Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek talking to Mr. Bhalla about Chand and the problem. Raman asks the people to move and Romi rushes the car infront of the bus. The ladies panic and cry holding the kids. Chand says you all die now, and jumps from the bus. Ishita panics as the bus gets out of control. Raman tells Romi that the driver jumped. Ishita sees the speed falling and gets shocked. She gets in the driver’s seat to handle the tough situation. Chand says I have taken revenge for my son’s death now. The bus goes across the barriers. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla are they going to die. Mrs. Bhalla says no, Mata Rani will save all of us.

Raman says nothing will happen Ishita, don’t let speed fall less than 60. She says its hard, I can’t know the controls properly. Raman asks her to

manage. Iyers see the news and try calling Raman and Ishita. Abhishek and police force are on the way. Abhishek says we have to evacuate the bus first. Raman asks Romi to take car towards the bus. He tries to take the family members. Raman takes Neelu, Ananya and Sarika. Abhishek hugs Sarika.

Mr. Bhalla talks to Iyer and says he is at Dhaba, Abhishek has come with his team to help them. Shagun sees the news and says nothing should happen to my kids. Raman and Ishita were happy after a long time, why did you allow her to go Manoj. Manoj consoles her. Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla and Ruhi to come. Mrs. Bhalla says she won’t come till her kids go out. She sends Simmi. Iyers see the live coverage. Amma prays for them. The reporter says Raman has brought out everyone, just his wife and kids are there in the bus.

Raman asks Adi and Ruhi not to worry. He gets inside the bus. Ruhi says she will not go leaving the baby. Adi says I won’t go leaving Ishi Maa. Raman sends Adi out of the bus. Abhishek gets Adi. Ruhi sees a truck coming and shows Ishita. Ishita asks Raman to save them. The truck comes in between and Ishita changes the direction of the bus.

Abhishek calls for an ambulance. Mrs. Bhalla cries for kids and Ishita. Ishita pacifies the kids. Abhishek calls Raman and asks him to get the bus to the bypass. Raman tells Ishita that Abhishek did some arrangements, and asks Ishita to take left. The media says the bus has to be brought in open space, the petrol is ending, the trye is damaged and it has bomb too, it has kids with their mum and dad. Ishita asks the kids to go. Raman asks Ishita to come. She asks him to take the kids, nothing will happen to her. Raman jumps with the kids on the mattresses arranged by police. Ishita goes ahead and panics. She opens the driver’s door and gets worried for her baby.

Ishita is still inside the bus and tensed. The family looks on and gets shocked seeing the bus exploding. They all run towards the bus.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ishra

    Today’s epi standing ovation to each and every person… YHM rocks… Really got goosebumps while today’s epi…. The most great acting by actors and epi indeed…. I am spechless to tel anything beyond…

  2. Current track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is depend
    on Hollywood movie
    Speed which is filled lots
    of action and drama.
    Chaand has implant a
    bomb in the bus and
    jumped from the bus.
    Ishita takes the driver
    seat to save family lives.
    Raman manages to reach
    in the bus and brings out
    safely except Ishita.
    Ishita also wants to save
    herself and her baby so
    she jumps from the bus
    but accidently she falls
    on a rock.
    Ishita’s womb get hurt by
    rock and she start crying
    in pain.
    Raman, Ruhi and Adi try
    to console Ishita but
    Ishita is worried for her
    baby as she knows that
    her womb is very weak.
    Will Ishita loss her
    unborn baby or a miracle

  3. i think so leap wont take place and ishitha ‘s miscarriage might happen and the entry of akaashdeep saigal will happen where he creates difference between ishra.

  4. Divan

    Now if ishita and her baby WIL die …. It WIL become utter shock and worry for fans. .. .. PLZ keep ishu and her baby safe writers plzz

  5. revathi

    Current track of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is depend on Hollywood movie Speed which is filled lots of action and drama.

    Chaand has implant a bomb in the bus and jumped from the bus.

    Ishita takes the driver seat to save family lives.

    Raman manages to reach in the bus and brings out safely except Ishita.

    Ruhi gets panic seeing Ishita in pain

    Ishita also wants to save herself and her baby so she jumps from the bus but accidently she falls on a rock.

    Ishita’s womb get hurt by rock and she start crying in pain.

