Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi defending Niddhi and blaming Ishita and Raman. The judge thinks relations change with time, how did this happen. She asks Ishita to go. Ishita and Raman cry. Raman’s lawyer asks if Niddhi has raised with love, why does she beat Ruhi with hunter, Ishita stopped Niddhi, this is Australian police reports. Niddhi says yes, I have beaten Ruhi for discipline, every parent does the same, I think every parent will be in jail. Ishita says Niddhi was torturing my daughter. Ruhi says its all lie, I remember Ishita took me there that night and gave me to Niddhi. Judge thinks mum-daughter’s relation got broken, I have to take some time to think, I can’t take decision in hurry. She says I need some time to take judgment and adjourns court till the break.

Pihu and Shagun

come. Pihu goes to Ruhi, and Shagun goes to see Raman. Pihu asks Ruhi are you coming our home. Ruhi says no. Pihu asks why are you angry, and asks her to have food. Ruhi refuses. Pihu feeds her food. Kaise mai bataun mai……….plays………

Pihu asks her not to get angry with Raman, he loves us. Ruhi says no, he does not love me. Pihu asks her to open the milkshake can. Ruhi helps her. Tere dil ka mera dil se……………plays………….. Ruhi feeds it to Pihu. Pihu asks her to have it too. Pihu says Simmi told me that Papa will bring you our home and become your Papa too, I shared my tiffin and will share my Papa too, you are elder, you take his larger portion of love, we will stay together, please agree for my sake. Ruhi asks Pihu to come with her to Australia.

Ishita comes and hears them. Pihu says I have school, mumma won’t allow me, I can’t leave my home. Ruhi says then even I can’t come to your house. Pihu asks her to wait. Ruhi goes. Ishita tells Pihu that Ruhi will agree. Raman is worried as Ruhi Is not understanding anything. Shagun asks him about court case. He says nothing, I will say later. She goes and sees Ishita hugging Pihu. She asks Pihu to come, they are getting late for tuition. She takes Pihu and goes. Court case resumes. Judge says a kid should get happy family. Ruhi says this is not a happy settled family, its broken family, my Papa does not speak to anyone well, he has bad relations with his son, his son Adi filed complaint against him, Ishita was not staying at home since 7 years, she was staying with her friend in Australia, she had her namesake daughter too, Raman Bhalla was going to marry his ex wife some days ago, do you want to send me in such dysfunctional family. Judge says I need some time for this case, I will think well and declare decision.

Niddhi says if Ruhi comes to me, I want to file custody case, she is happy staying with me. Someone throws slipper on her. Niddhi gets angry and asks who has thrown slipper at me. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says I did, I will throw many slippers. Niddhi scolds her. Judge asks them to calm down. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry and says Niddhi deserves to be beaten up by slippers, we are glad that Ruhi is alive, we are lucky to get her back. She asks Ruhi to come and hug her. Mrs. Bhalla and everyone cry. Ruhi does not react. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, did you forget our love. Ruhi says I remember everything, when Ishita decided to give me for Pihu’s sake, you all did not stop her, where did your love go. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t say this. Niddhi says this woman is pressuring Ruhi. Judge asks Mrs. Bhalla to calm down. She says I want some time and adjourns the court.

Niddhi smiles seeing Mrs. Bhalla, Raman, Ishita crying. Raman holds Ishita and they cry. A man tells them to meet judge in the chamber, judge called them to talk something.

Raman and Ishita go and meet the judge. Ishita says we want to tell… judge says don’t tell me anything, listen to me, I m disappointed, its many years since you got Ruhi’s custody, Ruhi did not wish to get away from you, you were not her real mum and seeing your bond with her, I gave you custody, today I feel I took wrong decision, Ruhi does not want to see your face, you both don’t stay together. Ishita says Ruhi has misunderstandings, she feels we don’t love her, she was very young when she was taken away. Judge says maybe, kids are sensitive, but I did mistake, Ruhi wants to stay with that woman, this is very bad. Raman says she is provoked against us, this is bad. Ishita says if she comes back to us, we will give her much love. judge asks how, you both don’t stay together. Raman and Ishita look on.

