Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhishek hearing the taxi driver telling about Aaliya and missing her that night. Abhishek gets angry hearing him talking to his friend. Abhishek gets angry on them, and scolds them. He catches their necks and says you were the one who misbehaved with that girl. He beats the men. They try to run away. Abhishek beats them and catches them. He drags them to police station. Inspector asks what is this. Abhishek says this man has misbehaved with this man, he molested many girls, I heard him, file FIR soon. Inspector says you are drunk, what were you doing there. Abhishek says I know everything, I was ACP before, you manage this culprit now.

Abhishek talks to inspector and starts leaving. He gets shocked seeing Raman and Ishita. He asks Ishita ji are you alive. Raman

says I lost my daughter because of you two, I m not related to you two. Ishita goes after Abhishek. Inspector tells Raman that Abhishek caught the real culprit, you can take your son. Raman thanks him. Ishita asks Abhishek to listen. He asks her to leave. She asks are you drunk on duty. He says I left police force 7 years ago, no one knows me here, I resigned after that incident, I could not do my duty, I could not save you and Ruhi, you committed suicide. She says I m sorry, I don’t know why I m alive. He says I should have died that day. Raman says I regret….. and walks to them….

Raman says you both should have died, the thing you did was too bad, Ruhi died because of you two, if you say a word, I will not leave you, we were mourning for Ishita’s death, I felt I m responsible for her death, Ishita can’t be called a stepmum, but the children gave mother’s place to her, I won’t hear Ishita’s story, don’t tell anything, I don’t have any guilt. He scolds them.

Adi comes there. Ishita cries seeing him. Adi says Ishi Maa and goes to her. Raman stops Adi….. Raman says this woman is not your Ishi Maa, she does not deserve to be called a mother, sit in car Adi. Adi cries and leaves with Raman. Ishita cries.

Amma comes there and slaps Ishita. She says you ruined my upbringing, and cries. She says I came to meet Adi, whatever Raman said is true, I don’t want to stay here, come Bala and Mihika. They leave. Ishita cries. Mani consoles her. Ishita says I said I won’t come back here, I know no one will be happy, I knew it, see what happened, I ruined everything again.

Raman sits in his room and drinks. Simmi gets food for him. she asks are you fine. Raman asks about Adi. She says Adi slept. He asks is Pihu fine. She says yes. He asks about mummy. She says Papa gave her pills and made her sleep, why are you in tension. He says I met Ishita. She gets shocked and asks is Ishita alive. He says yes, I just met her, she would have come to Amma’s house, I m worried, we will go away from here, I don’t want to see her. She gets glad and says I want to meet her. He says you won’t tell this to anyone, mummy will get unwell. Mr. bhalla hears this. Simmi says Papa did you hear, Ishita is alive. Mr. Bhalla says we will talk to Raman in morning, come.

Its morning, Mrs. Bhalla telling Mr. Bhalla and Simmi that Raman wants to shift house. Simmi thinks how to tell Raman about Ishita, and says this house is getting insufficient for our stay. Mrs. Bhalla says that woman lives in that area, maybe that is the reason. Simmi and Mr. Bhalla leave. Mrs, Bhalla says I m sure Raman wants to take home close to that woman’s house, its good Emraan has sent me that woman’s address, I will go there and meet that woman. Ishita talks on phone. Mrs. Bhalla comes to her. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla gets shocked seeing each other.

Mrs. Bhalla drops her purse in shock. She starts leaving, and stops. She goes to Ishita and holds her hands to assure that Ishita is really alive. She says Ishita…… and hugs her crying. Ishita cries. Mrs. Bhalla says I can’t believe you are alive, 7 years, where were you, did you not miss me, did you not think about me, why did you do this, tell me. Ishita says I m really sorry, don’t cry. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it, you have come now, everything will be fine, we will do your Grah Pravesh again, come. Ishita says this can’t happen, Raman won’t let me come. Mrs. Bhalla says why, he has to agree, I will beat him and make him agree, else make him leave house, its my house, not Raman’s, its your house. Ishita asks are you really happy seeing me and cries. Mrs. Bhalla asks what are you asking, I will beat you if you ask this again. Ishita hugs her and cries. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her and says you do one thing, pack your bags, I will take you home. Ishita smiles.

