Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting ready. Mani talks to Shagun and Aaliya. He asks Pihu to stay at home, else she will get bored. Pihu says she will come. Aaliya asks her to come. Mani agrees and asks Shagun to come downstairs, he will get car. He goes. Shagun thinks Aaliya agreed to take Pihu as counselor is not in city. Aaliya hopes to succeed in taking Pihu to counselor. Adi welcomes everyone in the couple contest. Adi says this contest is only for couples and they will win awards. The first round is ramp walk. Aaliya tells Adi that Ishita can’t participate. Adi says yes, she is unwell. Aaliya asks him to announce contestant’s name. She calls Ishita and says I fixed Pihu’s meeting with Dr. Dixit, she is coming here to meet Pihu, don’t worry, Shagun will not know.


gets ready. She says Vishwa forgot his wallet and goes to give it. She hears Appa talking on phone. She thinks he is talking to Maya and cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and compliments her. She asks Amma to come. Amma refuses and says I m sure Vishwa is having an affair. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he is talking to someone else. Amma says my woman instinct is saying this, he was laughing and talking, he was saying sorry that he can’t meet her today. I will not leave him.

Ruhi asks Aaliya why did she message her. Aaliya asks her to take Pihu to Dr. Dixit, if I go, Shagun will doubt on me, Pihu will go with you. Pihu comes. Aaliya says I have come, you go with Ruhi to games room. Pihu goes. Aaliya thinks to inform Ishita and goes, thinking to inform later.

Ishita worries if Pihu met doctor or not. She calls Aaliya and gets her phone off. She hopes Pihu talks to Dr. Dixit well. Adi says all contestants are working out, and goes to next round. Shagun thinks where is Pihu, Aaliya is here, counselor is not in town. She gets message and says that’s fine, Pihu is with Ruhi.

Appa talks to Maya Dixit. Amma catches them and scolds Maya. Appa asks what are you saying. Maya clears that she is psychologist and Vishwa shared her problem. Aaliya says she is Dr. Dixit, she is helping Pihu, we lied to Shagun that she is not in city, we can know if Pihu took pills or not. Shagun hears them and gets shocked. Amma apologizes. Dr. Dixit says Appa is lucky to get such wife, and even Appa cares for Amma a lot.

Shagun goes and calls Ashok. She tells everything and asks him to help. Ashok says you taught playing games to Ishita, you get angry soon and make it a big issue. He tells his plan. Shagun ends call.

Dr. Dixit tells Ishita that Pihu said Shagun is a good mum, she did not tell anything, don’t worry, she will open up in next session. Ishita worries that contest will end, then they can’t take Pihu to doctor. Pihu tells Ruhi that she has to go washroom and runs. Romi and Mihika are announced the winners.

Raman takes care of Ishita. Romi calls Raman and says you had Ishita’s excuse, we had to win. Mihika tells Raman that they won as you did not come. Raman says Romi will be annoyed hearing this. Ishita says I m feeling better now. Pihu tells Shagun that she lied to Ruhi and came here, why did you call me, why are you tensed. Shagun tells Ishita wants to snatch you, she wanted to tell Dr. Dixit bad about me so that they can separate you from me. Pihu says they can’t do this, I did not say anything. Shagun says we have to leave, we will inform Mani. They leave.

Ruhi asks Aaliya where is Pihu, Shagun is not answering. Shagun asks Pihu not to answer Aaliya’s call, else she will inform Ishita. The man tells Ruhi and Aaliya that Shagun left with her daughter. Shagun says why is car not slowing down. She tells Pihu that brakes failed.

Mani congratulates Mihika and Romi, and says maybe Shagun is in green room, I will get her. Pihu calls Mani and says he is not answering. Shagun says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Pihu asks how did this happen, car brakes were fine. Shagun says Ishita did this so that I die, I won’t let anything happen to you, go to back seat and hold it tight. She asks Pihu to hold the seat. She hits the tree. Mani wonders where is Shagun, did she leave. He gets a call and gets shocked. He goes to Aaliya and says Shagun and Pihu met with an accident, come fast. Mihika hears this and worries for Pihu.

