. He says I can’t take this, sorry. She asks how will it run, once work starts, we can convince workers to go and work with Raman, we can help Raman and Ishita that way, keep this, I m your wife, trust me. He takes the cheque and thanks her. He says I will call workers and negotiate.

Ishita and Raman wonder where is Adi. Raman calls his friends and asks about Adi. He tells her that Adi is not with his friends, he is grown up boy, he will come. Adi comes home drunk and says leave me, I m not a kid, I will not let Aaliya live peacefully, why did she reject me, whats in Mamu which I don’t have. Ishita says love does not happen by thinking well, did you think before liking her, you can’t force anyone to love you. He says she has to say yes to me, I can’t hear no, I don’t want to hear your lecture. He goes. Raman asks Ishita not to worry, Adi is hurt, I will talk to her.

Mihir goes to Aaliya and says I know Adi spoke to you badly, try to understand, he is very much bad, you know the reason, I think you should stay away from Adi, give him some space and time, if possible, don’t talk about me infront of him, I don’t want him to get hurt. She asks what about my pain, you are behaving rude to me, I m tolerating all this because I…. Mihir says I m not right for you, there is age difference and generation gap between us, this is infatuation and will face with time. She says no, I know its love. He says try to understand this is not possible. She holds him and says I can’t say how much I love you. He asks do you truly love me, come with me.

Mani thanks Shagun and says workers agreed to work, I m feeling light, I was in tension, I m feeling bit hungry. She asks him to freshen up, I will order food. She goes and calls union leader. She thanks him and says you did not break my promise. He says how can I refuse to big profit. She says you will get 50 lakhs in your account, just make sure Bhallas don’t run their factory. She says Niddhi’s plan worked.

Mihir asks Aaliya to put her hand on the flame and prove her love. She asks are you mad, I won’t do this madness, I don’t need to do this to prove my love. He says you have to do this, and holds her hand. She says I will get hurt, you got mad. He says this is your love, see my love now. He puts his hand on flame and says I truly love Rinki, you just have infatuation. She switches off the flame and asks are you mad. He says stop this madness, I don’t love you, you want someone who madly loves you, I m not that guy, you would do this if you truly loved me. He goes.

Ishita thinks of Adi and wakes up from sleep. She goes out to get water. She hears some sound and goes to see. She sees Adi and asks whom are you messaging, Aaliya, show me. Adi says leave me. She reads threatening message and asks whats this nonsense, how can you threaten her, are you mad. He asks her to be away from his matter and takes his phone. He sends the message. She asks are you blackmailing her. He says leave me, I can manage myself. She says I will not let you fall even if you want, stop this nonsense. She takes him home.

Raman goes to Adi’s room and does not find him. He goes out and sees Ishita bringing Adi. She signs Raman and gives her phone to him. She takes Adi to room. Raman sees Aaliya’s incoming call and thinks what to call. He answers. Aaliya says Amma, Mihir does not like me, Adi hates me, he has sent many messages to me, I don’t know what to do, you said right, Mihir has no feelings for me, I love Mihir, and now I lost my good friend, please meet me. Raman says its me, not Amma, she is handling Adi, he is not well. She asks why, what happened to him.

Raman says you are asking this, he is not able to handle himself, he does not care for parents. She asks why. He says I don’t want to be rude, you may have hurt that what you sow is what you reap, when your heart breaks, you will understand my son, you behaved such that he felt you love him, don’t make fun of anyone’s feelings. Ishita comes and asks whose call is it. Raman gives her phone and goes. Ishita talks to Aaliya. Aaliya says I m sorry for Adi, Mihir did right with me, I deserve it. Ishita asks what happened, why are you crying. She wonders what Mihir did and calls back. She says her phone is switched off, I need to go and see her. She leaves.

Shagun comes to Aaliya and finds her crying. She asks why are you crying, did Mihir say anything, I will talk to him, he has to accept your love. Aaliya says stop it, why are you doing this, you should have showed me right path, you are provoking me, Amma explained me that hurting Adi and loving Mihir is not right, I ignored her because of you, Mihir took extreme step today, thank God he is not like you, Adi would be so hurt, Raman uncle was saying right, I rejected him and Mihir rejected me, enough, I won’t listen to you, I will meet Adi tomorrow and say sorry. She leaves. Shagun thinks what will happen of my plan now.

Ishita asks Mihir whats wrong with you, whats his gas burn drama, I did not expect this from you, are you mad, that’s why Aaliya was crying, she is young, she got scared. He says I wanted to explain her about infatuation, I had to take this drastic step, sorry. She goes to Aaliya and hugs her. She makes her sleep. Aaliya says sorry and cries. Ishita sits by her side. Shagun looks on.

Raman asks Adi to take this wine, if you can come home drunk, why can’t you drink wine infront of me, show me how will you forget Aaliya by drinking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode.

