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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu saying about Laxmi getting shattered when Neha told her about my affair and she was incapable wife. He says he did not have any affair with Neha, it was not true, she used to work as my assistant in dental clinic, I don’t know how she felt I like her. FB shows Neha asking Subbu to come on a date with her. Subbu refuses asking her to not think this. He says one day she went over board and was forcing her on him. She says tell your wife that I m pregnant with your child, she will leave you. He says shut up, I love Laxmi and slaps her. He says Neha went from the office and I felt everything will be fine, someone used to meet Laxmi and tell her that I have an affair, to make Laxmi leave me.

Laxmi used to doubt on me and was depressed, when I came home, she

was standing near the window with Karthik, and asks about his affair. He says its nothing like that, I love you, why will I do this. She asks why are they saying this, you loved Ishita too and left her, you are liar and cheater. She says she will far from him and jumps down with Karthik. Subbu shouts Laxmi and cries. Sujata cries and everyone get teary eyed. Subbu says Ishita, you wanted to know why I m doing all this, even Simmi wanted to know why I m after her, Neha was Shaila’s daughter, but she is not the real culprit, its that woman who used to call Laxmi and made her away from me, that woman is no one else Raman Bhalla, she is your mum. They all are shocked.

Subbu says its Mrs. Santoshi Bhalla, she is the woman who interfered in his life and made me and Laxmi away, she has shown wrong proof to Laxmi about my and Neha’s affair, that’s why Laxmi and Karthik have gone very far from me. He says I will not leave you, you are the killer, I will not leave you. Sujata and Bala hold Subbu. Sujata asks Subbu to calm down and hugs him.

Mrs. Bhalla says no, this is a lie. She says why will I do this, and asks Mr. Bhalla to say will she make anyone commit suicide. She says Shaila you know me, I did not know anything, I just came to know from Shaila that Neha is having an affair with a married Indian doctor, Shaila was worried and I got pity on her, I wanted to help her, I thought if we tell his wife, she will control her husband, I just knew Neha aborted her child. Subbu says this can’t happen, I did not even touch her. Shaila says she got mad because of him. Subbu says she was mad for me, she was not pregnant, ask the gynac, she told me she was not pregnant and made fake reports.

Subbu says you did not know the truth and told her everything, you could have asked me, you had to ruin my life. Mrs. Bhalla says Neha said you cheated her, how would you come to you, we thought your wife will teach you a lesson, I did not know she will take this big step, I remember when we met Laxmi… Fb shows Mrs. Bhalla and Shaila talking to Laxmi. Laxmi says my husband is not like this, he loves me. Mrs. Bhalla says she is mistaken and asks her to control her husband, and scolds her. Laxmi cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks why is she crying now and gives her warning to keep her bad family away from her innocent family. She says he is fooling Neha and you, see he has made a scene here and shows neighbors looking on. She scolds her and leaves.

Subbu asks did they hear it, Laxmi lost name because of this woman, and Laxmi and Karthik died, she is the murderer, I will not leave you. Raman stops Subbu and pushes him. Subbu says I want revenge. Raman says my mum did mistake but you did all the planning, you are mad, and I m more mad than you, if you see my family, I will kill you. Raman asks Sujata to ask Subbu to be away from his family, if he wants to be alive. He takes his family and leaves. Sujata consoles Subbu.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to have food, will situation change if she does not eat food. Mrs. Bhalla says Shaila called the doctor and found out that Subbu was saying true, Neha lied to us, we did not find the truth, Shaila was so ill, I took her to Laxmi’s home and told so much to her in anger, why did I be rude to her without knowing the truth, Neha was immature, but I was not, why did I not realize her lies, why did I go mad in anger that I made Laxmi to commit suicide, I wanted to help Shaila and Neha, how did I take two innocent lives, I m a murderer. She cries and Ishita hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla says we believe what we hear, and society is laughing on our home, and I have regret fire in my heart, this will ruin me.

Ishita asks why is she blaming herself if she did not this intentionally, will Laxmi come back by this, its no use to feel guilty. She says think about Subbu, he is living in pain since years, we have to explain him that revenge does not have anything. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know what he is going through. Ishita asks her to talk to Subbu, she can apologize to him and help him. Raman says it won’t be of any use Ishita.

Ishita says she will understand Subbu better, and he says he can’t take risk. She convinces him and Mrs. Bhalla says she will apologize to Subbu.

Mrs. Bhalla apologizes to Subbu and says forgive me. Subbu says you did not think once that she is no one to interfere in anyone’s personal life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Actress Ruchika Rajput who was
    recently seen in Sony TV’s Crime
    Patrol will now enter the very popular
    Balaji Telefilms show, Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein on Star Plus.
    The girl will play the mom of the
    young and beautiful little Vinnie,
    played by Arshifa Khan.
    As we know, the ongoing track has
    already seen Vinnie and Aditya
    (Gautam Ahuja) developing a
    closeness for each other.
    In the coming days, there will be a
    major track that will be woven around
    Aditya and Vinnie. It will start with the
    introduction of Vinnie’s parents.
    Ruchika who will play her mother, will
    be shown as a very rich up-class lady
    who would be extremely positive by
    nature. She will dote on her daughter,
    and will always be proud of her
    daughter’s achievements.
    Though Vinnie’s dad is yet to be cast,
    we hear that he will be shown as
    Raman Bhalla’s (Karan Patel) major
    As per a reliable source, “The track
    ahead will see how Aditya and Vinnie
    will fall for each other, and how their
    parents will deal with this sensitive
    When contacted, Ruchika told us, “Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein is a wonderful show.
    The star cast is so down to earth.
    Working with Balaji has always been
    my dream, which has come true. I
    have grown up watching their shows,
    and I am glad to be part of one.”
    Ruchika has earlier been part of
    Sasural Genda Phool, Mrs. Tendulkar

