Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun crying and asking Ishita to stop all this. Mani and Raman ask Shagun whats the matter, its getting serious. Shagun says ask Ishita, did she not take Pihu to counselor by Aaliya’s help, she wants to snatch Pihu. Ishita cries. Raman asks Ishita is this true. Ashok says Shagun would have convinced everyone till now. Kunal says what, I m saying she met with an accident. Ashok says it was my plan and she executed this, I gave her this accident idea, Shagun fed wrong things in Pihu’s mind and did this fake accident, now Pihu thinks Ishita wants to kill Shagun and snatch her, if we have to fool Ishita, big game plan is needed, now Raman will ask her.

Raman asks Ishita is this true, answer me. Ishita says yes, we took Pihu to counselor. Raman asks why did

you not tell me. Ishita says we felt Pihu did not try to commit suicide, Shagun made this story, even Dr. Dixit thinks so, we wanted to know truth. Shagun asks whats wrong with her, will I make such stories for Pihu, I love her. Raman asks Ishita to call counselor now. Mani asks Shagun to relax. Dr. Dixit talks to Raman and says I think Pihu is in pressure, her mum is not giving her right upbringing. Raman and Mani ask did Pihu say she tried to commit suicide, or is she upset with her mum. Dr. Dixit says no, she said positive things about her mum. Raman scolds Ishita. Ishita says I wanted to protect Pihu. He asks how, by taking her to counselor. Shagun asks why did you fail car brakes. Ishita asks what are you saying.

Kunal says Pihu can believe, but why will elders believe, I also know Ishita can’t kill anyone. Ashok says we all know this, but we have planted doubt seed, something will affect and something big will happen. A man comes and apologizes to Mani. He asks Shagun is she fine. Mani asks who are you. The man asks how is the girl, I did not know girl will be in car, else I would have not done this work, I failed the car brakes. Mani scolds him. Raman gets angry on him. Shagun says ask him on whose saying he did this. Raman and Ishita ask him who told him. The man asks madam why are you asking this, you told me to do this. She asks what. Raman says what nonsense, say truth. Mani asks guard to give the man to police. The man apologizes. Ishita says when did I ask you to do this. Ishita says I m not lying, they are framing me. Manu says Ishu please, I think you should leave, I m much disappointed by you today. Aaliya looks on. Ishita says I did not do this.

Ishita asks Raman to believe her. He scolds her and says I know you can’t do this, but maybe its Shagun’s plan, you gave Shagun this chance to hit on you, why did you hide about taking Pihu to counselor, Pihu is getting away from us just because of you. He gets angry. Aaliya calls Adi and says Pihu is fine, she slept, I m feeling bad for her. Adi says even Ishi maa is in bad state, Papa scolded her, Pihu is Ishi Maa’s blood too, Papa knows she can’t do wrong, he is upset because of counselor matter, they are just getting away. Aaliya says don’t take tension, we will ask Dr. Dixit to talk to Raman and Ishita, so that he knows why we did this, everything went wrong. He says we have to be strong, nothing will spoil. He ends call. Adi cries seeing Raman, sleeping with Pihu’s pic. He keeps the frame and covers Raman with the blanket.

Its morning, Mani wakes up Aaliya. He says I got your packing done, we are moving to Bangkok. She gets shocked and asks why. He says because Shagun does not feel safe here. She says she does not trust Ishita, but you trust Ishita, you know her. He says I know, but Pihu is facing all this, Ishita is her real mum, I m not blaming anyone, anything would have happened in that accident. Aaliya says Ishita has nothing to do in this. He says yes but why should Pihu suffer, we should leave. She asks what about me and Adi. He says engagement happened, you both can stay away till marriage, its your love test, lets see your love increases for him or ends by distance, get ready fast. She calls up Adi.

Adi informs Raman and Ishita. Raman asks Ishita not to go anywhere, as matter will get spoiled. Raman leaves. Raman and Adi go to Mani’s house. He cries and says I know Shagun you are done this intentionally, I beg you, don’t make Pihu away, i promise Ishita will not come around. Shagun asks Mani to come, they will miss flight. Raman asks Pihu not to leave him, you trust me right. Pihu says I don’t trust you, you married Ishita and trusts her, she wants to harm my mumma, you go to her. Raman and Adi cry. Mani apologizes to Raman.

Ishita asks Raman did Pihu go, why did you not stop her. Raman scolds her and says you have made her go, she went away because of you, why did you come back, your unlucky steps came here and Pihu got away. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu is Ishita’s daughter too. Raman says no, Pihu is just my daughter, I deserve her. He goes. Ruhi calls out Raman. Adi says he is very angry, don’t talk now. Everyone cry.

