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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying how can Mani do this, how can he stop me from meeting my children. Abhishek says you have to convince Ishita to come back. Divya says Raman can meet his children, maybe Mani has different agenda. Abhishek asks what, maybe Mani has society pressure, he is a nice man. Raman recalls the phone call and says I think Divya is right, when I broke inside his house, someone was threatening Mani, maybe he is in danger and keeping me away, Romi said Mani invested in a fraud company, if he is a big problem, Mani is a good guy, but my children are there, I have to go, sorry.

Ishita says Mani did wrong, Raman should have talked to me. Shagun says if Raman asked you, would you permit me, he always take people on granted, who does this, he broke house when Pihu

sneezed, he is childish, sometimes such way is taken to explain, Mani is doing right. Ruhi asks Ishita to come and see Pihu.

Pihu says I don’t want to go school. Ishita asks why. Pihu says my history teacher scolds me a lot, I forget everything. Ishita says its easy subject. Pihu asks will you teach me. Ruhi says Ishita is doctor, she has science background, Papa used to teach me. Ishita says yes, Papa can teach you well. Pihu asks how will he teach me. Ishita says I can drop you at Raman’s office everyday, he can teach you. Pihu asks really….

Mani comes and sends Ruhi and Pihu. He says Pihu won’t meet Raman. Ishita asks what happened to you, I know we have differences, Raman did not do wrong, but I came away from Raman as I want children’s good, if they need Raman, why won’t they meet Raman, if you have problem, I will leave, sorry I troubled you. He says sorry, listen, I m doing this for your and Pihu’s good, this house is yours, nothing has changed from my side, many things changed for you, we have been good friends, when I need you, you are saying you will leave, you promised me that I can focus on work and you will focus on Shagun. She asks what about children. He says you left home so that Raman realize mistake, I understand, I want the same, if you let Raman meet Pihu, nothing will change, I also worry for my coming baby, don’t go, I need you.

She says I can’t teach history to Pihu. He says we will hire a teacher, in fact I will hire a governess to teach Pihu and take care of Shagun. She says I will take care of Shagun. Mani asks her not to worry.

Parmeet comes to Bhalla house and tells Mihika that he came for Ananya, Simmi called and said about Ananya’s school project, I got all the things required. Ananya comes and hugs him. Ananya says I m so happy you came here, mumma is not here, so I m feeling lonely. He says I knew this, mumma asked me to complete your project. She goes to get school bag and diary. Mihika asks him to sit. She asks Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla to go and rest.

Gaurav comes there and greets them. Mr. Bhalla says how did he come here. Gaurav says I promised Simmi to take care of Ananya in her absence, I booked movie, can I take her for watching children’s movie. Ananya says I can’t come, I have to finish my school project, Papa and I were doing that, we will go for movie come other day. Gaurav says of course. Parmeet asks Ananya to start project work. Parmeet asks Gaurav to try something else next time to impress Ananya.

Mani talks to secretary. He gets Niddhi’s call and asks why did you call me. She says I called to remind you, if you try to act smart then.. He shouts stop threatening me. She asks him to do it if you want your aunty to be fine, Raman and Ishita should not get together, else you know what I will do. He angrily throws the desk things. She says just I know why I don’t want Raman and Ishita to come together, you won’t know my plan.

Raman and Ishita talk on phone. Raman asks what’s Mani’s problem, can’t I teach Pihu. She says Mani made me realize mistake, I also wanted them to be away from you. He says its weird, why is he doing it. She says how can you doubt on Mani’s intentions. He says no, I mean its weird, he is hiding something. She asks why are you dragging Mani in this. He says if he was so good, why did you leave him. She cries and says how could you point on my character, I can’t take it anymore. She ends call. He says what happens to me, why do I speak without thinking.

Its morning, Mihika gives newspaper to Raman. Raman reads newspaper and gets angry. He says Mani gave ad for tuition teacher for teaching my children, I can’t teach Pihu now. He gets angry and goes to room. Romi comes there. Raman says I don’t want to talk about Ishita. Romi says I came to talk about Mani, he invested in company, that fraud company is of Niddhi.

Raman gets shocked and says now I understand, Mani is a straight man, Niddhi is threatening him, so he is behaving irrational. Romi asks shall we inform Abhishek. Raman says no, if Niddhi knows this, she will change plan, she is a smart plan, I have to go there, my children and wife are there. Romi says but Ishita won’t let you come there, I have an idea, do makeup and go. Raman asks what. Romi says did you not see in movies, how hero and heroine change look and meet. Raman says like Kamal Haasan did, I have to do same for meeting my daughter. Romi asks what. Raman leaves.

