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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita seeing Ruhi leaving with Shagun. She thinks where is Ruhi going and tries calling. She worries. Mani asks his worker to work in this factory and end project before deadline, I promise to give you bonus. Union leader comes and asks them to stop it. Mani says they are my workers, you can’t stop them. Union leader says we will not let them work in Bhallas factory. Mani says get out, my factory has no union. Union leader says maybe you are new to business, every worker has a union, I will decide when will they work and not, I know you are supporting Bhallas, I declare strike in your factory as well. He sends the workers. Mani says what nonsense, where are they going. Mani and Adi worry.

Shagun tells Ruhi that Niddhi stays here, meet her, I will end my

work and meet you. Niddhi gets surprised seeing Ruhi, and says Ruhaan, Ruhi how did you come here. Ruhi recalls how Niddhi used to beat her and gets tensed. Niddhi asks her to come, and not be afraid. Niddhi says Shagun told me you wanted to meet me, I m shocked you came to meet me alone, did you not get scared, I miss you, we have stayed for 7 years together, you went to your parents and will not miss me now, tell me what work do you have, do you want my help.

Ruhi says I came to request you. Niddhi says request….. interesting word from you, tell me. Ruhi says I wanted you to talk to Singhal, he placed some conditions and work is not starting in Romi’s factory, he will agree if you say. Niddhi asks why do you think I will agree. Ruhi says maybe … I thought… Niddhi holds her and asks did you get scared, I will do your work, I have a condition, if you agree, I will do your work, give and take, do you agree. Ruhi asks what condition.

Niddhi asks are you sure you want to hear that condition. Ruhi asks her to say. Niddhi asks her to wait and goes. She gets the whip and calls her Ruhaan. She says you forgot me, but not this, I wanted to teach you discipline, I got to know how much you misbehave and ruin other’s plans, anyways I know to make you disciplined, I know the way, you love Ishi Maa, that you forgot your real mother, who gave you birth, you will remember everything. She beats Ruhi. Ishita comes there and holds Ruhi. Niddhi gets shocked.

Ruhi cries and tells Ishita that Niddhi has beaten me a lot. Ishita asks till when will I save you, its too much now, I m very sorry, I can’t save you, you have to deal with this woman, why do women think someone will come and save them, we tie rakhi to brother and hope he will protect us, what women do who don’t have brother, women are not weak, they have strength, Niddhi has beaten you as you allowed her, did I teach you to bear torture, bearing it is bigger crime, you should have raised voice and not wait for your mum, if you think she did right, get beaten up, else show her she did wrong, sorry I m not helping you now, help yourself.

Ruhi looks at Niddhi. Niddhi asks are you mad, will you beat me. Ruhi holds the whip and recalls what all Niddhi did. Ruhi beats Niddhi. Niddhi falls. Ruhi throws the stick. Ishita says the whip marks will make Niddhi realize her mistake, I m proud of you Ruhi, come. They leave.

Shagun comes there to pick Ruhi. Shagun says Ishita you here… Ishita says you felt I won’t come to protect Ruhi. Shagun says what, Ruhi wanted to come here, I will take her anywhere I want. Ishita says stop it, else I will do same what I did with your friend, Ruhi is my daughter, if you do anything, I will not talk next time, but kill you.

Shagun meets Niddhi and asks what happened. Niddhi lies that she slipped in bathroom. Shagun says Ishita was saying nonsense, tell me what happened. She gets Mani’s call and asks how did this happen. Shagun tells Niddhi that Mani is dumb, he was helping Ishita and now union initiated strike in our factory too. Niddhi says you wanted an opportunity to take revenge from Ishita, this is right time, I will explain.

Raman says how did Niddhi beat Ruhi, I will not leave her. Ishita says I could have beaten Niddhi, but I wanted Ruhi’s fear to end, and that happened. Raman looks for medicines to give Ruhi and cries for her pain. He says Niddhi has beaten her since 7 years, I could not save her, but not now. Ishita says Ruhi is strong, she has answered Niddhi, come. Pihu applies ointment to Ruhi’s wounds. Raman and Ishita see this and smile. Ishita says Pihu is taking care of Ruhi. Raman asks Ishita to come. She asks him to go. He goes to Ruhi and asks is it aching a lot. Ruhi hugs him. He sees her wounds and cries. He applies ointment. Ruhi smiles seeing Pihu.

