Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla explaining Simmi about giving a new life to Ananya by giving example of Ishita completing Ruhi’s family. She asks her to think about Ananya, such relations are not found every day, Subbu is nice guy, think about Ananya. Rinki finds the door open and thinks Mihir came home. She goes inside and sees flowers, decorations and says I m sure Karishma did this, despo girl. She finds Mihir inside the bedroom and asks where did he hide her, how can he do this, she is alive, he could have waited till she did. He asks her what filmi lines is she saying, what is she finding. He stops her from going in bathroom.

She says its limit, you have hidden her in bathroom, I want to be with you, I love you and you…. She holds his collar and he holds her hand. He says

now you can come out. Rinki says I will kill you Mihir. Romi comes out and says his plan. Mihir says it was all Ishita’s plan. Rinki asks Romi how could he do this. Romi says Mihir is nice guy, now leave all this anger. Mihir apologizes to her and says I had to do acting. Rinki smiles. Romi says I taught Mihir to talk to girls, and he is such coward. Rinki defends Mihir. He holds her. Romi asks him to control, he is still here. Mihir asks him to leave. He says I love you and hugs her.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to convince Simmi. Ishita says we can’t force her. Mrs. Bhalla says what if we lose this proposal. Subbu comes and asks her not to worry. He says he will wait for Simmi and give her time as much as she wants, I know Ishita is worried, but trust me I will take care of Simmi and Ananya. Simmi comes and looks at him. He says I can’t make romantic promises, life has shown me many things, break up, marriage, children and accident, he has new feeling of responsibility, care and raising Ananya, I think this is more bigger than college romance feeling, you can take time to think, I will not force you, I want to ask in simple way, will you marry me.

Ishita says I think Simmi needs time. He says I told I will give time and asks Mrs. Bhalla not to force her, she has to feel herself and choose me, then our relation will be successful. Ishita smiles. Simmi comes to her room and cries. She recalls Parmeet and the past. She tells Ananya that she is confused and does not wish to do wrong. Ananya says Mumma Papa. Simmi recalls Parmeet and Subbu, and the difference. She hugs Ananya.

Ishita gets glad to know Rinki agreed. Mihir says all thanks to you and makes her talk to Rinki. Rinki thanks her and says sorry as Raman fought with you because of me, I will tell Raman everything. She asks her to come for dinner. Ishita agrees. Simmi comes and says she thought a lot, and she feels she is ready for this marriage. Ishita asks really? She says its double happiness, and tells about Rinki and Mihir’s union, she is so happy and hugs Simmi.

Ishita says Romi that Punjabis are loud, they did so much to explain Rinki. They see Appa in parking and asks him to get groundnut. Romi says at this time. She asks him to go to any 24 by 7 shop. Romi leaves. Ishita gets groundnut for Appa and gives him. He asks from where did she come at this time. She says I went for dinner. He says its good Rinki and Mihir united, its so hot so I came to have cool air. She asks him to say truth. He says he is thinking about Simmi, Subbu has broken your heart. She says he moved on. He says yes, but he is marrying for his own reasons, maybe he can’t accept Simmi’s past, he is marrying for Ananya, what if he gets in anyone’s words and leaves Simmi. They turn and see Mr. Bhalla looking and hearing their talk.

Appa says I m not saying your decision is wrong, I was just…. Mr. Bhalla opens arms to hug him. Appa hugs him. Ishita gets teary eyed. Mr. Bhalla says he is happy, as he is also concerned for Simmi, she is lucky. Appa says I just want our families to be happy. Mr. Bhalla says its double safety for Simmi. Ishita gets thinking.

Its morning, Ishita treats a little girl and says its small infection, and tells her mum that she will do filling. Subbu says I said Ishita is expert in kids’s dental issues. Ishita says it will be done in few sittings. Subbu worries seeing her treat the kid. She smiles and asks him to go out. He asks her to be careful.

Shagun gives the passports to agent and asks him to do soon, its urgent. Ashok holds her. She scolds him. He says come on, for old time sake, I can’t resist seeing you. She asks him to be away, she has seen his colors, its best that we stay partners in crime, I want to go Australia with my kids, once I destroy Raman and Ishita, I will get what I want, and you can do anything. I want to snatch Ishita’s happiness.