Pihu shouts for Adi. Ishita saves her and says you are fine now, relax. She gets shocked seeing Pihu. Adi looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. pradeepa

    Ishu is very beautiful .and that rudy raman bhalla …today i love mrs bhalla..she is the only one who loves to see ishu alive.

  2. Cham

    O my god!!!!!
    How can Ishitha tolerate all these blames????? No one remembers that Raman had asked her to leave everyone and go awway from his life because she was the bad luck for the whole family!!!!
    Ishitha could have questioned from everyone,
    Why did Raman said that everybody mourned for her?Why did he felt guilty?? He should be HAPPY!because he said that Ishitha’s exsistence made everybody suffer!
    So how could he say such things???

  3. Cham

    Even now he’s again and again says that she’s not a good maa!!!
    She left everybody,because she even felt that she will become a threat to her children again as it happened with Ruhi, and how could she stay when Raman is shouting her to leave?

  4. SIndhu

    Hi Rithu, VP, Siddhi, Anakha and ither regulars. I suppose many of you must be relaly mad and angry with Raman for scolding Ishita. All I can say after watching today’s episode, I think Raman’s anger is justified to a certain extent. For 7 long years Raman has been living in guilt, he has been drinking and developed anger in him as he felt he killed Ishita with his words so now when he saw her, of course he feels angrier that she cheated him by being alive and not even once appear infront of him. Anyone would feel angry because he must have thought that Pihu lost her mother’s love Ishita.

    • Manju

      In fact he made himself take Ishita a suicidal step. Ishita was saved by a stroke of luck. So he chased a way Ishita and I do not think Raman’s action is justifiable.

    • vp

      very true Totally agree with you …To a greater extend its justified but … even now repeatedly blaming her for Ruhis death is not right .. It was only becoz of his unlimited blames she left him and Ishitha even otherwise also would not have lived without Ruhi … That means Raman has not understand her . He said he was the reason for her to commit suicide , if he realized it why repeating the same .. .. it really made Ishitha think death was better than alive … ofcourse it was totally wrong from her part to be away from every body … but she was responsible for Mani … somehow I felt Ishithas acting lacked sympothy … must be over dressing over make up ….. Normally Ishitha cud bring smile on us when she smiles and tears on us when she cries . I really dont want Ishitha to go back to Rama . Mrs Iyer and her slapping was required … she did a good role … Adi adorable … but Mrs Bhalla not expected … that was a good move … Though so loud she is true in her feelings to Ishitha … Though Ishitha was looking stunning in sari … she lost her simplicilty and humble ness … whoever seeing her will think she has happily moved on her life …. who understands her pain …she is always like that makes the people around her happy …Ramans expressions are extremely good … if once he doesnt blame Ishitha … waiting for that ….

  5. Cham

    Ekta madam should write a new plot of which Ishitha gets MAD for real!
    Then she wil tell what’s in her heart and she should shout at Raman and her Iyyar family telling how they had hurt her! Do they think that Ishitha is not under the pain of losing Ruhi? Obviously they know that Ishitha is the who loved Ruhi most!! Unfortunately no one never thought how Ishita was shattered, before blaming her!!
    She should tell Raman and that Iyyar family, that she went away from them because Raman asked her to..
    Everybody asks her to leave them rudely,but when she gets mad definetly they have to look after her.
    And Ishitha’s madness will be good shot for Raman for his ungratefulness and for his EGO!!
    And then his behaviour will be the reason for Ishitha’s condition!
    That’ how I felt good on imagining.

