Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th March 2014 Written Update

Ishita recalls how Raman supported her in the function, and then how she slapped him. She feels very bad for her reaction. She says, if Raman didn’t interfere, then the matter could have gone much worse. She decides to apologize to Raman.

Raman is taking bath and suddenly water stops coming. He’s in soap. He calls his mum, sis. Romi comes to his room. Raman hears his voice and calls him, but Romi doesn’t hear it. He thinks Raman already left and he leaves. Raman still thinks Romi is there. He asks him to get water. Ishita enters the room now. She doesn’t find Raman and thinks he might be taking bath. She takes out his clothes for him. Raman is shouting to bring water. Ishita says no matter what, she will have to say sorry to him. Ishita wonders where

Romi is. She knocks the door. Raman says it’s open. Ishita goes in uncomfortably. Raman says there is soap on his eye, he can’t see anything. Ishita puts a bucket in. Raman shouts to put it inside. Ishita pushes it more. Raman is blaming the watchman and Iyyers, but then says they have relationship with him now, and he can’t say anything. Raman asks for mug. Ishita passes him. Raman then moves the curtain thinking it’s Romi outside and asks him to wash his back. Ishita sees it and screams. Raman gets shocked and closes the curtain and takes the towel. Ishita asks him if he has gone mad. Raman asks her what she’s doing there, crazy. Ishita asks him if he’s hurt. Raman says, come in and see yourself. Ishita says she is not interested in seeing him. Raman asks then why did you come. Ishita says you called asking give water. Raman says he called Romi, is he crazy to call her in. Ishita says Romi is not here.

Raman says he can’t trust her and says she came there purposely to bother him. Ishita says, you’re so ruthless. I came to help and instead thanking, you’re blaming me. I am not like you that I will leave you in trouble here. You leave someone alone in the party. Raman moves the curtain again and Ishita screams. Raman says he has put towel on. He asks her if she’ll keep standing there or let him take bath too. Ishita says do whatever you want and leaves. Raman locks the door saying otherwise ‘jhansi ki rani’ will come back again.

Romi is outside with his friends. He tells one of his friends not to take tension, they will pass with high grades. If you have money, then nothing is impossible. Mrs. Bhalla calls him and asks what happened to water tank that Raman had asked him for. She tells him to arrange it fast, Raman is going mad. Romi tells his friends that his girlfriend called him and said she’s missing him. He leaves.

Raman comes out and saying to himself, can anyone go in bathroom like that. He sees clothes and asks who took that out. Ishita comes and says she did. Raman asks what she thought that he’s an Iyyer and will wear anything. Ishita says it’s a classic combination. Raman tells her to keep her classic combination with her and he puts it back in. Ishita says she has seen that combination before. Raman says, you’re color blind. Go and check your eyes. He takes out clothes of his choice and tells her this is what is a combination. Mihika hears it and she comes in.

Mihika asks him is that a way of talking to Ishita. He took her side yesterday and today he’s fighting. Raman says if it’s in Iyyer’s family to lecture all the time. He says it’s his room, he can do whatever, it’s not Mihika’s issue. Mihika says she has no interest in coming to his room. She speaks from Ishita’s side. Raman tells her she came to give water, so now she can leave. Ishita calms both down. Raman tells her to tell Mihika. Mihika says, tell him to talk with manners with you. Ishita tells Mihika to go for now, she will talk to her later. Mihika leaves. Ishita tells Raman to get ready, they have to go to Ruhi’s school. Raman says okay. Ishita leaves. Raman says to himself, some gets in to the bathroom, some in bedroom, they won’t let me live with peace.

Ishita stops Mihika and apologizes to her on behalf of Raman. She says Raman was stressed due to other reason. Mihika asks if he abuses her. Ishita says no, it’s a matter between husband and wife which she can’t explain to her. Mihika teases her. Ishita leaves to go to a stationary to get some stuff for Ruhi where she sees Simmi and gets shocked. She then says to herself that Simmi is in Dubai, she can’t be here. She hears her voice too, but still thinks Simmi can’t be here. She leaves.

Raman, Ishita, Ruhi come to Ruhi’s school. Ruhi introduces both to her teacher. The teacher says she’s glad that both Ruhi’s parents came otherwise these days parents don’t have time for their children. Raman says whatever they have do, shall they do it faster? The teacher says sure and goes in with Ruhi. Ishita tells Raman at least to behave in front of Ruhi’s teacher. Raman says, you can act if you want to. Ishita gets irritated, but controls herself. She then tells him she came to room for a reason, she wanted to say thank you and sorry to him. Raman asks for what? She says thank you because he supported her and sorry because she slapped him. Raman says next time opposite can happen, my hand and your face. Ishita says, we will see. My hands are not tied. Raman asks is that how they thank in Iyyers. Ishita says, I said nicely, but you.. Raman tells her to keep it with herself. He goes in. Ishita says, khadus and then follows him.

The event starts. One of the teachers give a speech and they are about to begin a game. Raman says, what bullshit is this? Ishita reminds him that they are in school. Raman tells Ishita that she said it’s a parents and teachers meeting, but here they are playing games. He refuses to be part of this game. He stops a teacher and asks how long it will take. The teacher tells him today they are going to spend entire day with their children, so forget about going to office. The teacher leaves. Ishita asks him if he can’t give a day to her daughter. Raman says he can give entire life for Ruhi, but problem is her mother.

First game will be “Jab We Met”. Ishita looks at Raman awkwardly. Raman asks her what? Ishita gestures nothing. In this game, parents will tell their children how they met first time. All parents go one after another. Ishita is smiling. Raman looks at her. When she looks at him, he asks her to look in front.

Finally, it’s their turn now. Both get shocked. Raman says he’s not comfortable talking about his personal life and he passes on. Ishita notices Ruhi’s sad face and says she’ll say it. Ruhi gets happy now. Ishita says, he (Raman) is very introvert. She asks him to relax and she goes on the stage. Raman says go ahead. He says in his mind, she will again create some drama.

Ishita goes on the stage and says how Ruhi was having pain in her teeth and Raman brought her to her clinic. She says all good about Raman. Raman wonders if she’s a dentist or a story writer. Ishita continues lying and praises Raman. She says his heart is very big and he loves Ruhi a lot. He’s a very loving father. She then talks about their families coming face to face. Both families were very different, but their love won everyone’s heart. Raman hides his face.

Ishita now talks about their wedding and food. She says Raman enjoyed south food so much. She then talks about Ruhi. They are very lucky to have Ruhi in their lives. Ruhi has tied them together. It’s her love that has kept them three as a family. She says I love you to Ruhi. Ruhi says, I love you too IshiMaa. Everyone claps.

Ishita joins Raman back. Ruhi goes to them and tells Ishita she spoke so good. Ruhi then asks Raman if he really loves Ishita that much. Raman looks on.

Precap: They are still in school. All parents are playing another game. Raman is putting a necklace on Ishita. They are heading back to the home when goons attack on Raman. Raman is fighting with them while Ishita is in car with Ruhi. She gets worried for Raman.

Update Credit to: Neha

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