Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Ishita getting Pihu home. Pihu scolds Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla tells Pihu that Neelu made popcorn, we will watch serial, come. Pihu refuses to watch serial and goes to her room. Ishita looks on. Mrs. Bhalla says Pihu never reacted this way. Raman says give some time to her, she maybe missing Shagun, Ishita planned Hong kong’s trip, hope that makes things fine. Mihika likes the idea. Mrs. Bhalla worries for Pihu and tells Raman that she wants her old Pihu. He asks her to just give some time to Pihu. Ishita worries. Mani gives coffee to Shagun.

She thanks him for support, and says I came as your companion and I have put on much stress on you. He says you have sent Pihu, I really admire you for that, you are a very strong woman. She says living without Pihu

is going to be difficult to me. He says we can go out, if you want, for a change. She says I wanted to tell you something. He says we are life partners, we should share things. She says if you don’t mind, can we stay in different rooms, till we get comfortable to stay together.

He says sure, I understand, I don’t want to rush on anything, you can stay here, I will stay in guest room. He says I don’t want to disturb you, I will sleep in guest room. He says very well, if you are comfortable. She says thanks, now I understand why Aaliya calls you Appa. He says I will make your room ready. He goes. She thinks if Mani is with me, it will be good to get Pihu.

Ishita recalls Pihu’s words and worries. Raman comes and finds her depressed. He thinks what to do and acts of tooth pain. Ishita asks him to sit and checks. She says its old problem, you don’t brush at night. He asks did you hear about tigers brushing teeth. She asks did you hear tigers eating sweets at night. He asks what do doctors say. She says you should brush twice a day. He looks at her and smiles. She asks why are you smiling, you did not had toothache, this is not fair. He holds her and says its fair when you are happy, I get happy seeing you. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………….He holds her and they have a talk. She smiles.

Its morning, Mihika wakes up and sees Romi chatting and smiling. He asks her not to make breakfast, he has to leave early. She asks why, do you have meeting. He say Bunty’s life has some problems, he wanted to talk to me, I was thinking to have breakfast with him. She says fine and goes to washroom. Romi gets the girl’s call and says we will meet at same café, I will end my meeting and come there. He tells Mihika that he will leave now. He leaves. She says today I will catch him with that girl.

Aaliya tells Mani that she made breakfast for him and Shagun. Shagun comes and greets them. Mani asks did she sleep well, come and have breakfast. Shagun says I don’t eat breakfast early morning, I m missing Pihu, I will call her. She goes. Aaliya asks Mani why is Shagun staying in guest room. Mani says I understand her emotions, we are adults, we can’t adjust in one night, give some time to Shagun, we are mature, I m sure we will become good friends. Aaliya smiles.

Ishita talks to Pihu and tries to cheer her up. Pihu is angry and does not respond to her. Ishita says Pihu…. Pihu says just leave, I hate you, you are very bad, I won’t go on any trip with you, you are a bad aunty, my mumma left because of you, you got Papa, and elders on your side, just go. She throws pillows and says I hate you. She throws a photo frame that hurts Ishita’s forehead. Pihu says I don’t want to see your face, I hate you, leave. Ishita cries and leaves.

Mihika is at the café and meets the girl/Romi’s GF unknowingly. They have a talk. The girl compliments Mihika’s skin. Mihika says its Amma’s remedies. She asks are you waiting for someone, your BF? She says guys are same, they never reach anywhere on time, when your BF comes, take his class, else he will not listen to you. The girl smiles and asks what do you do. Mihika says I m a housewife, I used to work as marketing manager in company before. The girl says it means you did MBA, you should do work. Romi comes and sees Mihika with the girl. He leaves and says Mihika is with the girl. He messages the girl. The girl tells Mihika that she has to go and meet her friend at some other place.

Raman asks Ishita what happened. Ishita cries and says she hates me. He gets shocked seeing her wound. Ishita says I ruined Pihu’s life, I thought I got a child, I m really a Baanch/infertile. Raman consoles her and says I m proud that you are my children’s mum, you are best mum. He hugs her. Pihu comes and asks Ishita to get away from Raman, why did she hug Raman. Raman and Ishita look at her.