Raman drags Ishita and asks her to leave from the house, as Pihu is not here. Mr. Bhalla scolds Raman and asks how can you talk to her like this. Adi says enough Papa, you can’t behave like this with Ishi maa. Ishita asks Raman what is his problem. Raman asks her to have shame, leave from here. Ishita says I will not go, you always blame me, even after knowing Shagun did this. Raman tells Mr. Bhalla that Pihu left because of Ishita. Mr. Bhalla shouts on Raman. Raman asks him to decide, either of us will stay here. Ishita gets shocked.

Mr. Bhalla says fine, Ishita won’t go, you go if you want, get lost. Raman cries seeing Ishita and gets angry. Mr. Bhalla asks why are you quiet, the family is standing with Ishita as she is right, you have to decide, stay here if you want or get lost. Raman says my daughter was my family, and Ishita is my biggest mistake. Adi says no, she is not mistake, she is right, so we are with her. Romi asks Raman to think once. Mr. Bhalla says Ishita is my daughter, she will stay here. Raman says I also had a daughter, we all know why is she not here now. He goes.

Raman tells Ishita that the family are good for her, I m going to my daughter. He leaves from the house. Mrs. Bhalla cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ayoola

    Mschewwwwwwwww.hissing. Am yet to understand how a man can continue to insult his repeatedly calling her barren, unlucky and all sort.

  2. cham

    What is this? ???very very disappointed! !!! Even a bit of love,care or repect isn’t there on this towards a wife !!!this is not that Raman we saw when the show was beginning.he has totally changed and that too happened from where they took the leap of 7 years..from that onwards he keeps hating ishitha for every thing and today did he raised his hand??I can’t even belive this!!!!
    And also I heard that ishitha is going to fall in love with another guy…and by seeing these things i dont find any wrong thing in that decision…because I clearly saw that there is no understanding nor love or any relationship towards ishitha in Raman..and Raman might be thinking that ishitha will keep weeping and missing him all in her life..if soo ishitha should prove and show that such things will never gonna happen..
    But somehow I the makers will make the scene per thier wish but please I beg u. .please don’t forgive Raman for this…he should learn a very stronge lesson and should definitely beg and ask her to fogive him. ..actually how could be open his mouth to say that marrying ishitha is his biggest mistake he had done in his life???anyhow the character is destroyed by the story writers…very disappointing 😠😟😟😳😠😠

  3. Manju

    Finally, Mohabbatein ended. Ishita should never forgive Raman as he was trying to abuse her physical today. I am surprised by Mani’s behaviour freinship love care promises ended.

    • Shreya shetty

      Hp how can u figure out that whatever raman did was a fake plan or not???by the way did u read the further updates of this upcoming episode

  4. Sindhu

    Oh I am up to my head watching today’s episode. It only seems like this is all planned. I doubt Ishra are separating. It is not possible for Raman to be angry as he knows that Ishita will not harm anyone. Even Kunal knows Ishita can’t kill anyone but Shagun will. Shagun needs to be slashed in two. She not only was involved in kidnapping but trying to kill Ishita. Now she even was willing to risk Pihu by planning such an accident and did not bother about Pihu’s safety. She is responsible for double degree murder. I have nothing to say about Raman if this is not an act but truth. Then Raman is not fit to be a husband. The cvs have spoilt Raman’s character. That is for sure. He becomes now the antagonist and protagonist.

  5. Shreya shetty

    worst episode I have ever seen,raman leaving ishu!!!OMG and its all thanks to that witch shaggy doo and brat pihu!!!those two should ve died in that accident till now,coz neither does that annoying little vampire pihu disrespects ishita on listening to shaguns lies!!!
    its good if raman leaves else ishita will have to bear more abuse and torture from that cry old baddy rammy guy(raman).go and rot ur life in hell raman with those two evil demons shagun and pihu,and wait and watch until u realize her value!!!
    ishita is always right and I will always stand by her side no matter whatsoever wrong happens to her because I am a huge divyanka aka ishita fan of course!!!
    mani should control his tongue and mind his language before even raising over his best friend ishita like that!!I mean if I were in ishus place,when mani shouted at her,i would ve given 100 slaps right on that dumb manis cheeks soooo red that next time he shall never try to talk rudely with his childhood friend like that

    • Riya

      Shreya, I think me and you have lots of similarties, I can’t control my anger.
      Nice name for Shagun “SHAGGY DOO” and Raman “RAMMY GUY”
      I too hate Pihu, she is a little brat listening to her surrogate mother, has phones though her family members like Simmi explained to her.

