Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman bringing Mrs Bhalla to give statement. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Ishita for making the stupid plan with Amma, and this all happened. Ishita says its fine, don’t be sorry. The inspector talks to her. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita is Yashoda Mayya, she gave so much love to Ruhi, than her own mum, she can’t burn Adi’s hand, and about the old case, it was a joke, fake case, we did this to make things fine between her and Raman, we accepted our mistake, you are doing a big mistake by keeping her here. Raman says yes, she loves my daughter Ruhi and can’t hurt any child. The inspector says we are helpless, the child welfare will question Adi and take his statement, we have to arrest the one who is culprit, and can’t do anything before morning. Mrs. Bhalla says how

will Ishita be here all night. Raman asks Mihir to take her.

Mihir takes Mrs. Bhalla. Raman looks at Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………plays………….. The doctor treats Adi and gives medicines to Parmeet asking him to give Adi. Ashok says see how Ishita did this, and gave lecture to you Shagun. He says everything will be fine, don’t worry. She says I know, I m worried about Adi, but I don’t understand how did he get hurt, I got mad seeing him hurt, but Ishita can’t do this, I know her, something is not right. She asks Adi to tell honestly how did this happen, did Ishita did this. She asks who did this. Ashok says he is kid, its ok. She says he did big mistake, I did not say anything, this time, be honest, look at me, tell me.

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Adi cries and says Ishita made you cry, she has hurt you… She asks to tell the truth. Raman comes and says I will tell the truth, what will Adi say. They look at him. Ashok asks what are you doing here. Raman says sit down, I came to tell the truth, Ishita did not do anything, she did not touch Adi, he is lying. Adi says you always take her side. Raman says shut up Adi, I won’t bear this, you will come with me to police station and tell truth. Ashok says you are not his father to have this right. Raman says fine Adi, don’t come, you called in child services to complain, I will call them here, they will take you back and reopen accident case, go to jail if you want to become criminal being 10 year old.

Shagun asks will he send him to jail. Raman says yes, its better, he is learning this from you, and asks Adi to decide will he stay here, tell the truth or go to jail. Shagun says wait, I will come with you Adi. They leave. Parmeet. Ashok and Suraj laugh. Mani talks to inspector. The inspector says don’t be annoyed, you should have told me you know minister. Mani scolds him. The inspector says we can’t do anything in child abuse case, I m doing my duty. He brings Ishita out and Mani asks are you ok Ishu. She says ya. He says Raman’s all problems come on your head, his kids, his ex wife always taunt you. She says don’t tell anything to him, I married him, and marriage means to accept happiness and pain, Adi is doing this as he is misguided, his mum does not guide him well and don’t explain him relations, no one understands him, think about the trauma on him, Shagun’s marriage will be pressure, Raman is worried for me, I know till I get out of this, Raman will care for me.

Mani says the questioning will happen now in this case. Raman says I will shut this case now. They turn and see Adi and Shagun. Raman says he is Adi and asks inspector to talk. Appa is worried about the matter, and why do Adi hate her so much, Ishu has always forgiven him. Mrs. Bhalla says let Ishita come, we should think about her, we will see Adi later. She says don’t know when will we get rid of Shagun. Mihir says yes, she has again been a problem for us, we did so much for her, but she can never change.

Adi says I was angry, so I did this mistake. He cries. Raman says now you agree that Ishita did not do anything, Adi did this. The inspector says fine, we won’t make case on child. Raman asks him to say sorry. Adi says no. Shagun gets angry knowing this and slaps Adi. She says you did big mistake before too, and disappointed me again, say sorry. Adi says you slapped me, I did all this or you. The inspector asks Raman does he want Adi to be punished under criminal act. Ishita says no, its our family matter and we will solve it. Raman thanks Ishita and asks Ishita and Mani to come. Shagun takes Adi and leaves.