Pihu makes Ishita away and says I came to say sorry to you, but you are very bad, why did you come to my Papa, my mumma left because of you, you made me away from mumma, you want to make me away from my Papa, I hate you, I know you have come to break your family. Raman asks who taught you all this. She says Ishita is bad, she made mumma leave, she wants to control our home, you know what Parvati’s mum calls such bad aunties. Raman slaps Pihu. Pihu cries and says my Papa slapped me for the first time, I hate you, go from here. Raman asks Pihu to go and takes her out. Ishita cries.

Ishita says I will call Shagun and send Pihu with her, Pihu will be happy. Raman says what are you doing, you are world’s best mum. She says I m worst mum and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shreya shetty


    • Avanthi

      You are right shreya.But raman shld have told the truth and make pihu understand that ishu is her biological mother. Nevertheless Pihu deserves this slap…. but that is not enough. She made ishu leave, bite her finger and futhermost she threw a photo frame on ishus head. Atleast raman supported ishu… poor ishu, getting hurt by her OWN daughter! They shld rename the title as yeh hai nafratein. Since shagun got married to mani, I only read the written update. I think yhm director wants more negativity in this show. This serial has became the worst of star plus. I hate shagun, i hate her to the core when she manipulates a little child. b4 7 yrs she done this with adi and now, pihu! Mani shldnt romance shagun, we dont wana have this scenes. I hope this shagun goes to hell!!

      I also tell some opinions, but they dont respond to me. Am I the worst commenting girl in this site??

      • Mallika

        Telling the truth is the right thing to do. Hiding it creates more problems
        Only. The story is going no where only the write n director making money.
        Stop the nonsense n bring the show to reality.

      • shreya shetty

        first of all please don’t take this seriously dear jules.u go and get a life to make ur mindset clear and not flithy

  2. Juhi

    Yeeee ishra moments. Todays episode was too good. But at last it worst because of pihu’s behaviour.😠. I think pihu ne kuch jyada hi bol diya wo esa kese kar sakti h nd in this episode raman said that you are best mum

  3. shivani

    Raman kumar bhalla !!! you are a real chameleon…..sometimes you says ishita infertile, stepmother etc…sometimes world’s best mother….
    7 years ago, when ruhi died, he said ishita is a bad luck in his he says he gets happy when ishita is happy…..
    He called ishita as a bad stepmother , now calls best mother…
    he said ishita is the cause of all the problems in his life , and now he says he is happy that ishita is the mother of his children…

    And he always punish other for his mistakes…he has no right to slap pihu…i dont find anything wrong in pihus reaction when she sees ishita raman together….for her,shagun and raman are her parents…Raman should have told pihu all the truths atleast after ishitas return…
    Not only pihu, but adi and ruhi too insulted ishita …but he never slapped them….his this reaction will increase pihus hatred towards ishita…

    • siddhi

      I completely agree with u but pihu is too much she is behaving very badly like throwing things on ishu but raman is also at fault coz he is not telling truth to pihu

  4. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    now aliya is started liking shagun really oh god manis behaviour towards shagun is very unexpected ..really pihu deserves that slap

  5. Nandu

    Ohoo still nly the worst thing a woman ..cannot tell herself…the great CVS had made ishita call herself infertile…😡n come-on ruhanika is most lovable child .u CVS r making ppl hate her with this role pihu…dn stoop so low…by showing children as negative it affects badly…bcz everybody 4m 5-60yrs watches dis shw entertainment u ppl r making hell fr us. ….shw is running nly bcz of ishra..n divan…bcz v love KP n DT .lse who See’s this crap…n lemme tell u dn show us lollipop scenes n da vry nxt day he scolds her in front of all ..n in room he says I luv u..I get peace by cng ur smile..frst u ppl shw shagun truth to Raman ..n let Raman n ishita fyt fr case together dat’s wat v r wytngg fr…n promise lyk ishita saved adi n ruhi 4m fire accident 😂same way at dat tym hw shagun stepped back..nw also happens same n ishita saves her daughter😂damn repetitive story😡

