Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying they all are right, our home environment is not right for Ruhi, but we all love Ruhi a lot, NGO can’t keep Ruhi infront of their needs, as her family keeps her. She says I know our family did many mistakes and but never did mistake in giving love to Ruhi. She cries and says the kids are sent to NGO, who are homeless, Ruhi has a home, she has a family who loves her a lot. She says Ruhi is our life, if you make Ruhi away from us, you will not ruin one life, but 10 lives, its all in your hands, thanks for your time, think about Ruhi’s happiness, we all don’t matter, take decision for Ruhi. The judge asks her to go and sit. Ishita hugs Ruhi.

The judge says she gave Ruhi’s custody to Ishita few months before and she is happy to do that, she

is again giving the custody to her, and she has to submit a report in court every month. Raman asks her to shut this case and give them custody case permanently, so that Shagun and Ashok should not drag them to court again by their plans. They all smile, while Shagun cries. The judge gives Ruhi’s permanent custody to Ishita Bhalla. Dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………..plays……………. Ruhi hugs Ishita. Raman says they will be always together.

They all bring Ruhi outside. Ruhi says no one can separate the tigresses. Raman gets a call and says I will come office. He tells Ishita that he has imp work, his boss called. Ruhi says but you are the boss. Raman says my boss has come, go home, I will meet in evening. Ishita asks him to come early, as they kept a party for Ruhi. Raman sees Ashok and says he has always done everything for his selfish motives, even today it was his plan, and warns. He asks Mihir to sit in car, and leaves. Ashok smiles and says Raman might be thinking why did I favor him, let the time come, he will know it.

Shagun comes to him and asks why did he do this, Raman and Ishita are your enemies. He says yes, I did this in their favor, if I took your side, they would think we are together, which we are not. He asks her to start a new life without him, he can’t marry her, what he did was for her good. He says I want you to hate me, just hate me. He leaves. She cries.

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Raman is in the meeting. The board of directors and his boss decide that Raman should shift to Singapore. Raman says but my family is here, I don’t think I should go. He says I know, its tough to leave family, its not possible, I m asking for formality, you can say no if you want. Raman thinks about Shagun, and Ishita facing troubles because of her. Raman thinks he should think about Ishita’s happiness if he loves her, by this work excuse, she will not know his weakness and this chance won’t come again, I just have to go. He thinks about Ishita and Ruhi. Aansu ka rishta…………..plays…

His boss asks what is he thinking, he can refuse. Raman says no, I realized this company needs me, I have to go ahead and get happiness for my happiness, I can’t think much, tell them I m ready to go. The boss makes others leave and asks Raman is he sure. Raman says yes, 100 % sure. He says fine, I will tell my team to send your family along. Raman says no, my wife and daughter will be here, Ishita can’t adjust without her family and Ruhi is also habitual to be here. The boss says all the best and leaves. He thinks about Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………..

The party goes on at home. Romi dances with the kids. Raman comes and Ruhi takes him to dance. She asks Romi to play music. Raman asks him to stop, and says he has to talk to them. Mrs. Bhalla asks did he get award again. Raman says no, I got promotion. Ishita says you don’t come home already, if you got promotion, then its more problem. He says he is group head. They make him have sweets. Shravan asks the meaning. Raman says I have to shift Singapore. They all get upset. Raman says I m going for few days to see the work there, I will come back soon. He apologizes to Ruhi in heart for lying to her.

Ishita says fine, and asks Ruhi to tell Papa that we will go together, and later Dada and Dadi will join us. Raman asks Ruhi to tell Ishi Maa that he is going alone tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla says give me boss number, I will scold him. Raman says I m going for few days, I will keep coming, I will go to other countries from there. Ishita says fine, he has work, but he has to come every weekend, this is his punishment. Raman says agreed and asks Romi to play music. Raman sees Ishita and thinks when he goes, all bad omen and happenings will leave from her life. Ruhi runs to the room, and Raman goes after her.

Ishita comes to Ruhi and sees her crying. Ruhi asks why is he going, tell him not to go. Ishita says he is going for work, we also missed you when you went on summer camp, but you came back, same ways, he is going, but he will come back. Ruhi asks will they not miss each other, whom will they call Jhansi Ki rani, and Raavan kumar, how will you fight. She says even if she stops, she will still fight daily. Raman looks on. Ishita says I will do video chatting with him, and Singapore is not far, its just 4 hours only. She says imagine its so close, he will be here every Saturday Sunday and we will fight with him. She hugs Ruhi. Raman gets sad.