  3. Mujhe both pasand hai yhm

  4. Rumour: Ishita to get pregnant after consummating her marriage
    with Raman?
    As per some sources, Ishita will be diagnosed with cancer for which
    she will sacrifice her family as she doesn’t want them to suffer for
    her. But there is a new rumour (you can call it an assumption), that
    Raman and Ishita will consummate their marriage and then Ishita will
    get to know that she is pregnant after she leaves the Bhalla family
    but she will decide to hide this from her family and still give birth to
    their child. Her disease will get cured but she will decide to let disturb
    the happiness of Shagun and her family who she think are happy
    after she left.

  5. hey guys sbb mein sab theek hoga aur ishra bhi happy hai.subbu maafi bhi maang lega.lekin at the last kaha ki subbu ishitha ko jald hi australia leke udd jaayega.

  6. sbb mrin bataya toh such hoga.i hate ekta maam for playing with the feelings of her veiwers.after this all ekta shows will also be a flop. i will not see yhm neither any other ekta show which i used to see.seeing.and would see. they are showing ishitha again like ishaani .no brains makers.

  7. Raman was waiting for ishu
    to return from ruhi’s
    room…it was a routine now.
    He never went to sleep
    without her by his side.
    Ishita waited for ruhi to go
    to sleep, told her one story
    after the other, but ruhi was
    not in a mood to sleep…it
    was already 11.45 pm and
    ishu knew raman will be
    waiting for her without
    sleeping…finally she carried
    ruhi with her to their room…
    Raman looked at her
    questioningly…She told him
    that his daughter was hell
    naughty today and was not
    sleeping…ruhi giggled and
    settled herself in between
    them…raman looked at ishu
    longingly…she understood
    what it meant…ishu just
    smiled at him and told
    father-daughter duo to
    sleep…finally when ruhi slept,
    they both were also tired
    …raman held ishita’s hand
    and asked for his good night
    kiss…she playfully pushed
    him away and warned him
    not to awaken ruhi…but
    raman was not someone to
    accept defeat…he waited for
    full 3 hrs for her and all his
    dreams were shattered
    when she walked in with
    ruhi…now at least a kiss was
    needed for him to sleep
    He reached out to her and
    playfully stroked her
    face…she looked at him and
    he could see her face was as
    red as a tomato…raman
    mouthed a “please”…when
    his fingers finally reached
    her lips, she opened her
    mouth and gently bit him,
    raman let out a cry which
    made ruhi stir in her
    sleep…ishu laughed and told
    him to just sleep without
    disturbing her…Raman made
    a sad puppy face at her…that
    was more than she could
    handle…she leaned forward
    and kissed him on his cheek
    and said good night…both of
    them slept peacefully with
    their hands on their
    After getting ruhi ready for
    school, ishu showered and
    changed…she found raman
    still asleep…this was the
    fourth time she had called
    him to get up …”raman…plz
    get up, you are already
    late… …” he got up and sat
    on the bed staring at his
    beautiful wife who was
    drying her hair…water
    droplets fell on his face… All
    the longing and passion of
    last night started burning
    within him…he got up and
    walked to her…ishu saw his
    reflection in the mirror and
    one look into his eyes, she
    understood what was going
    on in his mind ….”raman,
    stay off…first get ready
    and go to office, mihir
    called twice.” By her stern
    look, he knew there was no
    point in trying further…he
    taunted her for being
    unromantic and boring and
    went to bathroom…
    After getting ready, he
    started searching for a file…
    he started cribbing about
    everything…right from the
    clothes, food and was
    irritated… ishu got the file for
    him… he took it from her and
    taunted her again for not
    caring about him …ishu
    knew what he wanted and
    she knew that the whole
    office will suffer today due
    to that…just as he was about
    to go, she held his
    hand …”what??????? now
    what did I do??……he asked
    Ishu went and closed the
    door and went back to
    him…raman was confused
    seeing her smiling. She
    slipped her arms around his
    neck and kissed him on his
    lips… “good day, Raman…i
    promise to compensate for
    everything tonight.” Raman
    was pleasantly surprised and
    kissed her back…now he
    knew the day will be the
    best…they left together for

  8. abhi bhi i hope ki leap ke saath saath yeh track na ho aur ruhi show na chode.its a humble request from fans ki plz ekta maam plz change your decission.plzzzzz….. because of yhm i started seeing your serial kkb matsh kalash ajeeb dastaan hai yeh .plzzzzz……ekta maam.dont disappoint us.

