Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Simmi behaves weird

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita arguing. He says I have no backache, I got fine, I have applied the new ointment, there is no smell in it. She asks how did you apply, can you show me doing yoga. He says that’s called Ek asan, just one person can do it. She says then do it. He says its performed in cheap poses, you don’t see it. She says lie down else I will push you, you will get much hurt. He says you talk so much. She asks him to be quiet. She massages his back and asks do you feel quiet, its just a spasm, it will go, massage helps, the pain would have released by you, why do you fight so much, am I your enemy. He sleeps. She smiles seeing him. Dil kahin rukta hai….plays…. She covers him with the blanket. She gets his phone there. She says should I check his phone, is

there the same screensaver. She checks and says he changed it.

FB shows Ishita smiling seeing her pic in screensaver. She says I m impressed, you want the world to see that I m your wife he says yes, you are worth showing, password is your name and work, Ishu420, let me change it to Ishu840, you are the biggest fraud. She says I will beat you, change it. FB ends. She says password can be same. She enters the password. She says no, what could be his password, something related to love, Ruhi’s name, or Adi….Pihu. She tries. Phone doesn’t unlock. She says what must be the password. His phone rings. He wakes up and asks what were you doing with my phone, stop spying. She says nothing, I saved your phone, it was under you. He says think and make stories. She says you didn’t thank me for anything, I will not talk. She goes. She says couldn’t he sleep for a while. He says she cured my backpain. Amma comes laughing and says now I will sleep in peace, this is going to be fun. Simmi comes home and says its so hot and I have to wear sweater, Vijay is a big astrologer, I have to listen to him. She calls out Manjiri and says take out all the warm clothes from my suitcase, I have to wear it. Manjiri asks are you fine. Simmi says just go. Mrs. Bhalla says when will she get sense, let me watch TV. Simmi asks her to watch TV and goes.

Amma looks on and laughs. She says she made Ishu’s life difficult, I will teach her a lesson now, did I say Ishu, my Ishu, my child, she must be at home. She comes to Mrs. Bhalla and asks for Gujiya stencil, she wants to make it for Roshni, as it was Adi’s fav. She sees Ishita. Neelu gives the stencil to Amma. Amma says Kiran is alone at home and goes. Ishita thinks Amma wants to talk to me, I will give her some time. Simmi scolds Manjiri and asks her not to run AC, how will I get rid of negativity. Manjiri jokes on her. She goes to make rotis. Simmi wears all the warm clothes. She says I need to stay calm. Vijay said everything will get fine, I just have to do as he said, I will how Raman and Ishita fail me. Ishita asks everyone to have food. She says Roshni, eat soon, we have to go to gynac. Raman says no, don’t hurry, there is still time for appointment, I m coming along.

Ishita asks why, I will take her. He says court asked us to look after her. She says fine, be my guest. Amma comes and sees Ishita. She says its Jeera rasam, I got this for Roshni, its healthy. Raman says it smells good, shall I try. She says yes. He goes to attend a call. Amma thinks this is Ishita’s fav dish, she would be liking to eat it. Ruhi calls Ishita. Ishita goes. Amma keeps the bowl there and goes making some excuse. Ishita eats the jeera rasam. Amma looks on and smiles. Ishita says no one can make the rasam more perfectly than mum. Bala asks whom are you watching. Amma says I came here to give some rasam to Roshni. He sees Ishita eating it. Ishita says I missed it, I miss you Amma. He says you were secretly seeing Ishita, Jeera rasam is Ishu’s fav dish, I observed the way you notice Ishita, you yearn to hug Ishita, you know very well that Adi was at fault, why are you punishing Ishu.

Amma cries and goes. Mrs. Bhalla wards off bad sight from Roshni. Raman says Roshni, yoga teacher will come and teach you breathing exercises. Ishita says I can learn it from internet and teach her. They argue. Roshni says sort our your matter, I m feeling sleepy. She goes. Raman sees Simmi and asks what are you doing, what happened. Simmi says negative energy will be away, I know what’s good for me, there is no problem. He says everyone has gone mad. Amma laughs and says I didn’t think she will become a cartoon, I m a genius. Ishita asks did you do this. Amma says Vijay is my college friend, I tricked Simmi. Ishita laughs. She stops Amma. Amma cries. Ishita asks why are you doing this with me, I can’t bear your silence, please talk to me, I miss you so much, I feel like an orphan. Amma says don’t say that, and hugs Ishita.

