Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Mr. Bhalla misunderstands Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita telling Raman that she will always be with him, he will get fine. Simmi stops her and scolds. Ishita says I know you are not Raman’s well wisher, you can’t stop me, I m his wife. Simmi and Ishita argue. Mr. Bhalla comes. Simmi sees Mr. Bhalla coming and starts the drama and blames Ishita for everything. Ishita asks whom are you showing this drama, just ridiculous, let me go to my husband. Mr. Bhalla stops Ishita from meeting Raman. Ishita asks what. He says I m not your Papa ji, you aren’t my bahu from today, I don’t want anything to happen to Raman, if you really care for him, don’t show me your face again, if you meet Raman, you will witness his death. Ishita cries. Everyone gets shocked. Ishita says please don’t bind me by this promise, don’t

do this with me.

Ishita says I have come here for Raman, you know I m not such bad, I can’t live like this. Simmi smiles. Mr. Bhalla says I m worried for my son, leave from here, I beg of you, get away, never show your face to us. Shagun says Ishita has done a lot for Raman. Mr. Bhalla says enough, don’t get into our matter, you also leave if you have sympathy for Ishita. Romi asks Mr. Bhalla how can he do this on Simmi’s saying. Simmi asks Romi can he manage his own life that he is interfering. She drags Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t want any drama here, if she doesn’t go, we will leave, come. Simmi, Parmeet and Mr. Bhalla go. Ishita cries. Shagun holds her.

Ishita goes away and thinks of Mr. Bhalla’s words. Romi consoles and hugs her. She says I have given up, Papa ji has withdraw his support, how will I save Raman now, I have to protect him. Romi asks her not to take this seriously, dad has said all that in a fit of rage, he is just worried, once mummy ji comes back, Parmeet and Simmi’s deeds will be known. Ishita asks how will it happen, they always hurt us, when I called the police to tell about wrong pills, Simmi got her mum arrested, Parmeet has got Aaliya trapped in this gambling hell, Simmi has put the blame on me, I just want that next time I should have strong proof against Simmi, if anything happens to Mr. Bhalla or Mrs. Bhalla, Simmi can do anything, she has become ruthless, she wants revenge from everyone.

Romi asks her did she really kill Ananya, she she really push Ananya. She recalls Pihu and says what’s the use of all this, Romi don’t waste time here, Raman needs you. Romi says sorry, I shouldn’t have asked this. She says I got punished for it, I don’t want to talk about it, Raman needs you, go to him. He asks won’t you come, will you really part ways with Raman. She says no, I won’t go away, but I can’t disrespect Papa ji. He asks her to stop crying. He goes. She cries. Raman gets treated. Doctor says we have to keep him in Icu, everyone can go home, just one person can attend him. Simmi asks them to go, do they not trust her. She acts good and asks everyone to leave, she will stay back. Parmeet says I will drop you all. Ishita looks on. Simmi asks Shagun and Mani to leave as well. They leave. Parmeet comes back to Simmi.

She asks what are you doing here. He hugs her and says we have done it. She asks what do you mean. He says we have made Ishita away from Raman’s life, Papa ji said Ishita shouldn’t be allowed to come in front of Raman. She smiles. He says Ishita will leave from our lives, we will have our rule on house and business. She says our revenge got fulfilled. He thanks her for being in his life. She says I would have shattered if you were not there for me, you are my confidence, I m able to manage everything because of you. He says so much has happened, we don’t get time for ourselves, come, we will go out and have tea like before. She says Raman is in ICU. He says nurse is there to take care of him, we will come back soon. They leave.

Raman gets unwell. Nurse rushes to inform doctor. Ishita looks on from far. Doctor normalizes Raman. Ishita thinks of Mr. Bhalla’s words.

Raman sees Ishita. She avoids him and turns to go. He says its basic courtesy to ask someone about his health, you are my neighbor and business associate, are you so selfish, you are not even looking at me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vp Aunty…hi how are u..I’m doing bored of this show now..the actors also are not giving their best..looks like they are also tired of this story..sometimes looking at simmi and params doings..brings so much negativity ?

    1. Please dont watch and read the serial. Ek dum bakwas

  2. WHy is this turning so buckwas we want ishra back

  3. think this show should ent, too much garbage the prouducter have nothing good, boaring

  4. Current track is boring venomous and so much of hatred is spreading

  5. Star plus most popular TV Serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to witness the shocking twists and turns in the storyline.

    It was earlier seen that Raman gains memory back while Param and Simmi take advantage of the situation.

    Mr. Bhalla already asked Ishita to stay away from Raman’s life where after Raman assumes Ishita careless.

    Raman thinks that Ishita ditched her but at the same time he learns about Param playing any tricky game with his family.

    Thus Raman decides to dig the entire truth but he also decides to break his relation with Ishita,

    Raman’s mission digging truth

    The viewers will get to witness some interesting melodrama in Bhallas house.

    Param and Simmi were planning to get entire Bhallas property.

    But Raman comes back to life where after their conspiracy faces drastic defeat.

    Amid all this, it would be highly intense to watch if Raman can learn Param and Simmi’s reality.

    Stay tune to for more upcoming updates and latest news.

  6. Raman’s epileptic attack becomes new trouble maker in Ishita’s life.

    Ishita is shattered and now she is left with no option rather than to leave Raman.

    But Ishita’s major step once again makes Raman suspect her wrong.

    Param and Simmi both are rejoicing their victory as Raman once again believes Ishita being fraud woman.

    Raman moreover questions Ishita’s loyalty over humanity and relations.

    Ishita is left shattered as she is no more able to answer Raman because of Mr. Bhallas’ promise.

  7. Ajuka mam you said that dull moments I know ki tumne ishra scenes ko dull moments kaha hai but I tell you one thing ki trp in dull moments se hi aati hai mam apke parrami mihika shagmani trp nahi late hai agar apki lagta hai ki Mai jhooti Hoon toh pls aap sbs ka trp chart dekh Lena ishraru is the only pillar of yhm aur last Mai toh ishra ko milna hi hai aur parrami ka khel bhi jald khatam hoga February Mai he sahi so pls don’t be over confident ??????

  8. Really don’t know what is going on with Star Plus shows. All of them are going thru such a boring, annoying, negative, and what not, phase. Enough is enough. Why linger on and on! Way way way too much importance on such negative and uninteresting characters of Simmi and Param! What, have they bribed the writers and producers too!!!!!!!!! This show is about Raman, Ishita and Shagun mainly, then the rest. But it looks like Simmi and Param are the main actors. So fed up. Ms. Ekta Kapoor, if you need help, let us know. We can come up with many interesting plots. In the meantime, please get rid of Simmi and Param. Where is the Mohabattein?????????? Yeh Hai Mohabbatein nahin hai!!!!

    1. No.This show is about Raman, Ishita and Ruhanika MAINLY.I’m not saying ruhi coz thankfully,cvs understand that the child artist is as much important like karan and divyanka. That’s why they introduced her as pihu and thus kept her in the show after leap.

  9. Not so shocked by m.r bhalla move, he is too blind like his daughter simmi.

  10. bored story…very boring.. end this story please..

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