    Raman, Ruhi and Adi try to console Ishita but Ishita is worried for her baby as she knows that her womb is very weak.

    Will Ishita loss her unborn baby or a miracle happen?

  6. Darshika

    Thrilling,shocking and emotional episode…… But I like it.
    I think ishita will escape. I’m waiting to see next episode.
    But I don’t know that what will happen next….. Miscarriage….???or memory loss…..???or everything will be fine……

    Ufffff we saw the cameras, ……!!! Very funny…..!
    (And I’m sad,because star plus didn’t add english subtitles.)
    From sri lanka.

  7. jhanvi

    Today all d family members rocks and acts so well…and ofcrse ishra rocks always there is no doubt….

    Specially Adi and ruhi…..

  8. jhanvi

    I hope and wish nothing will happen to baby also……

    Waiting for d next epi…. Oh god tmr its Sunday………

  9. bhagi

    thank god ye leap vaali news galath hai………aur aab plzzzz makers ishu aur baby ko kuch math hone dena ishu deserves the baby even bhagvaan bhi hamesha galath nahi karenge na plzzzzzzzz usne bahuth kuch sun liya logom se aab aur nahi usko aur raman ko iss kushi ka poora ka poora hakk hai aur vaise bhi hamesha dusaroom ka galathiyom ka sajaa ye kyom bhughthe galathi ki ashok ne aur saaja ishra ko kyom………i know raman aab nahi uss ashok ko chodega aur naa hi uss driver ko

  10. bhagi

    vaise bhi am glad to say that hamari pyaari ishra aur sari yhm actors as usually rocks,……….. 3cheers for u guys

  11. Cham

    The best teledrama in *+. The actors are great.each & everybody did a great job. Today’s epi.was thrilling emotional and great. plz add subtitles! Fans are dying to watch next. Love u YHM!

  12. They did great work…
    Actually in yhm is special
    Their is something in this serial
    Which has not seen in other serials….
    Yhm always Rockss…
    Don’t know what vil be next track..
    Eagerly waiting for the next week episodes

  13. Ishita is super women tn today episode..
    She vil do always brave things…
    Hats off ishu…I am really proud to watch this serial
    Lov u yhm

  14. it is a nice episode all the actors and yhm team done the job well it is very thrilling and exciting to see anyhow so many doubts is there.
    there is a bomb in the bus means how can the police allow the truck come in opposite
    direction the police and fire service people definietely put some check post never allow
    any public vehicle and public near by the area only rescue team will be there.
    then how it is possible opposite a puplic truck when the time of adi rescue.

  15. tahira

    Super duper episode all done there job fantastic proud to be yhmians yhm always rockzz no doubt this is the best best n bestest show ever

  16. tahira

    Dekha maine kaha tha na kuch nai hoga ishita ko aur uske baby ko bhi kuch nai hoga khud ruhi ne interview me kha h aisa kuch nai hoga aage ki story use pata h pls watch the show n appreciate there hardworks

  17. Maria fayyaz

    Yhm roksssss 😉 love u isshiiiii excited fr next episode…ishuuuuuu ko kuch nhr hona chahye plzzzzzz

  18. tahira

    Soo emotional epi i love the bg musics i cried lot when see ishra ruhi adi in bus cant wait for monday so excited for next

  19. jhanvi

    Guys I think baby will be saved….and it should be saved it’s a God gift for ishra specially for ishu when she lost d hope even doctor also denied abut d pregnancy ..there was some one whose hope wish and prays make miracle….. Ys it was ruhi whose prays makes it possible.. And it also abt d trust on mata rani… Not only ruhi’s BT everyone’s. They were going for mata Rani temple so I think everything should have been OK..plsssss makers let d miracle happen..and let everyone trust that nothing can happen bad with good people…

  20. jhanvi

    Love u sooooooo much Raman….

    And also love u ishu ne rudi…… Well done actors…… Everyone’s work was superb in today’s epi….. Love u yhm…… And will always love u…..

