Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun asking Ashok did he sign the papers to make Adi his legal heir. Ashok tries to avoid this talk, and she insists. He says we can talk at home, not here, my associates are here, and I forgot everything seeing your dance. Mani comes and says congrats for the lovely evening. Ashok hides the matter and thanks Mani for all this. Mani smiles and says you are most welcome. He gets a call and excuses himself. Shagun says you have to decide, you know what is Adi for me. Ashok leaves. Raman and Ishita have a talk. He asks her to worry for him too, if she worries for Ruhi. She says Ruhi is little and she needs help. He says then think I m also a kid. She says will I think Raman Bhalla a kid. He asks then what do you think about me, just Ruhi’s Papa, clear to me, then

I will also talk the same way.

She asks what happened to you. He asks the same, as she is showing new looks. She smiles and says Raman. He asks what….. they stand closer and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………… Mani says I already apologized, anything else and ends the call seeing police. Shagun asks Mihir did he see Adi. Mihir says no, he was just here. Mihika says maybe he went to room. Mani asks police about their coming. The inspector says we know about Shagun Arora’s sangeet function. Mani introduces himself and tries to sort out the problem.

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Raman and Ishita continue their sweet talk. He asks her to say what he means to her. She gets shy and says what, you were standing alone there, I felt hurt seeing you alone, I can’t see you worried, I feel hurt, you are my husband and I really care for you. She says how much we fight, still I can’t see you like that, I wanted to show the world that you are not alone, to show Ashok and Shagun that you don’t need anyone now, I m with you. Raman is touched and gives a sweetest smile. She says and…..

Mani asks whats the problem, did you come to arrest Ashok Khanna. The inspector says no, we came to arrest Ishita Bhalla. Mani says what, who complained? The inspector says I will say when I meet her. Mani says stop her, I will call her. Raman asks Ishita to say it. She says I wanted to tell you that I…. He asks what, tell me. She says you say it. He says you say, I want to hear it. Mani comes and asks Ishu to come. Raman says 2mins. Mani says really sorry Raman, its urgent. Ishita asks him to go. Mani says I m sorry, please come. Raman says go, he won’t listen being a Madrasi. He gets irritated by Mani and says why don’t his family call him back.

Mani brings Ishita to meet police. The inspector says he has compliant against her. She asks what. He says your step son called us to complaint. She says Adi? He says he said you have beaten him, and burnt his hand, its wrong. She asks what did I do? He says you have tried to kill him. Mani says calm down, its over. The inspector says move back, we spoke with manners, not let me talk. He thinks about Ishita being Amma’s daughter and she has got them locked with Raman. She says you are the one whom two old ladies said you kidnapped them.

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She says you did this before, and now this complaint, whats this family drama. Ishita says that was a joke, I m dentist, my husband Raman is CEO of company, Ruhi is happy with us, we all love Adi. Mani says Adi is fine inside. The inspector says we know you will scare him, let us do our work. She says son’t go inside, the function will be ruined, please don’t go, if Adi is really hurt, let me see, I m doctor, maybe he needs doctor. He says don’t do this drama, you can’t meet him, we will question him. Mani says how can you take her on phone cal basis. He asks them to meet Adi. Ishita says I will cooperate. The inspector says come. Mani says I will call Raman. Ishita says no, let him be there, I will handle. Mani goes with her and Parmeet smiles enjoying this.

Shagun asks Adi how did this happen and shows Adi’s hand to everyone. She says just call the doctor. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did his hand burn. Raman and Shagun panic. Raman asks Mihir to call the doctor. Adi says I m fine. Raman asks where is Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says she was with Mani. Shagun applies the ointment. Shagun asks who did this, tell me. Adi says hot water fell, its alright. Shagun says how can it fall. She asks Raman to call doctor, as she is worried, it may learn mark. Raman says there won’t be mark, he is hurt. Ashok comes and asks what happened, I can’t see you like this. Ashok and Raman give him hands and Adi holds Raman’s hand. Suraj looks on and thinks Ashok is overacting, idiot.

Parmeet asks Ashok to lessen the acting, as police came, Adi called them. He says they caught Ishita for torturing Adi. Ashok says if Adi did this, I m his father, see what issue I make. Raman says Shagun relax, Ishita will come. Ashok says where is she now. Raman says stop it, Adi’s hand is burnt, I will get Ishita. The inspector questions Ishita about her mum in law complaining first and not step son. She says she complaint as my husband and I fight a lot. He says so you took revenge on his son. Mani says the call went to child welfare, ask them. The inspector says don’t teach us, and Ishita has to be in lockup tonight. She says what.