  6. Akiatta

    As much as this episode was hurtful, I am glad this episode happened. Even though Raman still thinks Shagun is innocent, he is supporting his love. Now, I am confident that Raman will be like the time when Adi was in Balla house with Shagun. Supporting Ishita in every decision. Although, Pihu getting slapped was quite the twist. I mean, if we know something for sure, it’s that Ishita and Raman are strictly against beating their children, be it a slap. And seeing such a parent slap Pihu is showing his love and respect for Ishita. Seeing Adi’s love for Ishita now, I am sure Pihu will become the gem of Ishita’s life.
    Finally the show makers are fixing their mistakes. And I have to admit, they are doing a great job. Making Shagun evil again, showing her true colours, the show is moving back to it first ever form. Proving that there are people out there who can be manipulative and cunning. And they are trying to make themselves different from the other serials out there.
    Frankly, this track is like the small price the viewers need to pay, to see everything turn to the best.
    And in the case of Romi, I don’t know why everyone thinks he might be cheating on Mihika, but if he had told the girl about his Wife, then I am sure he is not doing anything wrong. I mean, no self respecting woman would be with a man while she knows about his marriage. And I am sure that woman is helping him in some way.

  7. Kuppi Bai Ranganathan

    Super written episode . I never unrstood Hindi, as Me An Madarasi, but very much intested T V Serial The Hai Mohabbattein, but My mind fulfil after Gone through your Written episodes in Tellyupdates only.. thank you so much and very nicely written!

  8. disha

    pihu behaving very badly she deserves more than a slap ishita feel very bad because of pihu shagun use mani and pihu against ishita

  9. siddhi

    hi every one some one plz talk me to rehab coz I really want to leave this this serial after every episode I decide that I will not watch yhm tm but again the next day a sharp 7:39 I was found on sofa in front of TV I really want to leave this serial but too much addicted

    • Manju

      Same here. I was trying to do that from way back in 2015 when the surrogacy track was introduced. But couldn’t do that so far. That because I think in the begining YHM was so good subtle romantic and realistic. I got glued to it on the inception and still going on with it.

  10. siddhi

    I think makers have forget about ishru missing them like hell I started watching this serial coz of ishru there chemistry attracted me n after that I started loving ishra but now after leap very less ishru scenes feeling soooooooooo sad I don’t think that ab wasay ishru scenes dekhnay ko milay gay at last in today’s episode ishra scene that bit that is only due to fans protesting it is very difficult to see the girl who loved ishita so much before leap after leap stating her so much I have heard that up is not happy with his role now a days in yhm

    • Siddhi

      I know diya I was trying to say that ruhaanika is playing the role of pihu n before she was playing the role of small ruhi so same face so it feels odd sometimes to see her behaving so bad with ishita coz v r used to see her face as ruhi who always support ishu I am sorry my previous comment is very confusing I just read it u r here after very long time hope u r fine

  11. rudu

    hi guys i am new reading your comments for long time n really likes vp shivani siddhi n rithu comments guys am I the only one who thinks that ishita loves pihu more then adi n ruhi because she keeps on saying pihu is my anch my blood don’t u think this is unfair for adi and ruhi who love ishita so much if not then what do u think guys ishita love whom most

    • VP

      Rudu … I also felt it couple of times … when she told Ruhi she was the happiest mother when she fed Pihu .. and one more conversation .. I think the writers have to be careful of the conversation edited … I dont want to see Ishitha giving priority to Pihu than Ruhi and Adi …

    • Siddhi

      I also feel the same many times u r right VP writers should be careful they r shining ishitas character I also notice it when ishita was telling ruhi that she fed food to pihu n said that she taught stories to many children but never get so much happiness as she felt telling story to her own daughter n I also notice a impact on ruhi face that is she not her daughter

    • Siddhi

      Sorry its ruining not shining n also in today’s episode ishu said that pihu ko dekh kar mujhay laga k mera anch is duniya may aya n also when Mani explained ruhi about ishus position CVS should kept in mind that this story is mainly about ishru

  12. Saritha

    HOW R U ALL??I MISS U ALL SOO MUCH.Becuse of my studies and losting charm of yhm i couldn’t effort such time to comment and replies But it seems like upcoming episodes are intersting so i thought it is the right time to comment my views.Hai rithu ADITYA khusi monique.d BHAGYA Shivani SINDHU Deepti VP shreya JAZ aastha DARSHIKA sara ARUNA juhi DISHA maria & all yhm fans. Todays episode was sooo bad i only loved ishra scene precap was superb becoz raman was supporting ishu.