      Raman listening to Shagun like his wife, believe Ishita not that Shaggy Shagun.

      Pihu is a witch who is “Ma ki bhakt”. She is weirdo no 1, mentally sick, brainless, dumbo.

      Why doesn’t annoying Raman leave that Pihu, and be happy with what he has and let Shagun do anything with that dumbo brainless Pihu.

  6. Shreya shetty

    hey madhu listen to me.i know that I am very rude at times by using those words in my comments just to express my anger but please don’t feel bad
    will u stop calling everyone fools or not???and please this is the last time u have been saying sorry for behaving like a bad boy get that!!!now either u give up ur bad antics of criticizing everyone in this site or just leave from this site because I ve been going through ur comments even remaining silent for a short time just think twice before even uttering something offensive on anyone get it and if u continue this then wait and watch,that attitude of yours is going to get u in a big trouble dear friend(fool caller).
    and don’t u dare call my best friends shivani magic and rithushree fools otherwise I am not going to remain silent especially when my friends are getting sarcastically joked by a person who doesn’t have enough mind.even I too am not yet mature but at such situations I am very much strong and hard

  7. Sindhu

    I suppose they need Ashok to do something like this if not he would not have any role to play. He would be a waste character in YHM. If Ishita has told the truth about counselor, at least Raman would not be angry so much now. He is angry that she has also hidden the truth about counselor. So Ishita also has never learned her lesson. Time and again she always hides the truth from Raman and by the time he finds out it has blown all out of proportion. Poor Ishita…

  8. madhu

    Hi to shivani rithu magic sindhu vp and all pls vp i am not mad and well educated girl yes not upto standred of magic but studying in Msc math 2nd year as i said earlier i just want to check young boy patience nothing else and am really sorry for that and yes ritu am sory my friend because i am joking i did hurt you but pls vp rithu shivani sindhu call back magic pls magic come back pls i am feeling bad because of my silly mistake we lost one friend rithu magic am sory your are not fool actually i am fool i irritate that person who are helping me sorry but i was joking

    • Shreya shetty

      fine ur forgiven but please don’t keep apologizing everytime and calling anyone fools just simply for fun dear madhu.after all I didn’t know u were a girl rather I thought u were a boy!!!hahahaha just kidding friend.anyways I got annoyed when u called rithushree a FOOL!!!this surprised me a lot and as well to my other yhm friends as well.
      next time remember not to change colours and yes why are u testing magic???do u know him.just asking dear madhu coz I want to know whats the reason behind ur sarcastic jokery on all of us.please do share it with us??as a friend I want to know why are u doing this like repeated apology and again negativity in u

      • madhu

        Shreya i don’t know who is magic but want to check patience level of a very highly educated young boy so thats why i only just kidding to him and all you thanks for forgiving me but i will comment nicely forget all the things my all yhm friends

  9. cham

    Guys im very happy to hear that these are all planned drama…but how can it relate to a new person called ‘vidyud'(I think) which the rumours tells that he will be the new partner of ishitha??and the scenes in Australia???the crew have already gone there too

  10. Leelee

    I guess Raman only has one daughter, Pihu. He certainly does not care about Adi and Ruhi. He spends zero time with Ruhi that was gone for 7 years. He blamed Ishita for that as well but now that Ruhi is back he just kicks her to the side and leave her for Pihu. I don’t watch this serial anymore. I only read the updates. They have really spoiled Raman’s character in every way they can. His is arrogant, rude and a weakling. He sucks and he looks stupid with his tattoos, earrings and fat body, and those stupid clothes. He is looks and behaves rough. More bartender than CEO. He used to be charming, attractive and looked like a CEO. Now he is a pimp/ bartender.

    Ishita is nothing but a doormat. Certainly not a clever, emancipated woman. All she does is swivel up to that fool that does not deserve it. In fact, I have zero respect for her character. They truly and thoroughly destroyed the best serial. Why don’t they just kill off Raman and Ishita and make Shagun the main character. The Bhalla family and Ishita’s family should have told her about her real mum since she was a baby and showed her pics. Never mind that pathetic fool Raman. The fact that they didn’t show zero love and respect for Ishita. This show is the most unrealistic show on TV. Never have a bad character been so favoured. Mani, is not worth the name friend. He is as big a fool as Raman. He does nothing to help Ishita. What happened to supposedly powerful businessman Abimanyu? Disgusting.

