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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla telling Sarika that she is feeling restless and tensed. Sarika asks is she thinking about dad and Raman’s fight. Mrs. Bhalla says even this lightning, where is your Papa ji. Sarika says Mr. Bhalla and Appa went to Akashganga society, he called Romi there to talk to builder. Mrs. Bhalla says she will light diya and Mata Rani will make things fine. Shagun tells the lady about the surrogacy racket and she will find some solid proof against it, they are using helpless woman for surrogacy, half of them are ill and unfit.

She says don’t know how that doctor came in between. The door bell rings. The laundry guy comes to deliver the clothes. Shagun takes her clothes and finds men’s clothes along it. Shagun says this is not my clothes, I stay alone

here. The man says the maid Shanti gave these clothes. Shagun says she went on leave, come later and take money. She pays her bill. The nurse asks Manoj to go home, as he is working since 36 hours. He says fine, call me if there is any emergency. Mrs. Bhalla prays for her family. Ishita is at her clinic and treats a boy. She asks his mum to bring him again next week. She goes to her cabin and says why am I getting this strange feelings, and prays for family’s safety.

Mrs. Bhalla calls her and asks her to come home. Ishita says I m coming, don’t worry, Raman is on the way and coming too. Suraj talks to the goons and says I m reaching. He says Raman Bhalla, get ready for some action. Mrs. Bhalla cries and says her heart is sinking, don’t know what will happen. Simmi says don’t worry. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to call Raman, and ask him to come home soon. Raman talks to Mihir and says about the meeting. He gets Ishita’s call and talks to her. Ishita asks him to reach home soon, she is not feeling good. He says he reached home, you come soon. She says I m feeling strange. He says they are with each other, why is she afraid, he is talking about romance.

The goons come there and surround him. Raman gets stunned seeing so many people and asks them who are they. Ishita asks Raman who is there? Why is he not saying anything? The goons start beating Raman. She asks him to answer. Raman beats the men and his phone falls on the ground. She calls Simmi from desk phone and shouts Raman… Simmi asks what happened Ishita, tell me where is Raman. Ishita calls out Raman hearing the beating sound. Suraj and Parmeet come there and smile seeing Raman’s state. Parmeet says Raman’s band is played, I came to know there is no male at Bhalla and Iyer house. Suraj says Raman has sent Ashok to jail, he will pay for it for his life.

Ishita tells Simmi that someone is beating Raman. Simmi asks where is he. Ishita cries and says he is in compound, rush there Simmi. Simmi tells everyone. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi to stay with kids, and all ladies go there. They see Raman getting beaten up by the goons. They go to beat the goons. Parmeet says ladies have come. Ishita is on the way and the call ends as someone steps on the phone. Mrs. Bhalla sees Raman wounded and cries holding him. She asks why are they beating Raman, who has sent her, say the name. Raman gets up and beats them. Suraj worries.

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Mr. Bhalla comes on time and holds the stick. He hugs Raman and asks is he fine. Sura says how did they all came. Someone attacks Mr. Bhalla and Raman defends him. Appa and Romi also beat few men. Parmeet says they all united and beating the men, we should leave from here. A goon holds Sarika and Romi beats him. Mrs. Bhalla scolds the goon and asks how did she beat her son. She asks who has sent him. Suraj leaves.

Ishita reaches there and sees the goons running. She is shocked seeing Raman wounded. She cries and runs to him. She asks is he fine. They all hold Raman. Raman faints. Ishita asks Appa to bring the car, they have to take Raman to hospital. They rush him to hospital. Ishita asks Appa, Romi and Mr Bhalla to get their dressing done. The doctor checks Raman and treats him. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is getting conscious. Raman asks where am I. Ishita says doctor said everything will be fine. Raman sees syringe and gets panicking. Mrs. Bhalla says you are scared of syringe right, and makes him relax. They hold Raman and doctor gives the injection. Raman sees the needle for giving stitches and faints.

Manoj is on the way and calls on landline to tell Shanti to make hot soup. Shagun says who is calling on landline, I did not give number to anyone and goes to pick it. The call ends. The driver sees him coughing and asks shall I take you to doctor. Manoj says I m doctor myself and asks him to drop him. Raman shouts and nurse argues with Romi. Mrs. Bhalla asks nurse not to feel bad of Romi’s anger, he loves Raman a lot and can’t see his pain. She takes Romi out. Ishita comes and nurse leaves angrily. Ishita asks why is he arguing with nurse. He says all madrasi are same, lets go home. She says no, we will go once you get fine.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Romi to be quiet, Raman is getting treated. Romi says Raman is getting pain. She asks him to inform Simmi. Raman says I won’t get admit. The doctor tells his injuries. He says Ishita knows everything. She says yes, and asks Raman to stay here. The doctor says ask him to behave calm, he troubled the staff, no nurse wants to treat him. Ishita asks Raman to sit calm. Raman says I won’t take injections. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Raman to convince him.

Suraj is angry and asks Parmeet about telling Raman is alone, his whole family was there. Parmeet says we have one way to turn this in our favor. Suraj asks what does he mean. Parmeet says I will inform ministry about Raman’s state. He calls them and smiles.

Ishita says we have to file proper police case. Mr. Bhalla says I will do complain. Mrs. Bhalla says don’t know who were the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. lot of track in veera is not concluded my thumb up for Balve Ratan Balwant and Ranvi watching the show because of those character from Nigeria

  2. You just shut up your blo*dy b*t*h digananna suryavanshi you r also a women and tum bhi sare ladkon ke gale lagatey ho sirf gale lagatey ho ya Kuch aur bhi kartey ho kisko Patha hey mind u r language before speaking about ishita aka divyanka what all u said to divyanka that goes to u only u r show is just stupid of all serials get lost u stupid

  3. hey mizun.i am are you? waise good morning.

  4. For only yØu ~ Ðigangana suryanshi…

    D 4 dog ?…
    S 4 silent plsss…
    Had kar di apne divyanka ke baare aaj tak Kisi ne kaha….

    If you don’t like ÐivÅñ….leave dis show…

    And plss yaar divyanka tripathi ke baare bhool ke bhi ab kuch na kehna ….

    Because here carzy fans ( ishra)

    I hope understand my feelings n ishra fans….

    And sorry Ds….

  5. GoØod morning n have a amazing day all ishra fans….

  6. Same here

  7. nice episode…. I’m late because of my studies. Any way It’s good to see whole family with unity except rinki. And If someone hate this show, you don’t have eyes and mind. If someone hate this show, you don’t need to comment on this page. You can comment your favorite tv show’s page. Then you can say, every blo*dy wrong things about your show,if your show has fallen down in trp. And divyanka is ugly….?yes,definitely you are blind. Oh….. Why am I wasting my words for this…….

    I’m soooooo worry about raman. Get well soon raman. And you make me crazy day by day. I love you karan(sorry ankita) And love you divyanka…… Raman is afraid of injections…….! Oh….very funny. I like it. Because raman is third baby of ishita. And where are you mihir….. Please come soon. I hope that you will help ishita. Please don’t listen to stupid rinki….. Waiting for today episode. From Sri Lanka.

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