Abhishek and Divya spend some quality time. They dance in the kitchen. Nashe si chad gayi……plays………….. He cooks for her. Door bell rings. She asks did you call anyone. He says no, I took leave today. She says someone has come. He says I want to spend quality time with you, if its imp, I will get message, I have locked outside, if there is someone adamant, guard will manage. Romi says there is lock. Raman says Abhishek has leave, it means he is spending quality time with his fiancee, he is at home. He rings the bell and says I have work with his fiancee. Abhishek sees Raman. Raman asks him to open the door. Abhishek asks him to wait. He calls guard and asks him to open the lock. Raman says see….

Abhishek says thanks for keeping my info, what do you want. Raman says nothing from you, I have work from Divya. She asks what. He says you did extensive makeup course, I want to change my avatar. She asks what. Raman says I want to become mother. They ask what. Raman says I want to become mother of someone else’s children, I mean I want to become governess of my children, Ishita gave ad in paper, I want to be with my kids, you can do this, please help me. She agrees. Gulabo…..plays……. Raman thanks her. They smile.

Raman walks on the road. Everyone get stunned as Gulabo. Raman lands at Mani’s house. Ishita looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is Raman…He never change..he never stop blaming and insulting ishita…..i still believe that ishita did right by leaving him….

    1. Def Shivani Ishitha did right by leaving him … her character is fully spoiled by cvs

    2. Hello shivani how are you my friend? And yeah am also agree with you that ishita did right by leaving raman but story demand is adverse

      1. Hi magic i am fine…

  2. anay bangalore

    it’s so funny person who is sitting inside can do anything outside but a person who is out side & knows so many big people cant do anything. for god sake end this nidhi’s dram at least now

  3. Nivedha

    Why still everyone are blaming Raman?? I agree that on Ruhi’s issue he has done stupid things to Ishu n I loved Ishu’s decision… But now… What and all he is dng to get back his love??

    Just imagine from the beginning… Raman will shout but if he found himself wrong… He ll apologise to Ishita at once…

    Yeah he has over reacted once he heard a sneeze of Pihu… But it’s real father’s affection and I have experienced it… But breaking house and entering… It’s wrong… I agree… And now no one is ready to hear Raman’s words…

    He spoke against Ishita today but then he realised… I m not supporting him but he is Ravan Kumar Na.. Even Ishu knows this.. I m not asking to support him…

    Ask her to beat him and make him realise his mistake… Like she did in airport… She has beaten Raman with broomstick also Na… Beat him n make him realise… Ok.. She stayed in Amma’s house… That’s also good one…

    But staying in Mani’s house is not good one… Again if Shagun turns evil.. Where ll she go???
    Husband and wife’s problems should be solved within themselves… I hope Ishra ll sort out everything soon …

    And I m sorry if my words have hurted any of you… It’s just my view on Raman and Ishita’s character

    1. All said true Nivedha … but what to do … never seen anything unrealistic like this .Too much butchering the character of Ishitha … she should never stand for Mani for Raman …here ishu shaghun they show good bond to welcome an atom bomb … Shaghun is behind Nidhi .. she shows sugary sugary only to make Ishitha fall for her . But Ishitha should know what was Shaghun … Raman said wrong but this time Ishitha dragged him to say like that .. She is v wrong to keep children away from Raman … That is not Ishitha … she stayed away from Raman for self respect but otherside she is losing her respect .. hiring a tutor for social studies .. cvs what crap for a 9 year old girl .. stop cvs spoiling a noble man like Mani … Anyways good Raman and Romi cud understand Mani is in trouble .. I like Dt a lot so its very sad to see the role of Ishitha is damaged by cvs like how they did for Raman . I like vivek .. i love Divek pair but here today I felt Acp or SI is given unwanted space .

  4. Actually this is not the mistake of raman’s character it is the matter of vicious writing style of writer’s they are so bad even they dont know how to set a character role

    hello vp, appy, shivani, rithu, bhagya, priya, sindhu, mino, shreya, khushi, parichary, susan, raghu, marin, madhu, tvfan and all the fan’s of yeh hai mohhabbtein(check the spelling bcz nowday’s every thing is wrong in yhm) how are you all doing my all friends?

