Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla asking Raman to give award to deserving person, Mrs. Khatri. Raman apologizes to Shagun. Mr. Bhalla says Mrs. Bhalla did good and claps. Everyone claps. Mani sees Shagun and goes after her. Raman says you ruined my launch. Mrs. Bhalla says you were ruining the award, I m saying so that press can know. Reporters ask Shagun to tell about the controversy. Ishita apologizes to Shagun and asks do you know that lady. Shagun says just shut up, I told you I don’t want to come, you forced me so that you can insult me here, this was your plan, you always do this, don’t show me your face again, our relation is over, let’s go Mani. Ishita says Mani, please explain her. Mani says enough, you crossed limits this time. Ishita says I wanted to make things fine.


says you spoiled everything, you have created all this drama. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun was creating drama. Raman says this is not our house, my project is ruined, people are making fun of me there. Ishita comes and says Raman calm down. She asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma how did they do this directly, media has covered this, Shagun and we all got insulted, she is Aaliya’s mum. Mrs. Bhalla says so you are scolding me for Aaliya, if Raman gave wrong award, people would joke on him, you are saying about Aaliya, its my mistake, if I behaved like saas, this would have not happened. Raman says stop it now, my launch is ruined. Bala asks Raman to come out, Mihika is calling. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla not to come out.

Adi wakes up and sees his face. He sees rashes gone and says thank God, I can show my face to people now. He looks for Aaliya. He sees flowers and gets note. He reads sorry Adi, I spoiled your and Aaliya’s date. He says its good, hurt person first and then say sorry. He gets champagne bottle in the basket. He sees messages and says I hope its not of Taneja. He gets shocked. He angrily throws the bottle. Aaliya comes and greets him. She says see I got roses for you, your rashes got fine. She asks what’s this, you broke Nikhil’s gift, he was feeling guilty. Adi says stop it, you know him, see what he did, he has posted my allergy pics on social media, I have become a joke, he does such things.

Mihika apologizes to everyone. She says it was a misunderstanding, we are grateful to Mrs. Bhalla to get Mrs. Khatri, she did great work and should get award, we checked the facts, she was saying true, but its not complete truth. Shagun has saved the girls first, some people were pushing the girls for wrong work, she rescued them and admitted then in rehab centre, she did not know that rehab is not safe, the people wanted to kidnap the girls, Mrs. Khatri rescued those girls, so I would request, we should felicitate both the ladies for their commendable work. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to think before doing anything. Ishita says Shagun is gone. Mihika calls Shagun and Mrs. Khatri on stage. Kiran gets Shagun. Raman and Ishita get surprised. They all clap. Mihika apologizes to Shagun and asks her to accept her apology and award too. She calls Raman on stage. Raman apologizes to Shagun and says we will forget old things and move ahead. He gives the award to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla makes a face.

Raman gives the bouquet to Mrs. Khatri. He tells something to Mihika. Mihika says I have another announcement, we want to donate two crores to this NGO from our company’s side, I want to thank Kiran for clearing this misunderstanding. Ishita thinks thank God, everything got sorted, else it would be Raman’s big loss.

Ruhi asks Neelu to make Pihu’s fav pasta. She thinks of Riya and says Riya bullied Pihu a lot, but she is not happy at home. Roshni comes and asks Ruhi what is she thinking. She gives her sweets. Adi asks Aaliya to read comments, I m a businessman, not a school boy, what will my colleagues say seeing this pics, did Nikhil think I will forget everything, he always shows me down, you know why he does this, because he likes you. She asks what, you are saying a lot in anger, the pics got uploaded by me, not Nikhil.