  9. Raman called her twice
    before lunch time asking
    something or the other…she
    knew he was just making up
    reasons to talk to her…she
    smiled to herself after
    cutting the call…she knew
    her husband was crazy
    about her but lately she felt
    he was obsessively in love
    with her…not that she
    complained …but sometimes
    she felt afraid of all the
    happiness surrounding
    her…it was too good to be
    real…ishu knew both raman
    and ruhi depended on her
    for survival…their world
    revolved around her…she
    prayed to god to keep them
    together always…
    Ishu decided to surprise
    Raman and personally took
    lunch to his office…she
    packed food for romi and
    mihir too…they thanked her
    and left. Raman was happy
    and teased her….” you just
    cant stay away from me,
    right!!! ” ishu smiled and
    told him that she never want
    to either…
    They had lunch together and
    when she was about to
    leave he pulled her to
    him…he pressed her to him
    and she could feel his hands
    tighten around her
    waist…Her eyes widened in
    shock …” Raman, are you
    mad !!!!!!!!!…this is not our
    room…leave me.” He pulled
    her more close to him and
    told her he could hardly wait
    for the night… ” see ishu,
    this is my office, my cabin,
    my wife…then what is the
    problem. The door is
    closed. No one will enter
    without knocking. Come on,
    give me a kiss and I
    promise I will let you go for
    now.” She tried to free
    herself but he held her with
    his strong arms and stroked
    her cheek and lips…slowly
    his hands trailed down her
    neck…she could not resist
    any further …”Raman!!!… ok
    …just once…” He smirked at
    his win…ok, I’m
    waiting!!! She leaned and
    kissed his forhead….Done!!!
    Now let me go…. She pulled
    away and laughed …He never
    expected her to kiss him on
    his forhead, he was royally
    pissed off … All right, when
    you don’t get what you
    want, you have to just
    snatch it…everything is fair
    in love and war… Before
    she could understand what
    he meant, he kissed her on
    her lips…his lips was so
    demanding that she didn’t
    dare to resist…finally she
    gave in and held on to him
    for support…they were
    completely lost in each other
    when the door flung
    open…ishu literally jumped
    away embarrassed… Both
    turned to see a fuming
    Raman gets irritated and
    asked shagun how dare she
    walk in like that to his
    cabin… Shagun tells she
    wants to talk to him about
    something important…she
    tells it is not possible with
    his wife around… Raman still
    held onto ishu’s hand, ishu
    tries to free her hand telling
    she has to leave… he glares
    at her and tells her she is not
    going anywhere…” shagun,
    if you want to tell me
    anything you can tell now,
    my wife will stay…or else
    you can leave.” Shagun
    fumed with anger, seeing
    them kissing was enough to
    kill her for years…on top of it
    raman’s behaviour was
    making her more
    jealous… raman, it is about
    adi, I don’t want your wife
    to be involved!!!!!!!! This
    was more than he could
    tolerate ….”just tell what is
    the matter or get the hell
    out of here… …” ishita told
    raman not to get angry and
    listen to what she has to tell.
    He calms down and tells
    shagun to speak
    up… .Raman, adi is sick and
    admitted to hospital, I
    want you to come. Raman
    looks at ishu who was
    equally tensed… What
    happened to adi??? Which
    hospital??? City hospital,
    shagun told. Raman took
    ishu’s hand and headed to
    city hospital leaving shagun
    open mouthed in his office…