  13. Manju

    I also believe tgat Pihu should be punished for her very bad behaviour. It is not a behaviour of a child at all. I think Raman did a mistake by slapping her as Shagun might use that agaibst Raman and Ishita in the custody battle. Pihu should be directed to a counseling with such bad behaviour. CV had corrected their mistake on character of Raman and now trying to portrait him as a good husband but as my freind state he is a chameleon who changes his attitude according to his frame of mind.

  14. Saritha

    Its better to tell the truth to pihu that ishita was her real mom and raman’s wife &also about shagun’s previous fake dramas

  15. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. I read that kp might be quitting yhm.well it will be sad coz I love kp and dt together in yhm.hope u guys are all well.pihu , can’t believe she’s soo rude.our parents would also smack us if we soooo rude!@!

  16. Megha

    Episode was vry gud….pihu needed this slap in a vry early stage….they have spoiled the character of pihu an innocent girl….I was like plz give one big slap to shagun also….

  17. Megha

    Nd I am vry happy to see our old ishra back…plz unite our ishra family with pihu nd show shagun’s real face Infront of everyone

  18. rithushree

    Episode was worst.precap was also worst .is there in these days episodes .this Pihu is too horrible and I hate her character in the show from leap starting only .from the start she is overacting.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha mansi Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna priya bhagi bhagya disha juhi siddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl az Monique d mino and all yhm friends.

  19. Fan

    Ruhinika Dhawan – amazing acting talent for one so young. She played Ruhi so well and now Pihu too.
    There’s many ways one could look at Pihu’s behaviour.
    1) The only mother she’s known is Shagun. A young child is generally very possessive of his/her parents. (Ruhi too was very protective and possesive of Ishita and yet she knew about Shagun being her real mum)

    2) Pihu doesn’t about Ishita’s relationship with Raman and the Bhalla family. No one sees fit to inform her.

    3) She has the manipulative, conniving Shagun filling her evil, what’s the kid to do.

    The slap should, hopefully, make some difference to her behaviour.
    The trouble with modern parents is not many find it “appropriate” to use this form of discipline. Obviously it has to be used sparingly and with discretion.

    “Don’t spare the rod and spoil the child”.
    Here’s hoping this will help turn Pihu around.

    • Siddhi

      I rally don’t want to reply u but want to say earlier u said that shagun raised pihu n niddhi raised ruhi so ishita don’t have any right on them but now u can’t say that Raman don’t raise pihu he has the right to slap pihu