  21. tahira

    Ha jhanvi sab thik hoga itne muskil se ishita ma bani h toh aise hi uske bache ko kuch bhi nahi hone denge ye cvs mata rani fir se sab thik kar degi jab ajj tak kuch galat nahi hua toh age bhi nai hoga

  22. roshan saldanha

    I just hope that miracle should happen and her baby will be sage the episode is in good track but just don’t worsen the track and there should be a new track instead of surrogacy

    • tahira

      Ha rithu ye long kyu nai aa rahe mai bhi hairan hu mizun toh daily aati thi abhi kuch dino se hi nai aa rahi h pata nhi kya wajah h sayad wo long apni study me busy honge

  23. tahira

    Yaar aaj sunday h aaj yhm nai ayega so sad wait nai ho raha h kabhi fb page kholti hu toh kabhi yaha aa jati hu yhm ko miss karte karte kya karu

  24. acchi baath yeh hai ki ishitha safe hai aur family ko miljaayegi uske baad kya hoga patha nahi.leap shayad nahi hoga lekin agar miscarriage hua toh bura hoga kyunki patthar uske stomach ko lagtha hai aur woh bahut rothi hai .aur kisi naye actor by name akaashdeep saigal ka koi strong track hoga kuch three weeks ke jaha woh ishra ke beech misunderstandings laayega lagtha hai.

  25. yhm is really rocking with its high voltage drama and present track is really thrilling and super awesome .in that case its is really bad to watch yhm ‘s trp go down. yhm rockzzzzz….. hope to see yhm ‘s good trp this coming week.because is grabbing veiwers eyeballs .not only the leads but also the whole casts acting was awesome.

  26. tahira

    nai nai rithu aisa kuch nai hoga ishita ka baby safe hoga thoda suspense create kar rhe h bas aur wo akshdeep ki entry wali news k bare me bhi kuch confirm nai h i also hope ki trp is baar badh jaye aur badhni hi chahiye warna toh mujhe confirm ho jayega ki ye barc rating falls h colours walo ne pakka paise diye honge use uske shows ko top me rakhne ko nai

  27. No sense….if chand wants kill Adi …he can kill adi alone and ishita ill save him…y he wants to kill all the ladies nd ruhi ananya nd rohit….nowadays yhm is really boring…it is bakwas show evr …in television…..plz stop this….serial….

  28. jhanvi

    Ya ritu music aur tunes bhot emotional the… Agar muje pehle se na pata hota ki ishu Bach jayegi… To pakka me Rone lagti….

  29. tahira

    Hmm sach me jhanvi agar pehle se nai pata hota ki ishita bach jayegi toh meri bhi halat kharab ho jati aacha hua ki sab thik ho jayega

  30. sbas mein ishitha ka kok ujhadna aur raman ka rona ,ishitha ka aapa khona aur ishitha ko ek bus ne bebas karidiya aisa lika hai aur yhm ke baare mein koi news bathaane wale hai.

  31. sbas mein raman ishitha ruhi adi sab bahuth ro rahe hai .kyunki ishitha ka miscarriage ho jaatha hai aur sab bahut rothe hai . ishitha room se chilla chilla ke aathi hai aur samajthi hai ki adi ruhi ko kuch ho gaya hai aur afi ruhi ko dekhke jhap lethi hai aur phir usse ehsaas hotha hai ki uska miscarriage hotha hai.

  32. yaar yeh kya hua ishitha ka miscarriage hua .bechari ishitha jaise bahut bade shock se hosh kho bhaitkar bahuth chillane aur rone lagi . sab uss ashok aur chand ki wajah se hua.

  33. hamesha ishitha ko hi kyu sacrifice karna padtha hai . agar raman ishitha ke jagah bus chalaatha aur kood jaatha toh atleast ishitha bach jaathi aur miscarriage na hotha.

  34. jhanvi

    Oh nooo yar miscarriage kaise dikha sakte hai.. Its really sad news….

    Hamesha aisa kyu hota hai

    Ritu that means surrogacy track confirm ho chuka hai.

  35. jhanvi

    Sab us kamine Ashok ki wajah se…

    Aur ye makes bhi Ashok ministry wale kand se bhi Bach gaya… Use ministry wale kand me hi achhi saza milni chahiye thi aur lambi chhuti k liye jail phocha dena chahiye…. Ye sab to jaise sujta hi nahi bs ishra ko hi hurt krna sujta hai makers ko bs…

    Har bar ishu ko hi sab sehna padta hai

  36. raman toh mr.bhalla ke paas jaakar bahut ro raha tha aur sab bhi bahut ro rahe the.lagtha hai agli poora week sirf emotional aur veiwers ko rulaane wale episodes honge.