Judge says I m sorry, I have to listen to her, she chose Niddhi today. Ishita says she does not know she is making wrong choice. Raman says Ruhi is badly influenced. Judge says I wish I did not take this case, my retirement is close and I feel I took wrong case, Ruhi is defending her kidnapper, I can give Ruhi to you legally, but what will happen, she needs someone who loves her, Shagun was her mum and was not good for her, as you are not good for her now, you assure Ruhi that you love her, I will stop Niddhi for 30 days, I will detain her passport, you both have 30 days to explain Ruhi. Raman and Ishita thank her. Judge says make Ruhi realize that you both love her. Ishita says we will love her a lot and make her belief that we love her and I can live/die for her, we will not disappoint you. Judge says I hope so. Ishita thanks her.

Shagun tells Ishita that Pihu is my world now, when there is any tension, everything gets fine by seeing her smile, I m getting insecure seeing you, I should leave now. Ishita stops her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. reshma

    Pihu Ishi’maa Ki Kitchen Wali Mohobbatien ”
    Pihu Ishita scene- Ishita Mihika & Pihu in Kitchen. Ishita is Making dosa, Pihu is watching Ishita making dosa. Pihu said i love Sambhar. But i did’nt share it it with you. Ishita said i also not share with you. Pihu is Similing. Ishita bring drumsticks & i don’t like drumsticks. But before Pihu should taste it, Shaggy come due to Jealousy takes Pihu with her. But Ishita said I’m here with her
    But Shaggy takes with her. Pihu is Sad & Angry.
    Next Sgmnt- Pihu wants to sleep with Raman but Toshiji stops Pihu & said ” Aaj tum humare sath sojao ”
    V/O said- Mr Bhalla & Mrs Bhalla Raman Ishita ko Milwane ke liye kar rahe hai.

  2. reshma

    Star Plus Popular Serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) have finally got their long lost daughter Ruhi, it seems happiness is not in their fortune as soon their daughter will fight against them.
    Eventually, the viewers will get to witness a heart-wrenching scene where Ishita breaks down in the court after hearing such harsh words from Ruhi.
    In the coming episodes of YHM , Romi will bring a bag full of money and will give it to Nidhi. He will ask her to leave Ruhi. Nidhi will get happy seeing the money. She asks Raman to learn from his brother.
    Raman gets angry on Romi and asks him not to involve in this as Ruhi is his daughter. Romi fights back sayin he has some rights on Ruhi as he is her Chachu.
    On the other hand, Adi convinces Ruhi to come to Bhalla house once if she wants to see Nidhi’s true face. But Adi’s plan gets failed as Ruhi witnesses fight between Raman and Romi.
    She angrily leaves the place saying they did not know the meaning of family as they are fighting always.
    But at the end of this fight Romi hugs Raman as he find Raman in an emotional state when Ruhi leaves the place.
    Will Romi and Raman reunite to get Ruhi back? Will Ishita and Raman able to solve all the questions in Ruhi’s mind.

  3. shivani

    Ekta totally killed raman and ishitas characters….and also the storyline…raman spend a whole night with ishita and next day he decided to marry shagun..after knowing that ruhi is alive , he again turned to ishita…he is playing with emotions of two women..while ishita is behaving so normal with raman like nothing had much care, concern…

    above all ishra are uniting for ruhi again….raman said that ishita and he should be together to get ruhi back….how dare he say that.. he called ishita a banch, stepmother, bad luck…etc..etc..and now says they should be together for ruhi…raman needs ishita either for his kids or for his family not for him….so ishita said right…she should leave for Australia with mani and aliya after getting ruhis custody…then only raman and ruhi realize her value….both are angry with ishita ,understandable…but insulting her like this before the public isn’t fair..but ruhi did one thing yesterday’s episode she asked nidhi to beat her and said this is her punishment for being ishitas daughter..she still accept that ishita as her mother… a lovely confession with full of anger and hatred….

  4. Sweety

    Good evening all yhm fans!!I can’t see shagun b/w ishra y is she behaving like that.pihu is ishita’s daughter she always tries to take isitha happiness first ruhi second adhi then raman now pihu and her place in bhallas house she doesn’t had any individual always takes others happines.I wan’t to end this character.

  5. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.shaggy is a real pest and jealous women.just make her get married to sumone.en make ishrarupiadi really unite. Mrs bhalla tks for throwing niddhi with the slippers. She really deserves to be hanged.i think judge will take case in favour of ishra after 30 days.lets Hope so.

  6. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita cooks dosa in kitchen and Pihu enjoys seeing it.

    Ishita and Pihu like each other company where Ishita feels Ruhi in Pihu.

    Pihu is about to eat dosa but Shagun stops her.

    Shagun asks Pihu to come inside and Ishita tells Shagun let her stay here as she is with her.

    Shagun takes Pihu away from Ishita which make Pihu feel bad.