  6. SIndhu

    Now having said that I do feel sorry for Ishita as she obeyed Raman’s instructions on not coming back and leave him completely as he will be happy without her, As a dutiful wife she obeyed. Only if she had returned to Raman sooner, he would be angry but he would have softened. Raman’s anger is always shortlived. He gets softened very fast. Someone mentioned in their comments that Raman did smile when he came outside knowing Ishita is alive so he still very much loves her but he is angry now. He will simmer down with Toshi’s adn Adi’s intervention. I only hope Ishra unite before they know that Ruhaan is Ruhi. If not it would be Raman married Ishita for only Ruhi’s sake and not for true love. I hope Ekta makes sure they join before they know about Ruhi then it would be Raman really love Ishita. I don’t want the reunion to happen after they know Ruhaan is Ruhi then there is no true love between Raman and Ishita.

    • vp

      Yes Sindhu you are right …. if Ramans love for Ishitha is true …. it should be before knowing Ruhaan is Ruhi … otherwise back again Ruhi ke liye …And the way Ishitha asked Mrs Bhalla are you really happy to see her was touching … her helplessness being alive is something any one cant imagine … DT is very beautiful …

  7. lavanyabai

    wow..atleast someone that is happy seeing ishita alive…love that scene..divyanka looks so beautiful in that saree…and.precap is good…but..abhishek and ishita are so much guilt…hope all gets well soon…

  8. Hi to every yhm fans …
    Hey guys today i am so happy as my results are great i scored gpa 5.00 which means 80%in my ssc exam means 10 standard exam…. I am so happy…
    I think Mummy ji will become cupid for ishra
    . Nice precape… But raman will separate them…

  9. akshaya

    Even I agree to change. Ishita should have been a mad . felt so sorry for ishita when she was in a helpless condition.

  10. Hey guys…..I am a vry big fan of yhm nd a regular silent reader of this page…can I join u guys…
    2day I happy see that atleast there is someone who is happy to know that ishita is alive nd that is Mrs.bhalla….nd excited for twr episode

  11. Ishita

    Today divyanka Akka looks so adorable in tat sareee nd blach dress too…….ya…atleat her mum I law was happy seeing their reunion….happy ? nd eager fr tommrws one…….

  12. Cham

    At least Simmi will meet Ishitha and she will understand Ishitha..
    Mrs. Bhalla was the only one who became really happy to see Ishitha alive..
    I’m happy with that scene..

  13. Rashika

    I had stoped watching yhm ….but after the leap i am wacthing it… so can any one tell what happend that raman blames ishu for ruhi z death

  14. I really don’t know why always women sacrifice in daily sopes…..tired of watching such shows…..where women are potrayed as devis.

  15. Ohhhhhhoooooooo finallyyyy mrs balla happy seeing ishitha alive. I really felt very bad for ishra and abishek. Raman ki angerhi uske sabse bade dushman per isme ishitha ki bi galthi he kunki use pathahe ki raman short temperdhe phir bi usne uski bath ko manme lagakar 7 sal apne parivarse dur raha. Thts not fairna. I knw she is in a guilt that bcz of her they lossed ruhi lekin use ebitho sochna chahiyethina uska aurbi 2baccehe adi aur pihu. Aur uske vajahse manika bi accednt huatha uska bi kayal rakna uska zimedarithi. Now i think isme nahi ishitha ki galthihe aur nahi raman ki. Bus haalath sahi naheetha. But i hope all the differences solve very soon. Wainting for ishrarudipihu reunion. Now i hope aliya undrstood her mistake but i think now adi wil really hate her.