Raman and Ishita are on the way. She opens the window and gets some fresh air. Raman thinks Ishita always faces problems because of my kids, she accepted all pain of my life. She thinks he will blame himself, how to explain him its not his mistake. He asks is she fine. She says yes. He asks will you have anything, icecream. She says no, its cold. They have a talk. He stops the car and says Adi did all this, and I did not like it. She says he is kid. He says we have to explain him, why did you forgive him, you have a big heart and I try but you are still hurt, my life has problems. She asks is your life not mine. They smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays………

She says lets go our home and they leave. Mihika says I know Akka, I have to explain Shagun… Ashok comes to her. She asks about Adi and Shagun. He says they are in police station, I m fed up of them, I want to get rid of them, but what to do, I m getting married. He says he would have gone mad if you were not there and holds her. She gets annoyed and thinks creepy Ashok, I wish Shagun comes here and sees his truth. Shagun comes there. Mihika sees her and smiles. Ashok understands by her smile and asks is she fine, is her eyes fine, go and wash your eyes with cold water and moves away.

Shagun asks what happened. Ashok says thank God you are here, I was so angry. Shagun sends Adi and hugs Ashok. He says its ok, did Ishita forgive Adi. Shagun says yes. He asks her to take rest. Mihika looks on. He says boys kept the bachelors party and I think Mihika kept hens party for you. He leaves. Shagun says what a hectic day, I was wrong, Ishita was right, I felt that I should apologize to her. Mihika says if you feel this by heart, then apologize to her once, she will forgive you. Shagun says yes, but I want to become her friend. Mihika says fine, I know she will accept it. Shagun asks will you help me. Mihika says yes. Shagun says I want Ishita to come in hens party, please convince her to come, if she does not come, I will think she did not forgive me.

Mihika says fine, take rest and take care of Adi, we will talk to her in morning. Raman and Ishita come home. She says don’t tell anyone what happened today, they are already worried. She says I think Shagun is also worried, if the functions were at our home, we would also be worried, so lets the matter end here. Mihir is with his sister after long time, keep their relation stable. Raman says he can’t do this. Mihir gets angry. They ask him not to blame himself.

They are glad seeing Ishita. Ishita says she is fine. Mihir apologizes to her and says she is more than sister to him, he gave second chance to Shagun, and she showed she does not deserve any relation, I promise once she gets married and goes from my home, I won’t keep relation with her and Ashok. Ishita says no, Shagun came to police station, she has scolded Adi, she felt bad, you can’t break relation with her. Mihir says no, I m sorry and leaves. Raman says I will talk to Mihir, we will talk about this later. He asks Simmi to take Ishita. He thinks everyone is blaming Shagun, but this happened because of me, my past overpowers my present.

Ishita rests to sleep. Raman gets up and looks at her. He goes to sit by her side. Music plays………………

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. arey yaar iam really happy by ishra.and ishu tho always they confess their love or not but they have the love in their the way raman thanked ishu by silence when ishu say we r not complaning about was really amazing.

  2. sandy

    woww it was a wonderful episode!!!! ,the ishra chemistry is mind blowing yaar… the way how they shower love on each other makes the whole yhm a special serial……the way she said that ‘is not ur lyf is mine too’ and the very next sentence that shal we go to Our home ….. the dilogues were so situational … and the way ishra cnveys them with their xpresns makes me forget the rest of world landing , me only in d ishra land……

  3. In upcoming episode we will see Ishita in new look white net saree , curl hair low shoulder blouse. Raman will praise her beauty. But there will be little confusion. Ishita will be ready to go in Shagun’ girls party. But by mistake Ishita will reach in boys party instead of girls party. In boys party all vilians of the show Param Suraj and Ashok will harrase Iahita . So sad for Ishita .
    But I think there should fighting sequence between Raman and Vilians to make this scene romantic.