Mani asks doctor is Shagun fine. Doctor says she is fortunately okay because air bag opened, she is trauma, girl was sitting back, she is fine, but she is in shock. Ishita comes and asks for Pihu. Doctor says she is fine. Pihu recalls Shagun’s words. Raman comes and sees Pihu fine. Mani asks Pihu what happened exactly. Pihu starts shouting on Ishita. She blames Ishita for trying to kill Shagun and says I will never come with you, even if you make plan to separate us. Mani asks what are you saying. Pihu says mumma saved me, Ishita failed the car brakes. Ishita asks what? Shagun looks on and asks Pihu is she fine. Mani asks Shagun to rest. Shagun asks what is Ishita doing here Mani. She asks Ishita to leave. She cries and says I can’t leave without Pihu, leave us alone. Mani says hold on Shagun…. Raman and Ishita look on shocked.

Raman asks Ishita why did she not tell her. Ishita says I have to protect Pihu. Raman asks how, by taking her to counselor. Shagun asks why did you fail my car brakes. Ashok tells Kunal that we have sown the doubt seeds, I m sure something big will happen.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. madhu

    Sorry to all yhm family shivani rithu magic vp parichary sindhu mino bhagya shreya and all now i realise that you all are one family and attached with each other with friendship as magic said i have issue in my comment but i don’t see that issue am really sorry i am leaving

  2. TUFFY

    Again shagun, Ashok and Kunal shown as winning and ishita, whose done nothing wrong as bad. More screen space given to shagun & co. Don’t know what the writers are trying to show, a little girl to believe everything she’s told even if it’s lies. Just wish the writers would move on with the serial, all this for custody case which isn’t even shown in court yet. Why are they dragging this track. Raman again blaming ishita.

  3. simmy😘

    raman is a bastard who does value his wife and always says everything is his and not ishita and hoping the take yeh hai mohabbatein off air 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😂

  4. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Magic, Khushi, Monique, Supergirl, Bhagya, Siddhi, Padma and many YHM fans.

    Madhu I am glad you realized that we are all one big happy family. As long as you realized I am happy.

    Oh the leap is coming soon. I am so sad to watch YHM from tomorrow because slowly Raman and Ishita will separate. I can’t bear to watch Raman Shagun and Pihu even though it is on pretense or not.

    Someone just shoot Ashok. After more than 3 years and he is still banging on taking revenge on Ishra. Does he not get tired of it? Shagun always calls Ashok and runs to him for help? This is what typically I don’t like the cvs. When the bhalla family try to do something, Shagun finds out very easily just like what happened to Pihu but no one knows that the accident is pre planned. How can Raman be absolutely nuts to believe Pihu and Shagun that Ishita did it when Ishita was at home unwell and Raman looking after her. Can’t Raman see this? No point getting angry at Ishita.

  5. VP

    Very true Sindhu …. just putting the blame on Ishitha … simply like that and all believing the same .. Raman knows very well that she was sick .. and at home …From beginning Shaghun wins … is there anything we fans can do to stop this negativity of the show … Educated parents will not allow their children to watch but there are many will be watching … it really hurting us fans watching this show … please stop it ..,

  6. magic

    Again Raman blaming ishita again pihu manipulating by shagun again shagun and ashok are going to win again separation will happen again only ishita will cry again no one listen to ishita that is real yhm with good TRP

  7. Sona

    All the fans comment send to ekta facebook message when she come to know about what fans think n comments about her serial maybe then she take action against director n writer instead of uploading the pics of her photo with Anita of Australia shooting.

  8. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    madhu u realized your mistake iam so happy. be friendly with everyone dear .not necessary to leave the site everymember is very nice in this site

    • madhu

      Thank you bhagya for supporting me and magic tell me distance ragular degree are same for further study? And one more thing tell me or not but shivani is better than you

      • magic

        Madhu mam am not fool you are not admiring me and all you are lucky that you have friends like rithu, shivani, sindhu, vp, bhagya, susan, parichary, mino in this site they all are nice and humble person plz improve your behaviour atleast towards them even leave me out and one more thing yes if you have degree than it doesn’t matter regular and distance you are 100% eligible for further study i really enjoyed with you all because i have lot of friends in uni but you all are caring and nice person vp tc of your health and shivani you are v good girl and v good friend of me and better than me so, be happy, rithu study hard because you are excellent student i can see from your comment and sindhu, mino, parichari, shreya, bhagya and all keep it up thats all for me simple is that good bye to all

  9. magic

    Hello vp, appy, shivani, sindhu, mino, rithu, bhagya, parichary, raghu, susan shreya hope you all are doing gond Where is shivani we missing view about yhm

    • Appy

      hi magic. m doing good. hope u too. n one thing pls ignore negative ppl, its not necessary to reply in negative one. u r getting my point na???

