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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chand fixing the bomb. Shagun is at police station to support a woman. She sees Chand’s wife there, who wants to file her complaint. Shagun asks inspector to take her complaint. The inspector says she is misguiding us. Shagun says I work for Ngo and talks to the woman. The woman says about her husband wishing to harm Ashok Khanna, he is big businessman. Abhishek comes and says I have spoke to Ashok, he and his brother are safe, we will find your husband. Shagun says tell me everything, I know Ashok well, maybe I can help you. Abhishek tells her everything.

Shagun says Ashok, Suraj and I are fine, then whom will Chand harm, and asks his wife. The woman says Chand says I lost my son, Ashok will also lose the one he loves. Shagun says son… and thinks. She

says if he used to work with Adi years ago, is he talking about Adi, Ashok and Adi were very close, was he saying about Aditya Bhalla, Chand Mishra used to work with Ashok, when Adi and I used to live with Ashok, Chand is saying about Adi, just inform Bhalla family, they left for Mata Rani Darshan, away from Delhi.

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Raman does not get network. Chand asks them to come soon. Raman asks everyone to come and sit in the bus. The ladies sit in the bus. Mr. Bhalla asks Romi to get water and chips. Chand sees the men outside and sees Adi and ladies in the car. Abhishek tries calling Raman and says its out of range. Shagun says we can track Chand’s phone and get location. Abhishek asks his staff to track Chand’s phone.

Chand sees Adi and recalls Ashok’s words. He says all the men are outside, ladies and kids are inside the bus, they all will die. He starts the bus and races. The bomb timer starts. Everyone ask Chand about starting the bus. Raman, Mr. Bhalla and Romi see bus leaving and run after it. Chand races and gets very ahead. Mrs. Bhalla says stop the bus, gents did not get. Simmi and Ishita ask him to stop. Chand pushes them and smiles. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him. Chand says I can’t stop the bus, I planted bomb in this. They all get shocked. Chand says if bus speed falls below 60, bomb will explode, you all will die. They all go back and sit.

Raman asks Romi to book Pammi, she booked this bus. Romi says there is no network. A man comes there and stops his car. Raman asks Romi to sit fast and takes that car. Abhishek gets location and asks Shagun to stay here. Shagun says Adi is my son, I want to come. Abhishek says I understand, its not safe. Ishita asks Chand why is he doing so, kids are scared, whats his enmity with them. Chand asks her to go, else he will stop the bus. Ishita cries and asks why did he do this. Chand says his son died, he will kill Adi, then Ashok Khanna will know the pain. Ishita is stunned. Raman and Romi are on the way. Abhishek and his staff too try finding the bus. Shagun calls Raman and Romi takes the call. Shagun asks him to give phone to Raman, its urgent. Romi says he can’t talk. She says put on speaker. She tells Raman about the driver, Chand wants to kill Adi.

Raman asks why. Shagun says he feels he will kill Adi to take revenge from Ashok. The network goes. Ishita says Ashok Khanna is not related to us, tell me how to diffuse the bomb. Chand says don’t lie, I have seen Ashok loves Adi a lot, I know this. Ishita says that was just to show, Adi is my and Raman’s child. Chand says I lost my son by Ashok’s lie, don’t lie to me, Ishita calls Raman and tells him that this man wants to take revenge from Adi, this man is mad.

Raman talks to Chand, and says I m Raman Bhalla, Adi is my son, Ashok lied to you, my family is there in the bus. Chand says no use now. Raman says Ashok did that with you. Chand says bomb started, just 15mins left now. If bus stops before that, even then bomb will explode. They all cry. Chand laughs. Appa gets shocked seeing the breaking news of Chand Mishra hijacking Bhalla family bus. He asks Amma and Mihika to come fast and see this news. They get shocked too.

Raman and Romi see the bus racing and follow it. Ishita pacifies Adi and Ruhi. Raman asks Romi to call Ishita and tell her that they have come. Romi tells Ishita that they are near the bus, and Raman asks her to come towards the back side of the bus. Ishita tells everyone to leave by emergency exit. Romi drives and Raman tries rescuing the family. Ishita opens the emergency exit. Ishita tries sending Neelu first. Chand sees this and races, Neelu can’t get off from the bus. Chand drives roughly seeing Raman. Raman asks Chand to listen to him. They see the way block. Raman asks Romi to do something. Chand says you all die now and jumps from the bus. Ishita panics.

Ishita and everyone see the speed falling and panic. Ishita takes the driver’s seat to manage.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nothing to worry in this track
    Just a small leap

  2. Missing mihir…..

  3. Hi nimrit tahira ritu nd ramchin ….ya nimrit I m also sooooooo happy….. Thank god… Yar in sab spoilers ne to dara hi diya tha yar….sooooo happy…… Yeeee

  4. Ya ramchin I m also missing mihir…

  5. yhm rockzzzzz…..

  6. Current track of Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is depend
    on Hollywood movie
    Speed which is filled lots
    of action and drama.
    Chaand has implant a
    bomb in the bus and
    jumped from the bus.
    Ishita takes the driver
    seat to save family lives.
    Raman manages to reach
    in the bus and brings out
    safely except Ishita.
    Ishita also wants to save
    herself and her baby so
    she jumps from the bus
    but accidently she falls
    on a rock.
    Ishita’s womb get hurt by
    rock and she start crying
    in pain.
    Raman, Ruhi and Adi try
    to console Ishita but
    Ishita is worried for her
    baby as she knows that
    her womb is very weak.
    Will Ishita loss her
    unborn baby or a miracle

    1. Ohhh god what dis News against…
      Pata nai makers kya soch raha hai..
      Hopeki baby aur ishuko kuch nai hoga

  7. I really hope dat Ishitha n her baby will be safe n guys der is no leap I guess Ishitha will save her life by jumping out of da bus but she’ll fall on da rock n her womb will get hurted she will starting crying n we’ll find Ruhi Adi n Raman consoling her

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  9. Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But don’t know,what will happen next.
    And ya….. They really enjoyed while shooting this scene…..

  10. Ajj hi pata Cale ga k kya ho ga pata nahi kon se spoiler par believe karoo our kis par nahi by the way guys I am also missing mihir

  11. Yhm is in 8th sooo sad….

  12. Really so thrilling was the episode …. Each and every actors did a good job . One thing noticed in this serial is if any actor or actress is not there for days we all miss them . Simi we missed and now Mihir . So the story is so amazing in fact the best to become top 1 . But the serial stand on 8 th position . Only because of pre fake informations ….. If Ishitha dies what story then . Can’t see Shaghun in positive . If miracle happens and Ishitha and her baby is safe , well and good …. Why do you want to twist the serial in a negative way ….. Very happy to see the last scene in the bus Raman Ishitha Adi and Ruhi not leaving Ishitha . Superb it goes …. Please no Shagun in Ishras life. no Ishithas death ,no child lose, no surrogacy ,no memory lose ..

  13. Hi ha ishita ko Kuch nahi hota ha sirf pathar pa girti ha baccha bhi acha God na Usa bacha Ilya ha

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