Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with pandit giving marriage mahurat after 12 days. Ishita says its less time, we have to do many arrangements. Pandit says don’t worry, everything will be auspicious. Romi goes to drop pandit. Shagun shows the sample wedding card to them. Raman asks Aaliya is there any tension. Aaliya says I was thinking Ishita will not like it. He says don’t worry, they will fight, Ishita will explain Shagun. Ishita says its expensive.

Shagun says I want everything to be perfect in my daughter’s marriage, we will bear all the expenses. Ishita asks when did this happen, its Adi’s marriage also, we will share the costs equally. Mrs.Bhalla says yes, marriage happens between two families. Shagun says fine, we have to final wedding card. Ishita says I also got some designs, I

think card vendor has come. Aaliya goes to see. She asks who are you, did you come to give marriage cards. The man gives the samples and holds her hand. Aaliya shouts on him, asking does he have no shame. Everyone hear him. The man runs. Aaliya asks him to stop. Raman asks what happened. She says the man who came to gave cards, purposely touched me, I shouted and he has run away. Raman goes to watchman and asks about the man who came to his house. He scolds watchman and asks him to be careful, the man misbehaved with my would be bahu. Mani asks what happened. Raman asks how is Aaliya. Mani says she is fine. Aaliya says maybe I overreacted. Raman asks them to be careful and alert. Shagun says I have to talk to Ishita, I will come later. Raman and Mani leave. Shagun asks Aaliya to forget it.

Adi goes to Gagan and asks why are you having tea in lunch time, we are working now, so we are equal. Gagan thanks him. Adi says I will let you work on one condition, you have to share my tiffin. Adi opens the tiffins. Gagan sees eggs and says Navratri is going on. Adi says what to do, I m away from home. Gagan says no one eats eggs and non veg in these 9 days. Adi keeps eggs and orders food. Gagan says what will you eat at dhaba. Have this food made by my wife. Adi eats the food from Gagan’s tiffin and likes it. Ashok looks on.

Raman tries finding out about the man. The man meets Raman and says please help me. Raman says I will give money. The man says I m not beggar, just give me some job. Raman says fine, go upstairs and tell them Raman Bhalla has sent you. He asks his name. The name says Abhay Bhaskar. Raman says nice to meet you and goes. Amma says Aaliya’s Dadi can’t come here, but she asked me to take care of Tamil rituals. Shagun asks Aaliya to select a saree for herself. Aaliya is lost. Ishita says she is worried because of that delivery guy. She says we are getting your room designed, we want everything to be of your choice. Ishita and Shagun take Aaliya and show the room. Aaliya talks to them and smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla tries a saree and talks to Amma. Ishita says Aaliya has selected good designs. Romi says we will go and buy a new mattress for Adi and Aaliya, like our mattress, jump on it, do anything, nothing will happen. They all laugh and ask him to stop it. Mihika asks Romi to stop it and come with her. Mrs. Bhalla says he is foolish. Shagun says it was embarrassing. Ishita says my innocent son’s call has come. She answers Adi’s call. He asks her to tell him what to make quickly, he is very hungry. She asks him to open fridge. He sees the food kept inside the fridge and thanks him. Ishita says I knew you will need food, you can have it for some days. He says thanks, I love you, I kept food for heating, it looks yummy, I could not eat eggs, as Navratri started, did you do puja. Ishita says no, we can’t do puja, because of Vandu’s demise. She asks him if he has suggestions about the room. He asks her to ask Aaliya. She gives phone to Aaliya. Aaliya goes. Ishita says they have love in between them, nothing can create a hurdle.

Mani calls Raman and says I have to discuss a problem. Raman asks is Adi fine. Mani says no, its something personal, meet me at coffee shop. Raman meets Mani at the coffee shop and asks is everything fine. Mani says its big problem, I don’t know what gift should I give to Shagun in Aaliya’s marriage. Raman asks did you call me for this, you could have asked me on phone. Mani says its big thing for me, I don’t know how things work. Raman says you came to right place, I m king of romance. Mani says yes, so I called you here. Raman asks Mani to note. He orders coffee. He asks Mani to buy a costly saree for wife. Mani says Shagun buys many sarees. Raman says it will be special if you buy for her, women want us to know their mind and fulfill their wish. Mani says I think it won’t be easy.

Raman says saree should cost minimum 2-4 lacs, then… Mani says I will remove price tag. Raman says no, never touch the price tag. He recalls gifting saree to Ishita. She checks the price tag and says such a costly saree. He says see my emotions, not price. She says its good price tag is here, I can know you love me a lot. FB ends. Raman says our love gets valuable as per price tag, they show off the saree if price tag is high. Raman gives him more tissues to note down.

Raman recalls Ishita liking the saree. She asks how can I wear this in marriage, it should be bright and heavy, its find you got this for me by love. FB ends. Raman says we have specifications to gift saree in marriage, like bright color, golden border. Mani says Shagun does not like such. Raman says women want everyone to notice them, they can even fix tubelight on them to get noticed, you are daughter’s parents, you are most imp supporting cast of marriage. He gets more tissues and makes him not down. He says this is pointers to never live sad, I will leave now.

Gagan meets Ashok. Ashok says I told you to wait for my next order, you got friendly with Adi. Gagan says no, Adi is a great man, he gave work to people here, I want his factory work to end soon, my brother’s marriage is there, I have no enmity with Adi, forgive me for this, tell me if there is any other work. He goes. Adi says I think I want some other way to stop Adi’s work.

