Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita worried for Raman and wondering Ashok’s step. Mihir and Mihika have a talk. She says she got divorce. He says I m glad you are free now. She says everyone will see me as a divorcee now, Amma dreamt a lot for me, this was not my plan. Mihir says parents wants to see children happy, your Amma was not happy with your marriage with Ashok, come on, you are modern and educated girl, don’t think this. She smiles and says wow, you talk intellectual too, I m impressed. He says I always talk so, and asks where will they go today.

Raman sees the dog barking. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu why is Muttu barking, did she not give food. Raman asks Neelu what happened. Neelu says I took Muttu for walk. Raman takes Muttu out. Its night, Parmeet and Shagun are on the way.

Shagun hides her identity dressed in burqa. Parmeet says I told Ishita that I will drop you at hotel. She says there is traffic jam there, what happened. Prateek asks the man. The man says some accident. Prateek asks Shagun to sit in car, he will see if help is needed. The dog is out of control. Raman gets him home and thinks what happened to him. He asks Neelu to get dog food in kids’ room, dog will be fine playing with kids.

Manoj met with an accident, Prateek holds him. Shagun gets shocked seeing him. Prateek offers lift and asks him to come along. He makes Manoj sit in the car. Adi asks Muttu to come. The dog runs after him. Ishita comes there and sees Muttu attacking Adi. She runs to stop Muttu and holds the dog. The dog bites Adi and her. She screams. Adi shouts Papa. Raman and evertone come there. Ishita hugs Adi. Raman holds the dog.

Adi and Ishita’s hand bleeds. Raman calls the doctor for emergency. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Raman worries. Ashok gets informed that dog has attacked Ishita, now my plan will work. He says get ready Ishita, my plan step 2 will start tonight. Prateek, Shagun and Manoj are on the way. Prateek asks Manoj was he drunk. Manoj says no, I lost control and the car hit the pole, I have memories here. Prateek says this is my Bhabhi, my brother did inter caste marriage so.. Manoj greets her. Prateek asks Manoj about his memories, don’t mind. Manoj says its fine, I find reasons to talk about Shagun. He says she loved icecream, now she is not in the world, whenever I pass by this icecream stall, I miss her, I wish I could save her. Shagun gets sad.

Prateek says sorry to revive your old memories. Manoj says what else do I have except memories, I will just have this with me, please stop car, I shifted my home, I missed Shagun in old flat. Prateek says yes, I understand. Manoj thanks him for lift and says sorry Salma ji, I bored you with my story. He gets down the car. Manoj leaves. Shagun lifts the veil and cries. Prateek says Manoj and you love each other, but you are away from Manoj for Raman and Ishita. She says I can do anything for them. They hope this drama ends soon and she goes to Manoj. She worries on Manoj, Raman and everyone’s reaction. Prateek says you are really nice, don’t worry.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Amma. Amma says Ishita will not forgive me, whats the proof that Shagun’s spirit has left Ishita, Muttu attacked her, this can’t happen, Muttu knows Ishita has a spirit in it, dogs have sixth sense. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Amma says we will talk to Raman, come. Prateek drops Shagun to the hotel. He says I booked this room on my name and instructed hotel staff not to disturb me as I m ill, you don’t go out from the room. He gets Abhishek’s call and asks what, Ishita got hurt, how. He ends call and tells Shagun that Muttu has bitten Ishita and Adi. She says Adi….. take me along, please….. they leave.

Raman sits with Adi and worries. Mrs. bhalla brings him out to talk. She says maybe Raman, you will feel its rubbish, but listen. We have to do something about Shagun’s spirit. Amma tells him about freeing Ishita off the spirit.

Amma tells Raman that dogs sense spirits, Muttu has attacked Shagun, not Ishita, Muttu is behaving strange, we have to do something Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says last tantric was fake, but all are not same. Raman says I can’t take risk, I want some time to think. He goes and sees the dog barking. He gets thinking.