  16. sanju

    hiiii alll…im sanju.
    sooo happy tht mummyji is glad to see ishu alive…y is amma sad with ishu i didnt understood….raman is sooo rude.sooo sad for ishu..ishu is really looking preety.and waiting for tmrw episode…i think thts adi’s plan to reunite pihu and ishu.ishu and mrs.bhalla scene was nyc..
    nw adi aliya and mummyji will unite ishra…waiting for ishra scenes…

  17. kk..

    today’s episode was good…no 1 is happy to seeing ishita alive…n her amma also…at least mrs.bhalla is happy to seeing ishita alive…I feel very bad for ishita…waiting for next episode…

  18. shivani

    What’s wrong with this raman..??..its true that he loves ishita….but this is unfair that he still blames ishita for was raman who said ishita to go with ruhi as nidhi demanded….it was raman who said ishita to go away from his life…now he is angry on ishita because she never gave a hint about her existence…why would she give any hint…??….raman said her leave him….so if she is dead or alive, wat make the difference….??….senseless man…..

    • vp

      There are two things Shivani … of course Raman repeatedly blaming her … Ishitha is scared of him … one …. when she was shattered after Ramans breakout , her family people cud have gone behind her to console …. other thing she should have informed her existance to her parents …it was their right to know ….but we cant blame characters … cvs writers have messed up … otherwise if Raman was longing for Ishitha and he blames himself that he is the reason behind her suicide … why cvs make him repeat the same lines … there its wrong . And he feels she is moved on her life where he was empty with out her . we viewers feel the same … sad thing is that the depth of their love is admirable … they are losing beautiful moments in their kife … but to appreciate Bhallas are happy welcoming her.. Many motherinlaws has to learn a lesson from this …. Ammas anger is justified …she is angry only for hiding her existence …

  19. hello everyone… not to disrespect you…but can you please comment in English,,, I really don’t know Hindi nor do I understand it… so it will be an honour if you could all do this 1 thing…thank you

  20. Sravs

    Y evryone blame poor ishuu.. im really sad after watching today’s episode.. especially wen amma slapped ishuu.. hate evryone.. ishuu go away from evryone den nly dey know ur value.. dey wont deserve u..

  21. loveleen

    i dnt understnd y d cvs r trying to shw raman as a villian…smtyms i doubt if raman is a postv lead or villian..that arrogance n cruel behaviour so bad…n moreover dis shw gained its popularity cz of the character ruhi who ws d main reasn fr ishras unison n nw tht charcter wants ishra to separate…lyk woww heights of harshness….nw i thnk soon ishita wl also b negatv..all becm negatv n stop dis shw wid a negatv moral..

  22. Oh That Silly Raman Doesn’t deserve Ishu. Has he got brain damage. he insulted & the said the most hurtful things that no one will tell a person who is so much in love. Now he is acting innocent as if everything is Ishitha’s fault.. For once Ishitha should give it back to them all & Let Raman Go begging for her to come back . All of them for that matter except the Mama In Law & Simmi. Raman should go crawling then only he will respect her . From day one he has insulted accused her for all the good things she did. he must suffer a little. & Ishitha should ignore him & go back & start her clinic & live alone for a while till he comes down a peg or two. First of all Giving Ruhi was his plan that too he has forgotten .& is blaming Ishu
    Ishitha should fight back why is a woman put so low when she is not at fault & Made guilty? At least Ardi loves her as his mum. son has gratitude than the father. Raman should change his ways if he wants his wife. otherwise she is better off without him.

  23. Prithvi

    Honestly saying… This Raman is just an idiot of the first order who doesn’t accept his mistake and blames ishita and Abhishek.. And it was all bcos of his carelessness that he lost Ruhi and his ego

  24. episode was bad .precap was ok .but today mrs.iyer and mrs.bhalla proved who is real mother of ishitha as mrs.iyer did not even try to understand ishitha and what all happened in the past seven years with ishitha.

  25. Raman said that every year they celebrated ishu’s barsi but at the starting of the leap itself they showed that bhallas never did ishu’s barsi. Simmi and thoshiji wanted to do ishu’s barsi along with ruhi but Raman didn’t allow them to do so. It shows that Raman didn’t even wanted ishu’s sole to rest in peace. I hate Raman.