Ruhi says Papa and hugs him. he says you can go now, we will do video chat. Raman says I m going, as Ruhi has become big girl and will take care of everyone. Ruhi says she won’t let Ishi Maa fast and work more. He asks her to go and save Romi, as Dadi is scolding him. Ruhi leaves. Raman asks Ishita to take care, step out and meet people, she can go for coffee, with Mani, as they both have power to bear each other. He looks at him.

Ishita holds Raman’s shirt and talks to it. She says you came in my life as a stranger, and slowly became my life, I want to hold your hand and walk together, spend every moment with you, and want to tell you that I love you a lot. She calls Raman and asks him to come home soon as she has to talk. He asks does she have any work. She asks why, she can talk without any work too.

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  1. ishra

    yaar. ..raman ne aap na wada pura kiya. ……ishita ab ruhi ki permanently maa hai. ……ishRu are the best. …..

  2. ishra

    raman Janta hai ishita usse pyar karti hai phir bhi usse door jane ki koshish karta hai likne ho nahin sakta. …… hota hai achche k liye hota hai. ………Is se dono ek sath honge ……..

  3. arey wow ishu u got ur beti ka custody woh bhi for permantely.congrats for ruhi and ishimaa. plz show the love confession jaldi se.we r waiting egarly.

  4. ishra

    aare yaar love confession ka scene toh promo k liye tha. ………..real wala scene kab bataye ga………

  5. and we know love confession will happen but after that raman should not go to singapuru agar if he want to go then he should go with ishu or nayi tho stay back with ishu.bus where were u go just go with ishu.that make ishra fans happy.

  6. ishra

    cuty pie. .RUH. …ur ishimaa ‘ s bachcha…tum bhi apni ishimaa ki tarha sab k bare mai sonch ti ho……u r really cute …………IshRaRUH be happy. ………

  7. waise bein aaj tho iam happy hai.cue ki ishu got ruhi ka custody permantely and thalaivar rajini sir brithday today and also linga film opening.i wish the movie become a huge hit.and happy brithday to superstar rajini sir.

  8. Anna

    I think Shagun wanted to win the custody of Ruhi so she can get child support from Raman so she can live her lavish life like before as we all know she does not love Ruhi at all.

    Now she is homeless, moneyless and has no money at all.

  9. Ishita is lucky maa in yhm show……
    Ishita is not a actually daughter ruhi….
    but ruhi is world best daughter of ishimaa……
    Raman is not love Ishita 1st time or more then….
    but love is love…..
    finally Raman’s love Ishita *****
    Ishita is lucky every angle…..
    so Ishita’s fan be happy……
    coming after few days raman Ishita go to Dubai for honeymoon……..
    so finally Ishita raman n ruhi is best in yhm show….
    yhm rating -superb ******
    today episode – superb *****

  10. Hi

    Darling Raman… Please yaar…very wisely ur giving hint to ishu that u are going away from her wantedly.. Ishu.. U take a cute revenge on raman for getting this waste thought of leaving his love forever.. DIVORCE :O.. Raman this is too bad.. Ur crying and hurting Ishu & Ruhi again …

  11. bhagi

    wow am just waiting for the confesn and happy that ishu got perment custdy and ashok shayad tumne aaj tak ki jindagi me eka aacha kaam kiya ho ga…….waiting eagarly for 2mrw episode

  12. p

    hi guys today I met sonakshi sinha and arjun kapoor .They came for promotion of their upcoming movie tevar in my city.

  13. Gopi Lesbian Bahu

    shagun and raina should have lesbian s*x they are so hot, and raman should be having s*x with mihika because she is prettier

  14. good episode.but i dont want raman to go to singapore and live there without ishitha and ruhi. but why does he blame himself for everything , he is not the reason for ishitha unhappiness but he is the reason for ishitha s happiness. why does he not see the what he feels for ishitha and atleast think of his and his daughter s happiness that they both cannot live without ishitha.but very excited and eagerly waiting for confession episode. what is there in ashok s mind? i doubt.anyways awesome episode good precap and yhm rocking……….

  15. śs

    since it is ekta kapoor s show i think the writers of kumkum bhagya and yhm is exchanged as they have kept the servants name same as in yhm.

  16. p

    Arey hai ishra Maine arjun and sona ko pass she dekha .It was an unbeliveable moment for me .Arjun is soooooo handsome and dashing aur sona bhi bahut beautiful hai.