    1. I am fine magic,,, how are you??

      1. Hello priya yes fine and how is your study going on?

    2. Hi dear Magic how r you ? how is everything . you are really smart my boy ..

      1. Am fine vp my study is going well and everything is fine

  5. love u Pakistan

    Indian dramas are like ,,in 1st episode larka larki milte hain

    In 10th episode they fall in love ..in100 episode their family say yes for their marriage…. In200 they got married in 400 they got spread and in 500 episode the drama viewers die ?
    One more this ye indian drama ko lambs karne k lite ion so trick use karte hai for example. (Gopi bahu..the music start dhin ta da dere na na,,and after five minutes music ,,.,,,ji maa ji????????????

    1. apne ghatiya muh se ye shabd ache nahi lakte pakistani. pakistani shows ko deke to ulti ati hai itna ghatiya shows karte ho tum pakistani .

      1. Oh hello sher first of all she didnt point on any indian or some person she or he is just taunting the stories nor even actor..I mean common many of u indians also agree that indian dramas stretch too much and blah blah yet just hearing pakistan name why u all behave idiotic..common grown up and behave..U have no right to taunt any country any person did u get that…If u r really so called indian then kindly prove it with ur words first..and U love u pakistan u should also not comment like this..if u dont like these serials then stop watching it but kindly dont make this website a site of fight its a request.???

      2. love u pakistn

        Oh hello yum logon ko kiwi he majboor kia h kia ?pakistan? k dramas itne bure hote hain to dekho or agar ap ko vomiting ati h to apni goverment se kaho k jitna money WO film industry par pay karte hain on k pehle India mein toilets banva dein and again stop your rubbish language??????????

    2. I agree with u Ann afcourse all Indians would agree about these unreal stories of Indian dramas jis ko jo dekhna hai dekhoo n pllzz is site ko laraii ki jaga mat banaoo I think we should grow up n just mind our own businesses agar I love Pakistan ki jagga kisi aur Indian nay ye comment kia hota to I don’t think k kisi ko koi problem hoti

      1. Bilkul siddhi…I dnt know whts the prblm with these people..”love u pakistan” its now enough plz stop it yr..Why u guys just loss ur mind hearing name pakistan and India atleast u guys dont show the demarcation..all are equal and both countries are good in thier own means so just stop compairing.

  6. Nivedha I do agree with you regarding Ishita treating Raman in this manner. Though Raman deserves this, I don’t think Ishita should take sides with Mani. When it concerns the children, decision should be taken by both husband and wife and not only Ishita. Who is Mani to come interfering in their lives? Where did Ishita’s instinct go? She always play detective… What happened? How can she be so stupid as not to know what is happening? She is so blinded in helping Shagun that she has started neglecting everything else. Can’t she suspect that something is wrong with Mani. Usually he is very gentle and to think he can raise his voice shows he is stuck with something. IShita should have just got out of that house and live somewhere else. Mani could have hired a helper to help Shagun.

  7. Very true Sindhu … I too felt the same … Ishitha should have left the house with kids … Rubbish this Ekta and her team … they have to bring more space for AH … unbelievable story .. we are fools to watch … but one Ishra scene comes … we all are excited … magic of Divan …Star utsav … Isithas acting soooo natural … really great

  8. Riya, Sindhu, vp, Shivani, magic, Vrish, Isuri, tia, shreya , bagya, priya, rithushree, rithu sharma, valpa, rishitha, reshmi, mino, saba, marin, ridika, zaiba, ahs, tvfan1, priyamvadha, parichary, Hp, sachin, Hansi, shirani, mp, Ananya, jassi, Sana, mona, leila, leelee, kushi, Adithya, Madhu, Siddi, jaz,susan, jay, Raghu, smitha, Tom, kaira, Gaurav , Devakhi, Sarika, Nisha ,Raj, super girl, sia, Gloria, isaaq, azizah hiii, how are you all????

    this time raman is not right , I mean ishu didn’t live with mani purposely,.she had to do it as she didn’t have any option,,.and raman is talking as if ishu had married mani before and left him,,, it is really very wrong! how can a husband say something like that to his own wife!!,
    raman must think hundred times before letting a word out of his mouth,

    Hi TVfan1, AHS, zaiba,riya .. how are you all? I am Missing you guys so much

  9. Yes today i felt bad for ishra especially ishitha raman shouldnt have said like that to ishitha but ishitha know that raman is short tempered and say anything when he gets angry but he doesnt mean it what happened to ishitha he can undestand mani fake concern and care but she cant understand raman concern and care for ishitha is belivng wrong person like mani this time and she will pay huge price for that when she gets to know mani evil intenion i know raman has made a lot mistakes in his life earlier but he is changing behaviour now a person need time to change he cant change in a single day nowadays ishitha always pinpoint at raman mistakes and she cant tolerate a single word if raman says anything against her ishitha was always showed has a matured person but now there showing has a immature peson this is not that ishitha we loved she has changed completly she is beliving mani and shagun more than raman