Adi says I will not let Aaliya live peacefully, how could she reject me. Ishita says no one falls in love by thinking, you can’t force her to love you, maybe she is not meant for you. Adi says enough, I don’t want to hear your lecture, she has to say yes to me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein News: Mihir in dilemma to choose Aliya or Adi

    Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Adi (Abhishek Verma) has turned into angry man post love rejection from Aliya (Krishna Mukherjee).

    Adi gets alcoholic to forget Aliya’s love finding peace of mind.

    On the other hand Aliya gets depressed to gain Mihir’s love and gets influenced by Shagun falling in her trap.

    Aliya plays false acid attack on herself blaming Adi and getting him arrested.

    On the other hand, Aliya blackmails Mihir to marry her to rescue Adi free from false acid attack charges.

    Mihir gets shocked and seeks Ishita’s help as Mihir is in dilemma to choose Aliya or Adi.

    1. Plsss dnt let mihir marry that stupid aliya he deserves much more better than her plssss

  2. Woohoo!! Love U Ruhi to the core…..Nidhi is beaten badly…awe that’s so Cutie… She must deserve more than that…
    Precap is worst … How dare adi can do this? One cannot force another to love him/her.its their decision. In Instagram I saw a photo that Mani was aiming a gun to adi…. What??

    What is the full form of cvs? What is it?

    1. I think it means Creatives.. the creative heads who develop story line.

  3. Weldon ruhi go girl u are ishithas daughter now this nidhi will never raise hand on u and this shagun such a shameless mom doesn’t care for her children’s, this shagun and mihir are siblings but what a different charecters mihir is best charecter of yhm and shagun most worst charecter and plssss dnt turn adi to negetive plssss its a request i want old adi back such a caring son brother how he can act like stupid for a stupid grl aliya

  4. I saw a photo where mani points a gun at adi..i think mani has turned into villain…

  5. Good episode today every one enjoy because nidhi got her own treatment

  6. Wow ruhi, nice, niddhi got beaten by u nicely. How can aid do this? A cheap and very bad women is niddhi.

  7. Ananthi cvs has many full form but i remember one that is concurrent version system which let dovelop the control on sharing files

  8. I am eagerly waiting for my friend shreya’s comment i hope she enjoyed today’s episode

  9. Pls update kasam written updates

  10. *Don’t make a villan well broughtup Adi. And make Sagun to understand her mistakes turn her to Ruhi Arora.

    1. Ruhi’s mania is over for Shaggy. This time she will turn into Pihu Arora :lol

  11. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    precap is worst why adi behaves like this ?why he is so rude to her ishima?how can adi turn negitive for that stupid aliya?guys i too don’t know the ful form of cvs

  12. Hi all yhm friends very nice episode I also saw a pic in which Mani points a gun towards adi n police points gun towards Mani n ishu was crying

  13. The cvs are making the serial worse day by day.. chi chi

  14. well-done ruhi, now you became ishitas daughter…….Nd haa pls don’t let Adi become negative please Nd yes throw that stupid Aliya out of the show…..

  15. Today … Dt , Kp and Aditi really nailed it … Dt and Aditi with Nidhi … it is something to be learned to self protection … Cvs it was a brilliant scene for viewers … how she advised her to protect herself … and then to Shaghun … Ishithas expression was excellent … if shaghuns tells my daughter again she will kill her it seems .. superb dialogue .. lasly Ramans sadness thinking about his daughter suffering from 7 years old plus the way they came with ointment .. happy to see two sisters taking care .. parents love shown in Dts and Karans face was adorable and he calls Ishitha inside ..and loohing at father and two girls she moves away .. felt sad … how much pain they take … they are young artists .. but the way they act as parents of Adi Ruhi and Pihu is very nice .. Precap was good … as Ishitha says one cant force love ..,

  16. Hi everyone Rithu,VP, Az, ShivanI, Aditya, Prisha, Bhagya, Jaz, Mino, Monikie, Bhagya and actually there are few more and other fans.
    I hope all doing fine. Today’s episode was fine. It was true retribution for Niddhi. I only wished shagun has come when Ruhi was whipping Niddhi and then Ruhi can also use the same hunter and whip Shagun as well. She would have deserved as well. What kind of a mother she is? Absolutely does not care about her daughter Ruhi. The bond is nice between Ruhi pihu and raman. I hope soon ishita can be part of them.

