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The Episode starts with Sarika arguing with Romi over earnings and her job. She says she will leave her job when he gets totally independent and earns sufficient for them. Amma sees chat papers and says Vishwa can’t do this, I have told Vandu, but whats all this. Mrs. Bhalla sees her and sends Neelu to ask Amma. Neelu goes to Amma and says Mrs. Bhalla is asking why are you sitting here. Amma says I don’t share things with strangers. Mrs. Bhalla argues with Amma. Amma clears that she regrets for Rinki’s death, but Mihika did not kill her. Mrs. Bhalla says I was angry that time, come, we will sit and talk.

Raman hears Manoj talking to his mom on phone. Manoj says I can’t leave Delhi and talks about Shagun. Raman says sorry to hear you, whats the matter. Mrs. Bhalla tells Amma

that Appa can’t do this, maybe someone else is chatting by his name. Amma says even I think same. She says I have to cook food and asks for the papers. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu did she get it. Neelu says yes, I thought its Simmi’s papers and goes to get it. She gives papers to Amma. Amma gets Simmi’s papers and says I will give this. She reads about Raman’s paternity test for Shagun’s child. She sees DNA of Raman is checked with Shagun’s baby DNA.

Raman apologizes to Manoj as this surrogacy made things complicated. Manoj says no, Shagun has denied for our relation. Raman says still, your friendship would have turned into love if this surrogacy was not there. Manoj says no, I m glad seeing her happy, this pregnancy gave her happiness, I m not in hurry, I want to give her space, mum is sending dad here, if dad tells her anything then…. He turns and sees Raman gone.

Amma comes to the same clinic and asks for test reports. He says she will get it tomorrow. She says its imp, its about my daughter’s life, please. He asks her to sit, he will find out. Raman talks to Shagun and says I m coming to meet you. Amma does not see Raman. She says I did not tell anyone and prays for Ishita. The man gives her the report result without any printout. He says result is positive, Raman Bhalla is the father of Shagun Arora’s child. Amma gets shocked and cries. She says how can Raman do this. Simmi asks Neelu about her papers and thinks where it can go.

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YHM’s Scary twist with short leap ahead to break IshRa….

Neelu says Amma has come and I gave her papers. Simmi scolds her and asks her to get papers fast. Mrs. Bhalla asks about the papers. Amma says I will say what papers it were. She says it was receipt of Raman’s paternity test. She asks Simmi to explain her mummy. Raman talks to Shagun and tries convincing her about having a life partner. He tells her about Ishita, they got married for Ruhi and then united. He says wrong happened with me, but it was good for us, life does not give second chance to everyone. I m lucky and you are lucky too, just see that life partner in Manoj. He says Manoj loves you knowing everything about you, think if he is standing against his parents for one sided love, how will he support you if you reciprocate, don’t make true love away. She thanks him for sharing this, she feels she got her friend back, He asks her to promise to give a chance to Manoj.

Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma says Raman has to answer, Ishita always says Raman loves her, Raman forgot Ishita is his present. Shaila consoles Mrs. Bhalla and says Raman can’t do this. Ishita comes and sees them crying. She asks what happened. Simmi says nothing. Amma says your fate is not good Ishu, and hugs her. Ishita asks Amma to say it, is Raman fine…? Simmi says we got cheated. They all cry. Simmi says they lied to us, I told you I don’t trust Shagun, I did Raman’s paternity test, and results are positive, Raman is father of Shagun’s child. Ishita gets shocked and cries. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays…………..

Simmi asks Ishita why will she leave house, they will punish Shagun, they will teach her a lesson, come with me. They go to meet Simmi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. india should learn from America they have much better shows than this bullcrap like who the fck’s spirit can enter someones soul. stupidest thing I’ve ever heard

  2. writters of yhm teams all the fans of yhm need some peace and romance between
    ishra we liked the serial because of ishra’s cute fight after that some love and care about
    each other so that only ishra won best couple awards in international level for the past
    two years
    Why you are spoiling your own story like this and in so many telly reviews and fans are
    mentioning so many spoilers which makes irritated by the fans. if you cant move the
    story properly means better you finished with the good ending

  3. according to spoiler why should shagun be here with raman and bhalla’s house still the
    baby born Mihir also have some responsibilities as brother why cant he should take care
    of shagun or other wise Mrs.Iyer should take care of shagun because the baby belongs to
    ishita means its her grand child. shagun dont have necessity to come in Raman’s life again

