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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun getting ready. Mani talks to Shagun and Aaliya. He asks Pihu to stay at home, else she will get bored. Pihu says she will come. Aaliya asks her to come. Mani agrees and asks Shagun to come downstairs, he will get car. He goes. Shagun thinks Aaliya agreed to take Pihu as counselor is not in city. Aaliya hopes to succeed in taking Pihu to counselor. Adi welcomes everyone in the couple contest. Adi says this contest is only for couples and they will win awards. The first round is ramp walk. Aaliya tells Adi that Ishita can’t participate. Adi says yes, she is unwell. Aaliya asks him to announce contestant’s name. She calls Ishita and says I fixed Pihu’s meeting with Dr. Dixit, she is coming here to meet Pihu, don’t worry, Shagun will not know.


gets ready. She says Vishwa forgot his wallet and goes to give it. She hears Appa talking on phone. She thinks he is talking to Maya and cries. Mrs. Bhalla comes and compliments her. She asks Amma to come. Amma refuses and says I m sure Vishwa is having an affair. Mrs. Bhalla says maybe he is talking to someone else. Amma says my woman instinct is saying this, he was laughing and talking, he was saying sorry that he can’t meet her today. I will not leave him.

Ruhi asks Aaliya why did she message her. Aaliya asks her to take Pihu to Dr. Dixit, if I go, Shagun will doubt on me, Pihu will go with you. Pihu comes. Aaliya says I have come, you go with Ruhi to games room. Pihu goes. Aaliya thinks to inform Ishita and goes, thinking to inform later.

Ishita worries if Pihu met doctor or not. She calls Aaliya and gets her phone off. She hopes Pihu talks to Dr. Dixit well. Adi says all contestants are working out, and goes to next round. Shagun thinks where is Pihu, Aaliya is here, counselor is not in town. She gets message and says that’s fine, Pihu is with Ruhi.

Appa talks to Maya Dixit. Amma catches them and scolds Maya. Appa asks what are you saying. Maya clears that she is psychologist and Vishwa shared her problem. Aaliya says she is Dr. Dixit, she is helping Pihu, we lied to Shagun that she is not in city, we can know if Pihu took pills or not. Shagun hears them and gets shocked. Amma apologizes. Dr. Dixit says Appa is lucky to get such wife, and even Appa cares for Amma a lot.

Shagun goes and calls Ashok. She tells everything and asks him to help. Ashok says you taught playing games to Ishita, you get angry soon and make it a big issue. He tells his plan. Shagun ends call.

Dr. Dixit tells Ishita that Pihu said Shagun is a good mum, she did not tell anything, don’t worry, she will open up in next session. Ishita worries that contest will end, then they can’t take Pihu to doctor. Pihu tells Ruhi that she has to go washroom and runs. Romi and Mihika are announced the winners.

Raman takes care of Ishita. Romi calls Raman and says you had Ishita’s excuse, we had to win. Mihika tells Raman that they won as you did not come. Raman says Romi will be annoyed hearing this. Ishita says I m feeling better now. Pihu tells Shagun that she lied to Ruhi and came here, why did you call me, why are you tensed. Shagun tells Ishita wants to snatch you, she wanted to tell Dr. Dixit bad about me so that they can separate you from me. Pihu says they can’t do this, I did not say anything. Shagun says we have to leave, we will inform Mani. They leave.

Ruhi asks Aaliya where is Pihu, Shagun is not answering. Shagun asks Pihu not to answer Aaliya’s call, else she will inform Ishita. The man tells Ruhi and Aaliya that Shagun left with her daughter. Shagun says why is car not slowing down. She tells Pihu that brakes failed.

Mani congratulates Mihika and Romi, and says maybe Shagun is in green room, I will get her. Pihu calls Mani and says he is not answering. Shagun says don’t worry, nothing will happen. Pihu asks how did this happen, car brakes were fine. Shagun says Ishita did this so that I die, I won’t let anything happen to you, go to back seat and hold it tight. She asks Pihu to hold the seat. She hits the tree. Mani wonders where is Shagun, did she leave. He gets a call and gets shocked. He goes to Aaliya and says Shagun and Pihu met with an accident, come fast. Mihika hears this and worries for Pihu.

Mani asks doctor is Shagun fine. Doctor says she is fortunately okay because air bag opened, she is trauma, girl was sitting back, she is fine, but she is in shock. Ishita comes and asks for Pihu. Doctor says she is fine. Pihu recalls Shagun’s words. Raman comes and sees Pihu fine. Mani asks Pihu what happened exactly. Pihu starts shouting on Ishita. She blames Ishita for trying to kill Shagun and says I will never come with you, even if you make plan to separate us. Mani asks what are you saying. Pihu says mumma saved me, Ishita failed the car brakes. Ishita asks what? Shagun looks on and asks Pihu is she fine. Mani asks Shagun to rest. Shagun asks what is Ishita doing here Mani. She asks Ishita to leave. She cries and says I can’t leave without Pihu, leave us alone. Mani says hold on Shagun…. Raman and Ishita look on shocked.

Raman asks Ishita why did she not tell her. Ishita says I have to protect Pihu. Raman asks how, by taking her to counselor. Shagun asks why did you fail my car brakes. Ashok tells Kunal that we have sown the doubt seeds, I m sure something big will happen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi to all yhm fans….. I really don’t understand that why writers are stretching why pihu don’t understand and what time pass in last two episodes about madhu and vishwa ishita can say that she was not present in the fashion contest so how can she fail the break and how can pihu believe shagun that shagun is sure that ishita tried to kill her

  2. Hi ppl….. How are u all…..I used to read the serial updater regularly but commenting for first time….
    Actually what we r watching is true….in today’s life…bad wins and good always suffer

  3. Sudha you can’t say about serial should be banned pls…And I agree with super girl and manju really a mess is going on in this serial

  4. Magic there are some people that can not be educated manners , decency and attitude … just ignore them and be with those who really loves your comment . Once Shreya shetty answered without respect after that I have not responded to her … mothers hurting children and all betond my belief … Parichay … thinking about that makes me sad … you are a boy .. come on … dont get affected … And Mino thank you very much for your compliment … I feel you are very sweet …My children says I am very tough … because … I am very strict

    1. VP… I am not boy. I am a woman.

  5. Hi VP People who are strict are like Marshmellows inside..So ur are a softie inside though u say ur are strict. Of course Mums are always like that very strict… my mum was very very strict. i suppose we were eight girls & two boys.. he he he not a small no. too. Lve u loads. so soothing ur advice to most of them.. don’t take any notice of who are rude. as they are the losers not u… God bless U..

  6. Raman is going to stay with shagun in leap year in australia.

  7. This soapie is gone down the drain. Supposed to be about Raman and Ishita but making Shagun the centre of attraction

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