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The Episode starts with everyone smiling happily seeing Ishita normal. She makes breakfast and calls Adi. Adi hugs her and says he missed her hug. She serves him dosa. Raman gets super glad. Ishita sees the time and waits for Prateek. Prateek comes. She asks him to come and says Raman, see Prateek has come to meet you. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have breakfast. Prateek says I had it. Mrs. Bhalla asks him to have tea atleast. Ishita goes to drop Adi downstairs. Prateek talks to Raman about Ishita. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla say she is fine. Prateek suggests some shanti puja for getting rid of Shagun’s soul, her soul will get peace and leave from this house. Mrs. Bhalla agrees. Prateek says every member of this house has to attend it. Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to make everyone attend puja. Mrs.

Bhalla says I will inform Iyers too.

Prateek goes out and tells Ishita about everyone attending puja today, we will know whose hand is hurt. Simmi covers her hand and tells Mrs. Bhalla that she has to get medicines for Ananya. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened to her hand. Simmi says I got hurt while playing to Ananya, I will just come. Ishita comes in Simmi’s way and asks where is she going. Simmi says to get Ananya’s diapers. Neelu gives the puja items list. Simmi hides her hand and leaves with the list.

Abhishek questions the watchman. He asks did he see anyone with bandage on hand. Simmi takes auto and leaves. The watchman says no. Abhishek says I will come again tomorrow, keep an eye. Shagun meets her doctor, dressed in burqa. The doctor asks why did she come so far here for checkup. Shagun says I trust this hospital, I will manage. She thinks she came far as she does not want anyone to see her. She takes her reports and leaves.

Shagun sees Simmi there, and hears doctor telling Simmi about her hand sprain, her muscles got hurt, did she lift anything heavy. Shagun thinks what happened to Simmi’s hand, no, she can’t do this, she is Raman’s sister. The doctor says he will send reports at home. Simmi says no, I will come here and collect. She gets a call and says I m coming. She ends call and says she got stuck in problem. She leaves in the auto. Shagun follows Simmi.

Shagun stops to see Simmi and lifts her veil. Bala’s mum sees Shagun and says Shagun, that too in burqa… Bala’s mum comes to meet Amma, and greets Mrs. Bhalla. Bala’s mum says she stayed with Subbu for 4 months and came back. Mrs. Bhalla tells about shanti puja. Bala’s mum asks why. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to come and tlak. Bala’s mum gets shocked seeing Shagun’s pic with garlands. She asks whats all this, I have just seen Shagun on the way. Ishita hears this and gets shocked. Shagun comes home and thinks to inform Ishita about Simmi.

Ishita calls her and asks her did she go out in burqa. Shagun says yes, I went to doctor. Ishita says Subbu’s mum has seen you, she has come and telling Mrs. Bhalla about you, she has come after 4 months, don’t be careless, its so risky. We will not find culprit, Subbu’s mum will not leave this matter, I will handle her somehow. Shagun says listen, I have seen…. Ishita ends call.

Raman comes and hears Bala’s mum telling about spotting Shagun. Raman says Shagun died infront of us, we kept this puja for her soul peace, don’t spread rumors. Bala’s mum says I m sure she was Shagun. Raman sees Ishita coming and stops her. Ishita greets Bala’s mum and asks her to come with her, they will talk in room, she has to know about Subbu. Raman and Mrs. Bhalla worry. Bala’s mum tries saying about Shagun. Raman says Ishita can get unwell. Mrs. Bhalla asks him not to worry.

Ishita makes Bala’s mum sit and says I will get Shitija, you should see her. Bala’s mum says I m trying to say, Shagun is alive, she was in burqa, it will be her plan, I will tell Raman. Ishita says Shagun is dead, I request you not to tell anyone, she will be hurt. Bala’s mum says I will tell Raman. Ishita stops her. She says she wants to tell her everything.

Sarika talks to her boss and Romi comes to ask about some lace add up to chunri. Sarika argues with him as she was on imp call. Romi says mummy is asking about this. Sarika says my boss scolded me, I have imp work. He says even household work is imp. She says what shall I say, I m in tension, let me work, many problems come in this house. He says this is our family, leave this job if you are unable to give time to family. She asks what, and about salary, I took loan from new job to pay your rent, if you were capable… He gets shocked. She says sorry, I did not mean that. He leaves. She worries.

Bala’s mum asks what, you lied to everyone that Shagun died, and Shagun is with you in this plan, you trapped everyone in this lie. Ishita says no, we are doing this for family, I did this to find that person helping Ashok, I did for Raman, I request you don’t tell anyone. Someone knocks the door. Ishita asks her not to tell anyone. Ishita checks the door and Neelu says Mrs. Bhalla is calling them. Ishita tries convincing Bala’s mum.