Ruhi shouts to call Ishita and Raman… seeing someone attacking her at night. Raman gets Ishita’s gold chain/mangalsutra at Ruhi’s bed and is shocked. He says Ishita’s chain and shows Ishita to know.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Siddhi

    Is Mrs bhalla mad ??? WO ishu par shak kar riii thi k WO adi par attack k liye responsible hai disgusting yrrr WO cahtii kya hain n. Mrs iyyer ye sab athma wala drama finish ho gaya tha aur an phir un k waja se start ho gaya

  2. Siddhi

    Now I am 110% sure that culprit is sarika coz I saw that video on YouTube in which sarika is attacking ruhi the she was a woman wearing a saree n her height was similar to sarikas height

  3. Siddhi

    I am eager waiting for tomorrow’s episode hope this track will end soon ekta pllllzzzz wake up n ab naagin ko chor k apne dosray serials par Bhi concentrate kar lo baby nahii too hum ye track dekh dekh kar pgl ho jaye gay

  4. Natasha

    I think sarika attacked on ruhi. But before attacking she had somehow took ishitas chain secreatly. And after the attack she intentionally left the chain on the bed so that everyone suspects ishita.

  5. Umera

    There’s nothing left in YHM since 17th September 2015. For me… that’s the end of YHM till it re emerges from the ashes!

    I hope YHM re emerges soon so that I can start watching again. Things are too honky dory … now. CVs either separate IshRa… yeah that’ll be good cos they need a jolt!

  6. In today’s episode only manoj and shagun wala scene mujhe bahut acha laga and poor manoj…. really very sad and bichare adi and ishu and Mrs.iyer and toshi ji are falling in the trap of ashok and convincing raman… really very disgusting precap raman accusing ishu for terrorizing ruhi even though he believes she is possessed ,nowadays she is behaving normal na really the writers are spoiling the character of ishu and raman ab please jaldi katam karo yeh sara natak and aaj ki episode mein bhilkul bhi mazza nahi aaya ‘coz there was no ishra scene, I know it’s too much for anyone to expect an ishra scene daily but what to do we all are Tolerating this idiotic track and still watching yhm daily only to see ishra and aage bhi karan and divyanka ke liye hi mein ye show dhekungi ‘coz I love them a lot even more than the story line

  7. Prithvi

    Literally boring….pls reveal the person in the Bhalla family who is working 4 Ashok…the idiot rascal and

  8. diya

    god knows wts the connection of dog’s bite with ghost . ishu tried to control the dog thats y he bit him . it has also attackd adi .. that means adi is also possesed??.this is stupid yaar. in logo old ladies kam nhi h kya ?

  9. Just stop the boring scene’……
    Who is the fellow ,idiot,nonsense…….. ……..please make us a look of that fellow. ……. please don’t make any more suspense ‘coz we all are borred not enjoying all these episodes …………
    Please listen our request. ……….

  10. zaraa ali khan

    Hello dears …
    Rethu, diya, jhanvi, misty, sindhi, sakshi, & all others…. how r u all…
    & wy so less comments today..?

  11. zaraa ali khan

    & i was said & i was sured b4 only .. dat informer is not male its female …
    Anyway i wish this suspense scense get finish as soon as possible…
    & the bhalla family get a new baby (ishita&raman’s) & stay happily…
    Then shagun get marry with dr manoj & Settle down..
    & i wish soonly mihika get divorce with ashok..
    Atleast koi naya twist aane se pehle 1 week toh happily wale episode dikhaye.
    Jaise raman & ishita ke romantic & cute fight.. mrs bhalla & mrs iyer ke noughty fights.. abhishek mihika aur mihir etc…..
    Please ekta … ye crime aur suspense episode dekh ke bore horaha hai…..

  12. diya

    guys raman ishita will finally leave fr rajasthan temple for the tantrik’s temple .mihika will try to stop thm telling its a torture centre . but raman will refuse to listn to her or anyone . ishita will tell she will comeback soon.
    source – tellybytes .

    guys whr does the crocodile will hppn?after this i thnk . or in rajasthan only.but y will shagun b at rajasthan . so many qstns . really xcited.