    Mr and Mrs Bhalla plan to bring Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita closer

    Apart from this, Mr and Mrs Bhalla ask Pihu to sleep with them and not with Raman.

    They want to bring Raman and Ishita together so they decide to let them alone in the room.

  7. Nivedha


    |Registered Member

    Why you are stopping her Ishitha? She is doing right!! Else she will have to turn negative again… No don’t let that happen..

  8. Kimberly

    Now that witch Ishita will do some emotional blackmailing to Ruhi to make her come back to her .

    • reshma

      hi Kimberly, Can u plzz tell how ISHITA will emotionally blackmail RUHI??? Do u have any idea, or its just ur imagination???

      • Kimberly

        Reshma, just like Ishita did fake drama of low BP and made Ruhi call her Ishimaa , she will again do these type of cheap tactics like low bp, heart attack etc to manipulate Ruhi to come back to her .

    • vp

      yes she will … she has to … its her right please understand that Kimberly …the word blackmail is not in the dictionary of the character Ishitha …I try my best level to ignore your comments …

    • Kitties

      Kimberly you would have don the SAME DRAMA if you were in her place ! I think you are someone like Nidhi the MAHAAN?

  9. Alia

    Shivani u r correct but iam thinking that ramam decides to marry shagun for pihu’s sake and because of ruhi ishita raman get married now because of ruhi they reunite. Am i correct

  10. Sanu

    Hello Guys…
    Where is the ADITYA KIRAN..?
    Oh….. Today epi. is good but I hate Ruhi, Niddhi & Shagun…
    What a disgusting 3 characters…
    I’m really hate them…..
    But I love the former Ruhi….
    She’s so cute….
    Aren’t she….?

  11. Sindhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Siddhi and many other YHM fans, I cannot believe Shagun just stopped Pihu from eating and brought away. Ishita never did that with Ruhi and Shagun when Ruhi was young. Ishita even allowed Ruhi to stay with Shagun one day before her wedding with Ashok. I am so angry. I hope somebody marries Shagun. Ishita is so loving. I believe Pihu herself will end up liking Ishita as Pihu will notice they have some similarities. They will develop the bond slowly. I hope Raman will begin to like Ishita more and more. HE is already irritated with Shagun nowadays. Let Shagun marry Ashok and Mani marry Simmi. That will be so good.

    • shivani

      Hi sindhu….Thats the difference between ishita and shagun….ishita always thinks about others happiness..thats why she allowed ruhi to stay with shagun…in one episode when ruhi went with shagun for shopping ishita too felt insecure but she never tried to separate them….but shagun is selfish…

  12. Kimberly

    Niddhi made many sacrifices to make Ruhi a superstar and thats why she deserves to get the custody of Ruhi and not the selfish couple Raman-Ishita who choosed Pihu over Ruhi .

    • lisa

      Kimberly just stop it why r u always commenting bad for ishita and Raman plz just stop commenting and just leave this site it is not made for people like u …….guys just ignore her comments

      • Mino

        I think this Kimberly is just Jealous of the bond & love Ishu has for Ruhi . we have to pity her she must be in a similar situation.. So Sorry to hurt ur feeling but pls if u want to stay in this family stay with Love not Hatred , Rude & Angry.. DON’T Behave like Niddhi Pls Thanks..

    • Kitties

      Kimberly I wish you also get kidnapped by Nidhi and you also tortured by her hunters ! And u called her ma’am mat maro ?

    • jaz

      Kimberly WHAT our u are ..kind information for you ishita is a main lead not niddhi understand ..and one more thing niddhi gave the sacrifices OMG ..are you blind..I think u didn’t watch previous episodes u didn’t no isharu bonding.. and by the way niddhi srif temperuary hain we don’t no ekta kab nikal pheke niddhi ku show se..u don’t no about ishita ruhi raman ke bare mein tu kuch bura math kaho samji..

  13. Sanu

    Good Evening to all Y.H.M. fans….
    Hello Guys…
    Where is the ADITYA KIRAN..?
    Oh….. Today epi. is good but I hate Ruhi, Niddhi & Shagun…
    What a disgusting 3 characters…
    I’m really hate them…..
    But I love the former Ruhi….
    She’s so cute….
    Aren’t she….?

