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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek saying Sarika will stay here. They all get shocked. Ishita asks but why, she tried to kill. Abhishek asks do we have any proof, we don’t. Ashok and Sarika smile. Abhishek says she is out on bail, till court gives decision, she will stay here only, court has sent me here to check if everyone is behaving well with her or not. Ishita asks what? Abhishek says she has charged you all with dowry and harassment case. They all get shocked. Abhishek says Sarika took support of Ishita’s fake case, and said Bhalla family harassed other bahu too, she used Rohit too, as he needs his mum, she got right to stay here. Sarika asks Ishita to kick her out. Ishita scolds her for using such laws. Sarika thanks Abhishek for help.

He says I m doing my work and I m helpless,

ashamed that you are my sister. He tells them that Sarika will stay here, its court order, sorry Ishita ji, I can’t do anything. Sarika says its fun to be back home, come Ashok, have coffee. Ashok says no thanks Sarika, its enough drama for today, you will be staying here, see you. He leaves. Sarika says Mihika, I heard you got divorced, why don’t you become baby’s nanny. Romi raises hand. Sarika asks Abhishek to tell Romi that he can’t slap her. Abhishek asks Romi to control. Romi says she can’t stay here. Sarika asks Neelu for tea and sits on the sofa. Abhishek leaves with the lawyer. Everyone go to their rooms. Sarika smiles.

Sarika comes to her room and sees Romi’s pic. She says I felt you love me and will come to free me, but you were busy romancing Mihika, Ashok came to get me freed. FB shows Ashok meeting Sarika. Sarika says I don’t want to talk. Ashok stops her and says Romi has got someone, he won’t come to free you. Sarika says he loves me, he is annoyed right now. Ashok says I have seen him with his new love interest. Sarika says I won’t believe you. Ashok shows Romi and Mihika’s pics, and says I care for you Sarika, I spoke to my lawyer and will bail you out. FB ends.

Sarika says I was good to you Romi, now I will teach you a lesson. Romi comes to his room and asks what are you doing here, get lost, I wish to give you divorce. Sarika says shut up, stop overacting, I don’t want to be with you, my plan is something different. She leaves.

She goes to Raman and Ishita’s room. Raman asks her do you not have manners to knock and come. Ishita asks him to calm down. Sarika says I have come here as I m scared of Romi, we can’t stay in same room, I came here to shift to this room, as Rohit’s belongings are here, you can shift your belongings to other room. Raman asks are you mad. Sarika says you can’t treat me badly, I will tell police that you don’t let me meet my child. Ishita takes Raman and says Sarika has come to complain against us, it does not matter when we are together, we can stay in other room. Sarika smiles seeing the room, and says the informer of this house is back.

Ishita arranges her clothes in other room. Raman says we have to stop Sarika. He gets Pathak’s call and asks him to make adoption papers ready, once they get Rohit, what will Sarika do now. Bala comes and panics. Raman asks what happened. Bala says Suraj and Khosla are not returning his home papers, and asking for 3 crores. Raman says calm down, get contract papers, I m going to Pathak, we will see there.

Sarika comes downstairs and looks at everyone. She asks Neelu to give water and food. Ishita stops Neelu. Sarika goes and scolds Neelu. She raises hand to slap Neelu, and Ishita holds her hand, shouting Sarika. She scolds Sarika. She says no one want to be with you, stay here if you want, cook food for yourself, take water yourself, wash your clothes, no one is your servant here, Neelu is part of this family, not you. She asks Neelu to show Sarika her right place if she misbehaves, as we are with Neelu. Sarika says I will show my right place soon and leaves.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry, they will face this problem together, Sarika can’t win. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla.

Its morning, Sarika gives legal papers to Raman and asks him to distribute property. She says Ashok has made this papers, I m single mother and my husband is non existing for me, I want money to raise my child, don’t waste time and sign on these papers. Romi asks her to stop nonsense, what right is she asking, I will kick you out. Mr. Bhalla stops Romi. Sarika says I want money for my and my son’s future, Romi is useless, I want my share in the property. Mr. Bhalla says this is my house and family, don’t talk about your share. Sarika asks him not to say anything, and taunts him for not raising Romi well. Romi raises hand and Ishita stops him. Sarika angers him and says its fine, I got the proof and shows the pic she clicked of Romi raising hand on her.