Ruhi says Riya is not happy, she has a big house, her room was full of toys, I did not see a smile on her face till now, I feel she is deprived of love, I want to do something for her. Roshni says maybe if she gets a friend, she may get happy. Ruhi thanks Roshni and says problem solved. Aaliya says trust me, I was scared seeing your swelling and rashes, I clicked your pics to show doctor, but it got posted, I m your wife, will I make fun of you, I will delete it. He asks what will happen if you delete it now, you love Nikhil, so you are lying to save him, you came with me on honeymoon and spending time with him, leave me and go to him. She asks how dare you, you don’t trust me, I agree I had crush on Nikhil in college time, but I love you. He says I m not blind, how happy you get seeing him, you don’t think your husband is alive or dead. She says enough now, I m going. He says go, door is open, go and stay happy with Nikhil, you would be regretting to marry me. She says you are right, I m regretting now, if I married Nikhil, maybe I stayed more happy, I wish I did not marry you. Adi gets angry and slaps her. She cries and leaves.

Ishita asks why are you crying Adi. Adi says Aaliya is missing. Ishita asks what happened to her. He says don’t know where she went. She worries and asks what are you saying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mani always follow Shagun like a puppet

    1. this is the first time mani supported shagun.. every time mani supports only drama queen ishita.

  2. Well at least today’s episode misunderstanding got sorted out. However, I still think Shagun would not be happy as she would be sour about the embarrassment she has received and media have come to know it. Mrs Bhalla and Amma should not have rushed into matters. I can understand why Mani is upset. Now worse with Aliya missing, Shagun and Mani are going to get angry with Adi. Eversince Aliya got married to Adi, there have been endless problems. Seems like whoever marries into the Bhallas family, the womenand men folk have to face endless problems. First was Ishita. Raman’s problems of his ex wife and Ashok and Adi became Ishita’s problems and she suffered. When Mihirgot married to Rinki a Bhalla member, Mihir
    also faced endless problems with Rinki and being unfaithful to him. Now Aliya who is facing problems after problems starting with Roshni’s issues. Finally, Mihika is going to face a big blow with Romi dying in a car accident.

    Actually I don’t mind Bala and MIhika as most of the time I see both of them chauffeuring Adi and Aliya or work things together like when they wanted to find out about Roshni’s mother. They make a good pair. But I think cvs want Kiran for Bala.

    Aliya would have been better off not marrying Adi as they always seem not to work things out together.

  3. Hi friends… Damm boring episode… Now ishu will go to Mumbai to search Aliya… This is how they cover up dt s absence… So for next 3-4 days no ishu scenes… Also sure now onwards there will be revenge track… Both Shagun and Mani will be against ishra and bhallas… Also ADI aliyas fight… Aliya turns negative… I think even Kiran join Shagun… Coming to today’s episode good thing is Raman didn’t blame ishu… So ishra face the problems together…

  4. Hi Sindhu How are you ? True misunderstanding is sorted by Kiran . All her plot . Kiran did not like Shaghun to be felicitated . Now kiran will join hands with Shaghun to spoil Ishra . I heard Kiran telling Raman she is divorcee but no children . Now Bala too will start loving her . Whatever it is Shaghun has no shame to receive the award again .Both Adi and Alia immatured … Discussing everything about your husband and laughing is what Alia was doing . Adi too from beginning busy with work . But Alia was a matured and good girl . Cvs portraying very badly . And Roshini has to tell Ruhi about loneliness love and care . Ruhi is an example of being like that … Romi is going to die … thats sooo sad … one of the best character as a brother and Devar he was and Ali did a good job . Mani is a puppet … he was so happy Ishitha inviting Shaghun .. what happened now ?

    1. any husband will support his wife. he will not support so called lover/ friend After seeing his wife insulted, imagine the same situation being in shagun place (when you called to felicitation, end of the moment some one criticizes you insults you badly what will you do that time??) you want your husband to support his lover or wife??
      mani never supported shagun, this is the first time mani is supporting shagun. wipe ur dust love ishita from your eyes.then yu can see what is correct and wrong.

      1. azuka nkwonta

        You are actually seeing things very clearly.