    • Shreya shetty

      hahahahahahhaaha Leelee I just nearly laughed on reading ur comment.its so funny I tell u and yes whatever u ve mentioned is absolutely true and ishu doesn’t deserve a rough and bad husband like RAMMY GUY after all!!!why would I ever bother about pihu and for she believes her so called SHAGUN MUMMA is nothing but a SHAGGY DOO VAMP!!!wish I want to turn those evil emo vampires mother and daughter into clowns and throw pies on both pihus and shaguns face just for once!!!even raman s as well

  11. Husna

    The worst episode ever. Too much negativity. Please spare us. Am planning to stop watching this tv drama. It’s too much

  12. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    very very worst episod i can ever never seen.raman kumar again becomes raavan kumar and mani how dare u talk like this to ishu?how can u raise finger on ishu?did u believe shagun morethan your best frd?don’t u understand your best frds pain?where is your love trust frd etc?

  13. Mino

    Hi Shreya, How are u Dear? hope ur are ok by now.. Hi, I too am a fool according to her.. Pls dear don’t advice a ‘ FOOL’ it is like pouring water on A ducks Back.. he he he… Hope sweetie ur problems are solved. Don’t u worry u are a goodie i was laughing at ur comment.. ha ha ha Take Care & God bless U.. Luv

  14. Hp

    Shreya … Before Raman ask ishu to get out … They didn’t show their discussion that happened in the room… I am sure it’s fake drama

  15. Prithvi

    Raman is truly a piece of shit……doesn’t love his family and is always egotist….I wish I could kill this shagun by shooting her three times on the chest ….. At least Donald Trump is better than that Raman Bhalla…

  16. Indira

    Yep worst episode the storyline is getting ridiculous
    How can they plan such thing on Isita I mean a character that does nothing but suffer in this serial . Shagun she gets Mani now and Pihu At least Mani should have taken Ishita side
    It makes u angry watching the show

  17. Angeli

    Show something good instead of all this rubbish so that people can learn something good through your drama. How can a life could be like this, I hope no one lives their life in this way this is not a romantic drama at all. Those you wants to be bad they can learn many things many ideas from here. Raman if Ishita is his biggest mistake why don’t he marry Shagun and let mani marry Ishita??? Mani married Shagun and becoming like Shagun I hate him too. After this horrible drama of Pihu is over I will start watching this serial again. For now byeee byeeee………..

  18. VP

    Ishras plan or not ….how come Raman Mani and all listening to Shaghun only …Raman knows Mani knows for sure Ishitha will never try to harm anyone … that too car break ….Ramans anger and Manis reaction here is really not acceptable … Ishithas mistake not telling about the Councellor … Manis caring to Shaghun ….and all too much … Mr Bhalla took a good decision but Raman going behind is not going to help at all … he will cry … finally Shaghun madam won the challenge both Pihu and Raman will be with her …Ekta please bring another serial for AH if you want to give her more space …Over acting … you are really ruining Karan and Divyanka who are the best in the tv world …

  19. rithushree

    Mani is even more worse than Raman as he shouted on ishitha as if she did all that with shagun and when Aliya told about ishitha he told may be ishitha might not have done like that with shagun.i mean what does he mean by may be ishitha might have not shows what a good friend he is and he should have total faith in ishitha that surely she would not have done like that . Horrible man.from when he married shagun he is totally a different person .

  20. Meenu aggarwal

    Hi alll…i agree that ramam is bit too much but dont u think ishita also gets overboard always…
    Trying to be good….. without taking her own husband in confidence….
    Why she always thinks that she is too smart to handle all situations on her own

  21. rithushree

    Even i think it is planned by ishraruhadi because ishitha didn’t stop Raman when he was leaving the house and when she went upstairs after soo much time Raman came out like throwing ishitha out of the house.but again I think it’s not a drama because Raman is great stupid man who never thinks when he is in anger .

  22. Evani

    I hate Raman Ishita. Both are too much. Aree yaar.. Shagun ka khodka do baccha hamesa tum logoki as pass rehti he.. Agar pihu shagun ke sat khus hai to rehne do Na idiotss… Tum logoke bajase Shagun itni desperate ho Gia.. Wo ishita se acchi maa hai.. Hate Ishita..

    • Shreya shetty

      Meghnaa please please don’t leave and u r such a very lovable girl and our yhm family group site member!!!without u there will be someone missing here.i am not showing any partiality to u trust me as a good friend.whenever u need me just call me for help I ll always suggest u the right thing and support ishita no matter what happens

  23. indee

    yep.. rithu.. I think you are right. this is a plan. Because sooo much time they were in upstairs.. and coming up episodes ruhi overhears ishitha is talking someone lovely.. I am a new fan.

