Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shaila asking Ishita to call Raman. Ishita says he is not taking call, maybe he is driving. Ishita thinks Raman does not care for her these days to get icecream for her. Raman asks the man for Sitaphal flavor. The man says it got over. Shaila says we will have it tomorrow and goes to rest. Ishita thinks is Raman with Shagun. Raman comes home and says it seems everyone slept. Shaila comes and asks did he get icecream. He says yes and hands over the packet. She calls everyone and says your wife is annoyed, she will take your class.

Ishita comes and looks at Raman. Shaila asks Ishita not to scold Raman, he loves her a lot. He asks why did he get late. Raman says he was not getting this flavor. Shaila says see Ishita, how much he loves you. Simmi gives icecream

to everyone. Ishita likes the icecream and says this is my fav. Raman smiles and thinks their to be baby is also asking for the same. He thinks to call Shagun and know her welfare. He says I will go and change.

He goes to room and talks to Shagun. She says I can’t express how much I m glad having this icecream. He says even Ishita likes it, I think nothing can go wrong now. Ishita comes and hears him. He goes to change. She checks his phone and sees Shagun’s name in log. She gets angry.

Shaila asks Simmi to keep some icecream for Raman. Raman comes there. Shaila asks why did he get serious there days, he is not giving any one liners. Ishita says he changed, I m doing his work to crack jokes, he is busy on phone and messages. Raman says work increased these days. Shaila says it happens, take a break and have holiday in London with kids, its beautiful. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, indeed. Shaila says its romantic place Raman. Adi and Ruhi make plans. Raman thinks how can he go leaving Shagun, she may need him in emergency and makes excuse of work. Ishita asks what work, Mihir will manage work, we can go in kids’ Diwali holidays. Ruhi and Adi insist. Raman reacts angrily and scolds them. Adi says this is not fair.

Shaila says your Papa loves you, Raman did not have car at your time of birth, he had bike and Shagun did not fall and just had jerk, he took Shagun for many tests, and then bought car for Shagun and his child, that was you, Raman loves and cares for you a lot. Raman gets teary eyed and says I love my kids, and Bua still remembers all this. He says I can’t come London, I will send Romi and Sarika for honeymoon. Sarika thinks its problem. She says Raman will insult them later, when will Romi understand, I just got job and can’t go. Mrs. Bhalla comes to her and Sarika asks about their holiday, she can’t get leave so soon. Mrs. Bhalla asks will she not go with family for her job. Sarika says I don’t have money, Romi does not have earning. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman said he will manage expenses. Sarika says Raman will insult later. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to be at home, no need to come with them. She leaves. Sarika says I won’t leave this job.

Appa gets ready and says he will catch that girl. Vandu asks where is he going. He makes excuse and gos. Vandu follows him to know where did he go. Ishita leaves while Simmi calls her out to take her tiffin. Vandu brings Appa home and asks what was he doing with a young girl. Appa says I went to burst their racket and help Abhishek. Vandu says he is lying. Amma says no, he can’t do this. Vandu asks do you not trust me Amma. Bala comes and greets them.

Amma says Vandu you are saying this to your Appa, I m worried and shameful with my son in law, I did not know our son in law is gay. Bala asks what, is Raman gay. Amma says no, this Bala is gay. Bala says I m not gay, Vandu tell her. Vandu says I know Bala is not gay, just because I pointed to Appa, you are doing this. Amma says no, your Appa is really helping Abhishek, I trust him. Vandu shows the proof of chatting. They believe their husbands.

Amma tells everything what she has seen. Bala clears all the matter. Vandu says Bala is not such. Amma says even my Vishwa is not such, someone else is dating by his name. Bala leaves being tensed. Ishita is at her clinic. Simmi comes to her and asks what happened, I have seen you are disturbed. Ishita says Raman is attracted towards Shagun, I got the reason for it.

