Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Sarika that she is feeling restless and tensed. Sarika asks is she thinking about dad and Raman’s fight. Mrs. Bhalla says even this lightning, where is your Papa ji. Sarika says Mr. Bhalla and Appa went to Akashganga society, he called Romi there to talk to builder. Mrs. Bhalla says she will light diya and Mata Rani will make things fine. Shagun tells the lady about the surrogacy racket and she will find some solid proof against it, they are using helpless woman for surrogacy, half of them are ill and unfit.

She says don’t know how that doctor came in between. The door bell rings. The laundry guy comes to deliver the clothes. Shagun takes her clothes and finds men’s clothes along it. Shagun says this is not my clothes, I stay alone

here. The man says the maid Shanti gave these clothes. Shagun says she went on leave, come later and take money. She pays her bill. The nurse asks Manoj to go home, as he is working since 36 hours. He says fine, call me if there is any emergency. Mrs. Bhalla prays for her family. Ishita is at her clinic and treats a boy. She asks his mum to bring him again next week. She goes to her cabin and says why am I getting this strange feelings, and prays for family’s safety.

Mrs. Bhalla calls her and asks her to come home. Ishita says I m coming, don’t worry, Raman is on the way and coming too. Suraj talks to the goons and says I m reaching. He says Raman Bhalla, get ready for some action. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says her heart is sinking, don’t know what will happen. Simmi says don’t worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to call Raman, and ask him to come home soon. Raman talks to Mihir and says about the meeting. He gets Ishita’s call and talks to her. Ishita asks him to reach home soon, she is not feeling good. He says he reached home, you come soon. She says I m feeling strange. He says they are with each other, why is she afraid, he is talking about romance.

The goons come there and surround him. Raman gets stunned seeing so many people and asks them who are they. Ishita asks Raman who is there? Why is he not saying anything? The goons start beating Raman. She asks him to answer. Raman beats the men and his phone falls on the ground. She calls Simmi from desk phone and shouts Raman… Simmi asks what happened Ishita, tell me where is Raman. Ishita calls out Raman hearing the beating sound. Suraj and Parmeet come there and smile seeing Raman’s state. Parmeet says Raman’s band is played, I came to know there is no male at Bhalla and Iyer house. Suraj says Raman has sent Ashok to jail, he will pay for it for his life.

Ishita tells Simmi that someone is beating Raman. Simmi asks where is he. Ishita cries and says he is in compound, rush there Simmi. Simmi tells everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to stay with kids, and all ladies go there. They see Raman getting beaten up by the goons. They go to beat the goons. Parmeet says ladies have come. Ishita is on the way and the call ends as someone steps on the phone. Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman wounded and cries holding him. She asks why are they beating Raman, who has sent her, say the name. Raman gets up and beats them. Suraj worries.

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Mr. Bhalla comes on time and holds the stick. He hugs Raman and asks is he fine. Sura says how did they all came. Someone attacks Mr. Bhalla and Raman defends him. Appa and Romi also beat few men. Parmeet says they all united and beating the men, we should leave from here. A goon holds Sarika and Romi beats him. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the goon and asks how did she beat her son. She asks who has sent him. Suraj leaves.

Ishita reaches there and sees the goons running. She is shocked seeing Raman wounded. She cries and runs to him. She asks is he fine. They all hold Raman. Raman faints. Ishita asks Appa to bring the car, they have to take Raman to hospital. They rush him to hospital. Ishita asks Appa, Romi and Mr Bhalla to get their dressing done. The doctor checks Raman and treats him. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is getting conscious. Raman asks where am I. Ishita says doctor said everything will be fine. Raman sees syringe and gets panicking. Mrs. Bhalla says you are scared of syringe right, and makes him relax. They hold Raman and doctor gives the injection. Raman sees the needle for giving stitches and faints.

Manoj is on the way and calls on landline to tell Shanti to make hot soup. Shagun says who is calling on landline, I did not give number to anyone and goes to pick it. The call ends. The driver sees him coughing and asks shall I take you to doctor. Manoj says I m doctor myself and asks him to drop him. Raman shouts and nurse argues with Romi. Mrs. Bhalla asks nurse not to feel bad of Romi’s anger, he loves Raman a lot and can’t see his pain. She takes Romi out. Ishita comes and nurse leaves angrily. Ishita asks why is he arguing with nurse. He says all madrasi are same, lets go home. She says no, we will go once you get fine.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to be quiet, Raman is getting treated. Romi says Raman is getting pain. She asks him to inform Simmi. Raman says I won’t get admit. The doctor tells his injuries. He says Ishita knows everything. She says yes, and asks Raman to stay here. The doctor says ask him to behave calm, he troubled the staff, no nurse wants to treat him. Ishita asks Raman to sit calm. Raman says I won’t take injections. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman to convince him.