  17. very nyc

  18. shreya shetty

    hurray.that wretched unworthy evil doggy nidhi deserves severely nice beatings from ruhi for all what she had done on her in those 7 years before when poor ishu left raman.sooo sad that ruhi was remembering her tortures I felt and started to cry watching her sad haunted past of ruhi.I know it was really very painful for that little girl who has now grown up as a teenager suffering from brutal bruises given by that stupid dog per my counting ruhi has given 15 WHIP BEATINGS ON NIDHI ON LOOKING AT HER BEATING PROCCESS.VERY GOOD WELL DONE,SOMETIMES U MUST LEARN HOW TO FACE UR OWN FEARS THEY CONQUER UR MIND BUT NEVER GIVE UP IN DUMPING AWAY THEM FROM U DEAR,I EXACTLY KNEW THAT SHES STILL ISHIMAAS DAUGHTER AND ISHITA HAD TAUGHT HER MANY GOOD MANNERS IN THIS LITTLE ANGEL.WHATEVER THE ADVICE ISHU GAVE TO RUHI WAS TRULY INSPIRATIONAL.ALL WOMEN ARE NOT WEAK,THEY MUST HAVE INNER STRENGTH IN THEM IN ORDER TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THIS PHYSICAL ABUSE GIVEN BY THOSE DIRTY SCALWAG ANIMAL MEN SO CALLED HUSBANDS.WE VE SEEN HOW TO BEAT THEM UP IF THEIR HUSBANDS TRY TO ATTACK THEM SUPERB GOOD GOING BRAVE LADIES AND U TOO RUHI.U VE MANAGED TO CONQUER UR FEARS FACE TO FACE WITH THAT *** NIDHI

    1. Well said

  19. shreya shetty

    oops sorry.but as I saw ruhis sad horrible nightmare memories that made me CRY!!!I CONSIDERED THAT WISH I WERE IN RUHIS PLACE THEN WHAT WOULD VE HAPPENED.

  20. shreya shetty

    aaliya has now realized her mistake so for heavens sake u stupid cvs please change adi to positive.come on patch up adi and aaliya pair once more,adi should never dare think of doing such stupid things in his life to destroy someone that’s not right at all u c.ishita I am very devoted to u.the great message u ve spread across of all women and girls who ve been presently watching this serial is sooo right indeed.u ve once again proved that u r not only like an angel but also a supporter in vanishing ones fearful dreaded horros in their life especially ur own little girl ruhi!!!!ruhi I am soo happy to see u that u ve grown up to be a matured strong willed teen girl

  21. shreya shetty

    adi maaan go to hell.who the *** ever told u to be in this show huh.please remove that stupppid adi aka Aditya bhalla out of this show before I go virally mad on looking at can someone force a girl to forcibly accept his love to her huh.thats just complete gross I tell u.i want to add u in my hatred menu list adi cand jump In into the frying oil in my pan

    1. Shreya

      Adi will not stay negative for longer time.
      Adi did not attack Aylia.
      Aylia has turn negative and support Shagun.
      Aylia blackmail Mihir to marry her or give false case on Adi for throwing the acid.
      Mihir will be helpless but goes to Ishita and give information about Aylia behaviour and ask what to do.
      Adi went to jungle and was heavily drunkard but it was someone else that put acid in Adi car. Adi hoad not thrown acid on Aylia. Shagun send goons to throw the acid on Aylia.
      Mani take his case back against Adi. Ishita fight with police for Adi while Raman look on helpless. Mani changed his mind and knew that Adi did not revenge.
      Ishita should tell Mani about Aylia loves for Mihir and Adi heartbroken.
      Adi get shocked by police arrest. Ishita consolled Adi.
      Mani want to warn Adi to stay away from Aylia. Mani had misunderstood Adi. Adi did not go near Aylia and Adi tell Aylia to stay far from Adi. Adi had made Mani clear that Aylia should not come for the presentation that confused Mani but Adi tell it is for safety. Mihir and Ishu get relieved and Mani agreed.
      Adi did not see Ishu love for him and did not support Aylia. Mihir also support Adi over Aylia. Aylia will be shattered and want to put all false blame on Adi. Mihir and Ishita had to save Adi from Shagun and Aylia.