Ishita says Raman is giving attention to Shagun, as she is pregnant, I can’t give him a child, I should not feel bad, I m habitual to rejection, no one wanted to marry me as I could not become a mum, everyone used to reject me. She says Ruhi made me a mum and then I became Raman’s wife, Adi is also my son, but I can’t give Raman our child, I know Raman will never hurt me intentionally, I m also a woman, I want his attention to be on me, he just loves me. He was talking to Shagun and chatting with her, I should not feel bad if he is helping anyone, but Shagun is his first wife, who gave him two kids, which I can’t do, I can’t become his first love, I will always be second. Simmi cries and hugs Ishita to console her. Ishita gets depressed. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays…………

Amma talks to the doctor and comes to know of reports, that Raman is father of Shagun’s child. Simmi breaks this news to Ishita and shocks her.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. jhanvi

    Nothing to comment…!!!!!!

    I jst hope everything will be fine very soon.. Nd sarika’s truth will come out soon…she is such a dumb… She dsnt dsrv all this…

    • dont blame sarika each and every women wants that her husband should earn for the
      family sake she dont want a luxury life but the basic need of wife and child should spend
      by father only this is their self respect not only sarika in future romi child also feel this his
      pappa should spent money for his studies,belongings etc this is not wrong
      Mrs.bhalla only give guidence to Romi to took care of his wife and child but she never do
      it as a selfish women

  2. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh hai Mohababtein will
    show that Ishita is
    completed shattered
    knowing as Raman is
    father of Shagun’s baby.
    Ishita is ready to leave
    Raman’s house as she
    thinks that Raman does
    not need her anymore.
    Raman tries to explain
    Ishita about the matter
    but Ishita is not ready to
    hear anything.
    Ishita just knows half
    truth as Raman is baby of
    Shagun’s unborn child
    but the truth is that
    Shagun is surrogate
    mother of Ishita and
    Raman’s child.
    Mihir and Mihika also try
    to stop Ishita but Ishita
    tells Mihir about
    Raman’s reality.
    Ishita finally makes exit
    from Raman’s life and
    Raman is helplessly
    watches his family is
    getting destroyed.
    Will Raman and Ishita
    unite again?
    Stay tuned for further
    excited update.

  3. The upcoming episode of
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    bring more twists in
    Raman and Ishita’s life.
    Raman and Ishita are
    already facing problem
    due to Shagun where
    Ishita think staht Raman
    is father of Shagun’s
    Ishita accuses Raman
    badly and Raman is
    helpless to clear her
    Raman is also get upset
    seeing Ishita is not ready
    to hear him and asks her
    to go.
    Furthermore, so a
    mysterious drama is
    going to unfold in Raman
    and Ishita’s life where
    Raman feels that Ishita’s
    life in danger.
    Misunderstandings get
    increased between
    Raman and Ishita and
    their married life get in
    Stay tuned for further
    excited updates.

  4. dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    dont want leap …..
    plz makers and ekta .dont seperate ishra for
    ruhi and adi atleast. want ishruhadi to be
    together for ever.

  5. As already reported about upcoming horror track in popular show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Seems like
    there is a change in a genre of the show, from romantic drama to horror drama. In the upcoming
    episodes Ishita will be possessed by an evil spirit which will create a lot of horror and drama in the
    Bhalla family while Raman will be really worried for Ishita.
    Rumours has it that Rinki will come back as a spirit to expose and punish her murderer. The makers
    of show are probably bringing this spirit and ghost track to gain high ratings while audience will
    surely be disappointed as they wanted Raman and Ishita romance but instead they will be getting
    horror filled episodes.
    The early 7:30 PM slot is no longer for family drama, all the top channel (Colors,Zee Tv and Star Plus)
    are showing horror and supernatural track in their storyline.
    Here are some spoiler pics from the promo shoot of this upcoming track…credit goes to original

  6. Aj mene SBS me dekha ku ishu ke upar koi atma aai h or jab ishu room ne thi aur raman niche hall me tha tab sari photos gir gyi or light apne aap trip lene lagi to raman ishu ko awaaz lagata h ishita tum thik ho na. Iska mtlb ishra alag nhi ho rhe h. And SBS ki hit news me dikhaya tha ki wo shagun k atma but aj saas bahu aur suspense me dikhaya ki wo rinki ki atma b ho sakti h. I think leap postponed ho gya h isliya to ishra alag nhi hua warna ishra ke alag hote hi leap dikha dete na.