  10. On reaching there they are
    informed by the doctor that
    adi is serious and requires
    blood transfusion due to
    some poisoning (plz don’t
    get into the medical part of
    it, just adding for the sake of
    story) and then he can be
    saved…raman gets worried
    and looks at ishita…doctor
    asks raman to donate blood
    as there is shortage…ishu
    tells the doctor, they will
    finish all formalities and
    come back…ishu convinces
    raman to be strong and face
    it. He promises her the same
    and asks her to be with
    him…Shagun arrives and
    then nurse tells adi woke up
    and asked for his mom and
    dad… .(adi has reformed and
    started loving raman and
    also acknowledged ishita as
    raman’s wife).
    Seeing adi’s happiness of
    being with his both
    parents…somewhere there
    was a flicker of guilt in ishu’s
    mind…She could not stop
    thinking that she was the
    reason of raman-adi living
    separately… last time when
    she hinted the same to
    raman…he had shouted at
    her for being foolish and he
    made her promise not to
    even think like that again…
    She told herself not to think
    too much… She left to collect
    the results of their blood
    tests…she got shagun’s
    report too…all was done just
    as a part of routine… She
    casually scanned the reports
    when something caught her
    raman’s blood group was B
    +ve, Shagun’s O+ve and Adi’s
    A+ve…She knew this was not
    possible…adi’s blood group
    should be either B+ve or O
    +ve… She felt there was a
    mistake and asked them to
    repeat the blood tests with
    fresh samples…the results
    were the same…ishu is
    shocked and a worst fear
    engulfed her…She tried to
    find reasons…but she knew
    she had a solid reason to
    think otherwise…what if adi
    is not Raman’s son…Oh! god
    please make me wrong…she
    was lost in thoughts when
    someone held her
    shoulder…she turned around
    to see raman…raman sensed
    something was wrong
    seeing tears in her eyes …
    ” What happened
    ishu??? ” Nothing, I was just
    worried for adi…..Raman, if
    you don’t mind can I ask
    you something. He nodded
    a yes… “How much time
    after your marriage was
    adi born?” He evidently
    cringed… he felt
    uncomfortable with that
    question, especially because
    it was coming from his
    wife… he felt guilty for some
    reason…He avoided looking
    at her and after a long pause
    told Adi was born 1 month
    before his due 9
    months… No raman, I want
    to know whether shagun
    conceived immediately
    after your marriage… He
    could not handle it
    anymore ….”adi was born
    exactly 8 months after our
    marriage and doctors felt it
    was early and premature…
    but he never showed any
    signs of premature birth…
    and ishita, it is enough… I
    don’t want any more
    questions regarding
    this…” He was not
    comfortable talking about
    him and shagun… ishu
    understood his anger and
    tried to divert his mind from
    the topic…but her worst
    fears were again
    strengthened…she knew
    shagun could not be
    trusted…She needed to find
    the truth…
    She did a DNA test and her
    doubts were confirmed…Adi
    was NOT raman’s child. The
    truth broke her, she
    understood all those stem
    cell drama by shagun was all
    fake… she knew what would
    happen to raman if he ever
    come to know about it…he
    will be shattered… ishu
    promised to herself to never
    let raman to know this
    truth…She could not think of
    anything at the moment
    other than adi’s health…She
    arranged alternative blood
    from blood bank and
    informed the doctor the
    same… When raman was
    called to sign the consent
    form, he gets informed that
    his wife had arranged for
    blood and he didn’t have to
    give blood… Doctor informs
    him that there are chances
    of transfusion reactions…it
    could have been avoided if
    raman could give blood, as
    adi’s mother was not fit due
    to low haemoglobin…Doctor
    informs raman that his wife
    insisted on getting blood
    from blood bank…raman tells
    the doctor to just give him
    some time to sort out
    Raman finds ishu sitting in
    the waiting room alone…he
    goes near her and asks her
    why she got blood from
    blood bank when he was
    ready to give…ishita tries to
    explain but raman gets
    angry …she tells he drinks so
    he cant give blood…All
    reasons backfire as she
    herself had told him earlier
    he was fit to give blood and
    that there was chances of
    transfusion reactions if they
    got blood from blood
    bank…Finally raman tells her,
    he will give blood even if she
    don’t agree as it was a
    matter of life or death for his
    son… Raman tells, first time
    he is disappointed with her
    and turns to leave…

  11. Ishu is left with no choice
    but to tell him the truth…if
    she didn’t tell him, he will
    find out himself the harder
    way… She goes behind him
    and tells him …”raman, plz
    listen to what I have to
    say…” before she could
    finish he tells her to stop
    trying to convince
    him. “Raman, aapko meri
    kasam…listen to what I
    have to tell…” Raman is left
    with no choice, she leads
    him inside the waiting room
    and closes the
    door… . “Raman, can’t you
    listen to me without asking
    questions. The blood is
    compatible with that of
    adi’s…there will be no
    complications.. plz, raman
    trust me…” Ishita tried every
    possible way to convince
    him without divulging the
    truth…At last when he
    screamed at her to stop
    lecturing him and turned to
    walk away, she held his
    hand and turned him to face
    her… ..”Raman, listen…what
    I’m going to say will hurt
    you beyond words, but I
    can’t let you to know the
    truth from a third
    person. … after a deep breath
    she continues…if you give
    blood to adi, he will surely
    develop life-treathening
    complications … Raman
    stops her and shouts that he
    is adi’s father and what she
    is telling is pure nonsense
    …Finally left with no choice
    ishu blurts out the
    truth …”Raman,… adi is your
    son …but… not related to
    you by blood”
    Raman is taken aback and
    shakes with anger…ishu gets
    frightened…she knew, if it
    was someone else in her
    place, raman will have killed
    that person. He closed his
    eyes to compose himself …he
    cupped her face and spoke
    “ishita, you know I love
    you… but what you are
    talking now is
    unforgivable…” ishita felt
    weak…but with full
    determination she tells him
    everything and shows him
    the blood test and DNA
    report…Finally when the
    truth dawns on him, he
    slumps down on the sofa
    and bury his face in his
    hands…he felt the whole
    world had stopped rotating…
    raman takes out his phone
    and tells shagun to reach
    waiting room immediately…
    As soon as shagun enters he
    asks her …” Am I adi’s real
    father”.Shagun gets
    shocked and tries to cover
    up by pulling all sorts of her
    dirty drama …like, of ishita
    trying to ruin his relation
    with his son, ishita jealous of
    shagun as she cant b mother
    etc etc… Raman loses his
    temper and shouts… A YES or
    A NO???????????