Shagun asks Aaliya to wear jewelry in puja function. Aaliya talks to Adi on call. She gets shocked seeing that man. He stops her from shouting.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. The man met aliya was definitely send by a show as her father to create a problem for adi.

    1. May be ashok send same perception here

  2. Hi Rithu, VP< Mino, Shivani, Magic, Bhagya, Priya, Priyamavadha, Khushi, Parichary, Susan, Jay, Sayyeda and many many more. First of all magic, glad you have come back with your comments. Bhagya congrats on your engagement.

    Today's episode is watchable. Nice to see the FB with Raman and Ishita. It recollects old memories of YHM. I rather they show the old clipping of YHM when Raman and Ishita were very close. Those will be good memories. Well there is a funny element of letting Raman advice Mani. I don't think Shagun would mind if the saree was expensive or not. She must be happy that it is coming from Mani.

    I wonder who is the man who is watching over Aliya. Could it be her father? I know their parents died in the car accident. He looks older. The cvs can always resurrect dead people. Or it could be Ashok who has sent that man. But he looks as if he is not there to hurt her.

    1. Khushi arvind

      Hi sindhu,
      He ru doing dear..
      Ya u r right thean who is following aaliya seems to be an older person nd by his mannerisms it luks lyk he cares for her.. May be he is her long lost dad.. Her dad might have survived the accident
      Or it might be a trap of that flithy ashok

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    gagan not acting may be and y aliya is shocked in the precap who is the unknown person. hi guys rithu sindhu VP Amma magic shreya isuri disha jaz adithya and all yhm frds

    1. Hi Bhagya … how are you ? Happy to know about your engagement …. one more year to finish your studies rt ? All the best … my dear …

    2. Yeah am fine bhagyashree acha toh aapko lagta hai ki gagan acting nahi kar raha hai but i think he is doing

    3. Khushi arvind

      Hi bhagya,
      Congratz dear… So happy for you.. May god bless u with all happiness in life…

  4. Send by ashok was

  5. Frankly speaking a waste show apart for watching Ramanand Ishitha . What rubbishis going on Shaghun and Ishitha as mother and mother i law . Bioligical mother of Adi is going to be his mother in law . These things will never happen in real life . Cvs why are you spoiling the storyline to bring Shaghun positive . And far a change Gagan became positive … Ashoks plan not succeding … Cvs are capable of bringing dead people .. I feel he is Alias father … wait and watch …. Mani totally in love … really felt like sleeping as I was watch …

    1. I also feel that he is Aliyia’s father. As for Shagun agghggggggg! !

      1. Susan I loved your aggaggagg…

  6. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thanku sindhu

  7. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    gagan is not bad person I think
    and where is pihu

  8. Hello to all and sindhu glad that you also come with your comment hahaha by the way where is shivani perhaps busy with exams
    and susan bhai what about yhm now are you still watching the show or not?

    1. Lol. Yes still watching. Still hoping against all odds for old IshRa to return. But I seems now we will have to do with flashbacks of old IshRa. Even on the YHM fb page they keep showing old romantic photos of IshRa. So here’s to flashbacks and throwbacks to keep us going while IshRa turns to old for romance. At least Raman looking good these days in shirt (in stead of those t-shirt ones).

  9. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    iam fine VP Amma thanks for your wishes and I want your blessings also

  10. Hey guys why are u all thinking that the man is Aliya’s daddy? He looks cheap and disgusting, would he be aliyas father? Stop thinking like this… I am sure ashok must have sent him to kidnap aliaa. And furthermore, how can u hate adi and aliya? They are 1000 times better than israa. And Ishita raman, they look like oldies and u guys want their disgusting romance? Chiiii

  11. Why are many of yhm fans always going after that sick couple ishita ramn?

  12. And why many of them still hate shagun? U guys are hating characters who became good.

    1. Unfortunately she was too evil and played her character to well. There is nothing the cv’s can write that will make me like Shagun. I believe that the only way anybody can “like” Shagun would be if they have not watched YHM from the start. Her sudden over friendly character just makes me dislike her even more. I actually want to say I HATE HATE HER but keeping you on mind I will stick to dislike

      1. Well commented Susan !!! Same with me too

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    yes VP Amma still one year is there to complete my studies

  14. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  15. Yeh hai Mohabbatein’s current track is currently showing the bad effects of some mysterious man on Adi and aliya’s marriage.

    Adi and Aliya are going to marry and some mysterious man is threatening aliya .

    This mysterious man is none other than someone whom Aliya know very well off.

    This man is also blackmailing aliya to ruin Adi’s life or else the man would kill Adi and Raman and would kill Ishitha and her entire family.

    Aliya cannot share this blackmailing news with Raman and Ishitha as she is totally helpless.

    Aliya’s Los avatar is piercing Raman and Ishitha a lot and Ishitha decide to find the actual truth.

    It would be interesting as to how would Ishitha unfold the mystery of the mystery man .

    Stay tuned for more updates and information.

  16. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  17. Star plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with its new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman and Ishitha’s life.

    As per the recent series, it’s seen that evil Ashok has returned to ruin Raman and Ishitha’s life but this time via Adi and Aliya.

    On the other hand,Romi who once upon a time was working with Ashok is proud that he is against him and successful without his support.

    As per the latest reports it is heard that Aly Goni aka Romi has decided to bid good bye to yeh hai Mohabbatein.

    Aly Goni will henceforth seen in the show Dhai kilo prem of star plus as Sushant.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  18. In star plus yeh hai Mohabbatein it may be shown Romi being killed in the show to raise trp’s as he is quitting the show.

  19. Hi dear could someone please tell me the new telecast time of it

  20. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    thanks for your wishes khushi

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