Shagun tells Abhishek that she lifted veil for a second when she was following Simmi, Bala’s mum came there on wrong time, I hope everything is fine there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. good episode .hope bala ‘s amma wont tell anyone about the whole drama .patha nahi simmi ki kya mysyery hai .jald se jald sarika ko expose ho jaana chaahiye .

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    reality through Shanti Havan

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  4. So awful

  5. this sarika is too irritating .bahuth akad dikhaathi hai .pagal ladki . sabko hurt karthi hai pehle par guilty banuth kam feel karthi hai .

  6. simmi jabse kisi party mein gayi thi aur aayi toh tabse woh ajeeb tarah se aur ghabrai hui dikh rahi hai .

  7. Any sister of me pls help me how can i write a fanfiction pls help me

  8. Not sure about bala’s mum….
    But simi…how could she do this yaar….

  9. ishitha must nt hv told subbu’s mom abt their plan its a bad step am I right how many of u agree wid me???

    1. agree. she didnt confide in her husband. but she admitted everything to a lady who has always wished bad for her. ishita could have cooked up something

  10. Today’s episode is very boringggggg.

  11. wut will happen next??? i’m waitinggg!!!!!!

  12. Its an awsem play dnt end dis early.we alll lve u lots yehimohabatten team.thanq for such a great show.ishu n ruhi may tum dhonom keliya meri jaan dhedhungaaaa?

  13. How to download today’s Yhm episode ?

  14. nice episode and i hope subb’s mom won’t give up whole plan to the others and i thought it was sarika not simmi that is impossible

  15. good epi…… Agree ananya,can’t trust subbu’s mom ……But she won’t tell truth so early. But I think,she’ll tell later in angry state. May be in that shanti puja.
    But from whom did simmi get that call….? Coz I don’t think, she’s spying for ashok.(sareen mirza haven’t conformed this.) Has she had an affair with someone…..? Let’s see…….
    And where’s mihir and mihika…..? Is manoj character over…..?
    From SL

  16. Hi every 1 ishu k pass subbu k mum ko sach batane k siwa koi aur choice niii thek I hope k sab ko jald hi sab sach pataaa cal jaye

  17. Waiting for the day which Ishitha is going to reveal the truth..

  18. Y is simi doing this

  19. bala ‘s amma bharose layak nahi hai .woh toh kabhi bhi apna muh khol sakthi hai .waise bhi usse pehle se hi ishitha pasand nahi hai aur woh kyu ishitha ki madad karegi .

  20. Aare yr, ishita ko kya jarurat thi bala me mom ko batane ki…she knows her very well..phirbhi…
    Bol sakali aapko galfehmi hui hai ya phir shagun de haunted hone ka thoda drama kar leti..

  21. Episode was good . ishu – adi scene was nice . Ya.. shagun shld hv been much more care full .par ye subbu ki mom…kya aurat h yaar ..ek baat pe hi adi h…sacchmein. i hope this tym she dont spoil nythng.. we ppl know her right …strange lady ..
    Nyway … the truth gets reveald soon.

  22. Intersting episode.

  23. Raman kumar bhalla

    There will a huge twist in which either me or ishita will die or go in coma which will lead to a 5year leap and afterwards

  24. What ????????? No plsssss …..

    Y leap ????????

    Now I jst hate this word leap…..

  25. Ooohooo yrr ye Raman k name se koi pgl ban a raha hai don’t worry jhanvi

  26. ishita ne bala ka amma ko sobkuch bolke thik nhi kiya ♣♣

  27. I hope so dear……

    Nd ya can’t trust bala’s mum…… BT hope WO kuchh gadbad kre use pehle hi sab sach ishu hi bta De…

  28. seriously why are they insulting our intelligence. u mean all this ghost stuff has been a set what of the time ishita saw shagun so called spirit n when shagun held her hand during cremation. pls we don’t have short term memory loss.well am assuming since no one liked d ghost track they came up with a new twist.pls even though its fiction directior beware that we have brains

  29. Guys ny of u know the latest trp ?

  30. what…..? Who is this raman kumar bhalla……???
    I just hate that word…..”leap”. Again what’s this bitter leap…….. We don’t want this kind of leap……. Crazy cvs……. I want to…………… No, I should control myself.
    I’m sure you are not real RKB…… I think, recently,you’ve escaped by MENTAL HOSPITAL……!!!!!

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