  12. Shagun finally admits raman
    is not adi’s true father and
    that she was pregnant
    before marriage … Raman
    shouts at shagun ” just get
    After lot of comforting and
    persuasion raman regains
    composure…ishu makes him
    understand he is adi’s father
    and this truth should not
    affect his love for his son
    and no one except them
    should know about this…she
    tells him to sign the consent
    papers and allow them to
    carry out the
    transfusion…Adi regains
    health and he is happy and
    after 3 days was discharged
    from hospital… raman and
    ishu made him promise that
    he will come to live with
    them for few days and he
    happily agrees…
    Finally raman-ishu reach
    home, they never talked
    about it for past 3 days as
    both were busy with adi…
    ishu puts ruhi to sleep and
    returns to see raman sitting
    on bed lost in thought… she
    sits near him and puts her
    hand on his shoulder… All
    the pent-up despair and
    sorrow of raman break
    loose with that touch and he
    cries his heart out keeping
    his head on her lap… ishu
    lets him cry and cries too
    unable to bear his pain…
    It took months for raman to
    regain his former self…he
    tried to hide his pain from
    ishu…he didn’t want her to
    worry… but ishu knew her
    husband was broke inside
    and this wound will not heal
    easily…she tried everything
    possible to keep him happy…
    Ishu badly wanted to give
    birth to a child and for the
    first time after ruhi came to
    her life she cursed her fate
    for not being able to
    conceive…she wanted to give
    raman the happiness he
    deserved… She consulted
    many infertility centres and
    they told her she could
    conceive…there was about
    20% chance… but the
    treatment will be very
    painful…she casually
    mentions it to raman one
    day, but he strongly tells her
    he would never allow her to
    undergo such painful
    treatment and that will be
    his final decision… she knew
    she would never get his
    Ishita finally decides to go
    for the treatment and hides
    it from raman…the pain was
    unbearable but her love for
    raman made her will power
    more strong…she undergoes
    treatment for about 2
    months…Raman sensed
    some changes in ishu…She
    always gave excuses when
    he went close to her,
    sometimes she let him make
    love but, raman felt
    something was wrong with
    her…ishu felt severe pain but
    she tried to hide it from
    him…she didn’t want to
    disappoint him, he was
    understanding but she could
    not say no to him
    everyday…one day while
    making love when the pain
    became unbearable she
    unknowingly let out a cry…
    Raman was taken aback, the
    last thing he wanted to do
    was to hurt her and he
    frantically switched on the
    light to find her wincing in
    pain…She tried to cover up
    but he understood there
    was something wrong with
    her…He forcefully took her to
    gynaecologist the next day
    who as per ishu’s request
    told raman everything is
    fine…As treatment
    progressed pain vanished,
    she felt better and felt a new
    ray of hope in life…
    Slowly things returned to
    normal, raman was back to
    his normal self…he confessed
    to ishita of how he spoiled
    the childhood of his only
    child for a woman who had
    only cheated him from day
    one…ishu makes raman
    understand that it is time to
    let go of his painful past and
    move on forever…ishu
    helped raman to fully
    overcome his past.
    He became more caring and
    protective towards ruhi.
    Raman showed a more
    possessive and passionate
    side of him towards ishu
    with each passing day… Ishu
    sometimes felt he was
    obsessively in love with her,
    he never seemed to get
    enough of her… Raman
    found peace finally and loved
    his wife and child like there
    was no tomorrow… Each
    night all three of them
    thanked god for the
    beautiful life they had got…

  13. It was a normal Saturday
    morning, Raman woke up to
    find ishu sleeping in his
    arms peacefully… He
    wondered at how someone
    looked so beautiful, serene
    and adorable while
    sleeping… He was lost in her
    beauty when sunlight fell on
    her face disturbing her
    sleep…ishu stirred slightly,
    raman blocked the sunlight
    with his hand and continued
    staring at his beautiful wife…
    He couldn’t help notice a
    slight glow on her face…for
    the past few days he had
    noticed she had become
    slightly plump, her face and
    skin glowed and her figure
    became more
    curvaceous…He smiled and
    thought to himself that his
    wife was born to make him
    Ishu wakes up to find raman
    gazing at her…she smiles
    shyly and hugs him. Raman
    teases her about the glow
    on her face… he tells that
    reflects his love for her … She
    slowly gets up from bed but
    feels slightly giddy… Raman
    notices that and rushes to
    her side worried. She
    convinces him that she is
    fine… Raman leaves for office
    …ishu feels weak and toshiji
    tells her to take the day off…
    Toshiji informs raman about
    ishu’s illness…he gets
    worried and fix an evening
    appointment with a
    doctor…he comes home early
    and asks ishu to come with
    him. She tries to resist but he
    remains adamant …finally
    both leave for the
    appointment. Doctor
    examines ishu and asks her
    whether she missed her
    periods recently as there is
    chance for pregnancy… she
    had missed her periods last
    month but she knew it was
    too early to expect
    something which will be not
    less than a miracle… ishu
    could not believe her ears
    but before getting excited
    she wanted to be sure…the
    doctor suggests pregnancy
    detection test. Ishu tells the
    doctor to not tell raman
    anything as she want to tell
    him personally…she never
    wanted to give any false
    hope. Doctor agrees and
    collects samples for the tests.
    As per requested the doctor
    tells raman that it is just low
    BP and there is nothing to
    worry. They reach home and
    raman asks her to take rest.
    He leaves to office for some
    important work…
    Ishu takes an early morning
    appointment with her
    gynaecologist for the next
    day…But she could hardly
    wait for the results or for the
    morning appointment. She
    decides to do pregnancy test
    herself with pregnancy
    detection kit. She gets it
    from chemist shop and
    return home…her heart was
    hammering in her chest, the
    anxiety was killing her…she
    badly needed raman by her
    side, to tell her whatever be
    the result it is OK… She
    wanted a positive result but
    a part of her was afraid to
    do it…she was not prepared
    for a heartbreak. Finally
    mustering strength she
    decides to do it…After
    waiting for what seemed to
    her like ages…she saw…the
    test was positive…tears
    started rolling from her
    eyes…She was pregnant, she
    was going to give birth to
    their child…instinctively she
    clutched onto her talli
    (mangalsutra) as if to calm
    herself… she was
    carrying Raman’schild…that
    feeling was beyond
    words…they were going to
    have a kid of their own flesh
    and blood…ishu smiled like
    an idiot thinking of Raman’s
    reaction when she will break
    this news to him…she
    imagined ruhi jumping with
    joy for her little sister or
    brother, her parents and in-
    laws happiness…she was so
    lost in thought that she
    forgot she was in the
    bathroom for past one hour.
    Toshiji got worried and
    called out to her…ishu
    quickly hid the kit and wrap
    and came out…She told she
    was fine… she wanted to tell
    everyone in bhalla house
    and iyer house that she was
    pregnant, but not now…she
    will wait for confirmation
    and definitely raman will be
    the first one to know.