  5. Shockingly ishita is not shown as devika today. The problem is actually solved by mithila and kiran and not by ishita. I feel adi should not react so badly. Instead he can ask aliya to pack bag and gp back to delhi.. ter aliya would have stayed in boundaries of home n not roamed with anyone.. she woild have been in limit

  6. Shreya shetty

    I don’t understand what’s Ur problem with ishita Anjana, Azuka and Dia
    Besides I hate to attack u by asking this very simple question but why??
    Just because ishu is not liked by u trio doesn’t mean u all keep calling her jerk all the time
    And yes Yhm is not like mine nor anyone’s personal life here it’s just a reel show and so I felt weird when Dia kept saying that ishita is a stupid jerk
    Agreed that ishita hasn’t done right by insulting Kiran for such small things but that doesn’t prove her to be some jagatmaata or devika as u all people call her
    U all have the authority to comment whenever u feel like but all I felt was that ok fine since u trio support shagun it’s not a problem for me
    Whereas for me ishita is my heroine of this show and what she does is always neutral sometimes wrong or right nobody cares!!!
    Please don’t mistake me I was just asking u three that why do u think Ishu is a stupid jerk???
    For me she’s not any idiot or something but my favorite character amongst the rest

    1. sorry for hurting your feelings.somethime feel that she s doing be friendly with shagun she doesn’t need to give an award.anyway t got sorted out today.every time they are showing so much goodness n one person and soon they will become villan . everyone will start hating them and forgetting what they have shagun take care of pihu and family for seven years and now everyone hates her mch.then Aliya s matter.she was too mature when she was n delhi.and lost all sense like not understanding why they came to Mumbai and what adi wants.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      The truth is that you don’t know what to say about ishita that is why you are saying this. I hate ishita are you happy now.

      1. Shreya shetty

        Miss Azuka nkwonta
        Don’t try to impress me or make me happy by telling me ur stuff get that straight
        And yes to be honest I am very much matured than u r becoz u r completely blinded by that silly Shagun s faith
        Open u r eyes and see who’s good and bad
        There’s no need to teach me about who’s the villain and who’s heroine
        I hope u got me correct Miss Azuka
        Sorry to be harsh with u Sweetie miss

    3. Dia

      I don’t have a problem with ishita……whenever i feel like she is right i support her…..first see my comments and then judge me……stupid jerk idiod….these are just words which i use for everyone… everyone……shagun and rest also……in real life even for my bestfriends and sometimes myself……these are just normal words for me…..if u r offended by them then i apologise….but these are not as offending as u r thinking…..if i say shah rukh khan is a monkey….will he be really a monkey?… right… whatever i say ishita or anyone else will not become whatever i say…..

      Ad please……please……don’t make me a part of some trio…..i am an individual and i would like to be an individual or a part of tge whole yhm group……i am not a part of some trio duo or quartret or any particular group…..i am just an individual….thats it

      1. Shreya shetty

        Happy now Dia
        I can understand how much u feel but apologies from my side for harping at u directly without having any reason
        Accept my apology and please thank u for telling me about u so well Dia
        Now u can pause telling to me

    4. Shreya…

      Please do not comply on anything about them and who is supporting the person who is wrong. It is better for you and me to stay out of their way. If they support Shagun then it is okay but you can not tell what to do if you can’t stop then they will keep supporting wrong person. Let them be. When they will open their eyes to see Shagun character and will realised who is right or who is wrong.

      YHM will focuses on Shagun’s life and reduced of Ishra romantics. As this will be happening because DT is on vacation to Italy for her honeymoon with her hubby Vivek so they are making the show about Shagun’s life in history as where her parent doesn’t love or care of her like Riya doesn’t get love from both parent. I think that Bala is Riya’s father because Bala was having an affair with Vandu and Kiran which was caught by Raman and Raman called Kiran’s father who is Raman’s business client. I think that Kiran is not married as Kiran was secretly pregnant. Kiran was helping to removed Mihika clothes and earn alot of money paid by Ashok, Suraj and Param. Kiran almost kidnapped Shravan when he was little child which got Bala and Vandu worry by the time that Vandu was pregnant and Shravu demanded for the video games which is heard by Kiran and Bala had forgetten to disconnect the call while Bala scold Shravu badly. Kiran bought video games for Shravu which made Bala angry. Kiran was telling Ishra that she is Vandu’s friend but I don’t believed it. Bala should not move on with his life as he is still mourning Vandu’s death and children will not accept Kiran as their mother and will never take Kiran in Vandu’s place but for Bala will be lost as children will hate him. Ishita will not support Bala. Mihika will be mourning for Romi death and will not be able to move on. Mihir will support Mihika for the sad day like he had for Rinki death that Mihika support Mihir.