Ishita talks to the lady and the kid. Subbu asks is she fine. Ishita says she is good and gives prescription. The lady leaves with her daughter. Subbu apologizes and says he can’t see kids in pain, so he can’t become dentist for kids. Ishita says she wants to talk.

Ishita asks him to think again if he is marrying for Ananya, reason should be Simmi, if you have interest in her, then go ahead. Subbu says I want to meet Simmi and if she is marrying by her wish and not for Ananya, then we will go ahead. Shagun gets inspector’s call for passport matter and is asked to meet seniors. She gets worried.

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  1. wins

    Had a big doubt?? Bala and raman are Co brothers. .. so relation btwn raman and subbu is also brother relationship.. how come subbu marry simmi now… I’m saying according to south Indian relations… did any one get this doubt???

  2. Hey guys yhm fb par off screen pics hai NB ki. ….karan divz Anita Ankita. .ekta hai Un pics mein. .toh NB mein ekta ka special episode k liye hoga. …

  3. hiiiiii guys nice episode but miss raman yar………i just hope ki vo aa kar simmi aur subbu ki relation ko lekar koi objection na kar de……..

  4. Hey Mizun…..maine nahi dekha aaj….ek seminar me gai thi….abhi waha se bahar nikli abhi ghar jaa rahi hoo……Dinner ke baad FB par baat karenge…….

  5. A N

    Hey priyaroli again ua eng is bad. N the past tense of saw is nt sawed. Check in ur cmmnt in 8:28pm. Hi hi hi

  6. @t….th….tha……thas…..thasn….thasni….

  7. An wnt ur prob dis site for comenting abt yhm n she did n how eva we wnt wnt can comment u dont any ryts to judge any one we comment here abt yhm n how eva we wnt we will u dont do so keep quite

  8. Watz ua prblm i askd her to improve her grammer wich is toooo bad. People frm othr countries also read ths cmmnts dey will think indian doesnt knw to speak proper language. Its a shame for u..

  9. Haan angel thoda doubt hai. .Subbu par. .ab unki k waqt ye raaz khole ga ki uss daughter aur wife ki death kaise hoi. …mujhe aaisa lagta hai…

  10. Hii amruta and anshi ..u r saying right..and priyaroli improve ur…eng..and angel dont tell bad about amritha and anshi…they r my best friend ..then prayu and priyaroli..

  11. Subbu to take Simmi on a date in Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatien!
    A show produced by Balaji Telefilms
    can never run out of unexpected twists
    and turns. Similar is the case with Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein which promises some high ended drama this week!
    As of now we saw how Shagun (Anita
    Hassananadi) plans to flee with her kids
    out of the country and how the angry-
    young- man, Subbu (Amit Tandon)
    protects the little Ananya from Param (Anurag Sharma).
    Well, the upcoming episodes will
    witness some over the top twists
    where Sujata will watch Subbu care a
    lot for Ananya (Simmi’s daughter). She
    will propose to Mrs. Bhalla (Shahnaz Rizwan) for his marriage with Simmi
    (Shireen Mirza).
    What next? Subbu will take Simmi out
    for a dinner date to know more about
    each other and understand their level of
    compatibility. In fact Subbu and Simmi’s relationship will progress to finalize
    their date of matrimony.
    While we all wonder the confusion as
    to why will he plan to get married to
    Simmi when he is in love with Ishita,
    we spoke to our credible sources who cleared our confusion.
    Revealed a source, “Ishita and Raman
    are truly in love with each other. She
    has forgiven Subbu and they have
    promised to live as very good friends.
    Hence Subbu will advance to forming a relationship with Simmi. Yes, there will
    be times when Subbu will show an
    inclination towards Ishita when she will
    express her problems and feelings to
    him but whether he will not marry
    Simmi and hold on his love for Ishita will be an interesting watch.”
    Hmmm… On the other hand, the
    audience will see some dramatic
    sequences when Ishita will approach
    Param to get the divorce papers signed.
    We tried contacting Divyanka Tripathy and Shireen Mirza for a comment but
    they remained unavailable.
    When called Amit Tandon, he stated, “I
    will not reveal the twist and turns but
    this week has some major drama
    unfold. I really wanted to take up a progressive show which depicts growth
    and versatility of my character. I am
    elated on bagging this show. At this
    moment all I can say is that the viewers
    will get to watch various emotions of
    my character.”