  14. R these stories true???

      1. Rubbish! Not acceptable ✋?

  15. Next day she reached before
    the scheduled time and
    finally her pregnancy was
    confirmed. Considering her
    medical history, the doctor
    suggested a scan…she was
    informed everything was
    fine and the baby was about
    one month old…before she
    asked, the doctor informed it
    is a boy. When she saw the
    video, tears of joy welled up
    in her eyes…there he was…so
    tiny …a tiny bud… her chotu
    raavan kumar… symbol of
    their love… Finally when she
    left the clinic, she was the
    happiest person on
    earth…she first thought of
    running to raman’s office
    and telling him, but then she
    decided otherwise…she will
    make it special for him…she
    smiles to herself and goes
    When raman returned home
    that day he found ishu in
    very good mood…she and
    ruhi were in ruhi’s room
    giggling over something…
    when he went to be part of
    the joke, he understood his
    wife and daughter were
    making fun of him only… He
    wondered aloud whether
    one day mother and
    daughter will start plotting
    against him… ruhi-ishu
    giggles again…raman shows
    fake anger and leaves to his
    room…ishu asks ruhi to do
    home-work and follows
    raman. He was getting ready
    to change when he felt ishu
    hugging him from behind…
    he turned around to face
    her… there was something in
    her eyes…a spark,
    admiration, love…or a
    mixture of all these… “what
    happened ishu, why
    suddenly you are being so
    romantic… just now you
    both were making fun of
    “Raman …i love you…” she
    said dreamingly…that was
    unexpected for him “OK,
    Now come to the point
    ishu”… He thought it was
    some new trick to get him to
    agree to something that ruhi
    or ishu
    wanted … “raman…what
    point…it is just my love for
    you that is
    overflowing”. She gave him
    a peck on the cheek and left
    the room telling him to
    change and come for tea.
    Raman thinks whether his
    JKR’s screw fell off
    After dinner, ishu puts ruhi
    to sleep. ishu asked raman
    to come for a walk with her…
    raman happily agrees and
    both leaves… ishu slipped
    her hand on his arm and
    rested her head on his
    shoulder… it was
    chilly outside and raman too
    hugged her tightly …”what
    happened ishu… you want
    to tell me something”… she
    looked into his eyes and
    smiled …”yes, but not now…
    first tell me what you
    planned for my birthday,
    day after
    tomorrow…” raman wanted
    to know what it was, but
    then he thought it was
    nothing to worry as she was
    smiling …” it is a
    surprise…ishu, you are not
    supposed to know…”
    “Raman… I want you to
    take me to your farm
    house tomorrow …just the
    two of us.” Raman was
    surprised at this and he
    teased her at why she
    wanted to be alone with
    him… it was so unlike her to
    ask him to celebrate her
    birthday in the farmhouse
    away from ruhi and the
    entire family … “ishu, what is
    going on… you are sure…
    are we not taking ruhi

  16. hey guys aaj wikipedia mein post leap story nahi hai.lekin sbb mein last mein bathaya.whats true who knows.hope ki aisa kuch na ho.fingers crossed.