  7. YHM: Mysterious drama to takes place in Raman and Ishita’s life
    Horror mystery takes place in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life in Yeh Hai Mohababtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will bring more twists in Raman and Ishita’s life.

    Raman and Ishita are already facing problem due to Shagun where Ishita think staht Raman is father of Shagun’s baby.

    Ishita accuses Raman badly and Raman is helpless to clear her doubts.

    Raman is also get upset seeing Ishita is not ready to hear him and asks her to go.

    Misunderstandings separate Raman and Ishita

    Furthermore, so a mysterious drama is going to unfold in Raman and Ishita’s life where Raman feels that Ishita’s life in danger.

    Misunderstandings get increased between Raman and Ishita and their married life get in trouble.

  8. bhagi

    guys jaha tak mujhe patha hai aur shayad sach bhi hai ki ishra ke beach sab kuch theek hone vala hai jab ishu ghar chod ke jaanevali thi shayad raman us vakth batha detha hai ishu ko i want to just see how will raman conveince ishu nd i just hope ishu uthni aasani se nahi maane kyom ki raman use granted ki tarah na le aur phir i dn’t think aane vaali track will be nice bec koi aathma vaathma vaali track vaise makers should know that superstitious power vaali serials is has a diff standard vaise bhi makers e surrogacy ki vajhe se show ki standard ko bahuth kaam kar diya par aab mai ithni hi duvaa kar sakthi hu ki koi aur khand na kar de………

  9. bhagi

    guys i dnt think abhi leap hoga bec aab tak sirf ithni hi news round kar rahi hai ki yhm me leap hoga seperation hoga etc……par aaj tak kahi par bhi ye nahi news aaya ki makers r searching for new ruhi nd adi bec they have to replace them eith some teenagers na nd ya aathma vaathma in saari bewakoof ki stories kaise accept kar rahi hai starplus kyom ki starplus tag tho nayi soach hai na vo kabhi esi shows ko nahi bhadaava diya so i think it’ll be only a trick to make sarika accept her mistake any way yhm ki baare me ithni khabare aathi rehthi hai samaj me nahi aa raha hai kounsi kabhar par bharosa karoom aur kis par nahi so fingers crossed hoping for the best

  10. kajal

    Now supernatural drama wow guyz hats off to u .
    YHM genere is romantic, drama and comedy but now its turning to horror show wooooooow .

  11. Mansi

    Plz I can’t see Raman and ishita like the show leap right their can go for 10 months leap and Raman and ishita back with their new born baby we can’t see 10 years leap in the show

  12. Darshika

    I cried today…… Why don’t you understand raman…..???!!!
    You ‘re really blo*dy fool…..!!!

    I also saw SBS segment. And I herd that rinki’s soul troubles ishita……!!! Don’t know this is true or not. Other news is, that ghost is shagun……!
    First they started disgusting surrogate track. Now they’re going to start ridiculous GHOST TRACK……!
    Who the hell is give this stupid,nonsense,awful ideas to writers or ekta……!!! And why are they capping other serials….?
    From SL

  13. Cham

    What’s gonna happen next? Rinky’s soul is going to trouble Ishitha?Now this story has fully resigned, showing real things. It has lost it’s reality! Sounds like the leap has postponed according to the news. Anyway that’s good!
    Also heard that Ishitha’s gonna bring Shagun to Bhallha house and Shagun’s gonna blackmail Raman, not to tell the truth to Ishitha.Please stop those tracks. that won’t collect any mean to this story or to the playing track. Simply it has no mean!So please stop them!
    From SL

  14. Yyrrr ye kya hai ye hai mohabbatrin not ye hain mus ebattin what r u doing v want ishru ,ishra ,ish Adi ,ishrura Adi scenes not this nonsense

  15. stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    stop this crap …..
    in yhm .plz makers and ekta .try to understand and dont make the serial horrible and even more worst .