  7. ya your right shreya i love ishu so much she is my heroine too

  8. azuka nkwonta

    The true nature of a wicked value; ishita’s wicked. Shagun once said that aaliyah is just like ishita and she was not lying. Adi and aaliyah are newly wed for somebody to come between them. Men are 100% more jealous than women. What is happening between adi and aaliyah is a fault of ishita’s values. Aaliyah carries ishita’s values like a diamond on her neck. Aaliyah is behaving like ishita behaved with Raman. This is what ishita gave aaliyah. She raised her and gave her all this things and she kept training herself repeatedly into becoming like ishita. Now that she is out to be seen we are now seeing her behaving like ishita. This is what adi is suffering, aaliyah has put him in that ishita’s value whereby husband has to make friends with wife’s male friend. Raman suffered with this principle which resulted to him almost raping ishita that night that they moved into their new home after their old house got burnt. Raman could not cope with the relationship between ishita and mani. Aaliyah is behaving just like ishita was behaving those days, not caring about her husband’s feeling and including mani into their relationship.

    Ishita’s values are too high and unbearable live with, they are unlivable. Raman cannot even cope with these values 100% and adi is struggling with it terribly. The situation that aaliyah is in now is as a result of ishita’s values which she copies. Only shagun can change aaliyah in the future.

  9. Dia

    Shagun and mani both reacted right……but it was not ishita’s mistake……that stupid mrs bhalla is the problem creator……mihika and kiran saved the day…..i think now ruhi n pihu will befriend riya and then they will come to know about kiran…..stupid idiot jerk of the day award goes to adi…..i mean……what the hell…..he clearly overreacted……seriously…..wasn’t expected from him……proved that he is raman’s som

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita’s values are unlivable, they are unbearable. Aaliyah is not walking into a right direction with this idea of nikhil. Instead of snapping at her husband she should have apologized. The way adi is behaving is understandable. He is on honeymoon and you are putting another man in front of him making him look less than a man and he is complaining instead of you to do the right thing you are using harsh words on him despite his anger. The problem is aaliyah and her stupid ishita’s values that she learnt.

    1. About the value that Ishita has taught to every children. Aylia had not learn to use her husband for other man. Ishita had no crush on Mani as they were childhoood friend and did not know that Mani had a crush on Ishu. Ishu never cheated on Raman as she is in love with Raman. Ashok feed lied about Raman beginning abusive man and controling wife (Ishita) and ex wife (Shagun) as Shagun left Raman. Raman get stunned by Mani spoken word and is hurting by Mani accused unknowing the truth. Raman care for Ishu since she has fallen sick during Navarathi day and Toshi was in London to take care of her sister. Ishita take responsible in Bhalla house as per Mr Bhalla want Ishita to control the house in Toshi absent. Raman did not know whole story and becomes jealous of Ishu and Mani friendship but did not know that Ishu only love him. Raman start his feeling toward Ishu and give more attention to Ishu but Shagun ruin Ishra relationship and happiness. Raman becomes possessive of Ishu and he always protected Ishu alot from Khanna and Param who was about to molested and hurt Ishu. Param manipulated Adi to get Shagun phone to text Ishu to Bachelor party to revenge on her but Adi did not know the truth that Shagun did mistake and Khanna and Param are revenging on Raman. Ishu received Shagun message and went to wrong venue as per Param plan. Suraj send Mihir and Bala to other place to get drink and text Mani to come late. Khanna and Param with men harassed Ishu and molested Ishu while Raman did not know about it. Mihika call Raman and informed him that Ishu is not in bride shower. Raman call Ishu phone and get shocked by a man answer and rush to save Ishu but bit late. Ishu ran and scream for help but Mani save Ishu from the drunkard man and slap him. Raman comes to Ishu and get shock to see Ishu condition and beat the drunkard man then take Ishu home. Mani warn Khanna and Param to stay in his limited. Ishu always clinged to Raman when she is alone and scared. Ishu and Mani does not spend so much time together as they are not lovers so that Ishu stay with Raman which make husband happy.

