Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita gives medicines for testing

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone seeing the dance show. Ishita recalls Raman. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays….. Ishita thinks does Raman not remember anything. They all sit to dine. Ruhi sees them and recalls family dining together moment. Ishita goes to get her. She thanks Ruhi for coming. She says I m glad seeing family together, come. Ruhi says I don’t care. Ishita says come for making investor happy. Shagun gives the order. Raman asks Ishita is she married. Ishita feels strange. She says yes. He says that’s great, whom did you marry. She says my husband is very arrogant, he just fights with me. Simmi asks Raman to take medicines.

Ishita asks what’s these medicines. Raman says I m feeling fine, leave it. Simmi asks him to take it. Ishita asks what are these medicines,

tell me, I m a doctor. Simmi doesn’t say. She makes the medicines fall. She picks the pills and gives her, hiding one pill. Shagun goes. Ishita says I will wash hands and come, order something for me.

She stops Shagun. She asks what medicines is Simmi giving Raman. Shagun says Raman is in depression, Simmi is getting him treated. Ishita asks why is he behaving such. Parmeet stares at the secretary. He holds her hand. A man comes. Parmeet sends her. He asks the man why did you come here. The man asks him to make payments on time, you took extra medicines for Raman. Romi comes there and says I m going for meeting. Parmeet pays the man and sends him. He calls the secretary back.

Shagun tells Raman about the dish she ordered for him. Ishita thinks Adi and Aaliya have some tension between. Adi attends a call and says I will pay all the money. Aaliya asks whose call was it, tell me. Adi says its because of you, people are calling me for money. She says I didn’t do anything. She gets annoyed and goes. Raman asks Ishita to have food. Ruhi says Ishimaa its non veg, don’t eat this. Ishita thanks her. Raman looks on. Shagun says I will order veg for her. Raman asks Ruhi why is she calling her Ishimaa, she shouldn’t get personal. He asks Ishita not to invest money because of such behavior, sorry I didn’t know you are vegetarian. Ishita thinks Ruhi calls me Ishimaa, what happened to you, everyone accepted Raman is in depression, I know what to do. She messages Ashok.

Ashok goes. Ishita says I will roam and come till veg options comes for me. Simmi thinks to inform Parmeet. Romi comes to Parmeet and asks why did you cancel client meeting. Parmeet plays game on phone. Parmeet says you don’t tell me what to do, I have managed all business, show this anger to wife, who asked for divorce and 5 lakhs alimony, how to arrange money, you will need from company funds. Romi says I will handle it. Parmeet says your mum’s BP is high, go and handle her, get out. Romi angrily leaves. Parmeet resumes the game. Ishita gives the medicines and asks Ashok to get it tested. Ashok coughs. She asks are you okay. He says yes, I will find out. He leaves.

Adi apologizes to Aaliya. Ishita says we were waiting for you. They complain to Ishita. Ishita laughs. She says I recall myself and Raman seeing you guys fighting, we were so stupid, come we need you. She says we will get a group portrait. Adi says you stayed away from us, we missed you. Ishita hugs him. She says I missed you so much. Ruhi comes. Ishita asks her to come for portrait. Ruhi refuses. Ishita insists. Ruhi says don’t force me. Aaliya requests. Ruhi says fine, do it fine. Ishita says you have to look good, come. They all pose and sit. The artist makes their portrait. They all recall Ishita. Raman says who ordered for the sandwich. Shagun says I will see Ishita. Raman says I will go. Shagun says that’s so sweet. Simmi gets angry and goes. Shagun says Bhallas and their drama. Simmi sees Ishita with children and recalls Ishita’s words. She thinks she killed my daughter and is making family portrait.

Raman feeds Ishita. Simmi gives medicines to Raman. Ishita asks it it a banned drug, what are they side effects. Ashok tells her. She gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bansari Patel

    What happened to ruhi and nikhil ‘s marriage? Can anyone help me? Plz

    1. Hi Bansari ! Yet to know what happened to Ruhi nd Nikhil

  2. I jst want to see this episode again and again

  3. I think Ashok is suffering from a critical disease.. so for his sins he is helping Ishita to rectify

  4. Dont tell me that the bussiness men who was doing crores business once upon a time now doesnt have 5 lakhs seriously illogical actually why didnt adi fight for business rights because he is original heir for that business because it was raman who started the company once there was fight between adi and ruhi to take over bussiness but what happend now why is adi not taking over the bussiness even when its under loss
    I request the makeup men to do less make up to DT because from the starting of yhm cvs show her as aged person and show shagun has young i am requesting do less makeup or dont do any makeup to DT because DT looks more beautifull without make up

  5. Why is shagun here with Bhallas? What happened to her husband, Mani? Where is pihu supposed to be? Ishitha asked ruhi to look after pihu’s welfare, isn’t it? How come ruhi started her own industry? what industry is it supposed to be? We know yhm is a show. But there must be some clarity.

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Parmeet destroying Raman’s business is what I know will happen right from the very beginning and I know he must have stolen and starched some money away these two years so now it is time to sit down and destroy the company. If Romi had stayed independently on his own business before and adi had agreed to run an independent business at least somebody from the family would have helped Raman as he is falling in business but they all put their eggs in one basket.

    How can ruhi be securing her father’s business, how much money does she have and when did she even starts her own business. I don’t think that ruhi is securing her father’s business, she has to first of all get rid of her pomposity so that she can think like a normal daughter.
    I must say that ishita is the cause of all the bhallas problems. She was the one that made the bhallas to have one business which is in pihu industries. She started from Romi and then to adi which made everybody to put their eggs in one basket which made it easier for anybody to destroy the family business with one stone. I have been saying this in this page for long that ishita will use one hand to destroy the family and then come back and use the other hand to save it and everybody will clap for her and thinks that she is a great woman. Look at what she did with pihu’s case and yet she claims to be the one that unites the family. Pihu would not have gone to prison she would have gone to a remand home. Ishita should have pleaded for mercy on her behave they would have reduced her sentence and she was just ten years old they would have been lenient on her. With a good lawyer her case would have been an unintentional murder. If ishita had been the unity of that family and recognized her place she should have thought well before accepting a murder. For me ishita has been the one that destroys bhallas family and then comes back as their saviour and this time around she has come back with Ashok whose intention is hidden.

    1. I just love R and I together but am missing the cute, loving, one liner R. I enjoy watching the old shows but I and R hardly ever seems to discuss problems as a married couple and arrive at a solution together. I would love to see them more united even in their arguments… unity in solutions.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Romi and mihinka’s case, I think divorce is good for them. Romi is claiming that pooja trapped him but how could that be true when the FB showed that pooja was drunk that day and Romi was not drunk, how could pooja who was drunk and not in her right sense trap Romi who was in his full sense. Come on please Romi is a Casanova and always will be
    I was watching ishita looking for Raman with so much joy and I felt so much pity for Raman because this was the same woman who two years ago told him that she does not want to see him again and now she is acting innocent and good but forgetting that she put him in that state, what a woman! She is a destroyer and a builder as well, pathetic.

  8. azuka nkwonta

    If I am a god I would have said that I predicted and it has happened. I said that the the bhallas family needs a shake up and it has happened, the family is in disarray now so what they need now is rebuilding but unfortunately they are going to be rebuilding with the same woman ishita who only builds and destroys after some times.
    I am not happy that after two years mirhi is nowhere to be seen. Where is mirhi, has he been removed from the show? That I don’t know. Please they should bring mirhi back and pair him with mihika. Romi is not good for mihinka.

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