  14. Alia

    Good news yhm fans!!In zee gold awards YHM got 4 awards here there is winner’s list.Best actor-KAREN PATEL(Raman),Best actress-DIVYANKA TRIPATHI(Ishita),Best actor in negative role-SANGRAM SINGH(Ashok),Best actress in negative role-ANITA HASSANANDINI(Shagun)

  15. Nileshi Karunaratane

    Shagun pls dont come into Rama and Ishithas life again. Pls all help Raman , Ishitha , Adi , Ruhi and Pihu come together and make ruhi realize the truth.Let Mani and Shagun marry

  16. Sameenah monaff

    So many ups and downs until serial reaches 1000. Guys I have started reading only updates now. Not interested in watching .characters seem false. Disappointing ….

      • Mino

        ur right we come to watch this love affair between IsRa it very depressing to see this i skip most of the Ghost & Ishu Dead episodes. as i was disappointed in the whole story after watching the beginning.. hate to see this rude disunity among them..

  17. Sindhu

    Why is Shagun like this? Her daughter Ruhi is alive and she does not even have any emotions or the kind of happiness. But she is only worried Pihu will be taken away from her. Again it shows her selfish attitude. She only thinks of her happiness and not the family’s happiness. I would have lauded Shagun if Shagun had rightly told PIhu that Ishita is her real mum and if she has tried her best to make sure IShita and Raman are together but no beign selfish she will not even want all these to happen.

    • reshma

      already posted dear…. ISHITA to bhallas house, ishita- pihu kitchen mohabbatein, raman- romi hug…

    • Reshma


      |Registered Member

      already have posted dear… ISHITA to bhallas house. ishita- SHAGUN kitchen choco powder scene, ishita&-pihu kitchen mohabbatein, raman- romi hug..

      • Reshma


        |Registered Member

        Admin why my logo has been changed to blue…. Mine has been green.. after registering it has been changed to blue… I didn’t like this… 🙁 🙁

  18. satakshi

    i want to know who is this kimberly i mean whats wrong with u yaar seriously stupid u try n understand that the show was always and will always be about ishraru k so if u don’t know anything i would suggest do go and watch olsd episodes understand the show and come back then we will have a meaningful and sensible chat okay.

    • jaz

      Hi satakshi I THINK ye kimberly ne old episodes nahi dekhi hai HUME pata hai isharu ki bonding I mean ishita ruhi ki..


    GUYS Good Evening.
    Koi MUJHE Bathasakteho
    Take For Instance
    RAMCHIN etc.

    • Kitties

      Go to the setting option on TU page and select register option, they’ll ask for your email ID and after that ull b registered ! I don’t know why is registration for??? For picture go to gravatar India . Com ( I think, m not sure) and register there & choose any pics you like!

    • Kitties

      Sorry it’s menu not setting ! Just above this page on the top wher it’s written ‘ telly updates’??




    Hi Sanu!
    Good Evening.
    Ruhi BAHOT DUKH Pahuncha.7 YEARS KI Baat.
    But She Didn’t overcome That Grief PAIN.
    Haan We Shouldn’t Forget That She Gave Seven YEARS of Her LIFE to PIHU AND BHALLA FAMILY.
    WOH BHI 20-20 KHELEGI.

    • jaz

      Gd MORN my lovely friend Adi I miss yesterday episode JUST reading update how is your health now I’m worried about you Mrs bhalla ne niddhi ku slliper se mara wow I miss it Mrs bhalla return iam so happy ab dekna shagun ki khair nahi yaar mein ne bi sanu ku respond comment dya tha but shayad nahi dekha hoga usne

  22. Sanu

    Where you ADITYA KIRAN……?
    Plz!!!! Reply me….
    Yoy are the only one who considering my comments….
    Plz!!! reply me soon…..

  23. Rosslyn Dada

    Kimberly what type of person are you please don’t bring personal hatred to this Page is not compulsory for you to comment on this page if you cannot appreciate their acting then keep off it shows the kind of person you are have been following people’s comments from Nigeria

    • Kimberly

      Rosslyn Dada, I dont have any personal hatred for any actor in the show . I am just expressing my views that I feel right . If you dont like it , dont read it .

      • Mino

        Woow How Rude ur … Disgusting. PLS respect the people here we are one family if u want to be in it spread Love not Hatred. Ok We All Pity U.

  24. Super girl

    Guys just a taut don’t u guys think ruhi is trying to unite her parents ishra en the iyyer en bhalla familes,coz the judge Said ruhi needs love. coz if u look at it she was with niddhi for 7 years,so she can tolerate her for 30 more days.i think this is a plan by her to renunite all.just a taut, dunno what writers got in stall for us.