    • Mino

      Yes Magic I am doing Fine… Hope U Are Too. Pls don’t leave i like ur comments & ur Knowledge & Advice.. Ur Very good As Rithu, Shivani… Who can insult Such a sweetie like VP..? She is a darling, Sindhu & All here are like my family.. I Am Sick Of this YHM It Has gone to the dogs very sorry to say …. i really loved this show as it was my first Hindi Serial.. first & the last.. have not watched from the wedding scenes. aft reading the updates.. it is putting me off it.. He he God Bless & Take Care.. Luv

  10. Shreya shetty

    this shagun needs to be shot very soon I guess.had enough of tolerating her nonsensical evil drama so created by that PIHU AND SHAGGY AS WELL AS RAMMY!!!

  11. Sachi

    I m a sri lankan fan of yhm…What the hell is this… enough is enough…. sweet drama became boring… no interest to watch again… nothing special .. nothing to watch….ishitha suffer all the time… watch to see those fashions and colourful dresses…. oh my god…. what happen to this sweet drama…. sry guys i hate this drama now…. i used to read ur updates everyday even i have my studies….. bt not any more…. this plot not lovely as it was

  12. Jessica

    This serial should be called Yeh Hai Naffratein…I can’t stand this Raman character anymore…how many times will he insult Ishita and treat her like a s*** and then apologize…I’m sick of it….more than that, Ishita is do dumb to tolerate this Raman a******…she should just kick him out of her life and get another hero…After all it’s dumb Ekta Kapoor’s serial, don’t even expect the lead characters to be together and happy.

  13. Jessica

    This serial should be called Yeh Hai Naffratein…I can’t stand this Raman character anymore…how many times will he insult Ishita and treat her like a s*** and then apologize…I’m sick of it….more than that, Ishita is do dumb to tolerate this Raman a******…she should just kick him out of her life and get another hero…After all it’s dumb Ekta Kapoor’s serial, don’t even expect the lead characters to be together and happy. 🙁

  14. Indira

    This is getting rubbish everyday when u think Ishita is coming nearer to win she has to start from square one
    I know it’s a serial but produces are taking the p….

  15. Meghnaa

    Hi all yhm fans!! I hope all are doing great.

    This is the best episode I have ever seen. Wah…cvs are not showing any negative scenes. Everytime there is a happiness. What can’t cvs create even more Havoc?? The trp is going to go up for this track. I am happy abt the writer. For Shagun she always wins. So happy that the serial is improved. Good luck for the cast.

    Actually I am saying the opposite. Sorry for being so sarcastic. I am fed up of this show!! I am not being able to comment. Sorry guys for sarcasm on the 1st para. This show is making us furious. The cvs are making Shagun escape and win everytime. I think Shagun has fear. We all know that fear has two meanings: face everything and rise , forget everything and run. Shagun is doing the 2nd meaning. Sorry to bore you. But I am saying my opinion that’s all. It’s better to watch naagin 2 than this. Ishita is an ATS (all time sufferer). Shagun is all time winner. I started to hate Pihu.whom will Mani support?? I hope he trusts Ishu. Pihu is a spoilt brat. Shagun is a great dramatic brat. It’s better i can continue my studies well again. Thanks cvs for upsetting us. We won’t watch yhm,😣! So irritating.

    If you fans find my comment as immature,then pls inform me then I wont comment ever again.

  16. Jenny

    Its really irritating after having busy schedule i take out time to watch this show at 11 and today again shagun n ashok created drama and blaming ishita, i feel so bad after watching this show there is so much negativity now.

  17. susan

    And there you go. YHM world only has one psychiatrist. And she is not that bright either. First she leaves her patient when she is on the verge of a breakthrough to answer her phone. Then after telling shagun she will be out of town for 15 days she shows up at the contest. Not even trying to avoid being spotted by Shagun. Wow good going CVs If Raman believes that Ishita is responsible for the accident then . . . . O I don’t know!