    1. Yes Abhishek … whatever Raman spit out all these years i, we all want Ishitha to move out of his life … but not destroying her character …good thing here is Raman and Romi understood .. Mani is trapped … and Raman wants to save his wife and kids . But Ishithas actions are not justified . And Susan even I did not like ACP is given a space … not required at all

  10. very intresting episode….????????????*** tomorrow episode was also interesting… Raman became gulabooo??????????????? happy happyyyyy

  11. So now Shagun is also starting to poison Ishita’s mind against Raman. Why is Ishita listening to everyone except Raman. She accuses him of not listening. Now she is doing the same. Why is she listening to Mani’s stupid explanations. No reason to keep Raman away from his children. He behavior after that is expected. I suppose destroying Ishita’s character just to make space for Gulabo is according to cv’s justifiable. And another thing. I am sorry but I am really not interested in ACP’s love story. Just a waste of time. Give Vivek his own serial.

  12. Raman is short tempered ,but it doesn’t mean that he can say anything and ishita will forgive him always…Raman don’t deserve any forgiveness from ishita…i am completely against ramans behavior towards ishita…but Whatever he is, he is a good father…he was always there for his children…shagun left, ishu left, but raman was there…so ishita is doing wrong by keeping away his children from him…why she is supporting mani..can’t she see what is wrong and what’s right..above all can’t she see manis sudden unreasonable and aggressive behavior towards raman….?.all bhalla family members put their trust in wrong persons…ruhi- sohail, simi- gaurav, and now ishita -mani and shagun…
    and shagun, after what she did , she doesn’t deserve to be trusted…cvs made ishita a dumb…but as susan said they are making space for gulabo….lets see how they will twist the story..?….
    and nidhi…she is free enough to call anyone …she called shagun once and now mani….i remember when ishita was in jail, she saw a bad dream about ruhi…but they didn’t allow her to call ruhi..then she send abhishek to bhalla house to know about ruhi…cvs are mad…..

  13. I have 2 doubt. People are saying Shagun is the mastermind and Is helping Nidhi. Care to explain the motive. I don’t think so that’s going to happen. 2. Remember chachi 420 track was supposed to happen and so was romi-mihikha giving birth to a child. Already Shagun and simmi tracks are going on. Once this ends I think the focus shift to romi- mihikha, and people have forgotten mihir being single. I think with Adi trying to move out of home. There is a possibility that it would lead to mihir love life

  14. Raman to dress up as Gulabo to meet Ishu and his girls. Raman forget his and Ishu anniversary while he is busy in Gulabo avatar. This irked Ishita, Ruhi and Adi. Ishu is waiting at the resturant for Raman to come but she sat there alone waiting for more than hours. Adi with Aylia follow Ishita and waiting to see if Raman arrived and give special but to their disppointed that Raman did not come to celebrated his and Ishu anniversary. Adi called Raman several time and Raman ignored it without thinking. Adi informed Ruhi and Ruhi get upset then Adi, Aylia and Ruhi join Ishita for lunch to cheer Ishu. Ruhi is not happy as her Ishima is alone.

    Pihu will be twisted her ears by Nanny Poonam which will be witnessed by Raman. Raman protected Pihu and scold Poonam. Raman is about to take Pihu to Mani’s house but Poonam stop Raman from enter Mani’s place and tell security to take Pihu then Pihu leave with security then Poonam traunt and warn Raman and he becomes helpless. Someone made the video of Poonam abused Pihu and send to Ishu. Ishu get shocked and get fumed then call police to arrested Poonam for abusing her little daughter. Poonam traunt Ishu then Ishu warn Poonam. Gulabo (Raman) get happy to win the trust in Ishu and will help Pihu.

    Pihu recgonized Gulabo avatar is her father Raman. Pihu tell Ishu about Gulabo is none other her father Raman. Ishu get shocked and get fumed that Raman had not stay his limited and send Raman back to home. Ishu goes to Bhalla house to talk to Mrs Toshi. Mrs Toshi teach Ishu how to training their husband? Ishu and Shagun failed Raman’s master plan to save Ishu and girls. Ishu is not blindly believed in Mani. It won’t last long when Romi tell Ishu about Mani bankrupts and company owner then Niddi threatened to Mani to separated her and Raman. Ishu will be in hell shocked and will turn into devi mata on Mani and Shagun for hiding the secret and want to separated her and girls from Raman.

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