      Aylia is different from Ishu as she spend time with Nikhil so much over her husband which is not right. If Adi is busy with his work so that Aylia should stay home or go out for shopping or do some activities which interested her but not to spend with Nikhil for longer time. Raman was busy with work and project then Ishu did not spend time with Mani as she goes home or work to keep herself busy until Raman is free from work so that they can spend time together with family. Adi and Aylia are not same as Ishra. Aylia is not mature enough by doing what she did was not right by uploading Adi picture in social media which will make Adi angry. Raman did not do that to Ishita when Ishita had mushroom alleged but Raman care for Ishu by making alleged paste and covered her and not make fun on his wife in social media. Raman did joke on her while chatting but taking picture of her and show to the public is not correct. Raman is mature enough to respect people feeling. Aylia did not respect Adi feeling hurt. Aylia did not know how sensitive is Adi when everyone make fun of him. Aylia is like Shagun because what Shagun does that Aylia make the same way. Shagun is not mature woman who does not know how to love people and respect them. Shagun knows how to hurt people and revenge on Ishra for no reason. Shagun is already married to Mani so she should stay happy and stop behaving like uncivilized woman. Children will not be happy if Shagun don’t stop hurting Ishita then children will hate her. Ishita will be out of Mumbai to search for Aylia with Adi requested for help. Raman and Pihu will be seen missing Ishu.

  11. azuka nkwonta

    I don’t know how true it is that romi is going to die in this show but whatever happens you can see that lately romi is not shown in the serial as he is used to be shown. The truth is that CVs does not give romi better roles and more roles so he was complaining about it. They give Raman and ishita huge roles and neglect others. Instead of killing romi’s character they should replace him with another actor who will act his role.

  12. Seeing the recap, Aliya definitely MUST leave Adi, if he slapped her. How dare he!!!

    They should have broken up when they did. Aliya is way to good for Adi.

    1. Mia… I don’t agree with it.

      Aylia is not mature of her age but Adi is also not mature like Ruhi. Ruhi is much mature of her age. Ishita taught Ruhi to respect and value to her. Adi learn from Raman as he is hot head temper and start blaming others and shouting. Pihu will follow Ishita and Ruhi way. Aylia will not be in same way in Ishita path as she have learn worng way with Shagun. Aylia was working when she was not married but when she married Adi and she start to become housewife like Shagun. Roshini is different from Aylia and Shagun as she is same in Ishita path.

      And I don’t want to insult you and may understand what Aylia did was wrong.

  13. Nikhil and Aaliya’s silly behaviour leads to Adi in danger due to which he had to get hospitalised.

    Nikhil continues to make fun of Adi and posts his picture on social media.

    Adi bursts out at Aaliya slaps Aaliya and asks her to leave Adi and get settled with Nikhil.

    Aaliya leaves Adi for Nikhil

    Aaliya thus accepts that she had crush on Nikhil and regrets marrying Adi leaving Nikhil and will walk away from there.

    What happens next on the show is a must wait and watch.

    Has Aaliya left Adi and will marry Nikhil?

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  14. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein have reached the league wherein Ishita and Raman are the household names of star plus.

    As per the track it is revealed that Riya is Kiran’s daughter who has the intention of marrying Bala post Ishita’s sister’s death.

    Now another thing which has come to the notice is that Ishita and Raman asks Kiran to tell her daughter not to bully Pihu in school.

    Kiran in place of talking to Riya for her bad tricks against Pihu starts shouting at Ishita to make Pihu smarter.

    Ishita gets angry on Bala

    Ishita furthermore witness that even Bala is taking Kiran’s side and speaking up against Ishita for the very first time.

    Ishita gets all the more furious eyeing upon Bala’s bad behavior with Ishita and Raman.

    How will Ishita stop Kiran from entering Bala’s life?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline of Ishita and Raman.

  15. The upcoming episode of love drama Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.

    Aditya lashes out at Aliya for uploading his pics on social site, he even says to Aliya that she stays happy when she is with Nikhil and she does not remember him whenever she is with Nikhil.