  17. Ishu felt guilty by his sudden
    questions but then she
    wanted to give him the good
    news … “oh come on raman,
    don’t try to make me
    guilty… take me if you
    can… I already took ruhi’s
    permission… I told her we
    will party the next day…on
    the day of my
    birthday” Raman laughs and
    tells her he wont leave such
    a golden chance of being
    alone with her ever… he
    promise to take her… they
    talk for about an hour sitting
    on the bench and finally
    leaves when they feel sleepy.
    Ishu goes to check ruhi and
    sleep with her. Raman too
    joins them…
    Raman reaches by 3 pm next
    day to find ishu all dressed
    up waiting for him… his jaw
    literally dropped seeing her…
    she wore a pink satin blouse
    and a golden net saree, her
    hair was open except for a
    clutch preventing her hair
    from falling to her face, she
    wore matching long earring
    but no chain, a simple
    bracelet and matching pink
    lipstick…her face was
    glowing and cheeks looked
    supple and soft… raman
    went to her and scanned her
    from top to bottom… “ishu,
    do you intent to kill me
    tonight with your
    charm”. She laughs and
    tells …”yes, tonight is going
    to be very very special for
    Raman himself had done all
    arrangements for her
    birthday celebration and
    special arrangements for the
    night… but seeing her like
    this he was not very keen to
    drive for 2 hrs to reach
    there …”ishu, cant we go to
    some nearby place… it is
    like keeping the favourite
    food in front of a starved
    person and telling him to
    smell and see it …but not
    to touch…”
    She laughs and tells
    him “Raman, lets go… there
    is no change in plan. Just
    few hours and then I’m all
    Finally they reached the farm
    house at around 6pm…ishu
    called amma to enquire
    about ruhi who told that
    ruhi was playing with
    shravan…ishu had asked
    mihika to put ruhi to sleep
    today so that she does not
    feel alone… raman senses
    ishu was being worried
    about ruhi …” ishu, relax …
    ruhi will be fine, all are
    there…they will take good
    care of her.” ishu nods still
    “Ok, now what…someone
    promised me that she was
    all mine …but all she can
    think about is her daughter
    …” he pulls her close to him
    and strokes her lips… “ishu…
    I want you today… all of
    you” ishu blushes and looks
    down… he kiss her on her
    lips and grazes her cheeks
    and neck with his lips… his
    hands trails down from her
    face to her shoulder to her
    chest…his hands intentionally
    brush against her bosom
    making her squeeze his
    waist…Raman could not
    control himself further
    … “ishu, you are looking so
    beautiful…I…Can I…I mean
    do we need to wait till
    night… ” she was planning
    of telling him now, but then
    she didn’t want to stop him
    from doing what he wanted
    at the moment… she kissed
    him back …”raman, I love
    you too”… raman carried her
    in his arms to the bedroom…
    their room was decorated
    with flowers and had a very
    romantic ambience… he
    gently places her on bed and
    comes near… “Raman…
    please be as gentle as
    possible”… He pulled back to
    look at her face… “what
    happened ishu, its ok… we
    can skip it if you don’t feel
    like…” Ishu pulls him to her
    and kisses him… “just shut
    up Raman… i will kill you if
    you stop now…” Raman
    kisses her back and they
    make love…

  18. Oh noo in sbb also dey said means its tru

  19. Finally when ishu was tired,
    she kissed him and lied back
    bed… “Raman…enough” ..he
    goes near her, sucks her
    earlobe and whispers… “ishu,
    please once more…..” he
    pleaded. She pretends to be
    angry and asks pushing him
    away… “Raman… will you
    ever get satisfied…” Raman
    grins and confesses …” to
    be honest… I just never get
    enough of you… its like an
    She laughs and tells him… “if
    it is addiction then I will
    always be your drug…” and
    kiss him. Finally they part
    and ishu cuddles on his
    arm… “did I hurt u?” ishu
    snuggled closer to him and
    strokes his bare
    chest …”Raman, you can
    never hurt me… you
    remember I told you that I
    have something to share
    with you” raman asks what
    it is… she raises to face him
    and looks into his
    eyes … “Raman, it is good
    news… in fact very good
    news…” He gets up to sit on
    the bed… “ishu…enough of
    suspense…tell me what it
    is…” he had no idea what
    was waiting for him… she
    reaches out for his shirt and
    puts it on and sits on the
    bed facing him… she places
    her hand on his cheek, leans
    forward and whispered in
    his ear…”Raman, I’m
    Raman’s heart skipped a
    beat… he could feel blood
    rushing to his face…what did
    he just hear…it took few
    moments for him to absorb
    those words… he moved
    backwards to face
    her …”what…please say it
    once more…”ishu smiled
    with tears in her eyes… “yes
    raman…aap papa banne
    wale ho…” Raman could not
    believe his ears… “really… I
    mean how… when… Oh
    God… ishu, tell me I’m not
    dreaming…” Raman took
    her hands in his…there were
    tears in his eyes… ishu felt
    blessed, this was the
    moment of her
    life …”Raman… we are living
    a beautiful dream for real…
    mei ma banne wali hoon…
    our baby is already one
    month old.” Raman’s
    happiness knew no
    bounds…he kissed her
    forhead and hugged her
    tightly … “ishu, this is the
    best thing that I have ever
    experienced… I mean, it is
    such a lovely news…I
    couldn’t have asked for
    more… I love you dear, I
    love you…”
    They hugged each other and
    cried… it was not normal
    news of pregnancy for both
    of them… it was special for
    both of them… it was
    something which they could
    have only experienced in
    their dreams… they were
    living their dream… Finally
    ishu pulled away and wiped
    his tears… “you want to
    see?”…. Raman nodded. She
    went to the living room to
    get her bag and took out the
    scan pics… she pointed
    towards the baby and
    said …”there raman….” He
    stared at the pic for a few
    moments and looked at
    her… “thank you… thank
    you ishu for coming to my
    life and for wiping away all
    my pain … and I cant thank
    you enough for this news…
    I love you…”