  37. Siddhi

    Ye bus dolly ne mangwae thi hamesha galat kam hi karte hai aur last time rink I ki marriage k time Bhi yahi kiya tha

  38. tahira

    ha rithu maine bhi dekha sbs me mai toh abhi bhi sadme me hu kyu yaar kyu aisa kiye ye writers itne muskil se uski kokh bhari thi use wo sukh mila bhi nai aur ye sab ho gaya kitni khush thi mai kam se kam ye news monday ke baad pata chalti toh thik hota kal ka epi bhi enjoy nahi karne denge ye long so sad yaar mujhe toh yakeen hi nai ho raha h ki aisa ho sakta h pls kuch miracle kar do aur uske bache ko bacha lo yaar kuch toh karo

  39. Darshika

    It seems like ishita will be lost her baby…… I saw hospital pics…..Ishita cries by hugging raman,then adi and ruhi. Raman cries a lot by hugging mr.balha…… But I don’t understand that situation.
    Sooooooooo sad, if this is true……..
    Makers really broke my heart this time……
    From SL

  40. Pain, tears and sadness
    enter in Raman and
    Ishita’s life in Yeh Hai
    Raman is shocked to see
    Ishita falls on a rock and
    gets unconscious.
    All one rushes to the
    hospital along with Ishita
    where doctor informs that
    Ishita lost her baby.
    Raman is shattered
    knowing this bitter news
    and is broken down in
    tears in Mr. Bhalla’s
    Raman tells his father
    that he has lost his baby
    Apart from this, Ishita
    thinks that Adi and Ruhi
    got injured and she runs
    to see them.
    Ishita hugs Ruhi and Adi
    in pain but suddenly she
    realizes that she got
    Both Raman and Ishita
    are in pain but think not
    to become weak in front
    each other.
    Later, Ishita cries badly
    in alone.

  41. tahira

    So sad yaar ye pura week hi tense bhara hoga is show me hamari masti khor bhalla family ko wapas haste muskurate kab dekhenge hum pata nhi aage kya dikhauenge ye long iske baad story kya hogi kuch samajh me nhi aa rha h hope ki jaldi sab thik ho jaye

  42. chithra

    Darshika what site you watch hospital pictures in Ishitha and Raman,
    Please send me the link………
    I’m also SL.

  43. gopu

    Fans of Ishita Bhalla aka Divyanka Tripathi, rejoice! The actress is not leaving Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, which means she is not dead on the show either! We had reported howDivyanka’s character Ishita dies saving her familyfrom a bomb planted in a bus by the villain on the show, Ashok Khanna (Sangram Singh). There were also reports before that that Ishita will be alive but will suffer a miscarriage. Well, we are not sure if she losesher baby (we hope not), but Ishita will definitely suffer memory loss.This is the new twist, rather age old Indian twist brought back intoYeh Hai Mohabbatein- a character who suffers memory loss and disappears before the leap in the story, only to reappear months or years later to create havoc in the lives of everyone concerned!So, just as Ishita’s husband Raman Bhalla (Karan Patel) is probably settling back with his ex-wife, the venomous Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) and the kids, Ishita will be back from the dead

  44. Jareen

    Keya yaar itne mushkilo ke baad ishita pragnant huyi thi our ab…writters ko esa nehi karna chahiye tha…ekta kuch to positive karna sikho…

  45. raman aur shagun ek saath aur ishitha ka memory loss yeh sab ekta serials mein common tracks hai.plz makers take out your brains or innovations from the same old memory drama s and all its not a track at all to be show everytime in every serial.waise bhi starplus trp mein second hai colors ko beet karke issliyr star plus batameez dil jaise new serials ko windup karne par hai aur uss jhagah pe ekta ki hi nayi serial tere mere darmiyaan hoga jo badtmeez dil serial ka jhagah lega aur yhm ka 11 pm ka repeat telecast ka slot bhi 28 sepetember se lega aur agar aise sameold memory loss shagun and raman together leap sab dikhayenge toh koi nahi dekhega aur trp itnii kam aayegi ki starplus khud isse windup karne ko kahegi . yhm serial ka hamesha problems rahi hai rumours gossips fan stories and fake spoilers uupar se kayi dino baad bhi actors ya cast log confirm nahi karthe hai.