Raman and Mihir try calling Ishita, and calls Mani. Mani says we are in police station, come here. Raman asks why, why did you not tell me. Mani says Ishu came here not to create any scene there, they are saying Amma and Mrs. Bhalla did kidnapping charges, they are not releasing her, come here. Raman tells this to Mihir and asks him to be with Adi.

Everyone look at Adi looking shocked. Shagun says Ishita did this…… She rages in anger and says she has burnt my son’s hand, that blo*dy…. Mrs. Bhalla says are you mad, how can this happen. Shagun says stay far, don’t touch my son. Ashok says he spoke to doctor, come. Shagun says I know you all are taking revenge, she gave me lecture that I m not good mum and now run away after burning his hand. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Ishita. Mr. Bhalla says I don’t know, even Raman went. Amma says she can’t do this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Adi is lying. Ishita can’t do this.

Raman tells the inspector that he does not know why is his son lying, Ishita can’t do this. Ishita asks him to go to Adi, as he is in pain, I have Mani here, please go. He says I don’t know who is filling hatred in Adi’s heart, I can’t leave you here. She says I have a feeling that someone made him do this, he can’t do this. He says who, Ashok or Shagun. She says no, she is page 3 type, she won’t spoil her function, first go, we will solveit later, we have to manage his anger issues. He asks do you want me to leave you here. She says I m fine. Mihir says I spoke to Pathak, he said he can’t help as its about child laws, Mani is trying. Raman says I will do everything now, you stay here.

Parmeet asks the bartender to make a drink for him. he says it was fill enjoyment today in sangeet, did you see such drama. Simmi comes and claps, asking him is he happy doing this, he is enjoying the fire in her family. He says I got peace seeing what happened with Ishita, she ruined my life. Simmi asks how can you use Adi to teach Ishita a lesson, Adi is in pain, I don’t believe what Adi said, Ishita can’t do this, I can see everything, I know whats right and whats wrong, she can never do this with a kid. Parmeet smiles and says it means she got you on her side, great, the person who ruined our life, we are away because of her…. Simmi says she won’t listen to him, dad is waiting, I just came to see I can see everything, you are doing wrong. She leaves. Parmeet smiles and says you just see Simmi, what Ishita could not do today, I did it.

Mrs. Bhalla cries and tells inspector that Ishita is Yashoda, as she has given much love to Ruhi. Raman says yes, she is not her real mum, but gave her love more than her real mum, she can’t hurt any child. Ishita looks on standing behind bars.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Waiting for tomorows epi

  2. Oh no adi u such a idiot.simi super now itself u know your huaband real face thanks. Ishita ur are so cute when u propose

  3. Here comes the twist again. The romance is unterrupted. The producers will never let Raman and Ishita unite. This was as expected because if they unite, the series will not be left with anything to move forward and their business will stop.

    Thank god that this is not real life ….

  4. arey yaar it was going so well btw ishu and raman.they were almost were to confess it but a adi be naa.really impossible.and raman if u not take ur son adi from shagun than iam damn sure he will become spoil brat.better get him back yaar raman.and how can police arrest anyone like that without any prove. and even iam happy to hear that from tellyreviews the promo is not going to happen.iam really happy for that.bus aap raman jaldi se confess karo naa raven kumar.

  5. and shagun we know u cant be good wife atleast u can give good values to adi.adi is spoiling only becoz of this shagun.wt an maa ur.ur disgusting yaar.

  6. For raman- Ishita and all fan’s are happy for your statement -she is not real mum but gave her more than her real mum….
    waiting coming episode…..

  7. I know ishita will be out can adi do such a mistake even though ishita was loyal to him.ruhi was such a cute girl.adi being a big bro must have realised the character of ishu ,he is just blind behind his mom’s love.raman should at least make him realise the ishu’s good and caring nature.

  8. Did anyone saw the promo raman was saying that all this problems for u are bcoz of my past and he will keep ishu s mangalsuthr on the table vesid eher bed where she sleeps and she doesnt keep kunkum on her head also shit man if this happens ill quit the show n hope alk will do the same as this people cant understand till we take a step

  9. That param needs to be thrown out from the show……..

  10. arey yaar kajal relax it will not happen wt is shown in promo.just read then u will be clear.

  11. Raman&ishitha are ready cofess their feeling but adi disturbance.Raman tum adi ko kuch karna hoga.shagun your spoiling u r son.

  12. Precap was fantastic with superb comparison.lekin raman kuch isi kaam karna hoga ki ishita kud apne feelings share kar sake.spoiler was fab.but why raman couldn’t express,as it was a favourable situation.