    • Vp

      yes Susan quite meaningless … and the child pshychologist is for Mrs Iyer too … Unfortunately Mrs nd Mr Iyer spoiled everything …

  18. rithushree

    Episode was worst . precap was even more worst.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli and all yhm friends.

    I think tomorrow is going to be yhm’s most worst episodes of all or day after tomorrow because Raman the great mental man is going to lash out at ishitha without her fault which is again going to be injustice with ishitha .he will talk soo badly even more worst than he lashed at her before the seven years leap .I hope at least Pihu accept ishitha after the one year leap though I hate this leap and ishraruhadi separation.
    But still stop this crap.
    Stop this crap.
    Stop this crap.
    Cvs plzzz……….yhm had already lost its charm but don’t make it more worse that viewers cannot watch because the main lead is always suffering and the antagonist is winning.though at the end truth win but always the good has to sacrifice a lot and should suffer a lot of pain and injustice.

  19. Angeli

    Everytime I watch this serial It spoil my mood yarr…. I can’t even see Shagun’s face I hate her. Her face is becoming uglier and uglier day by day and over that Raman never try to understand Ishita, if something went wrong every blame will be thrown to Ishita. I don’t want to watch anymore.

  20. rithushree

    Even when shagun was going to lead with an accident she still manipulated Pihu against Ishita.what kind of a woman she is . anything could have happened but still told Pihu soo bad of ishitha . It is soo difficult to believe that she was once a bad to a good person who turned again bad.

  21. sao

    yes, please stop this serial, Raman character portrayed as a CEO doesn’t suit at all. this is a great insult for all the CEO’s/ another great insult is that for Science and Law. Shagun kidnaps Ishita nothing happens, for no reason ishita is arrested, Surrogacy is for those ladies, unfortunately for some reason they cannot carry a child, insult for all of those ans the inventors too. Continues Shagun plays with Kids for Raman… child abuse and etc… and a lawyer gets involved with a Politician hence his someone wants to become a minister, playing with, innocents,.. literally the Show writers and directors must be Sued by the society for so much mis-representation.

  22. Sokhela nokwanda

    Im annoyed with yhm .why don’t they end it if they don’t have anything good to wright .i’m done with seeing ishita crying .enough is enough.

  23. Patricia

    Hi all
    I have stopped watching
    This is too bad, the little girl is being brought up by such an awful woman – she did the same with Adi, tried it with Ruhi but couldn’t now she is managing to succeed with Pihu.
    When you think of it, you have to feel really sorry for Shagun. Ishita has done so much for her – making her a respectable woman in society. When she was with Ashok, she was a characterless woman but today because of Ishita she can boast of a husband, family & a career (NGO). It makes you think – what does she (Shagun) wants? This is so sad for a serial that started in a promising manner to be going down this way.

    • Vp

      An NGO worker does all these ? I cant see the face of Shaghun … it boils me … but she acts her role very well …. this unique story must have been twisted fully positive from surrogancy … they could have written wonderfully but then Shaghun will not have major role … here we see everything is twisted for her … the whole world listens to her … ex husband ..Mani is like a honey to her … Ashok who threw her in the dustbin supports her …and makes all the plans … all these things happens ? not realistic at all … stepmother and kids … Ishitha to have a child … still loves her stepchildren more … so many ff ss beautifully written … if cvs cant please copy that … Ishitha people used to love … now nobody wants this jagathmata role … this generation is defferent … more practical … no woman takes this much rubbish from husbands …here cvs have portrayed Raman and Ishitha badly … please dont go further to have a new man in Ishithas life … enough is enough …stop it …taking fans for a ride and playing with our emotions …All fans are frustrated … thats what this Ekta Kapoor wants … there is a limit … some times cvs will pop up with some positive twist to make us cool … please understand Kp has a huge fan he is loosing it … dont make us fools … Magic … dont say good bye to this site … Yhm has so many negative twists … please allow to have the same in our site too … if no negatives .. no positives .. rt ? Magic love to read your comments keep in touch with this site …This is for Parichay … It is beautiful to be alone … to be alone doesnot mean to be lonely lonely … mind is not influenced or contaminated by the society … Parichay its great to know you thru this site …. I pray fir you … I wish your parents love and care will be there for you soon … if they come to you please dont ignore … My prayers normally works ….tc care all … I did not want to tell this but Magic … without knowing a person calling some one fool is not right . Ruthu and Shivani never ever I hve seen in decent with their comments or reply to anyone .. whats happening to you Madhu … I am scared to adk this question … it really hurts me when you hurt Rithu .. Magic .. Shivani and all ..