  20. VP

    Hi all .. Rithu … Shivani … Sindhu … Mino … Siddhi .. Az… Jaz .. Adu .. Nandu ..shreya .. Bhagya .. Khushi … all yhm fans … my review is this … Raman loves Ishitha to the core … he somehow wanted Shaghun out of his life … to show it … as Pihu considers Shaghun and him as parents . Mistake one … Pihu is not told the truth … .. We all know he loves his kids … but here he is scared and upset seeing his Ishitha is hurt … from serial wali talks itself Pihu was to be corrected .. The Bhallas enjoyed it Infact initially Pihu liked Ishitha .. now the seven year old girl is brainwashed .. poisoned … A slap is needed to correct the kids when they r wrong .. They have to be disciplined . Children are watching this … please change Pihus attitude as fast as possible … from age 4 to very old people are watching this …And Siddhi .. from surrogancy track onwards I am thinking … Stop watching yhm … Initially it was ishru .. then Ishra … frankly KP and Dt , the amazing jodi makes us addicted to this show … Cant think of yhm without KP …Todays and upcoming episodes we can see Ishra scenes … its only becoz of the fans request … we love them .. Ishra is permanent visitors to us … if we dont see them … its defficult … And Shreya Shetty .., we cant blame Pihu … we cant use bad words on her … she is fully brain washed and Poisoned by Shaghun …Shaghun to be taught a lesson … Ishitha will be able to win Pihu by her loving and caring … wait and see ..If production tean can change Shaghuns blouses … would appreciate …And from begining I am telling Romi is not cheating .. my strong belief .. but today when he called hi beautiful .. I was little upset … Mani I wish he is acting … cvs please bring into positive fast … we dont want more surprises … we are watching tv for a relaxation this is watching yhm … heart is whelming …Shaghun doesnt deserve Pihu … her seven years … is nothing compared to Ishithas two years with Raman Ruhi and Adi ….Hi all end of the day its a serial … please take it lightly .. I can see everybodys frustrations … be cool … to make our life beautiful is in our hands …. be caring loving dont hurt with words or deeds … be selfless take respect give respect … yesterdays mistakes are todays problemd .. so dont give a room to regret later … as we see Ramans surrogancy plan is the problem for everything today in this yhm …. Good night to all .. Where is Sindhu ? And Parichay your comments are highly appreciated ..

    • Mino

      Hi VP Every word u say is correct , At The End OF The Day this is fiction not real knowing that we still get upset as we truly got addicted to it.. that is why we are frustrated. as the CV’s Have ruined it big time. Poor KP & DT are Getting bashed For nothings a… as this is their job & paid for they do what they are told.. Vivek has said that he will not romance his wife. that is a good decision. as this us not real but reel. If KP quits that will be the end. i for sure will not watch this.. & They should end the serial with a good note if that is the case.. already Mrs Bhalla has left i read somewhere without notifying as she is not paid & treated bad..
      What happened to this serial all of a sudden. is someone out side intentionally trying to destroy this show by spreading stories & trying to get the main actors angry with each other & Putting the show down…or are they insecure as ISRA are always winning the Awards for the serial. who can say anyway? The main problem with Pihu is they should never have taken the same girl Ruhi was very good & Cute. But they have ruined Ruhi ‘s Character by making her Pihu. I felt like giving her a thundering slap. High time someone put her in her place for a small girl. As u all say these are bad examples for kids they are all watching this & will think it is right. what’s with the CV’s Sure someone has had a bad experience in life to write this rubbish. ha ha ha from the good start it ending this way is unheard of. Hope all the problems will be ironed out & we will get a positive show with Pihu knowing the truth.. Good Luck to All Luv..

  21. Swara

    Episode wasn’t the Best But loved Ishra moment 😍😘😘😍😍 it was nice to watch them together after a very long time I just hope it’s not a lollipop scene any way it was worth it didn’t like the fact that Raman slapped Pihu although she deserved it Pihu is kinda irritating just like Shagun can’t say but I vote for this tract than the ghost tract atleast with these we are gonna keep having Ishra moments just hope Pihu gets to know the truth and see what’s right I tot she watches serials how can’t she see the difference between Shagun and ishu she is more dumb than I thought any hope for the best

  22. Swara

    Episode wasn’t the Best But loved Ishra moment 😍😘😘😍😍 it was nice to watch them together after a very long time I just hope it’s not a lollipop scene any way it was worth it didn’t like the fact that Raman slapped Pihu although she deserved it Pihu is kinda irritating just like Shagun can’t say but I vote for this tract than the ghost tract atleast with these we are gonna keep having Ishra moments just hope Pihu gets to know the truth and see what’s right I tot she watches serials how can’t she see the difference between Shagun and ishu she is more dumb than I thought any hopes for the best in the future I just hope the old Yhm comes back with our cute ruhanika