  26. raman kitnaa bhi bada ho jaaye lekin uske paas dimaag hoke bhi dimaag nahi hai .sabko yaad dilaatha rehtha hai ki ishitha ki wajah se yssne ruhi ko khoya hai toh khud kyu nahi bachaaya ruhi ko .ussi ne ishitha se vaada kiya ki woh ruhi ko bachaayega . phir jab bachaana tha tab khade hoke bewakoofon ki tarah raha . leap ke baad ussne ruhi ka naam tak nahi liya . ashok shagun niddhi ya jo bhi ho sab raman ke dushman the aur raman blame ishitha ko kar raha hai . raman itnaa dumb insaan hai ki usse ek accha plan tak banaana nahi aatha . uski ghatia plan ki wajah se ishitha ko asli goli lagi . ussi ne ishitha ko ruhi ko pihu ke loye dene ke liye force kiya .aur hamesha apne alawa sabko blame kiya aur jab ruhi ka ruhaan hone ka patha chalega tab bhi raman ruhi ko ishitha se seperate kar dega .

  27. Nayana

    Hi guys am also a fan of yhm. I also think that raman and ammas reaction was justifiable. Every one was awair abt ramans anger. Voh hamesha sey ayse hi the. Gusse mey kuch bhi kehathe the. Magar pyaar bhi sab sey syada vo hi kar te the. Even though every one was shattered aftr hearing ruhis death; befor thinking abt suiside ishitha should think abt her little baby. Agar voh bach gayi thi, tho use sab ko bathana tha ki voh zinda hey. Sirf raman ne bhala bura kaha tha.puri family baaki thi.

  28. I totally agree with mino. I think Raman is terribly egoistic, rude boorish character
    He doesn’t respect women…Ishita,shagun simmi, …why even his own mother!!
    Much as i would like to see ishra reunion..
    I think raman doesn’t deserve ishita.
    Dont understand why script writers never show Raman apologize for any of his hundreds of mistakes and unjust rude behaviour so far

  29. Fan

    I agree that Raman and Ishitha should unite before they try to find Ruhi. This would show that they love each other for themselves and not just because of Ruhi. Their’s is a love that grew gradually and grew strong.

    Raman – He’s a guy that has great love for the people in his life. Shagun and Ashoks deception destryed him. His harshness and gruff demeanour is like a shield that protects him against further hurt. Ishitha understood him, she brought out the best in him and she looked past the arrogant exterior to the loving and caring person he really was. Losing Ruhi was shocking to all but mostly to him and Ishitha. As a father he couldn’t protect his daughter so he vented out on the next person that was there. Had Ishitha stayed back they would have worked things out as usual.

    The entire family mourned for Ishitha only to find out 7 years later that she was alive and well and didn’t let them know. Raman is drinking himself into oblivion, ACP Abishek is a ruined man, the families broken up and at loggerheads with each other!!!! What a fiasco!!!

    No one person should actually be shouldering the blame. Rather they should work together to set right the wrongs and heal the brokeness. Hopefully this happens soon. Love always brings peace and harmony 🙂

  30. Ishrakalove

    Raman is such an air head he keeps looking for someone to pour out his anger when drunk he said the one who used to listen is not even. There now she is right in front of you and all you want to do is run and insult her in every manner as for mrs over I tot Ishu should have returned the slap and give Raman the peace of her mind then go back to Australia and marry mani he really deserve ishita he is always there for her the support every wife needs from her husband which Raman has hardly been able to provide seriously the show after the leap is going well but the writers seem to have memory loss Amma who was crazing for her daughter slapped her and choose Raman over her someone who hasn’t even spoken to you with respect all this years over your daughter you brought up and know her well someone who can do very thing for those she loved

  31. Siddhi

    I want yo say bechara abhisheik omg episode was bad only mrs bhalla n ishu part was gud mrs iyyer thappar was justified she spent 7 yrs thinking her daughter has died I am really excited for tm eposide finally ishru Raman don’t way what to say about him every time he blames others actually I agree ishu knows about ramans anger his anger is not for a long time anyways tm will be ishu n pihu millan n also adi ishu millon n I forgot to say hi everyone

  32. uaha..