  2. Finally..adi nd aliya are coming on track. Thank u writers fr not destroying their characters.

  3. Laya

    Lovely episode ??? hi guys sorry I couldn’t come I had to revise for some exams good kick mihir and ishitha and also Raman showing both of them the right way

  4. The epi was actually nice even the preach cos it shows that every parent and elder is showing the right path to their children except for Shavindra of course

  5. Nice even the precap*
    Except for shagun*
    Autocorrect ???

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thankgod aliya understood the situation just because she is ishu’s upbringing realy ishu is world’s best maa and i think the acid attack was planned by shagun or niddi not aliya

  7. yaa nyc episodes:) atlst aliya cme knw true colours f shagun

  8. Episode was ok.i missed the episode.precap was also ok.

  9. Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha siddhi aparna priya bhagi mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi Sarita sara sachie shreya mino Luna and all yhm friends.

    1. Hi rithu… how are you dear? I am fine… Exams finished for you?

  10. But acid drama will bring another problemm…. i just hope fastly all prblms get solve. aliya can be pair vth adhi or mihir… no matter but i want end this triangle love track

  11. Adi shld have been slapped left and right by Raman or mani… Mani is showing concern for adi too…bcoz he loves adi too like Aliya… thank God Shagun U came to Aliya and got scoldings from her… Well done Aliya ily… I am very upset with adi… I saw in Instagram a photo in which Mani was aiming a gun on adi. Hope he doesn’t turn negative… Good to see Aliya realising her mistake.. now she understood that her concern for Mihir is just an infatuation. I don’t know why Mihir hurt himself… He shld have briefly explained Aliya. But anyways he was nice today. He showed her . Raman Ishu Mani Mihir Aliya were good today. Shagun let’s see what will U do after acid attack plan ur plans are going to fail… I pity Aliya when she will be suffering from acid attack. Hope adi did not do this. I think writers are planning to unite Aliya and adi soon. I just wanted them nt to fight wid each other.

    Btw who was Kimberly? Avanthi said that she is always in favour of Villains in this show… I don’t believe this. She might have misunderstood the whole serial. I pity her. How does she react can anyone say? Because I want to friendly wid all of U.u all r so sweet and kind. I don’t want anyone in this grp to fight with each other.

  12. Hi everyone I just want to say I felt Raman is very selfish what’s aliyas fault jasay adi ko aliya say pyar hoya wasay hi aliya ko mihir say I agree aliya should kiss adi there r certain limitations but adi shouldn’t do this Raman always thinks about his children I don’t understand what is aliyas fault but adi has lost his mind his ego CVS fully know how to spoil a persons character utter nonsence

  13. I don’t think that mihir used to love rinki he loved mihika

  14. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    mihir loves rinki?no he loves only mihika not rinki.rinki is just a wife for mihir but mihika is everything for mihir

    1. Ya I agree rinki was like a friend to mihir

    2. Bhagya and Siddi

      Mihir was in love with Mihika but Mihika had broke Mihir heart. Mihika was married to Ashok (blackmailing her) Mihir get shocked and hurt. Mihir and Rinki become friend and Ishita noticed them happy. Rinki wedding had been stopped by Shagun and Shagun ruin Rinki’s life and put all blames on Ishita. Ishita told guest and families that she did not force Rinki to accept the other guy. Rinki had to decided what she want. Wedding was about to called off but Ishita save Rinki and families. Ishita ask Mihir to trust her and Mihir trust her and family look on and confused. Ishita tell about her friendship with Raman when they were married then start to fall in love. Mihir still think what to do. Ishita ask Mihir to marry Rinki because she is comfortable with you and Mihika is married to Ashok and Mihika will not coming back in your life. Mihir agree with Ishita and married to Rinki. Mihir and Rinki slowly fall in love with each other. Shagun ruin Mihir and Rinki marriage and want to revenge on Ishita.

      Mihika tried to escape from Ashok and Ashok hurt Mihika. Mihika was about to fall but Mihir save Mihika from Ashok (Ashok is about to rape Mihika). Simmi and Mihir beat Ashok and take Mihika back to Iyer house and inform Raman and Ishita. Ishita get worry and goes to see Mihika. Mihika then tell about Ashok trapped and blackmail that shocked all families. Ashok refused to divorced Mihika but social worker (Subbu’s mother in law) assist Mihika with divorce and warn Ashok. Mihir and Mihika are only friends because Mihir is still married to Rinki. Rinki had become jealous of Mihir and Mihika friendship and turn negative. Raman support Rinki and throw Ishita out of Bhalla house. Raman want to talk to Ishita and find his bed empty and realised he missed Ishita and want her back. Subbu make the couple to enter the competition. Mihir and Rinki to enter competition then Raman and Ishita get join by their children (Ruhi and Adi) Raman play prank to lose the game so he let Rinki and Mihir win. Rinki then realised that Mihir only loves her not Mihika. Mihika then dating Romi for long time.