Suraj is angry and asks Parmeet about telling Raman is alone, his whole family was there. Parmeet says we have one way to turn this in our favor. Suraj asks what does he mean. Parmeet says I will inform ministry about Raman’s state. He calls them and smiles.

Ishita says we have to file proper police case. Mr. Bhalla says I will do complain. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know who were the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Superb episode
    Aaj toh ladies ne dikha diya ki. .ladies kabhi kamzor nahin hoti hai. ….kis tarha Un gundon ki pitayi ki. ……women power ne raman ko bacha liya. …….today ladies rocks. ……

  2. Yaar woh kamine gunde kitna maar rahe the. .raman ko. .kitna khon behraha tha. ..aur sab se bade kamine suraj aur param wahi the kash unhe bhi do dande pade hote..

  3. Is it Ashok, Shagun or someone else? Read on to find out!

    In the last episode, it was revealed Raman (Karan Patel) knew about Ashok’s(Sangram Singh) misbehaviour with Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) at the party. He had asked a lady to disrupt the press conference and accuse Ashok of raping her.

    Ashok fell prey to Raman’s plan and admitted that he had tried to rape Ishita. Raman lost his cool and lashed out at Ashok for spiking Ishita’s drink. Ashok was arrested for his crime and Raman informed Ishita that he knew about everything all along. Later, Sooraj visited Ashok in jail and stated that he would seek revenge for his brother. The episode ended with Sooraj deciding to make Raman pay for what he had done.

    In the upcoming episode, we will see a bunch of goons catching Raman off guard and beating him brutally. He will bleed profusely and will be rushed to the hospital by Ishita and the rest of the family members. There, Raman will create a ruckus upon learning that he has to take injections. He will act difficult and refuse to take the doses, which will irritate Mrs Bhalla and Ishita. Since Raman will be be put up at the hospital for recovery, Ishita will be taking care of the family business.

    This won’t go down well with Rinki, who will accuse Raman of favouring Ishita over her and Mihir. Mrs Bhalla will hear this and will slap Rinki hard for insulting Raman!

  4. TV star Karan Patel, who had injured himself during a mishap while shooting a fight sequence for his show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, has assured his well-wishers that he is fine.

    shared the news on Twitter when TV producer Nivedita Basu enquired about his health. [email protected] you unwell kya??? Can u imagine we are just a call away but still on social network I’m coming to know,” she asked.

    “A small mishap during a fight sequence,” replied Karan. Aly Goni, who plays the actor’s younger brother on the Star Plus show, wished him speedy recovery.

    “Get well soon bhai @TheKaranPatel have a speedy recovery,” he tweeted. “Thank you meri jaan (my love),” Karan replied.

    Karan Patel plays the protagonist on the show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman Kumar Bhalla. In the show, Raman traps Ashok in his own plan and puts him behind bars for kidnapping and attempt of rape on his wife, Ishita. After that Raman will be getting into a fight with a bunch of goons sent by Suraj and Param. Soon he will be admitted in the hospital and Bhalla family comes to him forgetting all the differences except rinki.

    In the coming episode’s ,Rinki will be seen blaming ishita for managing the business in raman’s absence.Toshiji who witnesses Rinki’s harsh words to ishita,gives her a tight slap and praises ishita.She throws her out of the place.

    Will Rinki join with Ashok and Suraj? Will she destroy Raman’s new contract?

  5. Hayy ye hamara Raman bhi na. ….jitna rulata hai. …agle pal utna hi hasata hai. ……
    raman ne soi ka naam sunte hi. ..apne sare dard bhol gaya. ….kitna darr ta hai. ….doctor jab Stiches laga rahe the. .raman soi ko dekhte hi phir behosh hogaya. …….bechara raman. ..

  6. Jhanvi

    Sale kamine…..kahi ke….. gundo k sath Rinki bhi dhulai honi chahiye thi…..agar hath lag jate na ye log to maja ata Ladies k hatho se mar padti to..