  46. plz makers dont take our faith on ekta serials and yhm .because yhm is unlike other serials with a unique concept plz bring something new.why are you people sticking on to the sameold memoryloss drama and in matsh they are showin bomb drama simultaneously but bomb blast will not happen but wgy are they bringing these type of tracks simultaneouly that too in same production house .all serials are different and though there may be some differences but bomb is. similar right.

  47. plz yhm was rocking till now with its hivh voltage drama.plz dont make it sink suddendly and fall in trp and story or track.waise bhi yhm ka trp 11 pm timings par na aane ki wajah se aage kam hi hoga aur aise tracks ki wajah se aur kam hoga yhm ka trp.

  48. bhagi

    aab phir se rona dona shuru……arey yarr hamesha esa kyom hotha hai galthi ki koi aur sajaa bhugthe hamesha ishra i just hate this……….kameena pan kiya ashok ne aur kahi na kahi galathi ki shagun aur bhugthna ishu ko pad raha hai i know ekta kuch bhi karke shagun ko limelight me laana chahthi hai par esa kyom….?????????bhagvaan hi jaane kya hoga

  49. Darshika

    Chitra, join yhm sri lankan version in fb…… ” Me Adarayai-yeh hai mohabbatein sinhala version”(admin- keshini miranda)
    There is that pics……and nowadays me Adarayai details also.
    And divyanka tripati fb page also have hospital pics……

  50. tahira

    Ha yaar kam se kam is hafte ki trp toh acha aane do yaar ye news abhi kyun mila ab aage kya hoga yhm ka wo toh pata nai par is hafte toh kuch aacha ho jaye waise bhi mood kharab h aur kharab ho jayega

  51. jhanvi

    Totally agree with u guys …..makers ko is tarah mata PR jo bharosa dikhaya sbne use todna nahi chahiye that use pstv dikhaya jata to kya bigad jata in makers ka….

    I m also very sad bhagi…. Abhi to khusiya Ai thi… Aur abhi ye sab…..

    Makers yhm is.d best show ….I like d show from bottom of my heart…. Aur uski vajah ye hai isme kisi pro ko drag nahi kiya jata aur bhot jaldi sab thik ho jata hai…..aur is show se menne positivity sikhi hai….plsssss is show ko worst mt banaiye… Isme hamesha last me sab thik hota hai to is bar ye sab kyu..??? Ap complications k sathe bhi pregnancy continue kar sakte the

    • yah yaar am toooooo frustaded wit this news kamse kam bhagvaan ko tho chod dijiye makers plzzzzzzzzz……..god bhi hamesha ache logom ke saath acha hi karthi hai hamesha galathi ki koi aur bhugthe ishra esa kyom they truely deserve this happyness agar shagun ko positive dhikaana hai tho dhikayiye par bas ishra ki kushiyom ko daav par math lagaayiye………

  52. ya matarani ke dar par jaa rahe the aur aisa hadsa ho gaya jiss wajah se unki mata rani par bharosa math thodiye .plz makers atleast thoda toh veiwers aur fans ke baare mein sochiye .iss baar toh sirf burai hi jeethi aur sirf negativity dikha rahe hai ,aakhir mein bhi kuch accha nahi hua . uupar se yeh leap sab ka news yeh makers kabhi confirm nahi karthe aur har ek website pe apna apna koi kahaani hai. twists serial mein aana zaroori hai lekin sirf negativity jeethe aur ek hi villians aur sirf main leads hi sab bhugthe yeh sab kya hai aur harr leap ke baad memory loss hona zaroori hai kya.

  53. jhalak mein ekta ne anitha hassanandani aka shagun ki av mein kaha ki anitha uski family member jaisi hai aur uski bahut close hai toh phir bhi professional life ar personal ko alag rakha hai .serial mein hamesha usse jithaana ,zyaada importance dena ,veiwers ko disappoint karke kaise bhi shagun ko ishra ke beech laana yeh sab karna hi hai toh sjagun ko leke ek lonlasting serial bana sakthi hai jaha woh hi lead ho aur kuch bhi kar sakthi ho .lekin yhm mein sirf ek hi villian hamesha ishra ko pareshaan kartha hai .aur agar shagun acchi bhi ho gayi toh bhi usse kabhi surrogate mother toh kabhi leap ke baad bhalla family nein wapsi ke baare mein sochthe hai.