  13. Cindy

    This is seriously stupid I thought amma was educated and how a person person be soo stupid about a dog bite poor muttu very one will accuse mutt when he is replaced?? (I’m not sure weather that a shop will replace the dog) and raman how can he be really stupid he is a educated business man not an uneducated person to beleave myths this story is becoming nonsense day by day pls writers make the story interesting I’m begging

  14. While the supernatural track of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    seems to be un-ending, more drama awaits the
    viewers in the upcoming episodes.
    According to reports, the protagonist of the show Ishit
    (Divyanka Tripathi) will be attacked by a crocodile.
    Ishita and Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), who have be
    trying to unmask Ashok, will land in trouble when the
    latter drowns while trying to escape from evil Ashok.
    Ishita, reaches there on time and saves Shagun.
    However, while saving Shagun, Ishita will have an
    encounter with a crocodile. The lady will bravely fight
    with the reptile but will suffer injuries.
    “During a hide & seek sequence between Shagun (Anit
    Hassanandani) and Ashok (Sangram Singh), former wi
    in to the river to hide herself. Unfortunately, she will b
    drowning and to her rescue Ishita will just reach there
    While she will be busy saving Shagun, they will
    encounter a crocodile approaching them. Ishita will
    quickly push Shagun away and will stand in front of th
    crocodile. Viewers will get to see an interesting fight
    between the crocodile and Ishita,” a source told India-
    The upcoming sequence tends to remind us of
    Bollywood beauty Rekha’s heroic role in “Khoon Bhari
    Maang” (1988) where the actress was attacked by a
    crocodile and has sustained severe injuries on her
    It now remains to be seen if Ishita will be injured in a
    similar manner.

  15. may be the culprit is mihika may be she only torture ruhi with a knife after this only she get divorce from ashok and i also seen the video in you tube that raman is taking ishita to the booth ashram to torture her that time mihika was so emotional so she may be the culprit
    when i watched the visual in you tube i was cried it was so emotional scene cannot tolerate
    and who will go to stop this waiting for that suspence may be shagun came their to save ishita
    at that time the crocodile scene may happen what ever it is writter at lease please reveal the truth to raman we cannot see ishra in pain always good people are suffering bad people like ashok is winning what is this rubbish

  16. yeh amma toh kuch hamesha ulte pulte hi sochthi rehthi hai .kutthe ne adi ko kaata aur keh rahi hai kutthe ko sixth sense hai aur shagun ko smell kar lethi hai toh adi se konsa shagun ka smell aayega .aur yeh hamesha apna aur doosron ka bhi dimaag kharab kar dethi hai.

  17. diya

    episode was okay . muttu part was good .acting was good both DT and gautam .
    rest was stupid . am really dissapointed with amma nd toshiji. it is so stupid of mrs bhalla to think that ishita did all these and amma sprinkled more salt in it. really dissapointed . plz end this track . if muttu has bitn adi is it her’s fault? and it did also hurt her .koyi apna hath khud kutte k muh me dalegi kya ?? so so so stupid thnking . now raman will take ishita to the rajasthan temple nd dunno wts gonna hppn there …. all tantrk and all . nd ishita is not telling raman also nythng . really dissapointed with raman .whn he will get to know the truth .he is gonna die of guilt .
    shagun – manoj’s part was good . they love each other much .
    it was the most positive part of the episode.
    precape was worst . now raman is evn doubtng ishita . and after all these the croco attack will happn.
    aur kitne din bhagban !!!!!!!!
    plz plz plz plz plz plz ……..
    end this tracl nd bring back happiness back in the serial nd and our lives.
    its killing us .. plz . 🙁 🙁 🙁

  18. rajasthan temple mein kya hoga ?lagtha hai raman ko ishitha par shak hai lekin woh kaise ishitha ko hurt kar saltha hai .agar shagun ishitha ke andur hai tab bhi ishitha ko hi chot aur takleef hogi na kyunki body toh ishitha ki hi hai .lagtha hai raman pagal ho gaya . he is acting too much mad man .

