Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi and Nikhil get caught

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with all the women passing the plates and doing rituals. Ruhi says I wish I could also do puja. Simmi goes to her and gives her a puja plate. She says next year, you won’t need to do puja by hiding. Romi and Adi see the bananas. Romi asks him to get some bananas. Adi throws some to him. Mihika and Aaliya come there. Adi says I m just seeing you today, you look beautiful. Aaliya calls him cute. Romi says this Romeo will die hungry for his Juliet, but I will go and have this. He goes to washroom to eat bananas. Mihika comes there. She stops him and gets angry. He says don’t tell anyone.

Everyone waits for the moon on terrace. Parmeet cares for Simmi. She says I m fine. He thinks she would have got dizzy if I added another tablet, Ishita would have stopped her from

keeping fast, Simmi would have fought with her, but plan flopped. Raman says moon has come out. Simmi goes to get diya. Parmeet says Nikhil has come to meet you Ruhi, go fast and come, I will manage here. Ruhi thinks how to lie and go. He sends her.

All the women see their husband’s face and break fast. Music plays…..Shagun sees Mani’s face and does his aarti. He breaks her fast. Shagun cries. He asks is everything fine. She says I m very lucky that you came in my life, I never thought love will come in my life again, thank you so much for changing my love, promise me you will become my husband for next seven births. He promises and does her aarti. They smile. She says I love you Mani. He says I love you too and hugs her. He says I want to call Aaliya and give her the good news to her. They go.

Ishita comes home and sees Simmi fallen on ground. She runs and sprinkles water on her. She asks Neelu to call someone. Parmeet thinks Simmi’s fast broke, now Ishita won’t be spared. Everyone worry for Simmi. Simmi gets conscious. Ishita says I will wipe her face. She asks Simmi is she fine. Parmeet says you did good to feed her water, I would have felt guilty. Ishita says no, she had fast, I just sprinkled water. He says water went in her mouth so fast would have broken. Simmi starts shouting on Ishita for breaking her fast. Parmeet thinks Simmi is so foolish, just a small spark is enough to ignite fire. Nikhil asks Ruhi not to keep fast next time. She says I m happy seeing you, I want you to become part of family next time. He says I don’t like you lying to them. Raman sees Ruhi and thinks what is she doing here. He sees her with Nikhil. He throws the puja plate and slaps Nikhil. He asks Ruhi to stop it, and not come in between. He slaps and scolds Nikhil.

Simmi says I kept fast for Ananya, Ishita couldn’t see my happiness. Ishita says I sprinkled water to get you on senses. Simmi says you should have called Parmeet. Ishita asks her to stop it, it was her moral duty to make her conscious. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita was taking care of you. Parmeet says she was doing good. Simmi says no, I was not dying, this fast was for Parmeet’s long life. He says its fine, I will feed water now. She says your life is very imp for me and Ananya. Ruhi comes. She asks what are you doing Bua, you can’t shout on Ishita like this, if she did anything, there will be some reason, I can’t hear this.

Raman gets Nikhil there. Ishita asks what is he doing here. Raman says Ruhi called him, she kept Karwachauth fast. Ishita looks at Ruhi. She asks what is Raman saying, did you keep fast and lie to us, you still hide and meet him, we explained you. Ruhi sayts I didn’t do anything wrong, I told you all same thing, I love Nikhil, I will meet him and keep fast, do anything you want. Raman says fine. She asks Raman to move his hand off Nikhil, else she has to go to police and tell everything, she is an adult and can take her own decisions, she can choose her partner. Ishita slaps her. She says you have grown up that you will send Raman to jail, you are wrong, I will not support you. Ruhi says I just know one thing, Nikhil and I love each other, I m not scared of anyone, you can beat us, but our love will not get less. She holds Nikhil’s hand.

He says I love Ruhi and can do anything for her happiness. Raman asks really, then get away from her life. Nikhil says no, I will stay with her. Parmeet says Nikhil we should leave now. Shagun says Aaliya is disconnecting my call, I m worried, I hope everything is fine. He asks her to call on landline. She calls. Nikhil says I won’t go. Adi says he won’t agree this way. Mihika answers call. Shagun asks about Aaliya’s fast. She hears Adi and asks why is he shouting. Mihika says Raman caught Ruhi and Nikhil doing Karwachauth puja, mahabharat is happening here, I will talk later. Shagun says I have to do something to make him out of Ruhi’s life. Ishita says please leave, its first Karwachauth of Aaliya and Kiran. Nikhil asks Ruhi to take care and goes. Simmi asks Ruhi to let them celebrate and takes her. Ishita sees Raman.