  54. ek toh sunday hai boring hai aur yhm bhi nahi aatha hai.uupar se aadhi adhuri news hamara dimaag kharaab kar detha hai ki kya hoga aage whether leap ,surrogacy ,some new entry ,memory loss or someting else.its totally unpredictable .itnee dino baad yhm rocking tha aur ab yeh sab kya news hai yaar.horrible.

  55. ashok saala kameena ishitha ke miscarriage ke baad party manaa raha hoga .chand ne mufh mein uska kaam jo kar diya .worst man. waise woh aadmi chand bahut daraawna tha dekhne mein.

  56. Sumathi Arumugam

    I won’t think ishita miscarriage because the baby is given by the mata rani. If the baby is gone my so sadďddddddd poor raman

  57. Having a miscarriage is not the end of the world. Today lots of newly married couples confront this problem of miscarriage.

    Surely Ishitha is young and will conceive again – I hope it is twins this second time – lucky girl

  58. I don’t understand what is happening in the show …..
    I really gon mad abt the story…
    Dr frnds priyarolika hand fracture hova hai isiliye wo nahi athi ….
    She is missing u alll ….

  59. V P

    Feels very sad the way yhm track is moving . Please move positively to bring the viewers happiness . Creators are stuck and becoming very dramatic . We don’t want to see shaghun , good or bad . Miracle to say Ishitha became pregnant , so please save the child , another miracle …

  60. revathi

    Raman (Karan Patel) curses himself for losing the baby in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    Raman and Ishita loss their unborn baby during bom blast.

    Raman blames himself for losing the baby and consoles Ishita by saying that if they don’t have a new baby, Adi and Ruhi will love her even more for her big sacrifice.

    Later, Ishita gets discharged from the hospital and cries for losing the baby.

    Raman pacifies her by giving her a magical hug but both are unable to hide their pain of losing baby.

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein take leap after Shagun becoming surrogate mother of Raman and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) baby

    After that, Shagun is much depressed knowing about Ishita’s miscarriage and insists Manoj to do something.

    Manoj tells Shagun about teh one way of surrogacy which can give the hapopiness to Raman and Ishita of becoming parents again.

    Shagun will be becoming the surrogate mum of Raman and Ishita’s child and then the show will be heading for a leap.

    • I am feeling very bad bczz of the this news
      Hw can makers think this …..
      Don’t want surrogate mother TRACk

      Fed up vit dis makers…

      They are bringing all nonsense story..

      Now yhm 8th position.. Pe hai …

      Then no trp for yhm …
      Let’s wait nd watch makers

    • Hw can this vil happen
      Simply they are dragging story…
      Ishita slapped Ashok …..
      Then his driver suddenly came nd taking revenge ….full crap..bull shit…
      Then bomb blast ……miscarriage….
      Ohhhh god …….
      I am really feeling bad for ishuram loosing baby

    • If shagun vil be surrogate mother
      Then yyy she is blackmailing ruhi nd adi..
      She changed know…. But hw come again asking ruhi nd adi…
      Now she is gd then
      She vil be villan…..fulll bull shit ….
      To drag the story ..
      I think shagun vil take ramishu baby
      Then leap happens….
      Ishu vil choose ruhi nd adi….not her own
      Baby then

      Shagun vil take ishu baby……

      Is shagun only lady in the serial….

      No one is their…. They can take mihika..
      Sarika….. Vandu….
      Yy shagun….
      Fed up vit bull shit shagun name ….
      I can’t believe yyyy they are giving imp…
      To shagun….
      Is shagun is heroine in the yhm serial…
      Yyy they can’t understand ishu feelings…

  61. Darshika

    Me too rimchin…..and still I can’t believe this miscarriage……! It’s not accept my mind. Waiting…… 2 more hours……

  62. Yyy can’t makers do this …
    No need of this miscarriage nd alll…
    We are happy abt the ishita is pregnant….
    But nw again …they are showing alll crap…news

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.