    • vp

      I had expressed the same feeling in my ladt two days comments .. I too feel it Supergirl … Ruhi is uniting them

  25. Nivedha


    |Registered Member

    Whatever may be… the fact is Ruhi loves her Ishima but she is a little anger with their separation… If she is that much rough… she should have hate Pihu… So Ishra will get back her within 30 days..

  26. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    Hey limbs, its a show and DT acts in it.. what’s the difference if she acts or it is real???? it is the theme of the show… it is show and since the starting she has such a bond with RUHI.. so, it is not pretending to be traumatized… before also RUHI said ishimaa, but never called before anyone after the leap.. if u watch previous episodes u’ll get it… so, its a show. don’t react too much..

  27. Maria Rebecca

    Why is everyone behind Shagun?.. she is just a character and do you think you will do the same will be so selfless Ishita is heroine of the serial and she’ll be flawless that’s normal but normal people like Shagun can be selfish that is not a problem and….its okay being insecure, understand that….. where is Ishita for the past 7 years whatever might be the reason Shagun left Manoj and stood there for the family for Pihu.

  28. aruna

    I don’t know why all are against shagun anyone will feel insecure if someone is taking her daughter from her. And by the way all are saying Ishita have made Ruhi to stay with shagun and didn’t seperate them but this happened when Ishita and Ruhi are just known as neighbours and she has no right but now till 7yrs all of the bhalla family made shagun pihu’s mother but when Ishita returned they want her to be with Ishita then when shagun turned positive why didn’t they give Ruhi to her because she is her mother rite. The whole concept is from there is no need that motherly love comes only when the baby is born from her womb. Sorry if I hurt someone….

    • vp

      Aruna … all that is true … but shaghun doesnt love any one … quite clear it is … She wants Raman …. marry him and secure her life ….love is eternal … love is unconditional …. true it can fade away and blossom again like Ramans and Ishithas … here Shaghun .. just for her own selfish reasons … and cvs are focusing more on her insecurity … thats not the story line … remove Ruhis insecurity and then proceed …cant understand in which Indian families … current wife … ex wife .. stays under one roof … just my opinion … hi Diya … how are you ?


    You Are Welcome Sanu
    Former Ruhi is Nothing But PIHU RIGHT.
    But Today How The Way She INSULTED RAMAN Was Amazing.
    She Even Raised The Marriage of HER Father WITH shagun.

    • jaz

      Hi Guys And specially big hi to my loving and caring friend Adi PLS READ old commentator Adu I miss yesterday episode JUST reading update How is your health now I’m worried about you Mrs bhalla return wo wow I’m happy now shagun ki khair nahi and ruhi is doing to MUCH NA Adu …

    • Sanu

      ADITYA thanks for replying my comment….
      By the way, I’m agree with you….
      I love the actress Ruhanika….
      She is a child… But she did the act of former Ruhi and now, the act of Pihu…..
      Two different characters…
      Former Ruhi loved her Ishimom….
      Pihu loves her Shagunmom….

  30. Madhu

    blo*dy kimberly, Don’t u see real love n ishitha. If u see real love in niddhi I think you are that type of person like niddhi.

    How dare you are calling ishitha as witch. I think you are scolding her because of personal vengeance and jealousy. Even though ishitha acts well you are scolding her I think that’s the reason behind your comments. Mind your words ok

    Here so much person s considering ishitha as their own mother and understand the feeling and emotions of every mothers by her. We all think her as ishi maa. No one will allow to talk and scold badly about their mothers so don’t dare to open your mouth against my ishi ama. If you dare I ‘ll smash you

  31. Mihika Sallan

    Where is Abishek? He can prove exactly what happened that night with the kidnapping.

  32. Roselyn Dada

    Kimberly how can you call Ishita a witch all in the name of writing comment YHM fans all over the world do comment sensibly not just posting comment without thinking several people have corrected you so go away with ypur hatred


    Super GIRL I Think That
    Ruhi is Not Planning Anything
    The Way She Spoke Was Very Horrible.
    She This Family Specially ISHITHA
    But ONE Thing I Didn’t Understand
    They Gave This Family 30 Days
    RUHI is Supposed to LIVE in BHALLA’s House
    to know Actually What They Are.
    JUDGE Didn’t Give That Statement.
    Then How Cum These PEOPLE Can Go CLOSE to Ruhi?
    Please Reply to This Guys.
    Because Even This SERIAL is FICTIONAL
    But They Should Be Practical RIGHT.