    • Satin

      I always found Indian serials extremely far fetched, unrealistic and very annoying. But then I got introduced to Yeh hain Muhabbatein early 2014 and I really got into it and thoroughly enjoyed it. But for the last 7 months or so it is getting extremely ridiculous and the story lines are getting stupid by the day. There is not even an ounce of realism in it. I am losing all respect for the writers. I am sure they can come up with better and interesting storylines if they tried. They need to pick up some tips from Pakistani or British serials.

  16. raman ko dekhke bahuth gussa aatha hai .arey shagun surrogate mother hai toh ishitha se baath nahi karna kya .sirf isitha ko aise dekhtha hai jaise koi parai ho aur shagun ko pagal kutte ki tarah aur aise dekhtha hai jaise woh shagun aur raman kabhi bhichde hi naa ho aur unke beech koi divorce naa hua ho . kya serial ban chuka hai yeh .really disappointed.

  17. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    is going to introduce some unexpected
    twists and turns in the coming
    Simmi gets the paternity test done on
    Shagun’s child and it will be revealed
    that Raman is the father of the child.
    With this, Ishita breaks into tears as
    she feels that Raman has cheated her.
    The Bhalla family will also know the
    news and will be shocked.
    The surrogacy track, which the fans of
    the show are badly opposing, will
    bring a rift between Ishita and Raman
    soon. Ishita, who realises that Raman
    is the father of Shagun’s baby feels
    cheated by him.The whole drama
    results in creating lot many
    differences between Raman and
    She will decide to leave him and even
    packs her bags. But, the Bhalla family
    stop her from leaving them.
    If Spoilers are to be believed their will
    be some unexpected Drama in Raman
    and ishita’s life.
    Ishita will be seen mentally Sick and
    which leads to a weird behavior of
    ishita shocking to Raman and Bhalla
    The reason is still unknown whether is
    she attacked by Rinky’s spirit or she
    became mentally sick due to Raman’s
    lie about Shagun’s baby.
    Keep reading for more updates about
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  18. want our old yhm -unique good charming interesting rocking awesome excellent ishraruhadi and all old yhm .plz makers and ekta .its a humble request .plzzzzz….. yhm rockzzzzz….. like before with your rocking episodes.

  19. diya

    ye makers kya sach mein pagal ho gaye h?? trp bachane k liye ghost ? murdr xpose karne k liye ghost?? seperation wala track to firbe real tha ye wala to bilkul unreal nd out of the world hogaya. v r hr to watch a mature love story nt a horro one. i saw at sbs. but dvz didnt cmnt anythng on ths track. sasural simar ka toh pehle se hi faltu tha. the serial startd wid a grl who lovz to dance but blngz to orthodox family nd it ended in bng a serial full of black magic nd dayaans. abh yhm ye kya ho raha h?? kabar bana diya . i dnt think trp is gng to incrs if u show us horror story .. bcz the audience of ssk nd yhm r diffrnt . plz cncl the horror one ..dnt air the episode

  20. diya

    i dont think the leap is going … because no body who is actually connected with the show hv ny idea about it. it is a rumour . yeion log abhi sarika ko xpose karne k liye bhoot ko la rehe. pagaaal… cv. btw ishita ‘s xpression was good in a ghostly avtar :p

  21. Darshika

    I also think that leap is not there…..
    And guys……, did you see ishita’s weird behaviour……??? What do you think about it……!? So crazy…… !
    Is it because of rinki’s soul…..? Or is it some mental problem because of raman’s lie…..?
    Divyanka don’t expose anything about this.And I don’t have any idea about it.
    What’s this cvs up to…..???

  22. jhanvi

    Parvati I not talking abut sarika’s behaviour..I also know every girl wants a partner who is stable….
    I m talking abut what she did with Rinki….

    • it is not yet shown in episode who is the killer of Rinki whether sarika or someone else
      just spoilers are came how can we say that with the spoiler sarika is the murderer
      they shown a girl is black mailing kumar and handed over him some pictures but not sure
      that is sarika. May be shagun also involved in Rinki’s murder to create problem between
      bhalla and iyer shagun may thought all bhallas are aginst ishita and mihika because of
      rinki’s murder sothat she can easily enter in bhallas family and Raman’s life.
      they may be shown shagun as positive but her basic nature not yet changed still now she
      may be turn into negative to create problem for ishita

  23. jhanvi

    Ya I also think it’s only a trap for sarika ….BT I wonder how ishu came to know abut sarika’s truth nd who is helping her…????

