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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the court proceedings beginning. Mrs. Kaur tells about Amma being hit by Shagun. Simmi come sand tells Raman that she will support him. Mrs. Bhalla tells Ishita that she made me ashamed. I know she is taking Parmeet’s revenge. Isita says don’t take it on heart, she is taking her brother’s side, so its nothing wrong. Shagun comes in the witness box as she is called by Mrs. Kaur. Mrs. Kaur asks her. Shagun says I want to tell something. The judge says it will be your statement and can be used against you. Shagun says she is a single mum and separated from her husband, but he is supporting her and gave her strength to be here. She says I have two kids, my daughter stays with Raman, and my son stays with me, he loves me a lot and can’t stay without me, he is at home

and worried for me.

She says my family is already broken and all this now. She says my son’s responsibilities are on me, this is not true, this is a blame on me by Raman’s present wife Ishita. She cries and says you know this relation is bitter, I still meet Raman and mum of his kids, Ishita can’t bear this, I did not think Ishita will fall so low. She is taking revenge from me, this is wrong, please do justice for me and my kids. The judge says you know we don’t decide on emotions but on proof. Kaur says Shagun, what do you do, I mean to say are you an actress, you could have become one, as your performance was first class. Pathak says I object. Kaur says sit please, I m not done.

Kaur says you recall the car number. Shagun tells the number. Kaur says tell me is this your car. She says Ashok gifted this car to his 12 year old son. She says but he sold this car in so less money before the accident, why. Shagun says the car was troubling, so sold it. Is it a crime. Kaur says when did I say its crime. She says we are trying to know how can new car get damage so soon, was it second hand. Pathak interrupts. The judge says objection over ruled. Kaur says I m trying to know her state of mind. She asks who takes Adi to school. Shagun says driver.Kaur asks who takes you to spa. Shagun says driver, but she says she knows driving. Kaur says then how did you hit the old woman. Ishita thinks Ruhi identifying Adi’s car.

Kaur asks Shagun to go and sit. She says they bought the car and sold it soon, fine, but I will call Ravipal Singh now, who is the lucky new owner of this car. He does not come. Ruhi prays for Ishita and Amma, as Ishita is worried, don’t make her cry. Adi prays for Shagun, as she loves him a lot, if anything happens to her, no, save her please. Ruhi meets him and says you here. He says I was praying for my mum. Ruhi says I for Ishi Maa, as she went to court today, I asked Lord to help her and punish the one who did accident of Amma. Adi scolds her. He says Ishita wants to send my mum to jail. Ruhi says no one told me. Adi says my mum did not do anything, dad is defending her, shame on you to pray for Ishita. He leaves. Ruhi cries.

The judge says I m waiting since 15mins. Kaur says maybe someone is stopping him. Mihir says we have the witness here and asks Romi to bring him. Romi brings him on the wheel chair and Ishita smiles. Shagun says how is he here. Raman says Ashok can’t do anything well. Mihir gives the documents to Kaur. Kaur questions Ravipal. He says he bought the new car. She asks did you pay cash. He says yes, for my use. Kaur questions him further and says where do you park the car. He says in the lane. She says you are on wheelchair, so who drives the car. He says I kept driver who takes me to doctor.

She says we have your medical report, its written he did not go to doctor since two months. She says that car was not seen in his area. She says he got 1 lakh cheque from a food company, but its Ashok’s company, Shagun’s friend. She says the car is with Shagun, then why did he lie, he can go to jail. She says Ravipal was Ashok’s driver and lost job as he got his legs hurt. She says Raman was investigating the case, and he came to know the car is given in garage by Parmeet, who has joined Ashok, but they told the car is sold, then why did they give for repair.

Ruhi talks to Shravan and says I think Shagun planted a problem between Ishi Maa and Papa, Adi told me Shagun did Amma’s accident. Shravan says what. Ruhi says yes, Papa and Ishi Maa are fighting, they are not talking. Shravan says maybe there is something else. Ruhi says no tension, there is much fights and Ishi Maa is very angry. He says my amma Appa also fight and get annoyed like us. Ruhi says but we did anyone to make me together, but who will ask them to stop fighting. Shravan says you tell her. She says Papa asked me not to become Dadi amma. He says then you think that they themselves talk and tell his idea. Ruhi smiles.

Kaur talks to Ravipal and says why did Ashok think of him after a year he forced him. She says you can go to jail for lying. Ravipal says I don’t know anything, I signed where he said, I don’t know he has hit an old woman, I did not harm anyone. The judge says this is wrong, many people are helpless so will they do this. Kaur says its good he accepted his mistake. Kaur says whats the need to repair it, they might have seen an English film to get this idea, Ashok is trying to save Shagun, he made fake papers to save her. She says call Shagun in witness box, I want to talk to her. Shagun gets tensed.

The judge asks Shagun to answer Kaur. Shagun says I was in shopping mall. Raman shouts no, I know she is lying, as we were together that day. Ishita is shocked.

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  1. zoya

    raman is too much,i dont understand is he really doing this for adi or he is still interested in shagun!:(Actually he does not deserve ishita he deserves tht witch who ditched him!

    • Pakhi

      Hey r u blind..???zoya said raman deserves shagun nd i said she deserves how both r same..??

  2. lavanya

    i couldnt guess who wil win d case. If ishita wins, raman loses his son, which he cant bear.If raman wins, then ishita wil not forgive him. to my concern, this is bad idea of involving Adi into this.

  3. samairaa

    I completely agree with u lavanya 😛
    Raman you are going against law …….. I think in the end of this case you will get Adi or loose Ishitaa

    • Zara

      I totally agree with u samairaa. What’s going to happen then? I think it’ll be very shocking.

  4. Zara

    Hi everyone…… I’m new here. Can anybody become my friend? 😛
    As all of u I ‘m big fan of yhm.

  5. blah…. Whoever wrote crap abt me that day… I swear u r not frm america…. U r a b***c…. I challenge u to find me… Get lost… Mind ur own business

  6. woah!!!! whatever! God i wish something good happens today…. In yhm…. I didnt understand the promo…. Really confusing!!!!

  7. this is story…. Raman is the best… Raman is the best…. Raman is the protagonist….. Adi will finally understand his dads love anyway…. So its fyn,…. Ishu is mature to understand what raman is doing after she gets to know evrything… Shagun [email protected] deserve ramaan…. She doesnt deserve to live actually :)))))

  8. b.mamatha

    whatever happens there should be no disturbance in raman and ishitha life. i want ishitha to win this case and shagun should go to jail and adi should know his mistakes and respect ishitha.

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