She says now Romi, I will show if you behave wrong with me, laws is on the side, you can’t kick me out, I want my share, I want money for my future, give me property share, if I show this pic to police Raman, then you know what will happen, I will leave papers here, sign it. She goes.

Mrs. Bhalla says see I knew this will happen, don’t keep Rohit here. Raman says its not Rohit’s mistake, we have to do something. Ishita asks shall we go to Pathak. Raman says we don’t have any other choice, come. Romi thinks everyone is worried because of Sarika, I have to do something, but what…

Romi tells Mihika that Sarika is asking for share and threatening of complaining police, I want to kill her. Mihika says relax, we will find some solution. Romi crushes the glass in anger. Mihika worries for him. Sarika comes there and gets angry seeing Mihika with Romi. Mihika does the first aid and asks him not to hurt himself in anger. Sarika recalls Ashok’s words. She says that’s why Romi wanted to kick me out of his life, I won’t let this happen, I will not go out of Romi’s life. Pathak tells Ishita its not easy to adopt Rohit, we need documents. Ishita says Sarika did not adopt Rohit. Pathak says we will pressurize the manager, maybe he will speak up. Ishita says no, he won’t answer us. Pathak says maybe he gets scared seeing lawyer and gives documents. Raman says Pathak is right, if we prove Rohit is not Sarika’s child, we don’t have to bear her. Ishita thinks is she doing big mistake.

Pathak and Ishita ask manager to show documents, else they have legal ways to get the info.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Episode is not bad. Sarika is soo shameless woman. How can she do that.

  2. Oh I wish someone will slap Sarika. She is just getting too much. How dare she just enters into Raman’s room and ask for their room. She is absolutely an old nut crack joining hands with Ashok. He is worse. Actually all this came about because of Bala. If he had not gotten involved with Kholsa then Suraj has nothing to trade with Raman. Because of Bala he traded with Raman and Sarika is also out. I understand there will be new entry as a lawyer and he is the one who will help Raman and Ishita to successfully adopt Rohit but it didn’t mention what will happen to Sarika.

  3. Seriously sarika should get a tight slap
    Whatever but how dare she told ishra to leave the room
    I will definitely kill her

  4. Sarika your really irritating?? and I hope ishu and raman will get the legal papers of poor rohit??

  5. episode wasn’t bad . but this sarika is simply too irritating . nowadays cmnts r less due to moderation 🙁

  6. oh my goodness.IS Ashok & Suraj going to be in the limelight again. i am getting tired of these two rowdies. who can’t mind their business than inter fearing in other peoples lives. Pls put these two down soon they should go begging behind Raman & Ishitha for putting them through so much of trouble. they should both go down on their knees to them not just to apologise but to crawl. then people will also learn if u do bad there are repercussions in life , let this be an example at the same time .& Sarika should be given a thundering slap for behaving like this .. the ungreatful scum bag.. sorry girls for the language . so mad with her came from nothing & demanding the world.they should all lay a trap for her. so that she will fall into herself. i don’t want to see those two rotten apples . make me scream & angry.
    what can we do it is the show . so have to be patient.
    Good luck Girls Luv

  7. Y no one is here….?????????????????

    OK epi…. This sarika has lost her respect now…. Nd y d hell she is doubting mihika Nd romi… Can’t a girl Nd boy be good frnds…??
    Cheap thinking….
    Nd… she’s in ishra’s room….oh god ..can’t tolerate her….

  8. Episode was good .so finally the ghar ka bhedi is back to the halla house . How cheap woman she is really she is using an innocent child with whome she has no connection at all to get back her rights . Wahiyat aurat !! . Nyway enjoyable track nd ishra r tghthr also . Nowadays due to this long moderation dnt feel like cmntng that much

  9. How can Sarina behaves as she is treated badly after she did deadly things. She should be left all alone to find a life for herself. She has no values, deserves only Asok.

