Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek saying about Ashok buying unlicensed gun and hiding it in Bhalla house. Ishita says she used her state and tried to find the gun while acting to get attack. She got it in Mrs. Bhalla’s room. Abhishek says the gun went missing, maybe someone took the gun, and that person has hidden it in Ruhi’s bag. Ishita says I will not leave that person, Ruhi was scared and was scolded by principal. Shagun says then Raman believed Prateek and called Ashok home, Ashok asked Ishita to kill Raman.

Shagun says we will find out who is that person supporting Ashok. Ishita says then I had to risk Raman’s life on Karwachauth day. Abhishek says thanks to Prateek, Ishita gave me storeroom keys and I made Prateek enter storeroom. FB shows Prateek asking Abhishek to move

Raman up in the air, by getting him in this hook, it is controlled by this system. Abhishek asks how will we tie Raman by wife. Prateek shows the waistcoat which has the wire attacked to it, with a magnet. Abhishek gets connected with the hook. Prateek says Raman will not notice it. FB ends. Shagun says Prateek that was brilliant idea. Ishita says then that mock meat in Karwachauth, Prateek saved me. Prateek says I have seen veg soya chunks, which looks like chicken and meat.

Shagun asks Ishita does she know who has thrown grinding stone at Raman. Ishita says I don’t know, Appa caught me. They wonder who is that person who is harming Raman. Shagun says that was heavy, I know the person will have sprain. Ishita says I want to say we have to be careful, we will not openly talk about this, we will talk by messages and catch that person soon, we can’t take more risk, Raman, kids and whole family is in risk, we have to stop that person.

Ashok calls someone and asks did Ishita reach home, I should get all info, remember you are Bhalla family member, but working for me, you know the result if you don’t do my work. He ends call and says Bhalla family is not aware of the danger, they are proud of their unity, I broke their unity, now their fav bahu will kill their fav son Raman in her madness, blame will be on Ishita. I have to get all info, I have fit my informer there.

Abhishek and Ishita come home. She cries and feels sorry. Abhishek asks why does she pray always before acting as Shagun. She says I m cheating everyone, I m hurt doing this. He says you are doing this for Raman and family, why do you feel guilty. She says they trust me, Raman loves me and I m cheating them, when they know, I don’t know how they take this matter, I have to find that person soon, the person will get sprain for sure, I will find that person who has pain in hand.

Raman waits for Ishita and is worried. I will find her. Abhishek brings Ishita inside Bhalla house. Raman says I was so worried. Ishita says sorry, when I left, I went for long driver and then I was feeling so relieved, I wanted a change. Mrs. Bhalla asks will she have anything. Ishita asks is everyone fine at home, so much is happening, I m tensed for everyone. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, its late night, go and sleep. Abhishek says I will leave, Ishita is fine. Ishita sees Raman worrying for her and feels apologetic.

Ishita sees Raman sleeping and goes to bathroom. She calls Shagun. She says she wants to talk to them, and have Abhishek and Prateek on conference call. Prateek plans to know how they will find the person with handache, he will tell Mrs. Bhalla to do puja, and they will see everyone’s hands. Ishita says but Ishita should not be at home, as she is victim, come in morning. Abhishek says I will investigate my way. She ends call. She goes out of bathroom and sees Raman awake.

She makes excuse. Raman sits with her and asks her not to take stress. She cries and did he think, if she did not take his emergency call, she would have not met him. Raman smiles and asks why is she recalling this now. She says you are world’s best husband, I m very sorry. She hugs him. He says you are world’s best wife, this is not in your control, you will be fine and everything will be like before, lets sleep now. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………She wishes for tomorrow, to know that person helping Ashok against Raman. Someone comes in Bhalla house and looks for first aid kit. The lady does first aid for the hand sprain and bandages the hand. The lady is shown as Simmi.

Simmi says she is going to get diapers for Ananya. Neelu gives the list. Ishita asks Simmi to come soon. Simmi covers her hand and goes.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. rajat

    Nice use of digital things n Wi-Fi…. N simmi is the person… Amazing… Serial day by day aur interesting hota ja RHA h… H na guzzzz

  2. Varsha

    Simi…! Unbelievable…
    Watz happening… Excited to knw tmr episode. But how can simi do this nonsense… Is she fool….

  3. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Bhalla family keeps a Shanti Havan to make Shagun’s spirit away from Ishita’s body. Raman and entire family do the puja to get peace in the home.

    Meanwhile Ishita and Shagun are trying to find the member in Bhalla family, who is giving all information to Ashok.