  34. diya

    hey guys do u ppl remember me? i guess no . i used cmnt her bfr .but post leap i stopped . i can only spot sindhu , vp nd ramchin .the old ones here .whr is rithu? nivedha yes i remember u . guys i thnk the show isfinally cnng in track following its theme centring around ishraruh!! love yhm frevaaa .

    • Ramchin


      |Registered Member

      Hai diya how are you
      Yes I remember you Dr
      Nice to see you
      Your correct only Ramishurupihu
      Are leading now
      But disappointed with Ruhi and shagun

    • Nivedha

      Hi diya… how are you? I am happy that you remember me.. yeah diya again Ishra uniting Sirf ruhi ke liye

  35. Lotika

    Can someone slap that Kimberly is she can’t say something good at least she should not hurt others feelings that’s not done

  36. Rose

    Rahi was right. The family has become dysfunctional for any child’s upbringing. Adi is grown up so he understands the adult equations. But ruhi n pihu are still in their formative years. Pihu believes shagun is her mom since 7 years. Now, what will she undergo mentally when she comes to know the truth about ishitha being her mom, who left her when she was born. No mother can leave her newborn child, even if she goes away from her husband, she takes the baby along. Ishitha could have brought up pihu alone. But raman needed shagun for pihu’s, upbringing.
    Poor ruhi, 6years she was without a mother when shagun left her. 2 years she got love from her isshima and again she was motherless for 7years despite having 2mothers. She has always been treated like football and her fate is decided in custody battles. Imagine the trauma she has underwent mentally and emotionally. For her, the physical torture given by nidhi must be feeling small in front of it. Her actions are justified.
    Coming to shagun. She has nurtured pihu for 7years as a mother it is a big sacrifice. Her insecurity of loosing pihu is justified. But marrying raman is not the solution. She can stay in the same house and take care of pihu even if raman n ishitha unite. She stayed with ashok for 6yrs at least she gets respected in bhalla house.
    Raman n ishitha love each other beyond their responsibilities as parents. They better respect their own feelings and come together.

    All this mess started when ishitha went alone to help pallavi. Had she not gone their alone, she would not have been arrested for chadda murder nor nidhi would enter their life, nor ruhi would be taken away. But kahaani aage kaise badti.

    On a lighter note, Raman, ishitha n shagun should convert to other religion which accepts polygamy just to have two wives at same time and stay happily with all kids, just like a famous bollywood hero-heroine did.

  37. Reshma


    |Registered Member

    hey diya how r u??? after a long tym… remembered me???? reshma with green symbol… after registering it was changed.. I miss my old logo… 🙁 rithu often comes, & she is active with her upcoming story updates.

  38. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Although the family has become dysfunctional it was circumstances out of their control.
    They took a decision to choose what was best for Ruhi and Puhi at the time.
    So many things have happened but the undying love Ishita has for Ruhi hasn’t changed.
    I believe that Ruhi has some form of Stockholm syndrome (feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping by a victim toward a captor.)
    Nidhi has imprinted some lies and manipulated poor Ruhi to the point where she is unable to see past her hatred for her parent
    I thought the fact that Ishita left Puhi behind still baffles me …I do understand Raman is a very intimidating man when it comes to protecting his children.
    Now the Shagun thought she got a second chance to be with Raman. She wanted to make up for the fact she didn’t look after Ruhi as a mother would have done.
    Ishita also took her place to raise her child marrying for the custody of Ruhi which was a big sacrifice.
    Going into a loveless marriage with someone she barely knew someone who hated her.
    I am excited as I wanted to see how the story unfolds.


    Good Afternoon to ALL The Members of YHM GROUP.
    Hi JAZ Roz And SANU.
    Kimberly You Shouldn’t Have Commented Badly ON ISHITHA.
    It is Another THING That You Don’t Like ISHITHA.
    ISHITHA Didn’t Act
    She Was Really Fainted.
    AND Please Don’t or EVER COMPARE ISHITHA With RAANDI Nidhi.
    Where As
    Nidhi is Very BRUTAL.


    But I Will ALWAYS Respond to ALL of You GUYS.
    One Thing Remember in LIFE
    “When Money is LOST
    Nothing is LOST
    When HEALTH is LOST
    Something is LOST


    Kaise Register Karte KI?
    Wahi Poochre
    THANK You Tamchin.

  42. jaz

    Hi HELLO Adu Gd EVENING.Adu meine sanu ku respond comments kya tha but I THINK she don’t like me.. us a friend. Tere jaisa yaar kaha tuhi mera dear friend Adu..

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