    1. yes you are correct she deserves asho

  10. sarika deserves slap from everyone…blo*dy shameless women.How can she behave in such a abnormal way. & how can she obey ashok’s word. She must be kicked out as soon as possible from Bhalla house. I can’t tolerate her she is so irritating.

  11. I thought sarika wold be a Nic lady.but.Abhishekh n Mihika looking cute .

  12. sarika deserves slap from everyone… shameless women.How can she behave in such a abnormal way. & how can she obey ashok’s word. She must be kicked out as soon as possible from Bhalla house. I can’t tolerate her she is so irritating.

  13. Divyanka Karan Patel

    Episode was not so bad but that bi**h is back to bhalla mention. Shit
    Romi and mihika will make a good pair. I hope romi will kick her out soon. And get married to Mihika.
    She is so shameless she entered ishra’s room without any hesitation.. Shameless women.

  14. Sariks needs good hard slap n i think the baby is ishita

  15. Feel like to kill this Sarika…..shameless b***c… As far as Ashok and Suraj are concerned..they are two rotten blo*dy rascals, I wish I would kill them both..sons of b***c if I were in place of Raman..I would give her a tight slap and send her for a lie detector test… Liar

  16. sarika is a shamless girl his face is like a pig if he come in front of me I will give he one slap that ashok is also like a pig he is a gay hiding behind woman and playing game

  17. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Epi was not bad and not good…… It’s an average epi……..
    Sarika can’t ask about property from raman. Coz that baby doesn’t belong to sarika. Raman can ask about legal papers of adoption. Sarika said, she wants property for her and baby’s future. So I think, raman and ishita will prove that baby doesn’t belong to sarika. Actually they can find this easily by DNA test. But they won’t be able to find about rohit’s real parents. But they can find it from that orphanage. And hope, raman won’t give his property to shameless sarika.
    Romi betrayed her in the past. But it doesn’t mean sarika can do ANYTHING….. She’s totally misunderstanding romi. Anyway, Let’s see who’s this Rohit’s real parents.
    I was very irritating,when sarika entered to ishra room. Why does she behave like a queen. Very irritating psycho…..
    Wher’s vandita yaar…… ? Bala is in big trouble,but they didn’t show vandita in single scene.
    Missing ruhi and simmi too.
    From SL

  18. hey guys good afternoon.

  19. It seems like happiness is not ready to
    stay in Raman and Ishita’s life.
    After resolving Ashok’s matter, Raman
    and Ishita get a new task stopping
    Sarika plotting against them.
    Sarika has decided not to let them
    happy as she believes they are
    responsible of their painful life.
    Sarika has revealed to everyone that
    she adopted Rohit from an orphanage
    getting married to Romi.
    Raman and Ishita want to adopt Rohit
    legally so they decide to find Rohit’s
    real parents.
    This will not be very easy for Raman
    and Ishita finding Rohit’s real parents
    as Ishita gets a mysterious phone call
    of a lady who warns her not try to
    finding Rohit’s parents otherwise she
    will have to pay for this.
    Stay tuned for further exciting

  20. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh hai Mohabbtein will
    show that Ishita is upset
    seeing disturbance in in
    house due to Sarika.
    Ishita is also unhappy
    because Sarika takeover
    raman and ishita’s
    Ishita decides to play
    prank with sarika and she
    close the pipeline of
    water of the house
    Sarika screams for water
    as she feels irritation in
    her eyes due to soap.
    Raman and isihta are
    kitchen and enjoy see
    Sarika in problem.
    Mr and mrs Bhalla also
    smile hearing Sarika’s
    Sarika decides to take
    revnge of her insult from
    raman and Ishita soon.
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  21. As we have seen, Mihika tries to bring
    a smile on Romi’s face.Ishita gets a
    chitsaying not to find Rohit’s parents.
    In the coming episodes,Sarika gets
    released from the jail with the help of
    Ashok.She enters Bhalla’s house once
    again. She warns them of filing a
    case against them if she is thrown out
    of the house. Sarika also occupies
    Raman and ishita’s room stating she
    doesn’t want to sleep with Romi.
    The Drama will not stop there but she
    clicks a picture of Romi Raising hand
    on her.Now she is on a fit of rage to
    destroy Bhallas.
    According to TC,”With Sarika’s
    (Sarika Dhillon) truth being revealed,
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman
    (Karan Patel) are now willing to adopt
    the young, orphan lad Rohit. Lalit will
    enter the show as Raman’s lawyer,
    who will help the couple to adopt
    Lalit Bisht of Shapath fame is all set to
    make a special appearance in the
    Daily Soap.
    To know more keep reading for more
    updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  22. sarika is really horrible.