  13. Priyaroli are you sure about the promo.?????

  14. arey guys iam really sure ab it .u if guys dont belive it then check it urself in got the information form that only.

  15. I don understand the fact that if IShra express their feelings and unite, their will not be anything for us to view then. Arey yaar, there is so much more then if they unite. So much love and romance for us to see daily. We r not seeing this show for this bll shit drama or unnecessary twists. We r waiting for those beautiful moments when Raman will love IShita physically and take immense care of her. Drama hi dikhana tha to aur bhi bahut shows hai drama ke liye jo hum nahi dekhte. we want love

  16. OMG!!!!!!!!! While prosing ishra is soooo cute…!!!!!

  17. Hey Priyaroli tum ne jis site ke bare me kaha mene padha pr wo to is Shagun ki shadi ke pehle ka scene hai but real twist to uski shaadi ke din ayega. Hope so wo twost IshR ki love life ko affect na kare.

  18. Y 123 kya tum satureday ka ep. nahi dekte ho ? Maine pichali bar bhi notice kiya tha ki aap ne saturday ke ep. pe comment nahi ki hai aur iss saturday bhi nahi ki.

  19. Are Kajal Raman us promo me Ishu ka manglsutra nhi pr Ishu ka gift kiya hua braclete rakhta hai. Aur wese bhi Ishu kabhi mangalsutra pehnti hi nahi hai

  20. hey prayosha, I watch all the episodes but on Saturdays I’m at home and do not post my comments. During weekdays, I’m in the office and post my comments. YHM show mein bahut loop holes hai bhai like they unnecessarily create a twist and that twist is never resolved. Example – Ishita bringing Param back to house to expose him was never achieved. Romi/Sarika episode not required at all. Don know wat is the currect status of that relationship. Bala’s mystery girl. Raman’s high voltage emotional drama dragged to a mere silly episode later on. Ignore al this shit, please show us the love and romance between Ishra. If u want I can suggest beautiful scenes to u. Like now Ishita is in jail. We know it is winter and in Delhi it is usually very cold, raman can give his blazer to Ishita to cover herself so that she is not affected from this severe cold. it is caring.

    1. Hey 123 what’s your real name

  21. I m really impressed by Ishita –
    your thinking power is so high level….
    but coming episode in Raman again hate for Ishita wife…
    region – son adi..
    Ishita arrest problem of solution is – simi bhalla…

  22. So sad yar YHM 11 baje bahut jald hi band ho jayega so sad for me mai to na sham 7:30 baje na dophar 1:00 baje aur na hi subh 9:30 baje ghr pr hoto hoo to mai YHM kab dekhungi…

  23. ishitha you are too good yaar . great patience and kind hearted.precap was good. as shown in the promo about raman keeping ishitha’s gift on the bed etc.etc. but whatever let it may be everything will be alright soon because same happened with regard to mani and ishitha promo. but as stated in telly express shaguns marriage twist is going to affect ishras marriage life for sure.hope everything gets alright soon

  24. Aaaw.. Ramans smile could have melted all the icebergs ! Sooo loved up
    As for Adi – son of satan !!

  25. Inspector will leave ishita as he will melt by the words of toshi aunty

  26. And why will the story end after raman and ishita unite . Then Simmi would come to know about Param and then mihika and mihir’s marriage then sarika and romi marriage . And Adi will know the truth and in the last ishita would be pregnant . This will take around 1 year . Raman and Ishita both have come to know about each other’s feelings so they are already united.

  27. Day by day show gng really exciting… loving it……..

  28. Adi r u a idiot why u caught ur yasodha in police for this reason I don’t like u idiot how dare u to tell lie idiot nonsense.

  29. the whole YHM is all drama not a bit close to real life. wil any indian family dance in the wedding of a ex wife who really ditched her hub, daughter, and the whole family. i agree with 123’s comment. after 250 episodes if a husband and wife don’t express love and unite , audience go irritated and they may feel stopping to watch. after uniting there can be much more to play as there has been lot of suggestions. so pls stop this twisting nonsense and make it quite realistic.

  30. neha bittu nidhi

    omg wat a boring twists cmg in d show… kb ishu raman sath honge

  31. neha bittu nidhi

    its realy a stupidity to bring such nonsense twist in YHM.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ekta mam stop makng fool to d audience otherwise u’i hav to bare d pain of low TRP of d show

  32. points points points

    in the scale mark of ten on the basis of character acting.

    ISHITA : 9/10
    RAMAN : 10/10
    🙂 🙂
    AADI : .01 ( I gave him .01 bhi just because gautum ojha did his job fairly.

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