  24. Patricia

    I feel sad because if this was real life then this family is in a mess
    Where do you start the healing from
    I feel sorry for Ishra – their children are always facing problems. What sort of childhood is this yah?
    Rahman has cheek, he should not blame Ishita as he is the cause of this mess. Going for surrogacy, taking Shagun’s help, giving the child to Shagun to bring up. Who does that.
    I feel sad for Pihu, who does know that she is being manipulated & being forced under pretence love & false sense of security to be rude & nasty to her real parents.
    Thank God this is not real life

  25. Super girl

    Hi comment.end yhm.sick and tired of u stupid writers whose brains are lost at sea.shaggy just die I hate ur face, urban character makes me want to vomit all over u.

  26. Manju

    I do not even want to comment. This show is going to a bottom of a pit going going and i cannot see how it hit the bottom and I cannot see how love will be bloomed between Pihu Raman and Ishita. I cant think when that rude child Pihu will turn 180 Degrees and start loving Ishita and then that stupid man Raman also wants his wife back. And Ishita like a fool accept Raman for the third time.

    • Mino

      Hi Madhu they Say words once spoken can never be taken back . they forgive but won’t forget .. so Pls dear just even for a joke don’t write things that hurt ones feelings. U can scold me & u called me a fool too it does not bother me . as i know who i am.. i am not angry with u.. in fact i congratulated u for it.. So dear u can bash me it doesn’t bother me but don’t hurt any of the yhm family members Please.. Thank You.. bless u too

    • Mino

      I am hear too Rithu But sick to the stomach…of this show.. sorry abt that.. hope i did not hurt. u dear..

      • rithushree

        No .I didn’t hurt me . even i am.hateing yhm ‘s episodes and after leap and the reason for Raman leaving house and putting blame on ishitha is just wrong and she is been accused always what she didn’t do .

  27. madhu

    Am really sorry to all pls believe me i am joking against magic and every one i only wanted to know a young boy patience level only thats why i write in all my comments(hehehe) pls rithu shivani vp sindhu stop magic he is very intelligent boy but i know now all young 22 or 23 yr old boy’s are same don’t have patience level and look at all girls like rithu and shivani they have strong patience level pls call magic back because i can’t

  28. sudha

    what the hell is going on in this serial dono. pls ban this serial utter flop serial the 1st track was very nice but now?????????????????????

  29. Harshita

    Hi to all yhm fans….. I really don’t understand that why writers are stretching why pihu don’t understand and what time pass in last two episodes about madhu and vishwa ishita can say that she was not present in the fashion contest so how can she fail the break and how can pihu believe shagun that shagun is sure that ishita tried to kill her

  30. Manisha

    Hi ppl….. How are u all…..I used to read the serial updater regularly but commenting for first time….
    Actually what we r watching is true….in today’s life…bad wins and good always suffer

  31. Harshita

    Sudha you can’t say about serial should be banned pls…And I agree with super girl and manju really a mess is going on in this serial

  32. VP

    Magic there are some people that can not be educated manners , decency and attitude … just ignore them and be with those who really loves your comment . Once Shreya shetty answered without respect after that I have not responded to her … mothers hurting children and all betond my belief … Parichay … thinking about that makes me sad … you are a boy .. come on … dont get affected … And Mino thank you very much for your compliment … I feel you are very sweet …My children says I am very tough … because … I am very strict

  33. Mino

    Hi VP People who are strict are like Marshmellows inside..So ur are a softie inside though u say ur are strict. Of course Mums are always like that very strict… my mum was very very strict. i suppose we were eight girls & two boys.. he he he not a small no. too. Lve u loads. so soothing ur advice to most of them.. don’t take any notice of who are rude. as they are the losers not u… God bless U..

  34. Maya Kanaye

    This soapie is gone down the drain. Supposed to be about Raman and Ishita but making Shagun the centre of attraction

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