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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi stopping Shagun and confronting her for making him steal and breaking his family’s trust, she should be ashamed. She says what did I do, you framed Appa. He says I remember my mistakes, but this time you used my helplessness, you will get the 5 lakhs back and clear Appa’s name. She asks what will you do, tell everyone that you are impotent and can’t have kids, Mrs. Bhalla can get heart attack and Raman and Ishita can’t help you, as there is no treatment for your problem, go and tell everyone. Romi goes home. She says I know he will keep his mouth shut.

Romi stops seeing Raman and smiles acting normal. Raman stops him and asks him about Subbu telling him about locker keys, go office and get the money 5 lakhs, I m busy and I can’t go. Rinki looks

on. Romi gets tensed. Raman asks is he not in his senses and asks about the keys and money. He slaps him and asks Rinki not to come in between. Raman beats Romi and everyone come there to stop Raman. Raman says Romi has stolen 5 lakhs, ask him. Ishita is at Iyer house and says on whom is Raman shouting, and Iyers go to see. Raman says Romi has switched off cctv cameras and stolen the money. Ishita is shocked.

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Shagun thinks Romi can say them now, as Raman knows it. Raman beats Romi. Ishita asks Romi why did he need 5 lakhs. Raman says he is liar, he did not go to Bunty’s marriage, I will give him to police. Raman beats him more and drags him. Appa says its about his future, leave him. Raman asks Romi to be ashamed, as he has always hurt them, as he has first made Mihika’s MMS, blackmailed Bala and now send police to Appa’s house. Mr. Bhalla says I will punish him, and ends relation with him, and says if anyone shows pity for him, they will see my dead face. Everyone cry. Shagun hides and looks on.

Raman throws Romi in Appa’s feet asking him to apologize. Romi sees Shagun. Appa asks Romi to get up. Raman beats Romi and asks him to get lose before he kills him. Romi gets very hurt and goes to his room. Everyone cry. Malhotra talk to Raman. Raman says the thief is my own brother, you can send him to jail. Malhotra says you mean I will send my company’s CEO’s brother to jail for 5 lakhs, I won’t do this, and reappoint Mr. Iyer again, this is my order.

Mrs. Bhalla blames herself for spoiling Romi and cries. Ishita asks her not to blame herself. Ishita talks to Neelu about Romi’s food. Neelu says Mr. Bhalla said Romi will come here and have food. Ruhi comes with Shravan and they all wipe their tears. The kids bring CD and go to Romi. Simmi stops them and asks them not to meet Romi. Ruhi asks why, is he not well. Ishita says he is fine, but tired, go and wake him up, ask him to come and gave food. Simmi asks why did she send kids, dad said not to talk to Romi. Ishita says rules don’t apply on kids.

The kids see Romi hurt. Ruhi and Shravan care for him. Ruhi gets the first aid and Shravan makes Romi feel strong. Ruhi does the aid to his wounds and Romi cries seeing them. Ishita looks on. Ruhi says you will be fine, and download a movie for us. Romi says sure, and sees Ishita at the door. She thinks whats the problem, why did Romi need money, why did he not ask me, he looks in some genuine problem.

She recalls Romi staring at Shagun when he fell in Appa’s feet and talking to her earlier. She says it means Shagun did this, she will never change, she is the limit. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi. Pammi tells about a proposal for Rinki. Mrs. Bhalla is upset and prays that Rinki should settle. Simmi takes care of her. She says Adi is coming back from camp today. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad.

Adi comes home and looks for Shagun. Ishita says she got him home, as Adi was standing alone and Shagun did not go to pick him. Adi asks where is she. Raman says she does not stay here, she stays at Iyer house, you can also go there if you want to. Shagun comes and hugs Adi saying sorry, she forgot to come. Adi says everyone went, I was alone with teacher. Shagun asks did Ishita kick him out of home too. Raman says stop it, don’t create scene infront of Adi, Ishita did not do anything.

He explains Adi that he knows he can’t live without Shagun and he won’t stop him, he can stay at Iyers and meet him daily, Shagun and I can’t stay together, we got divorced, I married Ishita, now we are two families, we all are one family and you and Shagun are second family, you are lucky, but we can’t be like normal family, this is the truth. Ishita says if you decided this, it will be right, I don’t want Adi to be away from us, but if relations can get better by some distance, then why not. Raman says we are doing this for you, we can’t be selfish for you that we hurt others, this is your house, your family, don’t feel bad.