  20. Yes it confirmed,as
    Viewers already know Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein is set to
    take leap,the show will
    undergo major changes
    where Ishita will be
    diagnosed with
    Tuberculosis and Doctor
    will inform that she will not
    live for long shocking
    her.For families well being
    Ishita will take a drastic
    step and will bring
    approach Shagun and asks
    her to take care of Children
    and Raman.
    Inorder to make Raman
    away from her,Ishita will
    try to act concerned for
    Subbu for his major loss
    and will also bring back
    Shagun to Bhalla house who
    is now turned good and will
    play positive role in the
    show.Ishita will be trying to
    be with Subbu & Raman will
    be hating Ishita seeing her
    love for Subbu and will
    separate from her.
    With this the Show will
    undergo Major leap and
    Ishita will leave to
    Australia alone but tells
    family that she is going
    along with Subbu.Soon
    after leap the story will
    focus on Adi and Vinnie’s
    story along with Ishita
    returning back to India.But
    will the truth come ahead
    and Ishita and Raman be
    together ?
    The casting director for the
    show has confirmed the
    News posting on their
    social media account.
    Well will fans agree with
    this Leap ?

  21. sbs mein bhi aaya.lekin kayii baar sbs aur sbb mein jo bhi aaysma ho news woh sab nahi hue. sbb mein kaha tha ki shagun ka packup hoga bahut pehle hi lekin ab hua aur sbs mein season 2 ke baare mein aaya lekin nahi hua.toh hope ki fans aur veiwers ki disappointment ki wajah se woh log decission change kar de.

  22. hello to all …yr kya ye sari stories true hi……waise yr sbs me post leap drama news of yhm ke bare me bhi btaya tha……. wht the hell yr!!! ab kya yhm ka…

  23. Omgabhi bhi tym hai ekta mam plss Change d track

  24. Finally both relaxed and
    were back to normal
    mood… “Raman, you want
    to know whether it is a boy
    or a girl?”… … raman looks at
    her amused…”what
    difference does it make as
    long as the baby is
    healthy.” Ishu smiles at him
    and tells…”actually I also
    didn’t want to know but
    the doctor spoiled it…
    maybe because I’m a
    doctor… can I break the
    suspense..” Raman raised his
    hand to close her mouth…”
    no ishu, don’t tell… I will
    wait…plz.” She makes a sad
    face and tells him…” ok,
    then tell me what do you
    want…” Raman pretends to
    think and then tells… “I
    want a miniature form of
    my jansi ki rani…if I get to
    choose then I want a baby
    girl… pakka carbon copy of
    my JKR.” Ishu’s face fell…it
    clearly indicated to him that
    it was a boy… “but we
    already have ruhi, you
    always tell she is my
    carbon copy… then why do
    you want another…” Raman
    laughs at that… “idiot!!!… It
    would have been better if
    you told me straight away
    it is a boy, it is written all
    over your face… ishu, leave
    all that tell me …are you
    ok… I mean do you feel
    weak.” she smiles and tells
    she is fine… and gets up to
    Raman sits on the bed
    thinking about the last few
    hours… now he understood
    why she wanted him to be
    gentle with her… raman had
    accepted the fact that ishu
    could not conceive, he never
    felt it as a shortcoming… but
    he definitely wanted a child
    with her… he had wondered
    on more than one occasion
    of what would happen if she
    gets pregnant some day…
    how their child will look
    like… but he never thought
    all those will come true one
    day… he smiles contently and
    lies down… Suddenly it
    strikes him… now he
    understood why she had
    that much of pain few
    months back when they
    made love, why she kept
    refusing him on most days…
    He feels angry and sits up…
    just then ishu opens the
    bathroom and comes out
    wearing her white kurti and

  25. Plz stop your fake stories ?these are so boring and also diverting 4rom real yhm story ?totally unacceptable ?

  26. aww! ?

    1. Hamari jaan p bani hai aur aap hans rahi ho ishu!that’s not fair ?

  27. story of yhm frm fans…..u have writer talent…. keep it in yourself…. don’t spoil the page already fan’s are in bad mood of the leap news don’t make them angry…

    1. his/her stories are awesome

  28. everything is fair in love & war

  29. sorry l copied
    i am not a writter
    to make you are mood good
    ok sorry guys

    1. I’m sorry u’r intention was not bad! We’re happy with that ?

  30. no need of sorry it alright you wanted to make us happy naa

  31. Luv u raman and ishu..,u guys are fabulous.

  32. Kushadhi Akshari Nanayakkara

    This not what we expected. Raman had already gone through a seperation . so it may lead him to lost his faith and love in life. Guys be logical. Seperation and again be united is a common theme,if u add this plot yhm you will lost ur gave a huge advice to society ,when someone had a divorce they must move on in life. If seperation happen is hu isgoing to do what shogun had done. Though it is value or not. You guys are going to broke our hearts so
    do not make them desperate Plz……….Don’t desperate them……..plz……………

    (A big fan from sri Lanka)

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