    Furthermore, Simmi comes home tensed during the havan time. At first Shagun and Ishita doubts on Simmi on seeing her hand injured but they find out that Sarika is the real culprit who is helping Ashok. Shanti havan will also reveal Sarika’s true face as she is trying to kill Rama.

    Bhalla family will also find out Ghost drama of Ishita and Shagun. Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  4. Not simmi…. it will be sarika… in rinki’s matter …. frst they showed simmi… nd suddenly killed rinki in nxt episode… same way… bt yhm s good not dragging lik kum kum bhagya

  5. Darshika

    OMG simmi……???!!! No guys, there’s something fishy……!!! There May have reason behind this…… May be ashok threats her for some reason….. I don’t know why…… But still I think that it’s Sarika. We should wait. And we should patient.
    But interesting. !
    From SL

  6. Darshika

    Ya parvati, I also doubt about it……. Coz,In the past cvs were highlighting raman at LAST in the most of tracks.Let’s see…..

  7. sn

    I think here three plan is going on..
    Ishita – shagun plan
    Ashok ‘s plan
    Raman and Simmi plan
    BCz they directly shown simmi as culprit without any drama/suspense..
    They are creating suspense by showing simmi as culprit

  8. hey guys its not simmi .in sbs and sbb and everywhere it is revealed that sarika is the real culprit and simmi is not .may be there may be someother story of simmi .bur sarika is the real culprit.

  9. Sam

    But I dun unerstand what happnd to rinki’s murder track… dat s stil a mystery. ki wid whom was her affair n who killd her… dat is yet to b solvd n dey ha jumpd to some other track. Lost it???

  10. Cham

    Not Simmi! Finally that should be Sarika!Anyway Raman and the whole family will identify the love of Ishitha towards them.

  11. jhanvi

    Oh God… Again confusions….!!!!!

    Simmi …..!!!! Nooo she can’t do this …y she will do it ????

    Nd ya rajat it’s interesting BT worried also for next track …BT let’s see …nd ya guys I also noticed Raman’s behaviour was confusing…!!! BT hope now truth will be revealed soon… Nd I hope Raman knew this… So it will be easy for him to accept this.. If he will learn bout this suddenly don’t know how will he react ???? So it’s good if he knew this…

  12. jhanvi

    Nd yes good job with technology…!!!!! Ppl will learn new things….!!!!

    Happy diwali bhagi nd all ….!!!!!!

  13. diya

    Guys .. hello all yhmian.
    i really liked today’s epi
    . Really intelligent pln.. specially the way of lifting up raman in the air . i m feeling bad for ishita nd raman. They r going thru a tough phase .
    i hope the culprit gets caught soon .bohot ho gaya yaar.
    but i really dont think its simmi…i mn she cnt do this… there is smthng fishy in this…i thnk itz sarika nd once again.simmi was dare at the spot whn the grinding stone stone fell. But sarika wasnt …itz sarika only .pakka ..
    ……. they r saying the truth will b revealed soon.lets see nd plz..dnt seperate …i feel ..evrythng will b fine. God bless the yhm forevaaaa … ??

  14. Mihir

    Wow I think Raman is the only husband in the whole world, who has got 2 identical criminal minded wives. Even men cannot plot such a criminal plan. Ishita is my favourite character in YHM but i cannot accept what she did this time. Cheated her entire family members. In order to save Raman’s life, she killed the trust, love and respect he had on Ishita. The way she treated he amma was too bad. THIS IS MY OPINION ABOUT THE PRESENT TRACK AND NOTHING ELSE.

    • V P

      Mihir , I too agree with you …. Divyanka is my favorite , I am a huge fan of her but though the script is given by the writers , somewhere not liking Ishitha like this . The creators have killed the very good character in her . Raman so lucky to get wives like this . He is like a mad person in this .. And now Simmi …. Why making negative role of her ….. From a negative role she had come to a very positive and strong and again to a negative role ? Makers are stuck , don’t know how to move on … I hate watching now .., my opinion. … Come to reality … Give us good messages …, Raman , a seventy kilo weighing person hanging on the wall in a screw and magnet .., ? Can’t believe …so many bad messages has viewed this serial after 300 episodes … God knows what’s more to see …,

      • Mihir

        Very true.. a serial should be able to give a message to its viewers. And the very few tracks of course gave the message of how a step mother should be, the old YHM was superb!

