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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Abhishek coming there with the reports. Abhishek says the reports show Shanaya is not Ishita. Ishita says so its clear now, and anyone can take that copy too. Raman thinks he changed the reports on time. Raman asks Niddhi to come with him and get friendly with Shanaya if she still has doubt. Niddhi thinks Raman is right.

Amma asks Simmi and Sarika to come in puja. She taunts Sarika. Simmi asks Sarika not to say anything, just come if you want to. Raman and Niddhi come home. Amma invites Raman and asks him to call Shanaya.

Ashok meets Raichand and says I m sorry, I was confused seeing Shanaya, and tries to convince him. he says everything is cleared now, I can do this for my would be wife. Raichand says really, if you run away on marriage day

then, you could not impress her till now. Ashok says I will impress her. Ishita thinks he is eager to marry me, I will see him. Ashok tells Raichand that he did not tell him and gave contract to his business rival Raman. He gives flowers to Ishita. She asks why do you think my dad will ask you before taking business decisions. Ashok says we are getting married so. Ishita says it did not happen, either my dad or I will manage business, we are sensible, you want to marry me for my money, I will marry someone who loves me and cares for me. Ashok says I really love you, I want to marry you for love sake. She says you look good, but how to trust you. He says tell me, I can do anything.

Raman says I don’t think inviting Raichands will be good. Amma says I will get peace, please, Shanaya will get chance to see Indian puja. Niddhi says I think this is nice idea to befriend Shanaya, I will invite her. Amma thanks her and goes. Sarika thinks Niddhi may have some plan.

Ishita asks Ashok to get her sandals from her bedroom. Ashok asks what. She says you said you love me. He agrees and goes. Raichand says look at him, some people fall for money, he is fool and he does not know he won’t get money. Ashok gets the sandals. She asks him to make her wear it. Ashok does so. She says now you can go. He greets them and leaves. She laughs on Ashok.

Sarika asks Niddhi why is she interested to invite Shanaya. Niddhi says I have a plan and need your help. She calls Ishita and invites her and Raichand to come in Satyanarayana puja at Iyer house. Raichand signs Ishita. Ishita says I don’t think we can come. Niddhi insists. Ishita says fine, I will try to come. She gets glad to meet her family and is keen to see Vandu. Niddhi says if she is Ishita, she will fall weak seeing her family. Sarika asks whats your plan. Niddhi says just wait and watch, and smiles.

Amma prepares things for puja. Simmi talks to Vandu. Bala’s mum comes there and greets them. Vandu gets scared seeing her and goes. Bala goes to his mum and asks why did you come, go from here, I don’t want any issues again. Simmi asks Vandu why did she come like this, come. Vandu cries and says I m scared, I don’t want to spoil anyone’s work, Bala’s mum hates me, please understand. Simmi says no, none hates you, we all know how much you are trying, and reminds how Vandu asked her to face problems.

Bala’s mum says I did this for you Bala. Bala asks her to apologize to Vandu first. She agrees. Amma looks on and wishes Shanaya comes in puja. Vandu says I can’t come in puja. Simmi says Shanaya is going to come, she looks exactly like Ishita, you should come in puja and meet her. Vandu agrees.

Niddhi and Ishita come for the puja. Bala’s mum gets shocked and says Ishita…. Niddhi says aunty, your Shanaya has come. Amma goes tilak to Ishita. Ishita thanks her. Appa asks about Raichand. Ishita says dad had some work. Appa introduces Bala and his mum. Ishita says I like this ethnic setup. She asks about Niddhi’s family. Niddhi says they are coming. Ruhi and Shravan come there. Ishita sees Ruhi. Niddhi and Sarika observe Shanaya. Niddhi calls ruhi and asks her to say hello to Shanaya. She signs Sarika.

Ishita talks to Ruhi and says I ordered dosa from hotel and had it, it was yummy, I ate it by hands as you taught me, go and play. Amma asks Ishita to come and sit. Ishita sees Vandu. Vandu gets shocked seeing her. Ishita thinks what to do, I can’t control myself. Bala introduces his wife Vandu. Ishita introduces herself as Shanaya Raichand and shakes hands with Vandu. Vandu cries and says she is exactly like Ishu. Niddhi smiles.

Amma tells Appa that Ishita would have done puja today, she knew all the mantra. Ishita says I can do the puja. They all get shocked. Niddhi and Sarika smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am always against
    leap in yhm and I dont like leap in
    yhm .its abig lumpsum of nonsense
    that they will bring in yhm.

  2. I hope leap does not
    get confirmed .

  3. makers are confused and stuck so if at all true may be going for a leap . i too against to leap and all …..still they can bring this story to a beautiful one if they want … really fed up

  4. I am not against leap. But 10 years is too much. It could be 5 years and Ruhi be back as Ishita’s baby without the black mole.

  5. no one wants leap in yhm…so plz dont do this!!!itz a humble requrst to cvs n ekta

  6. no one wants leap in yhm…so plz don’t do this…itz a humble cvs n ekta maam

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