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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roshni worrying about Adi and Romi. Ishita comes and says I know you are worried about your husband, Adi and Romi would have dropped him to police station, everything happens by Lord wish, stop thinking, bad happens with bad people. Roshni’s mum says Lord does good with good people, my daughter is innocent, she will be good. Shagun asks is her husband bad. Roshni’s mum says no, he is a nice guy, but the situation was not good. Shagun asks what happened, tell me, I work with NGO, I can help. Roshni’s mum says no, its fine now, the would be groom died on marriage day. Shagun asks whom did she marry then. Gagan says I will tell you.

Ishita says your marriage happened forcibly, we will start your divorce proceedings. Roshni cries and hugs her. She asks Ishita

to forgive her. Ishita says its not your mistake. Neelu comes and says Amma is calling you. Ishita asks Roshni to show her hand to pandit, maybe he will say some good things. Roshni’s mum says he is Gagan. Gagan asks Shagun don’t you know, I thought Adi told you. Shagun asks why will he tell me. She gets Mani’s call and goes out to talk.

Mani asks her to come soon. Shagun says sorry, I and urgent work, I will come. She goes to Gagan and says sorry, I m getting late, I will go. She goes. Roshni’s mum asks Gagan how does he know her son in law. She prays for Roshni. Gagan goes after Shagun. Pandit tells Roshni that there will be someone with her always, good will happen with her. He tells Ishita that Adi has two marriages written in his kundli. They get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says it would be Raman’s kundli. He says no, I checked, it was Adi’s kundli.

Gagan asks Shagun about Adi’s marriage. She asks what’s the matter. He says I know Adi well. She says why are you saying me, I m getting late for my daughter’s haldi. He says you will forget haldi when I say something. Ishita says pandit is saying wrong. Adi and Romi come. Adi says Pandit is right about two marriage. Romi tries to stop it. Gagan says Adi’s truth. Ashok comes and slaps Gagan. Shagun asks what truth. Ashok says he is a mad guy, you go, I will handle it. Shagun leaves.

Adi says Ishita pandit is right, my two marriages or hundred marriages, it will be just with Aaliya, like Ishita married Raman twice. Pandit says I wish you stay happy. Everyone smile. Amma goes to drop pandit. Mrs. Bhalla says Adi scared me for some time. Ishita asks where did they drop the guy. Romi says we got him locked in jail, focus on marriage. Ishita says we have to get Roshni’s divorce done. Romi says he will change in some days and then we will get divorce done.

Mrs. Bhalla checks haldi. Neelu praises Amma. Amma says I m most smart here. Mrs. Bhalla says I m not less. She looks at Amma and says you did not wear specs. Mrs. Bhalla asks why. Amma says my friend said I look Ishita’s sister. Mrs. Bhalla says what nonsense. Amma says I look younger than you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to say. Neelu says Amma looks younger. Mrs. Bhalla sees her face in mirror and removes her specs to look younger. She says I m looking Ishita’s nanand. She comes back to them. She asks who is looking younger now. Neelu says I will get gulab jal and goes. She gets some bottle and asks is this gulab jal. Amma can’t see well and asks Mrs. Bhalla to see. Even Mrs. Bhalla can’t see the bottle well. They say its gulab jal. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go and ask Mihika, who looks younger. Neela adds the liquid in haldi and says why is smell not coming from rose water, maybe its also fake.

Ashok argues with Gagan. Gagan asks why did you slap me. Ashok says I told you, let that marriage happen, then we can take revenge, just don’t open your mouth. He gets Shagun’s call. Shagun says thanks, who was that man. Ashok says relax, he is mad, when Adi came here, this man and his goon troubled Adi, I will handle this. She thanks him and ends call.

Adi sits for haldi. Everyone tease him by Aaliya’s name. Ishita asks them to start by some puja. She says Raman went for some work, he will come soon. The lady says Ishita will become Saas, but she looks so young. Mrs. Bhalla says we also look young. Amma says yes. The lady says yes, you two look young, Amma looks Ishita’s elder sister. Mrs. Bhalla says I look her younger sister. Ishita and Ruhi asks about their specs. Amma says old people wear specs, we don’t need it. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Roshni is in kitchen. She picks the bottle and checks. She asks Neelu. Neelu says its gulab jal bottle, I mixed it in haldi. Roshni says it smells bad.

Ishita and everyone talk. Roshni goes to tell Ishita and asks her to come fast. She shows bottle and asks about it. Ishita says this is chemical bottle, why is this empty. Roshni asks is this harmful to apply on skin. Ishita says we dentists use it in less amount. Roshni worries and runs to stop Adi’s haldi. She takes the bowl away. They all get shocked.

Adi scolds her. Ishita comes and looks on. Adi asks Roshni to leave from his house. Roshni says sorry and goes. Roshni’s hands get hurt by the haldi. Ishita sees her and checks her hands. Roshni says forgive me. Ishita says enough now. She takes Roshni with her. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to get haldi by mixing milk and water. Adi says I will leave, what will be bigger abshagun, did you see what Roshni did.

Ishita comes and asks Adi to stop misbehaving. Adi tells what Roshni did. She says you know why she did this. She asks Roshni to say, its imp. She shows the rashes on Roshni’s hand and says it happened because of that haldi. Mrs. Bhalla asks how. Ishita says someone added chemical instead gulabjal in it, its good Roshni saw empty bottle and asked me by doubt, she took the bowl, else this rash would have been on Adi’s face. Without knowing anything, he started shouting, why is he behaving so, better sit here and wait for haldi, I m going. Mihika and Mrs. Bhalla make Adi sit.

Ishita asks Adi to apologize to Roshni. Adi asks why, I did not know haldi had chemical, come, guests are waiting, we have to send haldi for Aaliya. Ishita says no function will start till you apologize to Roshni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    where is Raman pihu simmi gaurav param and pls stop this track
    hi guys rithu VP Amma magic shivani sindhu siddhi disha adithya jaz Mino mounique d isuri HP and all yhm friends

  2. Roshni’s character is gonna be strong is what i feel!! Adi is always shouting like raman and roshni is very understanding! Aditya and roshni make a good pair?? Hope adi realizes his mistakes soon and behaves properly with roshni ?

  3. Wonder where mihir is?? Itz Aliya’s wedding dude,Come have fun 🙂

  4. Hi everyone… Don’t understand what’s happening… This pandit saying two marriage s for ADI… I think both with roshni only … Yesterday I thought roshni may die and ADI may marry Aliya .. but today after adi s dialogue … As Ishita married Raman twice .. it’s confusing…. Track is getting interesting day by day .. but without ishra scenes it’s boring… Waiting for marriage day …

  5. azuka nkwonta

    Today’s episode was just boring it did not impress me at all. Adi should not apologize all the time does he not have right to be angry or say anything he likes and ishita is over reacting all the time I wish ? shagun was there she would have taught ishita some lessons. Today’s episode was just so boring there was nothing to act or do to boost the drama ?.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Roshni should leave bhallas house ?, I don’t like the fact that ishita is supporting her all the time ?.

  7. I think adi needs to make up his mind

  8. Ishita is more concerned about Roshni’s divorce than her son’s haldi and marriage.

  9. OMG Roshni I would have let the haldi burn his face and enjoy it while he cries of pain so that would have been a good way to teach him a lesson 4 misbehaving with u. Shagun wen u find the truth out tell it to Ishra right away and not hide it.

  10. where is pihu baby.What happen to other important characters.Where are love and affection.What happens tp raman ishitha ruhi and pihu’s bond.Plese shows nice episodes accept this kind of crashes.Plese go towards the theme.

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