    • We know you are not our Mizun…& wese bhi aap chahe kitni koshish karo humare bich Misunderstandings lane ki koi faayada nahi….hum sab ek dusre ko 6-8 months se jaante hai……

  12. Quraizee

    Its good to know that YHM Haters are also watching the show DAILY and also commenting. This proves that the show is a hit. Waiting for more comments from the Haters. LOVE YHM….!!!!”

  13. I cant stay without watching tv. but every1 at home watch starplus serials nd dey watch this stupid serial also. So even i hav to watch.

  14. uff..eha kya grammer test chal raha hai?ki sab grammer ka pise par geya?nd eng par mistake kaha hai?amrutha nd anshi tumhe tho bht geyan hai eng par..tho tum log teach karo..kiu tumhe tho eha par test ho raha hai lagta hai..eng ka phd kar a e ho kya.. pls pls pls hame v sikhao tum kitne eng janti ho eha cmnt likho naki buray its a requst nd advice..

  15. Samiha if u think tht my eng is so gud tht i hav to teach sme1. first of all i will teach tht priyaroli nd next u who doesn’t knw to speak even hindi properly..

  16. #UpcomingStory Yipeee Kya Spoiler Aaya h Shagun to leave Adi and Ruhi in fire,
    Ishita turnssavoir in Yeh Hai
    MohabbateinAdi (Gautam Ahuja) and
    Ruhi (Ruhanika Diwan)to get stick in fire
    in Yeh Hai MohabbateinThe upcoming
    episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbateinwill bring high voltage drama on Mother’s
    dayspecial episode.According to the
    track, Shagun gets successfulto bring
    Adi and Ruhi from the house.Shagun is
    happy to think that now Ishita
    willnever get Adi and Ruhi back.Shagun’s happiness gets turned
    into shockingdrama when Adi and Ruhi
    get stuck in fire.Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) to bring Adi and Ruhiout from
    fireAdi and Ruhi call Shagun to save
    them butShagun who is real mother of them run away toleave them in the
    fire.However, Ishita makes a heroic
    entry in thescene and saves both Adi
    and Ruhi from thefire.Ishita proves that
    inspite of being step mother,her
    motherhood is very true for Adi and Ruhi.This incident makes exit of Shagun
    from Adi’slife and he believes that
    Shagun does not love him.

  17. Tum saare family members ko vaha bula lo aur mein aur mera darling subbu bhaag kar shaadi karnewaale hain. Srry raman mere purane feelings firse jaag gaye

  18. Gree

    Rams I’m here… Sum thing is gng fishy here yaar… Dey r telling evry scene @yhm… If dey r yhm haters Dey dnt watch yhm na… But Dey r commenting abt Yhm… I think.dey r also fans of yhm. 😕

    • Gree

      Der work is 2 abuse yhm nd cast nd fans lyk us… Our work is 2 ignore and 4giv dem in most cases… Nly in few cases we yell on dem

  19. Mai ek baat bolun yeh jo anshi aur amruta hai woh log apna pagal bhajan gatte rahenge so we hav to ignore dat bhajan ok no one will comment bck to dem now


  21. for ur kind information,i am not indian so i dont need to learn hindi properly and if both of u idiots want to teach english then open a english coaching because ham me se kisiko bhi tum jaisa badtamiz insan se baad karke time nayi waste karni hai..we have many important we want to talk to u..nd if u have a little sense then mind your language..both of u r just sick like shagun

  22. Ishita ka plaster nikal gaya….dekha…uss ne dono pairo me shoes pehne the….but abhi to sirf Divs ka plaster nikla hai na……Ishita ka to 1-2 din me dikgayenge ki plaster nikal gaya….phir bhi aaj usse dono shoes me dikhaya……….