  15. nimrit

    ye ekta aur makers ko kuchh kam hi nahi hai viewers ko bhadkane ke alawa…..jst chill yar guys…& enjoy episodes…..

  16. diya

    Guys just saw some clippings of upcoming happy nd romanctic ishra scene . i think happy times r coming for us nd yhm. Stay tuned.
    vp .. U di’nt see a wire was attached .. so it is possible to pull 70 kg wid dat .i know u nd mihir is disspntd with this track .. its sad . But u hv ur own opinion am not gonna say nythng abt it . But dnt they r going to make evrythng fine soon

    • V P

      True Iam very disappointed Diya . Whether wire attached or not , these types of tracks gives wrong message to viewers . Naturality of the show is gone . Intention of makers is to bring Shaghun positive and being liked by the viewers . Nothing against Anita , but makers have failed to twist the story line carrying the beauty and charm it had . This is the only one serial I am watching , not watched any serials in any language .only because of Divyanka , I started watching this .anyways I understand what you all say , I just parted my opinion ,

      • Mihir

        You are right V P , some of the fans think we are against their comments and YHM and most favorite Divyanka. Its not like that.
        As long as there are fans to accept whatever is shown, makers will do more unacceptable tracks ( like hanging a grown up with an invisible/tiny piece of wire with a help of a magnet. )

  17. Darshika

    Ya guys…….. chill……!!! Y r u over thinking…….!!! And being positive Shagun is very good massage for society……. Coz ppl can correct their mistskes…. And if she do negative role continually, it’s so boring and same thing’ll happen(revenge). I don’t want to see again custody or again fight for a baby……… Otherwise anita should remove from yhm. But we all know, ekta’s never doing it. So positive role is good. Otherwise we should tolerate negative Shagun again……..!!! I really don’t have capacity to bear negative shagun again. I can’t even think about it.

    And it’s not simmi……. I also think she has another story. And there may not a rinki’s murder case…… It may be a mistake of mihika……. I don’t think about it any more.
    Enjoy yhm…….!!!!!
    (I don’t want to hurt anyone)

  18. Darshika

    but yes….. Rinki’s murder case have some problems. That blackmailing photo and that covered woman…….
    I guess, Sarika killed rinki…… And ashok knew about this somehow. So now, ashok’s blackmailing sarika to give information about balha family. And sarika is the one who brought adi and ruhi to the camp……
    This is the way which I can guess about connection of rinki’s murder case and the plan of killing raman.
    Let’s see…….

  19. Raman kumar bhalla

    There is a twist coming after this track which shock my fans keep watching our show
    thanks for your love #ramankumarbhalla

  20. jhanvi

    Ofcrse yar.. They will end this soon ….jst chill..!!!!

    Nd I think Raman nd family will understand this …..nd u r saying that ishu broke Raman’s trust BT actually now it’s too much from that Ashok Khanna..!!!! He always wanted to harm them so now ishu is fed up nd that’s y its very impo.. Now to give him a lesson that he will nvr forget… That’s y she did this big drama coz she knows that now she has to teach a strong lesson to that Ashok Khanna..!!! Nd ya I know she shld tell Raman bout this.. BT it’s OK… Everything will be fine….!!!!

  21. jhanvi

    Yes Darshika I was thinking d same…. I also think that may be Ashok is blackmailing sarika nd that’s y she is helping him….

    Nd may be simmi is also doing smthing… Raman nd she also knew this drama ….

  22. Darshika

    what…..??? Hay you, Raman kumar bhalla….. Are you really RKB…..??? I don’t think so…… what’s your real identify…..??? But if you really KP, I must say this, “I love you”
    And what do you mean by “shock” ? Is it good one or bad one…..?

    And guys, plz be careful now……. I don’t know which kind of ppl read our comments…… Ha ha ha ha……. May be ekta…..???!!! (Actually I can’t comment on fb,coz it’s soooooo public, and now here also.)Ekta will get hyper, if she read our previous comments. Ha ha ha ha……..

  23. Darshika

    I agree with mihir ONLY for this…… Raman lifted on air by magnet…… That’s really so stupid and unusual……. I don’t know why did thay add this scene……..
    But every other things are OK……!
    (It’s my opinion)

  24. Guys i think its simmi only mayb nt pakka and ashok is blackmailing dat person so its against their nature they r helping ashok bcoz dey dnt hav anyotr option…..guys i evn gt 1 stupid thought what if ashok turns positive and is helping and instead shagun and prateek r negative???? Anhthng cn hppn guys infact its ekta mam’s show…hiw , any of u agree wid me?????

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