  19. diya

    haan yaar rithu. amma ne aur toshiji aaj sare haad par kardiye bewakufi ki . nd now woh raman ko bhadka rahe hein. humesa ultisidhi baat . pata nehi age chalkar kya hobe wala serial mein… mujhe really darr lag raha .. hai…kya hoga ishu k sath uss rajasthn k temple mein.cnt see her pain .aaj jab woh dard se chillai mujhe bohot kharap lag rahi thi .. prateek said aachein logo k sath acchai hota hain..
    but its not true agar sach mein ahsa kuch hota to aaj raman ishita ko itne dard nehi sahne padte . i hope etna sab kuch dikhane k bad they dnt seperated ishra nd dnt brng ny leap nd end this track in a good note .

  20. After Ghost, it’s time for a Crocodile to enter the Star Plus ‘ popular show ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ‘. Yes,
    you heard it right! Soon the viewers will get to witness a crocodile chasing the female protagonist Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi).
    Our source informs, “During a hide & seek sequence between Shagun (Anita Hassanandani ) and Ashok
    (Sangram Singh), former will in to the river to hide herself. Unfortunately, she will be drowning and to
    her rescue Ishita will just reach there. While she will be busy saving Shagun, they will encounter a
    crocodile approaching them. Ishita will quickly push Shagun away and will stand in front of the
    crocodile. Viewers will get to see an interesting fight between the crocodile and Ishita.”
    As we know being the leading lady of the show, Ishita will win the fight but the question is how. Well
    this is surely something audience would be looking forward to watch. Isn’t it?
    Don’t forget to drop in your comments below!

  21. diya

    i just saw the segmnt where raman is sending ishita to the torture centre . this is terrible . nd woh sarika kyase kut kut k roh rahi thi . sari to uski kiya dhara hain . bl**dy b***c .sirf dekhaba kar rahi thi . am reallyscared lets c kya hota h . but this is the worst decision tkn by raman ever

  22. Sunita

    Hi all…how r u all doing??? To much of dragging…no common sense is being used by the writers….waise Ekta ko to aadat hai…har show ke start me khushi…mauj…masti…pyar n all….but don’t be surprised to see drastic twists full of inwanted drama….bad winning over gud…etc…..she has totally lost it….n this amma seriously….when everything seems or just starts to b ok….she starts the bhoot stuff again n again….ofcourse ishita is her daughter…but there should b some limit for everything….now this is toooo much….all gud people in the show r going through bad time since ages…n people like Ashok and Suraj are having a wonderful life making others lives hell…please writer kuch achaa karo…warna logon ka achhaayi se bharosa uth jaayega…..please reveal the culprit soon…n please end this bakwaas track and bring back the happy bhalla family…

  23. Dee

    Hi All,

    One good thing from todays episode – Ashok finally gave Mihika a divorce. At least 1 Iyer sister has escaped from the claws of the Khanna brothers.Now she can have happiness (hopefully with Mihir).

    I’m worried about what will happen next to Ishita. I think Ashok has 4 chances to bring the truth about Shagun, 1- was searching Abhisheks house, 2 – Muttu attacking Adi/Informer scaring Ruhi, 3 – is it crocodile incident and tantrik visit 4 -? will they send Ishita to a mental asylum/hospital? The way the story is going, anything is possible!!

    The biggest frustration is Raman being shown to have doubts on Ishita’s character. He knows that Ishu loves him,Adi,Ruhi and the Bhalla family and would never do anything to hurt them then why doubt her? Lord Ram knew Sita was pure but under the influence of the people of Aodhya, he doubted Sita and the end result was that he was never able to lead a happy married life post vanvas.Sita spent 14 years in vanvas with him, he forgot that. Will Raman do the same, forget that Ishita has been with him every step, made him into a good person, father, always by his side.