  23. Yaar……1st & 2nd May ka ep best tha….kyonki uss me nahi Shagun thi…naaa hi Ashok…..ab jald hi inn dono ki problem solve karo……

  24. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun angel priyaroli gree ramya thasni and all yhm friends .net khatam honr wala hai .so see you tomorrow guys.

  25. daisy

    @sam- subbu has lost his wife n child…. may be, not sure!! but now he has come closr to ananya…. n all want simmi n subbu to marry… dats it

  26. hiiiii mizun…….. RAMAN IS BACK
    ~ Raman is back ~in the first video bhallas n iyers are in the sitting room. Mrs iyer keeps telling ishita to go upstairs n she stops the rest of the family by giving them coffee.. Ishita shows her phone n sats she’ll call up raman from here but mrs iyer keeps insisting her to go upstairs2nd video:Mrs Bhalla interview: Raman is back frm America. But Only mrs Iyer knows this Mrs. Bhalla informed that Raman and Mrs.Iyer made a plan to give surprise for Ishita For his arrival. Raman decides to hide in Bathroom or somewhere else. Mrs iyer told ishita to go upstairs n call up raman she acted as if raman is still not back . Mrs iyer wanted that ishita should be spend time alone with raman so she detains the rest of the family downstairs but by mistake raman is locked in a Cupboard by Neelu. The reporter says ab ghar ki khushiyan wapas aa gayi N mrs bhalla says obviously ghar ks beta wapas aa gaya toh khushiyan wapas aa gayi

  27. Raman decides to surprise ishita but gets locked in Almirah

    In the coming episode’s ,we will witness that Ishita asks Subbu to think again if he is marrying for Ananya and tells him that reason should be Simmi, if you have interest in her, then go ahead.

    Subbu says I want to meet Simmi and if she is marrying by her wish and not for Ananya, then we will go ahead. Shagun gets inspector’s call for passport matter and is asked to meet seniors. She gets worried.

    In the coming episodes ,Ishita’s plaster gets removed and she will be happy.Later Ishita goes to param’s house with romi to make him sign on the divorce papers.Param denies to sign on the papers and irritates them with his words.

    Param asks them to pay compensation of 50 to 60 lacs in return of ananya’s custody.Romi and ishita get angry and they leave from there.

    The family be happy as they get to know that raman is coming to india in the next day.Kids and Ishita will be excited to meet him as soon as possible.

    Raman reaches India and the family decides to surprise ishita.They tell Raman to hide in the room.But unknowingly neelu locks him in almirah,which will be seen by Mrs.Iyer.

    Mrs.iyer will not tell this to anyone and tries to send ishita to the room.this will be a funny sequence which is definitely loved by the audience.

  28. nimrit

    plz aaj sbs & sbb segment share karna…..plzzz…kisine to dekh higa na…..hamre yaha to bohoooooooooooot tufaaaan aaya hai…..isliye light bhi chali gayi…..

  29. Param demands 60
    Lakhs from Ishita for
    Divorce with Simmi in
    ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ Viewers of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein are currently
    witnessing the drama of Simmi
    and Subbu’s marriage and Ishita
    will think to set Simmi free
    from Parama’s relation.She gets the papers from lawyer for
    Divorce and goes along with
    Romi to Praram’s house. Param will taunt Ishita and
    Romi and welcomes them
    while Ishita gets to the point
    about his divorce with
    Simmi.As Usual Param tells
    them that they have to meet his conditions to set Simmi free
    and demands 60 Lakhs for
    signing Divroce. Shocked Ishita denies when
    Param tells Raman has lot of
    money,enought to buy Ashok’s
    company so it is a small
    amount and if they want Simmi
    to be happy they have to sacrifice that amount.What will
    Ishita do now ? Will Raman give Param money
    and set Simmi free from his
    relation ? What is the secret
    Subbu is hiding about his son’s
    death ? Do Keep up the space for more

  30. Sbb segment. .ishita param k paas divorce papers lekar aayi hai. .aur param simmi ko divorce dene k liye 60 lacks manta hai……..Reporter ne kaha ki divorce toh hoga tabhi toh Subbu simmi ki shaadi hogi. ..