    Aliya gets stunned hearing all this, she says that she regrets that she got married with him.

    Aditya get angry hearing all this and slaps Aliya after which she leaves and goes missing.

    Ishita tensed as Aliya goes missing

    Aditya calls Ishita and tells her that ALiya is missing so then Ishita get stunned as well as worried.

    Ishita and Adi both try to search for Aliya and in the meanwhile Ishita asks him to tell exactly what happened between them.

    So then Ishita scolds Adi for over reacting and raising hand over Aliya.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  16. The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.

    It was earlier seen that Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) are busy with the launch party and the entire Bhalla family will come together for the huge celebration.

    However their happiness is not lived long as soon the family will get to know that Romi aka Aly Goni has met with an accident.

    The entire Bhalla family will rush to the hospital where Romi will breathe his last breath.

    This will turn out to be one of the biggest turning points of the show.

    It will be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates.

  17. azuka nkwonta

    Everything is still pointing at ishita’s training. I don’t think that aaliyah understands adi’s anger very well more than shagun can. You don’t tell your husband I regret marrying you and expect him to hug you. Shagun needs to change aaliyah she cannot live the way she is living. Do not think that aaliyah is perfect, she is wrong. The bhallas will not involve shagun in this problem because they will consider her as a bad person and ishita does not deserve this chance. I know why I say that shagun should change aaliyah that is because she needs to be changed.

  18. Yeh Hai Mohabbetein have come on such a verge of getting splits amidst the life of Adi and Aaliya with the interruption of Nikhil.

    As per the track Nikhil is Aaliya left out boyfriend who is not a good natured boy and also used to hit Aaliya.

    Nikhil have all of a sudden reappeared in Aaliya’s life creating trauma for Adi and Aaliya’s relatinship.

    Adi is trying his best to make Aaliya understand that Aaliya’s overfriendly nature with Nikhil would surely make Adi and Aaliya’s relationship get hampered.

    Nikhil was continuously making fun of Adi’s fears on social media site which was not appreciated by Adi and also Aaliya was laughing upon Adi.

    Adi could no longer tolerate this and slapped Aaliya on her wiered behavior.

    Aaliya leaves Adi’s house

    Aaliya left Adi’s house for not getting respect from Adi and this matter reached Ishita’s ears.

    How will Ishita handle the situation and unite Adi and Aaliya getting Aaliya back from Nikhil’s clutches?

    Stay tuned for further details and developments in storyline.

  19. Aylia is not mature enough to show how sensitive Adi is. Adi had told Aylia not to tell Raman and Ishita about his alleged and Aylia agreed but ignored him and upload it on social media and make fun on Adi is not correct.

    As per Ishita returned after 7 years separation from Raman. Adi had order mushroom pasta for Raman as Raman is alleged to mushroom. Ishita was eating with Mani and Aylia and noticed Raman choking and reaction differently. Ishita rushed to Raman aids and take care of him and Raman fumed and scolding Ishu which make Mani and Aylia unhappy to see Ishita care of Raman. Raman started his argument but Ishita ask him to silent and force him to drink water while she check food and Raman drink it. Ishita tell Raman that you have mushroom alleged and you are eating it that shocked Raman. Raman get angry then continue to argue then Ishita shut him up and drag him to the cool room and ask the assistant to bring ice-cube and push Raman in cool room. Raman kept complaining and arguing with Ishita while Ishita listen and talk to him calmly. The assistant bring ice-cube and give to Ishita. Ishita put ice-cube on cloth and apply on Raman’s neck while he snatching his own body. Ishita becomes sensitive like Adi and Raman which they get alleged on any food and will be taken care with respect. Raman lost his anger and look on to see Ishita caring for him. Then Raman keep reaction then grab the ice from Ishita hand and apply on his arms while Ishita take more ice-cube and apply on Raman’s ears, neck and chest while Raman on his arms to reduced rashed. Ruhi tell Aylia that Adi and Raman did this purposely to get Ishita attention. Aylia get fumed and argue with Raman for wanting Ishita back in his life and accused on Adi planning that shocked Raman and Ishita. Ishita worried then Raman fumed on Adi. Adi bring alleged pills to give Raman then get slapped by Raman and scolding him badly then Ishita stop Raman by holding his hand to slap Adi. Raman fumed and leave then Ishita ask Adi why are you doing this then get hurt and leave. Adi feel bad see Raman and Ishita fighting. Adi plan to bring Raman and Ishita to dance together as they still love each other which did not make Aylia, Ruhaan (Ruhi) and Mani unhappy. Ruhi did not know that they love her alot and missed her and Nidhi revenge.