  4. I think,horror drama is going to start….. I saw lots of pics in fb and instergrame.

  5. WOW as per the spoilers, whether shagun alive or dead, she will not get rid of poor Ishita. Shagun need not to challenge about raman, like a pet he will follow shagun whether alive or dead /ghost

    Fans don’t worry about Shagun’s ghost, if you ask me she is a living ghost for Ishita

  6. As long as there are people to watch any kind of crap on TV, makers will never change

  7. Today ep. was very bad…but i was terrified and shocked by the new promo of yhm…it was unbelievable and unexcepted

  8. I was trying not to comment ….useless it is . We had been requesting no surrogancy . What happened now ? Becoz of this surrogacy only Yhm is lost its charm and uniqueness . Now to cover up, the makers will have to bring ghost and all . When there is a living ghost , Shaghun why another ghost . If Ishitha is acting for the sake of knowing some truth , well and good . Other wise why sending spirit to Ishitha … Raman he will lick any one to get things done …. Without knowing consequences . How many times mistakes can happen …. To him . I switch on my tv only to watch Yhm , that too stopped …..not worth watching ….

  9. Ye sab Raman k waja se ho raha hai

  10. Hai all
    Thank god no leap…..
    I am happy for that…

  11. Shagun ka bhooth …..???
    Ohhhhh god ….
    Can anyone guess how gonna track vil…
    That to in ishu se…..??
    Muje pata nai kya bolna chahiye…
    Hope ki acha hoga…??☺

  12. Seriously I am happy for that NEWS
    No leap happy for that guys …
    Shagun vil die or acting…
    Don’t know ..

  13. Ye bhooth vala track bhi acha hai
    I think sooo new twist….
    Bhooth bhooth ……
    But writers vil go any extension for trp….

  14. Aaj ka episode ishuko dek Kar
    Bahooth bora lag raha hai …
    Tmr today Truth vil be out …
    Shagun ka bacha Ishuram kahi hai…
    Sari misunderstandings clear …

  15. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtien will
    show that Raman reveals
    to everyone about it as
    Shagun is surrogate
    mother of Raman and
    Ishita’s baby.
    Shagun tries to show her
    goodness to everyone but
    family does not believe at
    They curses Shagun and
    calls her characterless
    which hurt Shagun very
    Shagun loses her cool
    and comes on terrace.
    Ishita requests Shagun to
    calm down but Shagun
    shouts at Ishita and
    jumps from the roof
    without thinking a
    moment as she is
    carrying Raman and
    Ishita’s baby.
    Raman is shocked to see
    Shagun jumping from
    Raman and Ishita’s baby
    life once again in danger.
    Will Raman and Ishita
    loss their baby again?

  16. But ye Raman kuch kaam
    Karbhi nahi saktha..
    Woo phehlehi bathana chahiya ishuse
    But dargaya bhichara Raman…

  17. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is
    intriguing the audience with it’s twists
    and turns in every episode.Now it is
    gearing up for a Suicide and new entry
    of a Ghost(LOL).
    As TellyGuru mentioned earlier that
    Raman will bring shagun to bhalla
    house to clarify everyone’s doubt and
    stop ishita from leaving the house.
    All the Family members taunt shagun
    with various names which irritates her
    and she gets angry.She tells Ishita
    that Now she will not give the baby to
    anyone.Shagun warns them that she
    will leave the country with their baby.
    In the coming episodes, Shagun takes
    a big step and decides to jump from
    the terrace.Ishita runs behind her and
    apologizes her.But shagun will not
    listen anyone’s words.
    Ishita begs her not to commit suicide
    but shagun jumps from the building
    OMG!So Much Drama in the upcoming
    episodes.Raman will be left shocked.
    Everyone believe that Shagun died
    along with Ishita and Raman’s
    baby.But it is heard that it Shagun will
    not die but she will live away from
    everyone with ishita’s child to take
    revenge from them.
    Soon we will see a spirit and enter
    ishita’s body and Sarika’s truth will
    be revealed.
    Did Shagun really died or she is
    acting? Will Rinky’s death mystery
    comes out or not?
    Keep reading for more updates.