  31. nimrit

    aare ha aur uss fire walw scene ka kya hua…..cut kar diya kya wo wala scene……uske bareme sunke raman ko kitna proud feel hoga ishu ke liye…& uska pyar to aur bhi badhega…….lekin wo scene cut nahi hona chahiye….

  32. sana

    Ye to pura beggar h 60 lacs leke bhi nhi manega kuch or drama karega firse
    or ye pagal ashok ko kya hua firse shagun k piche ja rha h kya?? Acha hua shagun ne chilaya dono selfish h
    subbu bhi gadbad lag rha h
    raman missing u yaaaar ravan kumar whn will u cm back 🙁

  33. Hey SPA k liye sab k dance rehearsals dikha rahe hai par. ..IshRa dance karenge ya nahin. .yaar. ..divz ki pair mein Dard hai. .toh shayad woh dancenahkare gi are. .par IshRa dance kar chahiye last year kitna beautiful dance kiya tha. …

  34. Video: E24 Segment ( 13th May )
    *** –> Ravan Kumar huye almari mein
    band ( W.U. by: Ramona G ) They showed animation of raman in a
    Cupboard actual scene was not shown..
    they said soon in yhm u will see a scene
    where raman is locked in a cupboard n
    mrs bhalla is shocked to see that.. byte
    of mrs bhalla who says that raman is back from US but gets locked in a
    Cupboard by neelu accidentally according to u me tv reporter kp is on
    honeymoon so they will show him
    locked in a Cupboard till he’s back at the
    shoot as its hard for the production to
    shoot with him while he’s on
    honeymoon according to u me tv P.S.: No need to worry coz now Karan is
    back and shooting too but lolzzz E24
    reporter is mad or what.. According to
    them they will show Raman locked in
    cupboard till Karan comes back for
    shoot.. That means if Karan would have come after a week then they would
    have shown him locked for a week How long can a person be locked in

  35. sana

    Ishita and Romi come to meet Parmeet to do out of court settlement. Parmeet argues with her. Romi asks him to shut up and sign the divorce papers. Parmeet says he will not easily give divorce to Simmi and asks for 60 lakhs. He says it’s a small amount for Bhalla Family. She gets angry and asks how can she think Parmeet can agree, as he has a dirty mind. She asks how can he set a price for Ananya and its never right to take money in wrong way. Ishita and Romi scold Parmeet for falling more day by day. Parmeet asks Romi to cool down and think if he does not give divorce to Simmi and drag her to court. Ishita thinks if Parmeet gives divorce, Simmi can marry Subbu peacefully.

    While Karan Patel is still on his leave, the show is managing without showing Raman Bhalla, and just using his name. The show has new track of Raman’s return from America and the Bhalla family plans a surprise for Ishita. They ask Raman to hide in bathroom and he instead gets locked in the cupboard. The keys get lost and the family worries to get Raman out. They do not tell anything to Ishita, as she is not supposed to know the surprise. Mrs. Bhalla and Mrs. Iyer try to keep Ishita away from her room, and ask Romi to help Raman come out of the cupboard. How will Ishita manage to deal with upcoming problems? Keep reading.

  36. Sri

    When Ishita married Raman Ruhi is the only reason when it comes to Simmi, she asked she should be the reason for subbu to marry her 🙂

    • niharika

      I am from Delhi ncr and waiting for my 12th [email protected]

  37. Gree

    @rams… My warning 2 u… Dnt addict 2 K(Korean) dramas. …. If u started watching 1’s u nvr stop watching 😉

    • Gree

      Hmm ok neeku baaga kopam vastundi kada… I tink a duffer Ki mana Lang radanukunta juz titesi and calm down ur self rams 🙂

  38. pragna

    ha akka tanu nannu kuda ninna chala irritate chesindi.tanani pattinchukoku vadiley @ rams akka

  39. Gree

    @ramya… 🙁 its raining in Mohali… Match delayed… Hope rain ll stop soon… Ok guyzz tc c u later

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