  17. ishita

    Episode was so nice n emotional
    Ruhi is sooooo cute:-):-):-)
    these 3 r prfct as family….
    waiting for cnfssn

  18. YHM dekhe bina raha nahi jata aur dekh kar saha bhi nahi jata ……….
    Yar Ekta humare Raman ko itnaa mat rulao humse dekha nahi jata……..
    Raman ko rota hua dekhkar Ishita ka hi nahi humara dil bhi dukhata hai…………..

  19. Yaar Raman tumne Ishita se kiya hua ek waada to pura kiya aur Ruhi ko apni Ishimaa ke paas hi rakha par dusre waade ka kya jo tumne abhi kucy hi weeka pehle Ishita ko Ring pehnaa kar kiya tha ki ab humari life ling deal seal ho gai hai ab piche nahi hat akte toab kyo picche hat rahe ho tum????? Apna wada nibhao…….
    Aur tumhe lagta hai ki tumhare door jane se Ishita ke life ki problems door ho jayegi….chlo man liya go bhi jaay par tumhare door jane se Ishita ki jo khushiyan… chhin jayegi uska kya??????

  20. Kaha jata hai ki jitana hasonge baad mai utna hi rona padega….. aur Ekta ne hume yeh sach kar ke bhi dikhaya hai……
    Ishita Raman ek ep mai jitanq khush hote hai uske dusre ep mai hi dono ko kitana dukhi dikhaya jata hai……
    Iw baar humne pehle Raman & Ishita ko bahut rote hue dekha hai iss liye ab hum un dono ek saath khush dekhna chahte hai…kam se kam 2-3 mahino ke liye koi dukh nahi koi teist nahi only Raman & Ishita’s happiness….pls……
    Pure ek saal se hum ne iss ep ka wait iiya hai…ise itana special banao ke hum saali saal tak bhul naa paye……

    • For prayosha-
      Maine fb pr dekha Tha…kon website Tha dhayan nahi diye …..
      malum karna hai to- direct net pr tapping karo- yeh hai mohabbatein : Raman Ishita to go on honeymoon to Dubai….mil jayega….

  21. ishra

    Yes prayosha I agree with you. can he forget his promise…….ek promise to pura kiya. ……ab..dosre promise bhi pura kara karo. ……bhago mat…….pagal madrasan tum hara picha nahin chodegi. ….tum ne wada jo kiya hai uss k sath rehne ka. ….

  22. ishra

    hey……main Sbb dekhi …….Yes raman is back to pavilion. ..matlab raman ghar wapas aagaya. ..ishita usse wapas leai. ……ishita ne family ko bataya k raman ne usse divorce papers bheje hai. …..woh kahti hai unhe. ….pata nahin ishita raman bhalla kya cheez hai. ….issi liye sa bhi ghar raman k ghar aane per usse………….Red roses. ..De kar tease kar te hai. ……
    In sab mai mani bhi. …..hota hai. …..mani ishita ka hath raman k hath mai deta hai. …..ishita kahti hai ki aap mujhe chod kar kabhi nahin jainge. ………….raman kahta hai. …kabhi nahin jaonga. …..aur usse kahta hai ye meri tarafse. ………………ye flowers. ….and they smile. ……..

  23. raman dont go to singapore after confession.sbb mein acche se likha tha raman bhalla ka screw dheela. all ishra fans wont forget the confession episode. actually a month back raman gifted ishitha a ring telling that its a lifetime deal as he forgot the ring on their engagement toh ab kyun divorce dene chale ho yaar . khud ring dethe ho sab kuch bolthe ho aur divorce ka drama karte ho.toh ishitha ne confess karke tumhe hairaan karne ke saath saath tumhe aisa kabhi agli baar sochne tak nahi diya. awesome .yhm keep rocking yaar.

    • Yaar tum sab itna kyo confusion mai…..ho…news sab kuch pahle hi bataa deta hai….to Kyo confusion…..
      Raman Ishita ek sath Dubai honeymoon ke liye jayega….
      there no confusion in this show keep n watch…..

  24. raman dont go to singapore after confession.sbb mein acche se likha tha raman bhalla ka screw dheela. all ishra fans wont forget the confession episode. actually a month back raman gifted in the serial ishitha a ring telling that its a lifetime deal as he forgot the ring on their engagement toh ab kyun divorce dene chale ho yaar . khud ring dethe ho sab kuch bolthe ho aur divorce ka drama karte ho.toh ishitha ne confess karke tumhe hairaan karne ke saath saath tumhe aisa kabhi agli baar sochne tak nahi diya. awesome .yhm keep rocking yaar.

  25. ishra

    raman bechara usse samjh nahin aara tha k sab ko ho kya gaya hai. ………All are saying get well soon. …get well soon. …..

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