  24. Shanu

    Where is a Abhishek????? He should not let all happened like this! Always shagun wins! This time she ,Ashok should have got caught for doing it!

  25. Susan

    Watching old episodes of YHM. Ruhi was such a delightful character. Always trying to unite IshRa. Always smiling and happy. Since after the 7 year leap they have completely destroyed these beautiful moments. Really think that they should have used another actress for the role op Pihu. In that way little Ruhi’s memories would have remained. I am so missing the old YHM and that little boy who played the role of Shavran. He was so cute.

  26. Prad

    its getting ridiculous. how long will Ekta carry this storyline. its dragging too long with shagun – pihu- ishita. Its time to let the cat out the bag and let Pihu know the truth and take the story somewhere new. I am deciding to boycott if this type of nonsense is carried on. Ever wonder the message is portrayed to young viewers

    • Shreya shetty

      of course Riya!!!welcome to the yhm group site family.keep commenting when u feel like.consider us to be like ur family and best friends here Riya and ignore those guys who neglect u alright

  27. Rose

    Raman is stupid man! He don’t think has 2 childrens Adi and Ruhi. Mr. Bhalla must slaps him how to respect Raman’s parents. He is bad paradigm character which againts his parents by pointing his finger. He is stupid man from Shagun’s drifting inducement without think smart and sensible. My family ever feel this. And the kids just got poisoned with haters from Shagun. Mr. Bhalla have to call Police and check all of document about Pihu. Raman is the shit of selfish and someone should punch him because can’t open the mind before speak!

  28. Abhishek

    I also think its ishra because because they after hours raman dragged ishitha out and started to scold one more thing is in my mind then why raman change his identity is this also ishra plan then what is the need for ishitha to fall in love with someone or take someone help to find out raman only cvs has to give clarity in upcoming episodes but please dont make ishitha fall in love with someone else let her stay happy with adi and ruhi

  29. sewwandi

    I am soo dissapointed about such kind of things.How Raman can insult Ishitha. Nobody can insults such a kind of wife,mama.I feel soo sorry towads Ishitha. Plese change this situation.We want to see great afection with Raman and ishitha.We hope possitive thingd in near future

  30. sewwandi

    I am soo dissapointed about such kind of things.How Raman can insult Ishitha. Nobody can insults such a kind of wife,mama.I feel soo sorry towads Ishitha. Plese change this situation.We want to see great afection with Raman and ishitha.We hope possitive thingd in near future

  31. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman leaves Bhalla family for Pihu.

    He also breaks all ties with Ishita calling her a bad omen while Ishita is completely shattered by Raman’s accusation.

    Bhalla family support Ishita and Adi- Ruhi asks her that she is their bother mother and father from now.

    Apart from this, soon a new man Vidyut makes an entry in the scene and Shagun gets impressed seeing is life style.

    Shagun starts ignoring Pihu seeing Vidyut when Vidyut asks her as if she is her daughter then Shaun tells her that Pihu is not her daughter.
    Raman (Karan Patel) burts out at Shagun ignoring Pihu

    Raman is very much furious seeing Shagun’s step behavior towards Pihu and shouts at her.

    Shagun does not care of Raman and tells him that she knows as how to take care of Pihu.

    Pihu also feels some ignorance towards Shagun but Shagun manipulates her taking her outside.

    It will be interesting to watch when Pihu witness Shagun’s true colors as how she is using Pihu against Ishita.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  32. Sarik

    This is the last tym i read this updates. YHM has lost meaning,a few days swore never to leave Ishita wen they got married,wat is this now. Producers pls b creative.

  33. rithushree

    Mohabbatein News: Shocking twist with Shagun-Vidyut

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Raman and Ishita are on the verge of getting separated and the show will hereon head towards leap where Raman will be seen residing with Shagun and Pihu for the sake of Pihu’s happiness.

    On the other hand Ishita will be seen taking care of Adi, Ruhi, Aliya and entire Bhalla family.

    Whereas Raman’s friend Vidyut will make a grand entry where Shagun will be seen getting impressed with Vidyut’s lifestyle and will start avoiding Pihu.

    Raman will burst out on Shagun for ignoring Pihu but Shagun handles Pihu by taking her for shopping.

    Let’s see what twist Vidyut’s entry bring forth in Shagun’s life.

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