  18. Oh My God!
    This was our first reaction when he heard about the upcoming track in Star Plus’ popular daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji
    Seems like the makers have a found a special association with deaths.
    After the mysterious murder of Rinki (Resha Konkar), it is now time for a SUICIDE in the show.
    Well before you start assuming random things, we are here to give you complete details.
    Shared a source, “Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi) will decide to confront Shagun (Anita Hassanandani ) about the surrogacy. And
    when the two will come face to face, it would be a fiery moment. With Ishita putting Shagun down, and tarnishing her
    character, she would be left all broken.”
    Shagun, being enraged by the insults would decide to end her life. After a showdown with the family, she would go up the
    terrace and decide to jump off!
    Shocking…hai na?
    The family would rush to save her, but will they manage to do it or not will be for viewers to see.
    Will Shagun die? What would happen to the baby?
    We tried reaching Anita but she remained unavailable to comment.
    Stay hooked to for more exclusive updates.

  19. Dandiya Knite with # Divyanka – 19th
    October – 6PM at Lady Stephenson’s Hall,

    Eerie vs Ghostly 😈
    # BhootFever in full swing!
    # YHMFamily Rocks!
    Partner in Creepiness @anitahassanandani
    Photo courtesy @vivekdahiya08

  21. Anyway makers vil not do anything..
    If we are against them…

  22. SBS segment:Shagun committes suicide
    Terrace shoot:
    Shagun jumps off the terrace.Ishita
    Raman shouting & ACP trying to hold him.
    # SBS: Shagun jumps from rooftop as she
    is hurt with bhalla and Ishita’s blame on

  23. Bhooth…
    Aab kya karegi shagun ..
    Ishitame akar kuch samaj nahi araha hai…
    Waiting to watch

  24. Ya sarika chekkar kuch samaj nahi araha hai…. Kuch tho hai..
    Ye rinkyka twistbhi pending hai..
    Who is she that day talking
    Rinky ka boyfriend

  25. Ya I m also little happy that no leap nd no separation…

    Yar lekin kahi in sab k liye Raman ishu ko blame Na kre….!!!! Kyuki wo to us baby k liye pagal ho gaya hai….

  26. Things aren’t really going the right way for
    Raman and Ishita of late
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is becoming weirder and
    weirder by the day. It has been showcasing the
    surrogacy track for the longest time. So we know
    that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) is now a changed
    woman. She’s finally seen her mistakes and is
    adamant on rectifying them and making up for them.
    So she’s offered to become a surrogate mother to
    Raman (Karan Patel ) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi)
    baby. However, Anita’s attempt to make life better
    and happier for Ishita and Raman are going to
    backfire miserably.
    So we saw in the last episode that the Bhallas have
    found out about Anita’s pregnancy and that Raman is
    the father of the child. Since they are not aware
    about the surrogacy, they assume Raman cheated on
    Ishita. Unfortunately, Ishita too believes the same.
    Ishita will now confront Shagun about this all which
    will lead to a huge argument. Fuming over her
    husband’s betrayal, Ishita goes out of her way to
    insult Shagun calling her names and accusing her of
    being a characterless person. Anita who’s already
    been going through a low phase in life will be
    crushed and broken with the accusations put on her.
    She will then run up to the terrace to jump of and end
    her life once and for all.
    Whether the Bhallas find out the truth and try to save
    her or not is yet to be seen. So stay tuned!

  27. kuch samaj nahi aa raha hai . leap hoga ki nahi .plz clarify it ekta and makers.

  28. satya naash hogaya… nothing left in yhm… but one thing is good that shagun and so called baby of ishra died

  29. Somewere ishita is also a problem…y she cnt listen to raman once….nd the nurse shud say surrogate mother to mrs iyer…anyways i am loving shagun and raman as a couple….nd let ishita go out of their lives….

    1. lol your wish wont get fullfill … apshagun died in yhm… only ishra there 😈

    2. how can you said shagun and raman are good shagun betrayed raman for luxury life
      may be she is good now but she always blame ishita as aaya and bunch may be you are
      a women you should understand a women’s problem who cannot able to give a child
      how she is mentally affected.

  30. Will shagun commit suicide or will Ekta ever let shagun to go away from YHM? This must be a dream track to be telecast on the Halloween day,

  31. last chapter 28 all episode i saw but another chapter episode i can not saw

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