  15. please don’t make shagun do acid please its a request

  16. I also think acid attack will be planned and I’ve read mani will get angry due to acid attack and then shagun will use him to help get custody of pihu by him testifying against ishita as he gets angry due to Aliya acid attack. Really hope this isn’t true.

  17. This show is so logical… Thanks god its not like stupid saathiya wich shows small kid and big uncle marriage meera and dharam chi

  18. shreya shetty

    ohhh now I get it this stupid dog shaggy business is back she was the one who had been bribing the union leader on promising that she ll pay him the money for the work done in order to destroy ramans business and make him rejected.well this time I was very happy when aaliya scolded her by distrusting her to be her like mother,thank u soo much aaliya for scolding shagun on her evil tricks well done,u r truly ishus adopted girl I must say that whatever ishita taught in u still remains there as I am waiting to see shaggy gets tortured more by ruhi,ishita and aaliya.come on guys show that doggy shagun some manners by foling her evil wicked plans.wth///// adi is terribly a demon boy how does he even dare think of throwing aci don aaliya,he should be sentenced for entire lifetime in prison for that dangerous act.i want him to die that’s all only then I shall restore peace again.somebody please shoot Aditya bhalla sooo bad that he should and must die for not only disrespecting his ishimaa but also seeking revenge from aaliya love,seriously???

    1. Sherya adi will not throw acid its some one else plan

    2. Shreya…

      You did not read Rithushee update!!!!
      Adi did not throw the acid on Aylia. Adi is in drunkard state and went to jungle.
      Shagun and Nidhi send the goon to throw the acid on Aylia.
      Stop blaming Adi for not doing his wrong. Ishita had upbringing Adi with value and respect.
      Mani believe that Adi did not do that because Ishita had upbringing Adi that does not go wrong. Mani take Adi case back and Shagun plan failed.
      Raman, Romi, Mihir and Ishita discussed of how to trapped Union leader.
      Ishita talk with union leader and give jewellery and money but union leader did not know about the hidden cam but all the worker watch it and get shocked while Raman, Mihir and Romi stood to watch how the worker reaction. Union leader comes out of Ishita office and get stunning to see worker and tells lied that Ishita is bribing him. Worker get angry and tell union leader to get lost and I have seen this and Ishita did not bribe you. Ishita then tell workers that union leader want you to lose your job and worker get fumed and tell other workers to get back to work and continue to save Raman company. Raman, Mihir and Romi get happy that it got solved. Shagun and Nidhi will lose. Mani and Adi will be relieved. Mani and Ishita are no longer friends because of Shagun lied and took Pihu away from Bhalla house. Adi goes to Raman and Ishita and ask for forgive then Raman and Ishita forgive Adi and plan to goes out with family to have fun without Aylia.

      Aylia scold Shagun because she realised that Mihir does not love her and put all the blame on Ishita. Mihir made Aylia clear if she is truly love Mihir and prove it by burning the hand because Aylia know that she can’t do it. Mihir show his prove that he loves Rinki and burn his hand that scared Aylia and Aylia cried. Aylia then tell Ishita and Ishita get worried then come to see Aylia. Ishita scold Mihir for what he did was wrong. Mihir felt bad. Ishita goes to Aylia and consoled her and Shagun look on. Shagun then will plan to break the tied between Adi and Ishita.

      1. shreya shetty

        oops sorry for that silly mistake parichary.but since when did rithushree post the upcoming future update its not mentioned here when????ohhh is that so,well adi is innocent maybe I guess.aaliya has finally realized that mihir doesn’t love her but just likes her as a friend and being ignorant rejected adi.I am confident that she ll soon reunite with him and apologize her ignorance towards him and both shall live happily as best friends once again

  19. Good morning to all of you yhm fans i think we all are happy now after show coming back on track

  20. Hello shreya ji how is your preparation for your exams

  21. Hi all yhm fans.sorry guys was busy with Eid preps.but I read all the updates just cudnt reply. This shaggy is really a fool whose digging her own grave slowly just hope she doesn’t take all the good place with her.

    1. shreya shetty

      absolutely right super girl I agree with we ll see this stupid shaggy is slowly getting closer to her doomsday into her own grave soon in the time when raman and ishu will beat her up in the challenge by winning pihus custody and family reunited once more again leaving that ferocious witch devil shagun all alone stuck in her own pit hahaa.eagerly awaiting to see it happen for sure!!!

  22. shreya shetty

    hey magic I am fine.yes my preparation is going well on maths I wish I could score better at most I suppose I am trying to overcome my fear of maths slowly day by day coz u r encouraging me to do the best

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