  7. Yaar kitna darr raha hai injection lene se. ..bahut funny lagraha tha. …toshiji ne kitne pyar se samjhaya par ishita ne kya dare ke rakha hai. ..ishita ka sabse chota naughty bachcha. .bahut cute lagraha tha. …..

  8. YHM:
    Raman is in hospital after getting beaten up. Ishita gives him strength and cares for him. Raman tells her about signing the contract and asks her to go for the meeting. Ishita has come to deal about the new contract, as Raman made her the new owner of his company. Mr. Bhalla, Appa, Romi and Pathak accompany her. Ishita seals her first business deal and they all get happy seeing her balance home and office so well.

  9. Jhanvi

    Nice epi…. At least all d family reunite Nd suraj Nd param also get to know that Raman is not alone….. D family still with him and support s him…

  10. Precap achcha hai. .shayad suraj k bare mein pata chal jaye. ..aur. ..raman ishita se darr raha hai. ..maza aaye ga. .kal k episode ka intezar hai. …

  11. bhagi

    omg kithna maara raman ko………i just hope aab uss suraj aur param ko bhi koi jail me daal do theenom ki theenom kameena hai ye param kabhi nshi sudharega……….par yar pehle rulaya tha phir baadh me haas haas ke pagal ho gayi hu yar raman injection ko dhekthe hi behoosh ho gaya……..

  12. Jhanvi

    Ladies fight was truly very nice…. Nd gives a positive approach that a girl or a lady can do anything….Nd women’s power is never less…

  13. Ab sab thik hojaye ga. ..ek cheez achchi hoyi hai. .
    suraj ki wajhe se sara parivaar ek sath hogaya. ..ab jald hi ishra apne ghar wapas aajaye ge. …

  14. Ye rinki phir se drama karegi k. .ishita ne business sambhal rahi hai. …..toshiji rinki ko thappad mare gi. ….kash kash ye kaam pehle kisi ne kiya hota. .toh rinki aaise behave nahin karti hai. …..
    ..kahin aaisa naho ki. .rinki Gusse Mein aakar suraj aur param se hath milale. …

    • bhagi

      yar agar vo param aur suraj se haath milayegi na tho vo kisi ki behaan aur bhalla’s ki beti kehne ka bhi layak nahi hai……..vo us param se kaise haath mila sakthe hai jisne uski behaan ko ithna dhuk diya just disguistng

  15. bhagi

    yar par ek gunde ko tho pakhadna chahiye tha na…..kisi bhi haal me suraj ko tho uski kiye ki sajha milni hi chahiye,……..

  16. Jhanvi

    Raman ko kitna Mara yar kitni chot lagi….. BT ye kya Raman ko to dard ka ahesas hi gayab ho gaya injection ka nam sunte hi…aur behosh bhi ho gaya….yr sach me sabse cute bachha hai ishu ka….Raman was looking soooo cute… Love u….Raman…

  17. Hey hi bhagi.kaisi ho ..aur. . .sahi kaha raman ne rula ne k baad raman ne bahut hasaya . .bilkul chote bachche ki tarha Chilla raha tha. ….
    Hey hii rithushree jhanvi gopu tahira ramya sab kaise hai. ..

  18. bhagi

    yar rinki sach me u.s me padkhe aayi hai ya tho phir bas vaha jaake aayyashi karke ayi hi ithni bewakoof kaise ho sakthi hai agar yaha par mihir ho tha tho ishu kabhi nahi bussiness ke baare me soach thi….aur yahi baath mihir ko vaapas aane ki ho tho vo u.s me chutti manane thodi na gaye hai jab bhulaya tab vaapas aaya…… vo vaha project head ban kar gaya apni carrier ko aage badane ke liye she is such a selfish girl……..

  19. Jhanvi

    Ha mizum lag tto aisa hi raha hai aur WO Rinki to sabse duffer aur pagal hai …wo kuchh bhi kar sakti hai….I hope contract me koi pro na ho…aur wo kamine pakde Jaye aur inki bhi jamke dhulai ho….aur us Rinki ko plsssss koi pagalkhane me bharti karvaooooo….baddimag kahi ki koi itna kaise gir sakta hai yar yakin nahi at a ki ye Raman ki bahen hai….