Parmeet says Raman is stumbling, this always happens here. Tania says you planted your phone in my washroom and kept it on video mode. Raman says what nonsense. She says how did I get your phone then.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shreya Shetty

    Barathi dear,u think my opinion is funny about that girl roshni don’t u?well then,instead of me why don’t u try doing the same like how she did with adi by cheating only then u will understand after committing such a mistake which can never be forgiven and as well as for family too
    go on,keep laughing i don’t give a damn about what u think about it but by that time u will be Most funniest and worthless person when u encounter such a situation atleast once in ur lifetime get it!
    so if u don’t like my opinion then please respond to it honestly,i am not a joker here to crack jokes u understand me,just brush it off and mind ur own and please u need not tell me what i am supposed to do

    1. hi shreya…. if someone says your comment is funny, it can also be a compliment instead of insult. i know you will ask me to keep my advice to myself, but you are driving people away with your caustic replies. your comments appear to be too loud and aggressive always. just saying…

      1. Shreya Shetty

        Dhara I just don’t care about those who laugh about my opinion when I just mentioned it seriously
        They are aggressive but it doesn’t indicate that I am a bad girl here
        Like everyone,I also get angry and am short tempered too like some of them who wants to criticize me
        No,I wouldn’t say that to u dhara
        The moment I read ur advice saying,it’s true about me and my rudeness but
        Believe me,I am not a hypocrist.
        It’s correct to tell about my mistakes and behavior but not insulting my thoughts which get me puffed up
        Others as well blast over me when I try to stop them from seeking attention here and troubling others with their disturbing commentary which then leads to an endless fight between me and them
        Sometimes it depends upon the way they take my comment so it’s not always Dhara

    2. hi… shreya…first of all here evrybody ve the ryts tat rply. tats why here rply option. if am commiting such a mistake i ll apologize Aaliya for my mistake tat i can never rectified. but here roshni ne ek bar bhi aaliya se dil se maafi nai mangrahi he abhi tak (if she ask apologized tell me the episode No). phir bhi wo bina sharam ki aaliya ki ghar me kusarahi he aaj. why cant she vanish from Aaliya which could hurt her love for adi which she never get return. still roshni ka galthi to maafi dene ki layak he. but bhalla family members including ishita shameless selfish people

  2. Shreya Shetty

    Finally i wanted that Silent and cunning Amma of ishu to forgive her daughter and just brush that sad incident of losing Adi off from her mind at nice and funny to see Simmi is behaving in such a strange manner and has got a little medicine to taste a bit in order to keep away from IshRa and stop butting in their situations from creating havoc along with that Kamina P!!this way it happens.i really like it otherwise it’s worthless watching their villainious nature winning over good,and good loses to them,which is utterly disgusting
    If only that Revengeful aaliya should forgive roshni for what she has done in past by cheating on her,then it would have been better
    but here it is finally justified that she wants means she wants,goal is to teach roshni a lesson by snatching her illegimate baby so that she can secure adi in her place even though he is dead with that child
    i am not blaming her(aaliya)at all,but i Hate her for having such an idea to do so rather choosing to forgive the guilty and move on,BUT NO she chose a different step and this time EVER she becomes a butchered VILLAIN THAT AALIYA then i say this show is total CRAP which converts even ishitas supportive members into dangerous enemies that too within the family!!so illogic Ekta,use ur brains not ur prawns Stupid and if u think i am abusing u Ms ekta Kapoor along with those fans who just HATE u then remember its all because of ur numerable flaws which are displayed in ur boring and dirty soaps and that’s how u have managed to stereotype everybodys minds including from young children to old people about believing all those unrealistic things happening there is going to be TRUE,well HELL NO its actually REEL and can never ever be true in such things in life at all

  3. Someone kill mrs bhallas, she is very annoying with her “puttar, beta” drama and plz make that child not of adi just for the see face of that chameleon mrs bhalla , selfish despicable raman bhalla, and that obsessed jagamata, that will be most satisfying moment ever when their golden egg will turn out to be fake

    1. very true Ann ! I too wish the same . I dont think any family will pamper a mistress like this . And Roshini behaves as if she is the one to unite Ishra ! Its not she is innocent … she provoked Adi to reach to this level . And today trying to get sympathy from everyone.Cvs are killing Ishitha Raman and Aliyas characters . Like she killed Adis .And frankly speaking Ishra nok joks are not enjoyable as they r portrayed as grand parents . Now Simmi is made funny … cvs this much negativity in a family . Mrs Bhalla … totally a waste character and her acting too is v bad .
      And Shreya Shetty be cool … this site is just to comment on this serial … you react too wrongly .. I am scared to write this … scaring how you will take this . Pls see many are not coming to this site … Its becoz of the story line … be cool dear your opinion you say …

      1. Vp well said ,post adi’d death every character was right in their place. Except his harsh words raman anger was justified, ishita act was understandable since she had no other choice to save her from becoming a criminal, aliya too supported this step. But It is bringing roshni that messed all these characters and story.
        Never seen anywhere a mistress getting more love and respect than the wife. She deserved few slaps followed by confrontation on why she not only betrayed aliya but the whole bhallas, iyers when they treated her like a daughter.
        For years fans have asked for ishra baby but they are trowing in our face that chota adi and everyone is dancing around. Just want that baby to be someone’s else so bhallas and iyers die of shock

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