    Guys I think abhishek came to know abut sarika nd he took ishita’s help ..I think he told everything to ishu.. Then they did this.. I think soo..

    Nd guys now I also think there is no leap nd separation… I hope ..

    Finger crossed…!!!! Me too bhagi…

  24. mujhe nahi lagtha leap hoga kyunki ishitha ko raman ko chod ke jaana tha lekin ab yeh saara bhoot vooth ka drama toh uske baad hai na .lekin ekta aur uske makers ka koi bharosa nahi hai .

  25. soniya

    Ishita must leave raman… rather than making ishita a mental sick, its better to kill her character please.

  26. Vinay Karthik

    Hello YHMians .. I m also fan of this serial… Nowadays I m also really fed up with this nonsense and stupidity track…. Whenever I am seeing SHAGUN AND RAMAN together I am not able to control my angers.Thats y I stopped watching this serial and read only daily updates….By reading spoilers and daily updates I had predicted the future story of YHM and I would like to share it… First of all I guess lady behind the rinki murder will be shagun nt sarika. Y I am saying that lady will be shagun beause

    1. v all r watched a scene in which that lady murderer gave money to rinki’s boyfriend.If it s sarika means how did she get that amount of money because v all knew sarika and romi’s financial condition very well so sarika will not have that amount of money.

    2. And that Rinki’s BF came from Australia so how could sarika will planned rinki’s murder with him.In one of the episode they told that shagun’s mother is in austarlia.

    3. Suppose If sarika is a murderer she will be either guilty or afraid(by always thinking what will happen when truth comes out) but it not shown anywhere.

    My prediction is shagun will planned to re-enter into raman’s life through surrogacy.And it will be revealed to rinki ,so shagun will team up with Rinki’s BF and she planned the rinki’s murder.
    And one more thing, as per character shagun is pregnant for 3rd time but she is finding reason to be with raman and bring closer to her using baby name. Y I am getting this doubt, In last week one scene was ruhi getting award.In that episode Raman came to meet shagun but she was crying with adi and ruhi photo frame by saying I m missing and worrying for them.The same shagun said earlier, I will never worried about my children because ishita will take care of only I m getting doubt in shagun character.

    And also I think once truth will be out raman will try to save shagun because she is carrying his and ishita’s baby(PLZ Remember madhavi’s accident case track in that raman was tried to save adi).Likewise I think history repeats and the misunderstanding will happen between ishra again.hey guyzzz what r u saying about this…. PLz reply me………….

  27. sohan

    whats this episoide..?…ekta…are u mongle patient?…>>>>>>AN INDIAN DIALACT>>>>.WHY ISHITHA REFUSE SHAGUNS BABY?……WE ARE NOT A JOKERS FANS LIKE U EKTHA?…

  28. diya

    today’s episode of u me aur tv showed that raman ne ishita k sath sare gharwalo ko bata diya ki shagun is the surrogate mother of ishra ‘s child . evryone is shocked including ishita and now dn mrs bhalla and simmi started telling bad thngz to shagun bringing her past in between nd listng all these shagun gets really angry .. shouts at ishita nd evryone nd leaves the place in rage
    ishita also goes to her room . isse 2 chiz pata chala…
    1- no leap 😀
    2- misunderstandings brewing but utna v nhi sayad at least ishu ko to pata chal gaya ramn is nt cheatng on her .

    okk.. !! abhi thora thora hopeness ah raha h sab sayad pehle jaisa ho jay
    aur ek baat i thnk the cv has plans to fool us yet again .. i dnt think ishita will be mentally or possesed by a spirit either . i thnk it will be a part of her pln to expose sarika . wamt to see a love trngle btween abhi -miku-mihir .
    adi ka girlfrnd ka track v la sakto ho. but no more dz twists ..plzzzzz …

  29. sbb mein dikhaaya ki raman poore family ke saamne surrogacy ki baath kartha hai aur ishitha aur poora family shock mein hotha hai .shagun phir se apni asli rang dikhaathi hai aur apne bag leekar aathi hai bhalla house mein aur kehthi hai jab tak uskadelivery nahi ho jaatha woh bhalla house mein rahegi .lekin mrs.bhalla manaa karthi hai kyunki woh shagun positive ho gayi hai yeh nahi maanthi .ishitha pe bhooth chad jaatha hai aur bhalla house ke saare photos gir jaathe hai especially ishra ke .aur raman darr ke uupar apne kamre mein jaatha hai aur ishitha ko dekhke darr jaatha hai .