    Where is ACP these days? Are the writers of YHM scared now and wont show Delhi police in fear of angering the politicians? Before ACP and Prateek knew of Ashoks moves, now Ashok is 2 steps ahead. How? I agree, Mrs Iyer has lost common sense and is blinded by her love for Ishita.

  24. SHAM

    writers lost their common sense….stop this nonsense. ektha j don’t play with our patient,most of my friends stopped wathching yhm.u r showing one by one stupid and boring dramas.wht is this crocodile drama…..? we have watched many crocodile scens in previous star plus dramas which are now ended(eg: kasodi zinda hei ge).

  25. HEY!!!! What’s wrong with the writer… this story is getting crazy… Why as Sunita says all the wrong happening to the good… & The Khanna Brother’s are having a wale of a time.. one is behind IShu other behind Vanditha… Have they got no women other than this family.. if i was the writer i will trun the tables on Suraj & With Bala’s Business Degree Get him to win so that Suraj will not know what hit him… Gosh From Where did a Croc Come… what absurdity & Stupidity .. Are they thinking the viewrs are as crazy as them.. Poor Karan & Divyanka Has to go along with them whether they like it or not as they are the main Actors…

    Is all The Love Stories end like this in India .. In the western world here it is different… This story was a super hit as it was quite different from the normal love story .. but unheard of things are happening that u can’t even imagine…first part was good as it was with day to day living in two different cultures… but now the entire story line has gone bonkers .. The producer must be wanting to make it more exciting but this is not it should have been .so many things in families that is happening could have been included & made it a real hit as like the first part… Anyway we can only comment they must be having a hearty laugh at our comments but they will do their own story.. So Sad it turned out like this…

  26. diya

    no dee i dnt think they will send ishita to a mental hospital or something now they blv that ishita is possesed not mentally ill . i thnk they will not b able to rich rajasthan also. sm thng big will hppn bfr that

  27. Uma murali

    now a days yhm very boring.full of bulshit. Bhalla family always with prblms and ishu married raman to solve his prblms not live.

  28. diya

    saw some picz in fb .. ishita is the torture centre
    caption was – aankhob mein ansu , chehde pe khauf , kaale kapde pahenke ye kaha agayi ishita . #upcoming tantric drama in #yhm
    god knows y ishita is not telling raman nythng ?? nd bearing with this type of unthinkable torture. ek dentist ka kya haal bana diya h cvz ne yaar ?

  29. diya

    sbs segmnt – ishita enters inside the torture centre . a man frst attacks her … but the baba with her saves her thn a womn tries to choke her ..but smhow defends herslf .finally meets the vayro baba.. they hv convo ..vayro baba says u r not posssed but sha says i m shagun’s atma cms nd tortures me . but thn finally she reveals her truth to the baba . the baba’s heart melts after listng to her story nd he leaves her nd blesses her . finally relieved .
    but raman turns james bond on the otyr hand nd starts doing jassoosi on ishita . he finds the face of a burqa nd doubts her . he decides to keep ruhi away frm her . ishita hugs ruhi’s photo and cries .
    on the othr hand we all know sarika frightnded ruhi with the knife. ishita will come to know about it soon .nd again start the ghost drama to frghtn her nd xpose just like she did to simmi.

  30. in sbs it is already revealed that the informer is sarika and she is the one who attacked ruhi .ishitha after seeing the tantrik’s place and treatment there gets scared and tells everything about saving raman’s life to the tantrik baba.

  31. I think d show z going on 2 d wrng trck itz jst foolishness pta nhi kya dikha rhe h bilkul flop ja rha h… yeh ek baar informer dikha de phr shyd se trp phr se bad jye…..plz don’t drag d show

  32. Darshika Nathashi Senadheera

    Hi guys……. I was very sad after watching SBS…… Don’t know what should I say…..?!?!
    Watching yhm continually, but This’s my first Indian serial. I think,it will be last also. Very sad the way is going. And we haven’t herd yhm theme songs since long time.
    Anyway, where’s raman when ishita’s attacked by crocodile…..? There’s no wonder, if raman hides in the house at that time.
    (still exam guys. So…..)
    from SL

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