  4. Wowww…….irshra……u r rockingg, i use tofeek tht YHM is happing really….becuse i relly love u guys whole serial stand up by ishra love..its nt a matter abt cofesion….tey hv feelig in thir hearts..its the matter……pehli bar i m impressd with shagun……. in future episode ishita gt ready fr hens party….OMG..she is stunning……raman…!!!!!!! He is flat by seeing her…..godd cant wait fr nxr episode…………

  5. bhagi

    wow shagun am impressed at the first time you did a correct thing and ishu raman dnt break up for scilly reasons and you mani did u dnt even know about the relationship of a wife and husband go back to turkey yar……
    hamesha beech me aajathi ho

  6. pragya

    Happy to see see ishra together …. but Wat abt the promo ?? Vil raman leave ishu? Vil they able to confess their luv?

  7. Hey pragya kal ke ep. Ki updates check karo . Usme Blue line me hoga ki Raman blowed by Ishitas beauty wo check karna usme saf saf likha tha ki jo promo me dikhaya hai aisa kuchha nahi hoga.

  8. san

    Pls.more romantic scenes and heart touching scenes . love confess soon.3 idiots go to the hell. (Ashok, param, suraj.)

  9. Arpit

    Is that site reliable ? Because itna advance mein kaise pata chal Sakta hai . Precap mein Bhi voh scene doooor dooooor tak nahi hai . Only the script writer ko hi pata ho Sakta hai .

  10. Yes I am sure maine aj hi dekha tha usme ye bhi dikhaya tha ki Ishu vaha se bhag jayegi aur Mihika &Shagun party me uska waite kar rhe hoge waha pahuch jayegi.

  11. Are ye site nahi hai yeh abp news ka show hai jisme sab serials ke bare me dikgate hai usme maine kai dino pehle dekha tha ki Raman Ishata ki care kar raha hai aur use dudh pila raha hai may be wo scene kal ke ep. me ayega ki Raman jabardasti Ishita ko dudh pilayega.

  12. anandraaz

    Prayosha! Kaha kaha new milta hai ….
    only some time Ishita’s future in happiness otherwise Ishita future only darkness….
    this is the twisting on yhm serial…
    see new promo’s – this is fact…
    yhm serial is most complicated,confusion,interesting,and Raman Ishita romance….

  13. Anandraaz pr kal ki 11 th nov. ki updates check karna usme jo likha tha Raman blowed Ishita beauty usme likha tha ki jo promo me dikhaya hai wo nahi hoga . Ye pehle Priyaroli be kaha tha bad me maine check kiya tha usme aisa hi likha hai.

  14. hello guys relax prayosha is right.even in saas bahu aur beteian in aaj tak.where ishu wrongly went to boys party and they were harming prayosha is saying right just believe her.

  15. Hey Anandraaz & Arpit meri comments par bharosa na sahi par is site par to hoga jise ham sab IshRa ke fans follow kar rahe hai khud hi check kar lo iss site par bhi aa gaya ki Ishita galti se boy’s party me chali jayegi. Me koi galat informatoin nahi de rahi thi. Muje IshRa ke bare me pata chala vo IshRa ke fans ke saath share kar rhi thi

  16. Arpit

    Yeah prayosha I saw the video myself u were right . But today yeh hai mohabbatein has lost 1 fan and that is me . If this continues this serial will also stop like bade ache lagte Hain (serial of Ekta kapoor ) . I think Ekta kapoor first seek the attention of all the viewers and spoil the serial herself . Very sad to say but I only watched yhm on TV and nothing else but now no TV

  17. Arpit

    I watched yhm only because of divyanka (ishita) as she gets troubled I can’t resist although it’s not real but I don’t like .

  18. I agree . But jaisa maine pehle bhi kaha tha ki Ekta kapur ke har show me pehle couple jaghdte hai phir pyar karte hai phir romance karte hai phir alag hote hai is liye muje lagta hai ki abhi IshRa alag nahi honge. Pehle love confess karege phir romance bad me shayd alag honge.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.