  30. Darshika

    SBS YHM update
    Ishita gets shocked when raman tells ishita has to thank shagun for agreeing for surrogacy and ishita shocked feels cheated. When family blames shagun that this child will also have shagun’s bad behaviour, shagun gets angry and she is not going to give baby and tells them to remember that adi and ruhi also are born from her and leaves in angry. Raman tries to stop her. But she leaves in anger.

    Well, now I think that ishita and raman will have big rift. Raman gets close more to shagun because of balha family’s angry behaviour…… And It will take long time to get close Ishra again…….
    I hate this Shagun and baby….. Want to see miscarriage again.
    Fully fed up……. !

  31. soniya

    Better to skip watching YHM than keep on getting fed up on Ekta, raman and shagun – all three of them are same.. Ekta knows very well viewers are stick to YHM even with these stupid current track of YHM
    Still do you expect a change?

  32. nimrit

    …..aaise lagta jaise ishita pe nahi makers ke pichhe hi kisika bhooot laga hai. …saari storylines sasural simar ka se churane ka iradaw hai kya. ….dumb makers. ….mad cvs. ..sara pagalkhana bharti kiya hai lagta hai ekta ne. …

  33. sushmitha

    Raman is stuck between Shagun and Ishita once again. He tells the family that Shagun is pregnant with his child. Ishita and Bhalla family get shocked. Shagun argues with Ishita seeing the family talking to her with disrespect. Raman tells about Shagun bearing Ishita’s child and Shagun is just a surrogate mum. Mrs. Bhalla worries that the baby will go on Shagun and scolds Raman. Shagun says she will stay in Bhalla house till the baby is born. Mrs. Bhalla does not allow her and can’t trust Shagun, even when Raman confirmed that Shagun has changed. Shagun says the family still believes she is characterless. She angrily shows her true colors and says this is my child. Raman tries to calm her down. Shagun gets angry and argues with Raman and Ishita. Ishita gets shocked knowing about surrogacy step done without her knowledge.

    Shagun asks Ishita if her problem is that her child is in Shagun’s womb. She tells Ishita that she will not give the baby to Ishita now. She asks Ishita and Bhalla family to go to hell, Ruhi, Adi and this baby belong to her. She warns Ishita that her husband Raman will come to Shagun one day. She threatens to leave the country and she is not any Devi to listen to anyone. She says Manoj has the surrogacy papers, this time I will not obey anyone. The twist is the upcoming leap in the show. Shagun will be dying after delivering the baby. Her soul will be getting in Ishita’s body and trouble Bhalla family, who have insulted her and did not believe in her good change. Ishita’s scary look and YHM’s new promo are creating waves. Ishita will be possessed by Shagun’s evil spirit which will break Ishita and Raman’s relation. Keep reading.

  34. Abby

    how the fck does someone’s spirit enter someone else’s body that is the dumbest shit i have ever heard shows what kind of indian bullshit is this. oh yeah all of india’s stupid shows are bullshit

  35. Nikita

    Like u ol guys.. I too m a gr8 fan of yhm.. But the current scenario of yhm is realy disappointing.. The care with vch Raman now-a-days treats shagun..aise to Ishita ko kbhi nai Ki… Hate u Raman.. N ye naya track…ghost wala.. Seems something different.. But hope bs those time ka Ho.. Ye bhi sasuran simar type na Ho Jae 4ever… If dey really want gud trp .. To Raman Ishita ko happy dikhao.. Aur b characters hain yar.. Unki story dikhao.. Peeche pad gyi h ekta bechari Ishita ke

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