  22. Are you still angry with me shreya even after i told you that was old comment

  23. Reply shreya
    Adi is not forcing aliya. When your first love reject s you people tend to take a rejection in a different way especially if a girl like aliya flirts with Adi.
    Reply parichary and VP. First thank u for blasting me and thank you for misinterpreting me. I still believe Shagun loves pihu. See when Raman and Shagun were supposed to get married except for Adi, Romi, Mihikha and to an extent Mrs. Bhalla the rest at least wanted the marriage to take place. Even mihikha blasted Mihir for supporting the marriage. But after Ruhi identity got revealed Shagun got neglected. But all these valid excuses for Shagun. You know what Shagun could have done. Shagun could have asked Raman and Ishitha joint custody of pihu rather than kidnapping Ishitha. Now what I have for Shagun is pity and nothing else.

    1. Shagun is using children to get Raman.

      Raman don’t want Shagun to play game by using children.

      If Shagun want revenge then she should not use children and other people who loves Ishita. Shagun should revenge on Ishita on her own.

      Mrs Bhalla was wanting Raman and Shagun to get married since 7 years (they are to believe that Ishita had died) because of Raman and Ishita daughter Pihu. Pihu believed that Shagun is her mother. Shagun only live with Bhalla to take care of Pihu. Raman don’t want Shagun in his life. Raman get heavily drinking because he loves Ishita only. Raman did not forgive himself for blunt bad on Ishita and doubt on Ishita love. Raman thought that he had lose 2 ladies (Ruhi and Ishita) from his life. If Ruhi is back in Raman life then he will take Ishita back also. Mrs Bhalla get shocked to see Ishita alive and change her mind and want Ishita back to Bhalla house because Ishita is still Bhalla bahu.

      Ruhi loves Ishita very much. As you saw how Niddi hurt Raman and Ishita daughter Ruhi badly. Ishita encourage Ruhi to be strong like her and fight back for her (Ruhi) own right so that Niddi will learn. Ruhi had turn Jhasi Ki Rani for her mother Ishita and beat Niddi badly. Ishita is Ruhi strength. Ishita warn Shagun that If Shagun try to get near Ruhi but Ishita will not only speak but to kill her very easily. Shagun get shocked by see Ishita becoming deva ma. Ruhi know how Ishita is and will protect her.

      Adi loves Ishita for few months because Ishita upbringing Adi was short because of Shagun upbringing him are longer. Raman want to upbringing Adi without Shagun.

      Mihika did not blasted on Mihir for supporting the marriage but Mihir did not understand why Raman want to rush to marry Shagun. Mihir and Adi know that Raman want Ishita badly and still love her. Raman want to hurt Ishita but realised that Raman can’t live without Ishita. Raman believe on Aylia that Ishita will be marry to Mani but as you saw in Raman’s brand product event that Ishita got herself drunk and Raman get concerned and want to protect. Raman and Ishita have clear all the misunderstanding. Raman adore Ishita. Shagun see Pihu with Ishita and Shagun did not like it. Pihu only ask Ishita with help of homework. Pihu see much easy doing maths with Ishita. Shagun did not know about maths because Shagun is unmature women. Raman loves Ishita because Ishita is much mature and teaches children from wrong to right and even Raman too. Ishita had made clear to Shagun that Ishita will not separate Pihu from her(Shagun) but Shagun did not listen.

      Shagun had turn negative because of Ishita returned. Like old times that Shagun left Raman for Ashok and revenge on Raman. Raman married to Ishita for Ruhi. Shagun get jealous to see Raman and Ishita close and Raman and Ishita love start to blossom. Raman and Ishita fell in love with each other and make all families happy. Adi had kick Shagun out of his life because Adi came to know that Shagun does not love him (Adi) and Shagun want only Raman. Raman don’t want Shagun. Shagun had failed and went away. Shagun start work for NGO and she changed her identified to Ruhi Arora.