    Aylia did not learn how to be sensitive like Ishita. Aylia and Nikhil take photo of Adi and make fun of him is not correct. That is why Adi is right to scolding her but slapping is not the solution. Aylia should not support Nikhil as Nikhil is her past so that Adi is Aylia present and future. How can Aylia say this to Adi that she had crushed on Nikhil and is in love with him and regret of marry him. Aylia did not know how much it hurt Adi. Adi had now becoming insecurity and lonely with no one to love him. Ohly Ishita is the one person who always be with him when he need her. Aylia should learn how to respect husband feeling but she does not care about Adi feeling hurt.

    We have different opinion and I don’t want to fight with anyone who to believe and father and son are same for mistreating their wives. When Raman was burn with heat and ask Shagun to help him to do the aids but Shagun ignored him and busy with other things which hurt Raman as Aylia is like Shagun. Ishita see Raman hurt himself on heat then she rush to take care of him and put some ice on and scold him while Raman look on and see Ishita concern for him and think of Shagun unconcern for him. Raman ask Ishita not to touch him and he can take care of himself. Ishita feel bad seeing Raman behaving with so much hatred. Raman slowly to fall in love with Ishita. When Ishita was injured Raman always take care of Ishita alot and protect her as he loves her so deeply.

    I don’t want to fight with anyone who is presiding Ishita or Shagun but you will understand the differentiate between them and Aylia learning in 2 path (Right and wrong). Ishita want Aylia to be in right path but lost her to Shagun as Shagun pull Aylia in wrong path which make everyone unhappy. Mani did not know what is right and what is wrong. Ishita did not want to insult Shagun but did not know it was Toshi plan. Toshi is wrong to exposed Shagun in front of media and insult her without discussing with Raman and Ishita. Ishita is hurting by Toshi and Madhu behaviour and upset for ruin Raman’s launch party. Ishra are very disappointed with their mothers and are relieved that Mihika and Kiran explain to Shagun and clear all the misunderstanding them. Ishita decided to stay far distance from Shagun, Mani, Kiran and Bala as she know that she will be hurting badly but Raman support her including Mihika and other family. Ishita want to get Shagun award because she is doing for Aylia but to her disappointed because of Toshi ruin the function and breaking the families. Aylia will get to know about it and will insult Ishita infront of family for Shagun then Raman ask Toshi if she is happy to see all this. Toshi will feel bad see this while Ishita leave hurted. Adi see this and try to ask what happen then they explain about what happen and Shagun irresponsibility then Adi feel bad see Ishita hurting and Roshini scold Aylia for disrespect Ishita as she is her mother-in-law. Raman goes and console Ishita along with children. Mihika explain to Aylia to clear misunderstanding then Aylia feel bad for insulting then Shagun create scene in Bhalla house which make Raman and children fumed.

    1. Man parichary dont u have anyother work to do…get a life…ur life is only revolving around ishitha and her stuffs…oh god…damn this is just a serial…
      why are u only talking about ishitha and supporting her…just let it be…we dont want to hear lectures about ishitha…just comment about the episode and stop there…why are u posting such long irritating comments…nonsense

      1. Shreya shetty

        Poorsha dearie
        Who told u to interfere
        It’s paricharys wish whether she keeps paring her own views or not
        And yes Madam poorsha if u want to join our yhm family then u must please stop telling others nonsense
        Besides u r bigger than nonsense literally meant was worse than aaliya

      2. Shreya Shetty…dont u have a life other than ymh…u can relate to characters only to yhm uh…sad man…i pity u all

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