Shagun asks Adi to come. Mrs. Bhalla cries and Raman stops her. Even he cries and goes to his room. Simmi consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Raman cries in his room and Ishita comes to pacify him. Raman says I want nAdi to identify your love, you are perfect mother, you scold kids and love them, you get annoyed and shower concern, I want to show Adi how is a mum, its like Ishi Maa, one day he will understand. She hugs him.

Romi and Shagun argue. He says what will she do, he loves his mother a lot, the day I tell your truth, you will be thrown to junk bin again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeh ladki ek Belly dancer hai….us ne kaha ki Ishita ne use Raman ke paas bheja hai….par Ishita khud Raman ko dhudh rahi hai…..muje to lagta hai isse Shagun ne bheja hoga…….par jobhi tha bahot maja aaya………wo Raman lo seduce karne ki koshish kar rahi thi……..& Raman ki haalat dekhane wali thi………jab usne Raman ko drink di tqb Raman ne excuse diya ko uss ka Santoshimaa ka vrat hai…… funny na…………maja aayega dekhane me…bas iss ke kaaran IshRa ke bich koi confusion na ho jaye………..

  2. yah yar par aab tho baas karo yeh drama………aab tho e confusions ko dhekne ka nahi balki romance dhekne vakth hai aur kithna drag karogi iss crap ko and aab yeh rinky vala drama

  3. NO Bhagi but yeh drame se itna bakwas nahi hoga……maja aayega…….bechare Raman ko haalat dekhane me ………tumne dekha SBS ….kya haalat ho gai thi Raman ki ………….

  4. Plz dont drag the confession.. Plz………

  5. Lol raman kitna dar raha tha use uss mona se nahi ishita se dar tha

  6. Haai raman kitna cute lagraha tha .bas kuch galat femi na ho ishra ke beech.

  7. Aane wale epis bohut acche honge

  8. Uff raman ki halat dekhne layak thi

  9. Kp confession ke baare me na to koi promo aaya hai….na to koi news to……anyversry par toconfession bhul hi jao……..par entertainment jarur hoga…………..

    1. Oh ok….Anyhow Raman is scared not for the belly dancer but for ishita…The only woman who can scare RKB..:)

  10. yeh makers kuch tho esa kar sakthe hai na ishra ka romantic annvrsry bhi ho jaye aur shagun ko uski bare me patha bhi na chale aur jab usko patha chalegi na tho uski shakal dhekne ka layak hoga kithna maja ayega na…………

  11. yah prayosha……bakwaas nahi hoga….par agar ishra ka romance hona chahiye na atleast unki anvrsry par yeh drama nahi hona chahiye

  12. Right Kp …jab wo girl Raman ke najdik aai tab ussne kya kaha………Anyversry kedin talaaq karvaogi kya…..bechara kya dara hua tha….uane pure kapde pehne the phie bhi apne aap ko pillow ke pichhe cover kar raha tha.

    1. If Ishita arrives at tat time Raman would have choked for sure…Hope Anniversary didnt get spoiled..

  13. Ishita ko Raman par pura bharosa hai..koi misunderstanding nahi hogi……………..

  14. romance/love kabhi dikhega hamein? hamesha room mein koi disturb karne kaise aa jaata hai. makers ko ismein kya mazaa aa raha hai pata nahi. no anniversary celebrations no valentine’s day celebrations. baigan ka show hai ye.

  15. 123 aap ko aaye naa aaye hume to ful too maja aayeha iss drame me Raman ke expressions dekhane me……..

  16. Yaa prayosha ur right ishita raman par pura bharosa karti hai

  17. …..hi. prayosha
    Are waah. ..kya news hai. …lekin maine ye video abhi tak nahin dekha …………
    ……..par ye dialogue mast hai. ..anniversary k din taalaq karwao gi………

  18. Dusra padha….santoshimaa ka vrat hai……& SBS SBB dono ke video upload ho gaye hai…….Mizun…….

  19. Haan prayosha dekhi dono videos. Mast hai …………ek aur hai…..
    …. laiye aap na coat.di jiye …nahin mujhe bukhar hai sardi lagrahi hai. ……………

  20. Hi prayosha,mizun,angel
    guyz in yesterday’s episode romi get beating
    from ramanan
    so sad

  21. What will happen will someone talk with romi or not
    No one asked him de reason y did he steal d money

  22. Har pati ko apni biwi sai raman ki trha hi darna chahie

  23. Hey
    Anybody saw yesterday’s epi

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