    Raman is ungretfull and full of ego..not angry and hurt cos if he was than he would understand ishita’s pain.He is at it again blaming others when he made Ishita take Ruhi .he bought nidhi into the house.he followed Ishita and nidhi got angry.hd said very demeaning and hurtful words to Ishita.he beat his own brother like a dog.he doesn’t have time for Adi.He is rude to all family members.So its time Raman comes down a peg or two and realise his own mistake and repents..Mrs iyyer..amma whats your problem as a mother you failed your dtr..stop and think what Ishita has gone through and feel her pain.Mani is great as he has proved to be a true friend..

  33. lavanya

    In today epi I understood that only Mrs bhalla was there who was happy to see ishita alive and it means she loves her a lot and raman and amma they show that ki vo sirf naam ke amma aur husband hai

  34. lavanya

    In today’s epi I understood that only Mrs bhalla was happy to see ishita alive and it means she loves her and Raman and amma they showed that ki vo sirf naam ke husband aur maa h

  35. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    daily popular show Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein will witness some
    high voltage drama.
    It seems that Adi (Abhishek
    Verma) will get Pihu to meet Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi).
    However Pihu will get lost and will
    be in the middle of road seeking for
    Ishita will reach and rescue Pihu in
    the nick of time.
    Raman ( Karan Patel ) who would
    have been witnessing this scene
    from a distance will then slap Adi
    for his carelessness.
    However Raman will still be shown
    angry on Ishita for hiding the truth
    about her being alive and keeping
    him in guilt for so long.
    It would be interesting to see what
    will happen next in the show.
    Stay tuned for more updates.

  36. The upcoming episodes
    of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    will show Pihu’s life
    getting in danger and
    Ishita coming to her
    The current track shows
    that Ishita has returned
    and has decided to stay
    back in India.
    Ishita meets her family
    members one by one but
    all of them are upset with
    Ishita for hiding the truth
    more so many years that
    she is alive.
    Ishita is keen to meet her
    beloved daughter Pihu
    and Adi brings Pihu on
    the road.
    Pihu will be at the risk of
    being run down meet a
    speeding car but Ishita
    save her life.
    Raman will witness this
    and will slap Adi for
    putting Pihu’s life in
    Raman will be angry with
    Ishita for keeping him in
    the dark about her being
    Raman and Ishita have a
    lot of difference between
    them and will not be able
    to reunite.

  37. As we have already seen yesterday
    Abhishek sees ishita and is
    shocked. He is very depressed and
    says I resigned as I was unable to
    fulfill my duty, in another words it is
    because I cant save Ruhi, I felt I am
    the cause of Your death. In past
    Seven years I have lost everything
    because of You Ishita. So we have to
    see how Ishita consoles the ACP
    Abhishek. How she will motivate
    him to take his duties as ACP. Also
    we can anticipate sonn some clue of
    Ruhan and Nidhi will be found.
    Turn 2: Ruhan and
    Ruhan (ruhi) who feels that Ishita is
    the one who caused her life
    miserable. So Ruhan want to take
    revenge on Ishita. We will have to
    wait and see how long does Ruhan
    go to do this. We will also see that
    Ruhan will be present in the Wedding
    of Romi and Mihika. Though she feel
    awakward but she cant control her
    emotion of dissatifaction. Ruhan kab
    tak Asi hogi Aage Dekhna..

  38. Sulochana Sulo

    I really happy to seeing ishita and Mrs.ball ah thoshi aunty reunite verry touching episode I was crying ishita @Divyanka your rocking I love you ishra your allways rock.

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