  23. Aastha

    Hi frndz…. i am realleee vereeee vereee happy today bcz ishra chmstry little back today… its nice to watch… i love ishra very much… kp plz dnt quit the show… yhm vll b incmplt vth out uuuuhhh…. it vll be fed upp…. and i am also feel missing ishru scenes… there vll b more ishru scenes… ishadhi also… i wish let shagun vll trap in own plan.. let pihu understnd wot is ishimaa… wot s her value in ruadhi lyf… thn she shld make a little change in her thoghts… oooh god if it vll b happent shagun vll be irked seeing this changes in pihu… i vsh pihu shld get old photos(ishraruadhi) thn have know aall truth from aadhi n ruhi.. about shagun also…. and also she ddnt know ruhi s her real sister… all truths shld be reveal infront of pihu… when pihu vll reach in dlimma situatn… there vll be make a expose scene ff shagun….. bfr yrs when aadhi get know hr true clr.. there vll make same type scene…. i realleee vsh pihu her ownself reject shagun bcz of her bad deeds… bcs sweet to sweet , sweet to tough fst tym thn tough to tough….it is a gd policy…

  24. Aastha

    After all there vll b a great apology epsd f raman n pihu to ishu… ruhi also thn group hug… 😂it vll b sooprbb

  25. Rucha

    Don’t take me wrong guys……but its really really difficult for an 8 yr child to understand all these things……she is just a child……living with a woman for 8 yrs….calling her mumma….getting all d affection and care from her how can she give that place to so.ebody else…all of a sudden….not only this Shagun is brain washing her
    Consider you to b at pihu’s place…..won’t it be diffulct for you at the age of 8 to understand whoz ur real mother….not even that…..whose ur surrogate mother and who biological???

    • VP

      Rucha … it depends on how you explain and the childs understanding … I cud explain to my grand daughter who is 8 …and this Pihu is oversmart and understand all the serials then why not ? There is no reality in this show … at all cvs dont know what they are upto … we fools are forced to accept whatever drama they are showing

    • Siddhi

      Dear Kimberly I want to ask u that if ur mom or dad will slap u to correct u n will u also slap them in return

  26. Rameeza

    Whatever is happening, one really has to accept the fact that Ruhanika Dhawan is a number one child actress. Hats off to her acting. A child exposing herself positively in one character and negatively in another character in the same serial. Looking at all the comments from small Ruhi to present Pihu we can see how successfully she has done justice to her characters. ”Superb.” Only thing is we don’t like the negative character. Also friends saw Karan Patel is going to quit the show. Felt very sad and disappointed too. Pls Kp don’t quit. No KP or DR means no YHM. I don’t think any new actor or actress can do justice to the respected main characters of RamanKumar Bhalla and Ishita Bhalla Iyer. Also that chemistry between these two will not workout without one of them. Both should be there to see a successful YHM. Dear friends pls reply something to my comments whether I ‘m correct or not. Do you’ll agree with my comment or not.

    • Siddhi

      This is not true kp is not quitting these r all fake rumors pllzz without any official confirmation don’t spread such false news he is just not happy with the production behaviour


    Today’s SCENE Was One of The BEST SCENES of RAMAN.
    She is A BRAT.

  28. Ruhi

    Hi guys.yes this is true ruhi never hated her shagun mamma,only adi hated ishita,but he never hurt her so badly. We all wish dt and kp to be together, they look so cute. i wish pihu should be told the truth and show the old photos of ishraru together.

  29. aruna

    Why all are saying Pihu deserves a slap. What did she do. Common yarr any 7yr old girl who sees her mother outside the house and her father with an other lady behaves the same way even if shagun doesn’t spoil her brain I hope bczz she doesn’t know about ishra then what is her mistake firstly all of them should tell her truth then should see her reaction. And even knowing about ishra and her loving ishimaa Ruhi insulted her so much but did Raman slap her. No right then why Pihu… That means is he not interested in ishu at that time… I know he loves but I am trying to explain sorry if I hurt anyone

    • VP

      Aruna … true what you are telling but if she is brought up by telling the truth .. … its defferent …. but correcting children is always good and a child is always connected to serial at this age is not good ….