Ishita says its same Ruhi, she made me a mum, I m lost, she doesn’t want her Ishimaa now, what shall I do, how to get her on right way, I have lost. Raman looks on. She sits crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. AIHA19

    Yaar yeh Ruhi bhi na,Raman kaisa kar Sakta Hein Ruhi ki shaddi nikil ke saath,agar Nikhil aur Ruhi ki shaddi hogaye nikil aur Ruhi kaise jiyege,nahi Nikhil Ko koi job be Hein,Ruhi Ko koi bhi company job dey nehi sakteen, kyunki sab janteen Hein ki woh Raman Bhalla ka beti Hein infact woh company mein highest position main Hein,dusri company wale sochenge that she came to stole their office details.i don’t say that Ruhi and nikhils love is not true love but kis hak se Nikhil Ruhi Ko shaddi karenge.thank god!Shagun didn’t came there, otherwise another drama again,I really cried watching precap.yeh,simi bhi thodi Paani usski muh mein chal he Gaye aur bol rahe hein ki uska vrat toot gaye,ishitha ne Jo Kiya woh bilkul be galat nehi hein

  2. Shreya Shetty

    I have supported ruhi and ishita for so many instances but now I am totally fed up after watching that JAGATMAATA Ishita slapping ruhi that too in my own eyes
    Serves her right, ruhi should consider her to be that of a yurei a ghost and move on
    It’s too much after watching that bloodliness ishita the witch has displayed and now I am beginning to hate her at first
    I don’t even support ruhi for her intense stupidity of love with that nikhil!!! She s getting on my nerves and also somebody please show ishita destroyed and ruhi away from the bhallas
    I am getting damn irritated and a noyes by her pathetic I mean both ishu ans ruhis maa attitude.

    1. Lol ishita is doing what any sensible mother would do

  3. Ajuka said ki ishita always good goody bacho ke sath kyunki wo step mother hai lekin aisa Kuch nahi hai madam wo bhi strict kitni baar ho chuki hai Sirf aaj hi nahi Sohail track mein bhi usko slap Kiya Tha ishita ne infact jab adi ke khandpur wale track mein bhi wo strict hui aur uski nature hi aisa hai agar tumara nature apshagun jaisa ha to tum kabhi nahi samjhogi sure ha tumne kaha Tha sab mein shaggy ka blood hai isliye koi use nafrat nahi karega lekin pihu mein ishita ka blood hai chahe paida shaggy ne Kara ho thats the fact also

  4. Nickhill is mad why is he running behind a girl who is so much younger to him

    1. Aadhira

      ya seriously

  5. oh god ye kavi smile v nai karta wo kya khush rakhega ruhi ko. plz yaar nikhil or ruhi ki jodi ekdum bakwas hai..plz change d track. 19/20 saal ki ladki banegi mumy wo v itne bade bacheki.. kch v!!!!

  6. I think Ishitha and Raman are correct in trying to protect their child from a such marriage. Ruhi cannot call police to get her father arrested for a man who has not done anything for her except saving her in a lift. I like the show as it is very interesting and I am awaiting for tomorrow’s episode.

  7. These param is very cruel he is instigating simmi and ruhi against ishita.

  8. Well done ishitha, well done, for the first time you did the right thing with ruhi and proved you are a real mother. yar yeh kuch pehle karna chahiyetha, shagun’s change is nice and dont make her negative again for god sake, when will they catch param red handed, make it possible soon. Ruhiko shock treatment ki urgent need hai.

    1. very true Raj ! Ishitha was in her blind affection to Ruhi and cudnot say no to anything . Even yesterday Ruhi was supporting Ishima thinking she will support her . Ishitha if from the beginning showed her the right , Ruhi would not have gone to this extend . On top of this Raman though not knowingly with Shaghun choose the wrong path . Raman and Ishitha , hiding the truth with each other to save or not to hurt other person , though it was appealing to viewers failed as couple and parents .

  9. exactly vp, for a smooth and better relation hiding truth is not encourageable, thats why things went to this extend

  10. Hi All

    Such a sad turn of events. Ishita may have errerd but then is she not human. Every mother tries to first talk with love . But you know what , the Bhalla family have received endless benefits from Ishita at cost of her well being. Simmi , such a ungrateful person. What did she not do for Simmi and for her to talk abt Ishita like that. If she is so unhappy there then she shud move in with Parmeet.
    This serial is depicting what happens in real life when you do good all the time , even your closest loved ones take you for granted.
    I cried to see the hurt Ishita feeling at Ruhi’s behaviour.
    Just hope this Parmeet nonsense gets wrapped up quickly.

    1. yes Jay …. I also felt sad seeing the precap .
      But one thing this time Ishitha stood for herself with Simmi . Dt was so beautiful and both K p and Dt nailed it with their emotions .Shaghun I hope turned for good ! She clearly said she had not loved any one after Raman . She is the luckiest person in this , got a good personlike Mani that too Ishitha foxed it .She has to be thenkful to Ishitha if she really meant she loves Mani . What was she looking like ? I cant see the sight of her . But hope she will turn good . Params evil plans should be revealed and Simmi and Ruhi will def suffer .

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