  23. Ashok made her horrible.. I agree ishra supported her in many ways..
    But.. Due to Bhalla parivar Sarika faced more
    1. Param fiasco
    2. Romi left her knowing about her pregnancy.. But Sarika ran to Romi when he met with accident..
    3. Romi after knowing that he can’t become a father.. Started searching Sarika
    4. Bhalla family after knowing about Sarika’s baby ran after her..

    I m not justifying Sarika.. Bhalla family is equally responsible for her behaviour
    Especially Romi n Mrs. Bhalla
    Ishra caught in between.. Poor ishra

    1. Totally agree Nivedha …..

  24. We have an exciting piece of news for
    Star Plus’ daily Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    (Balaji Telefilms) fans.
    Good looking actor Lalit Bisht of
    shapath fame is all set to make a
    special appearance in the soap opera.
    The young man, we hear, will don the
    role of a young lawyer in the series.
    A source shares, “With Sarika’s
    (Sarika Dhillon) truth being revealed,
    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman
    (Karan Patel) are now willing to adopt
    the young, orphan lad Rohit. Lalit will
    enter the show as Raman’s lawyer,
    who will help the couple to adopt
    But, we hear that there is a small twist
    in tale. Lalit’s character will have
    some past connection with Rohit,
    which will be revealed in the daily,
    later on.
    When contacted, Lalit confirmed the
    We wish the young man all the best for
    his new venture.

  25. sbs mein ishra rohit ke baare mein soch rahe hai aur lohri manaa rahe hai.

  26. sbb mein ishra lohri mein aaye hai aur apne family ko miss kar rahe hai aur ishra lawyer ke ghar gaye hai rohit ke case ki baare mein baath karne . uss lawyer ka naam chadda hai aur chadda ki wife ishitha ko dekhke chauk jaathi hai aur kisiko phone par bathaathi hai ishitha uske ghar aayi hai . aur yeh mystery jai ki koun rohit ki asli maa hai.

  27. star utsav par yhm 25 th jan se 7 pm ko aayega .i am soo excited .old yhm was just awesome and really good and rocking.

  28. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein wil shows that Pathak invites Raman and Ishita to his friend advocate Mrs Chaddha’s house on Lohiri.
    Pathak introduces Raman and Ishita to Mrs Chaddha who will fight Rohit‘s adoption case for them. Raman and Ishita celebrate Lohiri but get tensed due to Rohit. Mrs Chaddha meets Raman and Ishita and gets tensed seeing Ishita there. Mrs Chaddha calls to someone about Ishita presence at her house. Ishita has some connection with Rohit.Let’s see how Raman and Ishita’s life take turn during Rohit’s adoption case.

  29. ishitha ka rohit se kya connection ho saktha hai. really curious to know this .yeh lagtha hai koi bada mystery hai.

  30. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    OMG, “Divyanka karan patel”……. !!!!!!
    Actually that was one of my dreams in the past. But now everything’s changed.

    Ishra celebrate lohri…… Saw pics,but don’t know ruhi is there or not. Missing her…….

  31. Hai rithu…i was missing your comments and upcomimg episodes …

  32. Hai rithu…i was missing your comments and upcomimg episodes …and i too agree with you there is some relation between ishu and rohit which connects them.

  33. Yes Rithu was missing your comments and updates …can’t understand what connects Ishitha and Rohit …. Strongly feel Romis child . They can take a Dna test … At least to prove … Only series of custodies here …. But better than Bhoot drama . Nice to see Raman Ishitha together ….

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