  30. Nandu

    KP is nt quitting the show .. read his interview in Bollywood life…common y would he vl leave show which brought stardom again ..HE IS NOT QUITTING….it’s jst a rumor n guys anything he tweets doesn’t relate to personal may b the thought he wanna share may b he jst tweeted😂seriously nw a days everything whether it’s kp r DT whoever it may say r tweet it’s becoming a drama…n ppl r misconstruing it…😂I really feel bad fr actors yaar …their privacy was availing….😂…n hi to all fnds here

  31. Athira Ramesh

    Now yhm is the most worst serial. It’s filled with all negetives… what the hell. I don’t use to watch this serial when Shagun has become again in a negative role. I read this updates only.

  32. rithushree

    It’s high time that Pihu should know that ishitha is her real mother and she should be told as soon as possible when everything gets messy and that shagun the mad dogy spoil Pihu ‘s mind soo much that Pihu will transform totally like small shagun or a vamp .

  33. Fefe

    Rubbish, won’t watch this till some positivity is shown. Always 99% negativity and 1% positivity with these shows. It’s emotionally draining. Will just read because it’s easier, watching bullshit is just too hard to swallow

  34. rithushree

    Stop this crap in yhm.
    Stop this crap in yhm.
    Stop this crap in yhm.
    Stop this crap in yhm.
    Stop this crap in yhm.
    This has become too worst to watch and more negativity. From surrogacy track and from leap the whole show has become a disaster and half of the cast is not been seen in the show. I think when the serial will be about to end then they may bring Ananya ‘s character.

  35. rithushree

    In the upcoming episode, Ishita will try to win Pihu’s heart through her love and care.

    Like Ishita won Aditya’s heart through her love and care in the same way she will try to win Pihu’s heart.

    Like Aditya understood that Shagun is not a nice woman and she does not loves him in the same way Pihu will also understand.

    Pihu will realize that she is not that bad as Shagun says and she is a nice woman.

    Shgaun get angry

    So then Pihu will realizes that Shagun is not doing nice by saying evil things against her even when she is such a nice person.

    Pihu will start supporting Ishita and Shagun will get angry to see all this.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming twist.

  36. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness major twist and turns in the show.

    It was earlier seen that Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) will instigate Pihu against Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) hence creating a rift between the two.

    Ishita will feel jealous seeing Pihu and Shagun bond well and feels helpless.

    On the other hand Raman (Karan Patel) will get close to Ishita and love will blossom between the two, however this will not go down well with Shagun as she will feel that Ishita snatched her family from her.

    Apparently both the ladies will feel jealous of the relation that is missing from their life.

    Let’s wait and watch what happens next in the show.

  37. rithushree

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is one of the most successfully running shows in the television industry.

    Recently, Karan Patel had shocked his fans with a series of tweets over not being happy with the current content of the show, after which the loyal fans of the show started assuming about his exit and end of his character Raman Bhalla in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    However Karan has cleared the rumours that he is very much a part of the show and has no plans to quit the show, via his twitter handle.

    Karan wrote: I was and will always be a part of #YehHaiMohabbatein … Its inseparable from me. I did not mean to give out the message that im quitting !

    Keep watching this site for more updates.

  38. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita makes a plan with Raman to keep Pihu at Bhalla house.

    Ishita asks Raman that he will have to pay all responsibility of a mother and she will take care of his business.

    Raman smiles by Ishita’s pa but agrees to do it for Pihu and gets romantic with Ishita seeing her master plan.

    Apart from this, Raman is busy with Pihu and Mihir comes to take sign of him on some important papers.

    Ishita tells Mihir that he should keep Raman away from office and he can ask to her if anything important for business.

    Mihir agrees and asks Ishita that she should have to take Raman’s sign on these papers and Ishita goes to Raman.

    Mihir (Raj Singh Arora) doubts on Romi’s (Aly Goni) extra marital affairs

    Meanwhile, Romi joins Mihir where Mihir praise him for getting time for parities even having busy schedule.

    Mihir then tells Romi about ordering champion which makes Romi angry and accuses Mihir for interfering in his life.

    Mihir tells Romi that he just asked does not want to hurt him but Romi keeps on blaming him which makes Mihir hurt.

    Will Mihir find out Romi has extra martial affairs?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  39. Prithvi

    Its better to watch Rustom than wasting time on this piece of s***t and hats off RKB for slap ng pihu….. I’d do the same if I were in place of Raman

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.