      Romi and Mihika loves Ishita more than Shagun. Mihir also loves Ishita very deeply than Shagun. Shagun did not get all loves from all people. Shagun get lonely but join in hand with Ashok and Niddi to revenge on Raman and Ishita. Now Aylia will join Shagun. Mani will help Shagun to get Pihu custody from Raman and Ishita and tell court that Raman and Ishita are bad parents because of Adi had been arrested. Adi had realised his mistake and went to Raman and Ishita to ask for forgiven. Ishita and Raman will accepted Adi forgiven which made Shagun failed.

    2. Sorry Raghu if I have blasted you … I am v careful in writing … may be …. I dont like Shaghun from begining … she has no love for anyone other than herself … For a mother … her own children … means … precious than anything … they live for them …. I dont and never trusted Shaghun … I cant believe such ladies exist … wwhy should cvs do show like this … once more sorry … plus I am not at all a fan of Anita Hassandani …

  24. shreya shetty

    nooooo magic.i can understand how u reacted that time coz of my fault.i am very forgivable coz I forgive everyone of any mistake to any extent u a helping and caring friend theres no way I can get angry at u after a day of that issue.that was how I used to go mad when I am angry sorry to express my demonic anger like that.hope u wont feel bad about me

  25. shreya shetty

    but I cried on looking through ruhis sad memories of pain and torture by that evil stupid dog dare she tries to raise her hand on a sweet little 8 year old girl ruhi like that

  26. shreya shetty

    guys I ll be commenting for just 2 weeks till my mid term examinations starts on 24th September and 23rd will be my last comment from then on.later I ll be back again to comment once more.actually I am feeling very depressed about my performance in mathematics because it came out to be extremely poor as usual, soo I usually express my attitude in a wrong way to u all.sorry if I tried hurting any of u here in this site.although I am trying my best to achive better than before,even presently I am helpless with no guides to help me out.i ve been going through many nightmares of it.magic forgive me for my bad temper coz I was just totally mood off with my performance,so I must keep trying harder till I could make it up for good marks once again.i had no option but to share my bothering problem to u all

    1. Oh to ye baat hai. I wish you will get good marks in upcoming exams shreya ji and i can help you but i can’t because i don’t know from where you are? But my friend i am giving you a majic to get the good marks in mathmatics and other exams that is only in the world that is “work hard towards your goal untill you get the success” and believe me that is only majic which all universe have plz get this and you will get good score in exams have a nice day good girl

  27. I missed the episode.episode was worst and precap was also worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha aditya jaz jeni super girl Shona disha juhi shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d unique angel aparna priya bhagi Sarita sara sachie mino Luna And all yhm friends.

    1. Hi Rithu missed you ..

  28. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Raman and Ishita reach to police station knowing about Adi has been arrested in charge of throwing Acid on Aaliya.

    Adi is complexly in deep shock because he did not remember anything because of consuming alcohol.

    Ishita burst out at inspector for arresting her son who can never do such type of things.

    Raman is also sad because he is helpless to save his son but Ishita supports Adi and asks him to say something.

    Mani saves Adi from Aaliya’s case

    However, Mani reaches to police station and take case back because he believes that Adi can never do this as he loves her a lot.

    Mani knows that Ishita’s upbringing cannot be bad so he took case back against Adi.

    Will Ishita find real culprit of Aaliya?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  29. Star Plus’ show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Adi (Abhishek Verma) has turned into angry man post love rejection from Aliya (Krishna Mukherjee).

    Adi gets alcoholic to forget Aliya’s love finding peace of mind.

    On the other hand Aliya gets depressed to gain Mihir’s love and gets influenced by Shagun falling in her trap.

    Aliya plays false acid attack on herself blaming Adi and getting him arrested.

    On the other hand, Aliya blackmails Mihir to marry her to rescue Adi free from false acid attack charges.

    Mihir gets shocked and seeks Ishita’s help as Mihir is in dilemma to choose Aliya or Adi.

    Stay tuned for more updates.

  30. shreya shetty

    I am still crying over it on remembering that nightmare what to do so I get angry quickly.i just hope I ll score even better marks than earlier

  31. shreya shetty

    okkk guys its time to leave so I ll come again soon.gotta go byeee and u too magic tc as a friend.byee

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