  20. Jhanvi

    Simmi bhi kabhi naraz thi ishra se aur romi bhi lekin dono ne kabhi itni giri hui harkat nahi ki thi WO naraz the lekin unke against Jane k liye kabhi bhi in kamino ka sath nahi diya tha hope yar uski wajah se Raman ki mehnt pr pani na fir jaye…

  21. Ya. ..bhagi rinki u.s mein padh kar nahin aayi hai. ..uss mein thoda bhi dimag nahin hai. ..uss ki wajhe se sara parivaar alag hogaya…….sirf apne life k bare mein sonch rahi hai. uss k friends k samne showoff kaise kare. ..yaar pehle rinki aaisi bilkul bhi nahin thi. .

  22. Jhanvi

    Hii …mizum I m fine ….how are u all…??

    Kal k epi me bhi maja ayega……waiting for next epi….

    Ha bhagi…unhe kisi ek ko pakadna chahiye tha… In ssalo ko saja to milni hi chahiye…

  23. Thik hon .par sardard aur zukham hogaya hai. ….aur haan Un gundon mein se kisi ko pakad na chahiye tha suraj aur param easily padhe jate. ….

  24. bhagi

    yah jahnavi rinki aur romi kabhi bhi kameenom ke saath nahi diya…….vo iss bare me soach bhi nahi sakthe hai…..

  25. tahira

    Ya mizun mujhe bhi darr lag rha h 15 aug ko kya hoga baar baar ye long usi k bare me baat kar rhe h badi muskil se sab thik hua h yaar ye rinki kuch gadbad na kar de finger crossed

  26. bhagi

    take care muzun hamara yaha mousam badal raha hai na shayad is liye….dctr ko consult kiya….???

  27. I just hate this show..its ridiculous Caz of this show my show ended…I know guys that u will think that I m fake diganga but am not…I have no need to comment here…but I m doing it Caz my show had less trip Caz of this stupid show..i don’t understand hwy the hell people like it….and u blo*dy ishita aka divyanka triphati u uglee actress….uglee.kamini.chori.musalin.Gandhi.bakwas.kuti.brghairat.sharm b nae ati tjhy ladkon k sath galay milti

    • V P

      Please Digangana you don’t want to watch better don’t . Do not pass comments like this . Divyanka is the best actress in TV serials , expressions are not to be compared with any one , and very beautiful also . If not for her I would not have watched YHM . Of course different people have deferent opinion but respect the creators and actors . And big Thanks to creators . Track is twisted well

  28. Roselyn Dada

    Rahman get well soon.Truly can that last comment be from Veera if so am highly disappointed in her. Never compaire your show with YHM is two parallel line . The acting in YHM look so real they handle things in a matured way pls dont compaire yourself

  29. Roselyn Dada

    lot of track in veera is not concluded my thumb up for Balve Ratan Balwant and Ranvi watching the show because of those character from Nigeria

  30. You just shut up your blo*dy b*t*h digananna suryavanshi you r also a women and tum bhi sare ladkon ke gale lagatey ho sirf gale lagatey ho ya Kuch aur bhi kartey ho kisko Patha hey mind u r language before speaking about ishita aka divyanka what all u said to divyanka that goes to u only u r show is just stupid of all serials get lost u stupid

  31. For only yØu ~ Ðigangana suryanshi…

    D 4 dog ?…
    S 4 silent plsss…
    Had kar di apne divyanka ke baare aaj tak Kisi ne kaha….

    If you don’t like ÐivÅñ….leave dis show…

    And plss yaar divyanka tripathi ke baare bhool ke bhi ab kuch na kehna ….

    Because here carzy fans ( ishra)

    I hope understand my feelings n ishra fans….

    And sorry Ds….

  32. darshika

    nice episode…. I’m late because of my studies. Any way It’s good to see whole family with unity except rinki. And If someone hate this show, you don’t have eyes and mind. If someone hate this show, you don’t need to comment on this page. You can comment your favorite tv show’s page. Then you can say, every blo*dy wrong things about your show,if your show has fallen down in trp. And divyanka is ugly….?yes,definitely you are blind. Oh….. Why am I wasting my words for this…….

    I’m soooooo worry about raman. Get well soon raman. And you make me crazy day by day. I love you karan(sorry ankita) And love you divyanka…… Raman is afraid of injections…….! Oh….very funny. I like it. Because raman is third baby of ishita. And where are you mihir….. Please come soon. I hope that you will help ishita. Please don’t listen to stupid rinki….. Waiting for today episode. From Sri Lanka.

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