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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bala saying they can solve the news matter and everyone thank him. Raman and everyone get glad. Ishita tells Raman that Simmi has gone to meet Subbu along with Ananya. He is shocked and asks is she mad to let them go and panics. He tells this to everyone, and Ishita says she tried to stop Simmi. Raman calls Simmi and says she is not taking call. They leave and everyone worry at home. Raman and Ishita reach the apartment and rush. A man says lift is not working and Raman takes the stairs. Raman comes to Subbu’s home and does not see anyone there. He gets worried.

Ishita asks the guard about a woman coming with a little girl. Raman looks in the rooms and does not find Subbu. Raman gets worried. He tells Ishita that they are not there. He says lets go to police

station. Ananya’s slipper falls on them, and they look up towards the terrace. They are shocked seeing Simmi and Ananya, along with Subbu at the terrace. Subbu asks Simmi to jump and scares her knowing the knife. He asks her to jump along Ananya, else her family problems will not end. Simmi asks him not to do this. Raman and Ishita run to the terrace.

Simmi asks Subbu to think about Karthik. Subbu says my son is dead, now I will make you all feel the pain, Bhalla family should know the pain to lose loved one, jump, else I will push you down, jump if you want to save your family. Simmi says no Subbu please and cries. Ishita falls and asks Raman to run, she will come. She gets Vandu’s call. Vandu asks about Simmi. Ishita tells her about Simmi and Ananya are on the terrace. Vandu says what, and informs Bala and everyone.

Subbu asks Simmi to save her family, and recall Raman and family’s problems. Raman and Ishita come there and are shocked. Ishita says stop Raman, he can do anything to Simmi. Raman makes plan to divert Subbu so that he can save Simmi. Simmi says leave my daughter. Subbu says no one thought about my son, he was innocent. He cries and Simmi says Bhai silently. Raman signs her. Subbu says jump, else I will kill you. Raman goes ahead hiding. Everyone come to Sujata. Sujata asks what do you all want.

Bala asks them to help them, Subbu has taken Simmi and Ananya to help, he is forcing them to jump, please help. Sujata says why to stop him, let him do what he wants. Mrs. Bhalla asks what nonsense, he is taking their life, if anything happens to my daughter… you have gone mad, how can I see my daughter dying. Sujata says my daughter Laxmi and her son died this way, if I can bear, why can’t you, Subbu is doing right, he is not wrong.

Shaila reaches Bhalla house and guard asks whom she wants to meet. She says Bhallas. The guard says they left. Subbu’s mum asks Sujata to stop Subbu, this is crime, I have also lost bahu and grandson, I don’t want to lose my son, will you feel better if Subbu goes to jail. Shaila calls Romi and says she is outside their house, she came to tell them the truth, is Simmi fine, I m worried. Romi says stay here, I m coming to take you. He leaves. Sujata thinks even she came here, good. Bala asks Sujata to come for Subbu’s sake.

Raman signs Ishita to come. Ishita comes to Subbu and asks what is he doing, is he mad. He says I m not mad, I m doing this right. Subbu asks her to go, as she can’t understand the emotion of having a child, as she can’t conceive. She asks him to stop. Subbu asks Simmi to jump and shows the knife. Simmi falls with Ananya. Raman holds her hand. Ishita pulls Subbu back. Subbu pushes her down and stops Raman from saving Simmi. Everyone come there and see this from the ground level. Subbu beats Raman. Raman does not leave Simmi’s hand. Mrs. Bhalla screams seeing Simmi. Ishita beats Subbu with the stick and helps Raman.

Everyone panic seeing Simmi and Ananya hanging. Raman and Ishita hold her hand, and pull them up. Raman hugs her and says I have come, its all fine. Subbu gets up and holds his head. They see Subbu angrily. Raman beats Subbu and everyone come on the terrace. Bala stops Raman, while Sujata and Subbu’s mum hold Subbu. Shaila comes there. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ananya and cries. They all see Shaila. Shaila sees Subbu and says he is the one, his wife has died because of him, she died because of her bad character and bad doings. Subbu says stop this nonsense, I did not do anything, you don’t know anything, Bhalla family ruined my life. Shaila says he is murderer, he killed his wife and son. Subbu says I could never kill her, I lost everything. Ishita asks him to say what is the matter. Shaila says he is shameless. Subbu says I loved Laxmi a lot, its all because of you, I will not leave you. They all get puzzled.

Subbu says we were so happy together, Laxmi was a good wife and a good mum, I was everything for her. He recalls the happy moments in FB. He says he has seen many dreams for Karthik. He cries and says his dreams broke, because of them. He says Laxmi died. Sujata consoles him. Subbu says one day Neha Vanraj came in our life. Raman says she is…. Subbu says she is your cousin.

Subbu says she is the real culprit, who made my Laxmi and Karthik away from me, and that woman is…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. He Divya ka how are you.

  2. Subbu cudnt control his lust for dat neha nd nw thnks bhalla family killd his wife n child…he is a cheeter nd laxmi comitd suicide for dat nd he thnks neha is at fault…characterless,cheap brute….

  3. ok guys good night.prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu ramchin angel bhagi and all yhm friends.

  4. Good night 2 all yeh hai mohabbatein fans….

  5. Will Subbu blame Mrs.Bhalla
    for tragedy in his life ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ ?
    Today’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    was so intense where Subbu tries to kill
    Simmi and Ananya claiming he wants to
    give the same Pain which he faced with
    Lakshmi & Karthik’s death.Although
    Raman’s aunt tells Subbu is the reason why
    Lakshmi died we hear truth is something
    Subbu reveals about Raman’s cousin Neha
    Vanraj whom we never heard in the show
    earlier.It is already told that Lakshmi died
    thinking Subbu was cheating on her,if we
    assume the futher story it can be like Neha
    was in love with Subbu and shared this to
    Mrs.Bhalla who never knew it was Subbu
    .Because if you remember Mrs.Bhalla was
    the only one who left to London few days to
    take care Saila.
    Shahnaz Rizwan was on leave for somedays
    around September 2014 to visit her family
    which is when Makers made the plot look
    like Mrs.Bhalla going to London.So it is a
    hint where we can assume Mrs.Bhalla was
    in London,but it is to be watched what
    made Subbu think she is responsible.So
    Subbu wants to kill Simmi to give the same
    pain to Mrs.Bhalla.

    1. Ramchin is good……

      1. vunnile gopu just 4 change
        asale naku chala perlu unnai
        yikkadiki vachi Ramchin okati add ayindi

  6. gopu 1min nenu na fav song

    1. everyone is having many name’s…. their will be one special that show’s what u r …..

      1. gopu what do u what to say
        frm this

      2. so many people don’t know my original name Even though I meet them daily….

  7. this song Raman 4 ishitha my fav song
    kammani ee prema lekhane
    rasindi hrudayame
    priyatama neevachata
    kushalama nenichata
    uhalanni patle kanula totalo
    toli kalala kavitale mata
    oho kammani ee prema
    lekhane rasindi hrudayame
    priyatama neevachata
    kushalama nenichata
    gundello gayamedo challanga
    maaya chese a maaye
    enta gaayamaina gaani na
    puvvu soki nee soku kandene
    veliki rani verri prema kanneeti
    dharalona karugutunnadi
    naadu shokamopaleka nee
    gundey badha padite
    manushulerugaleru maamoolu
    prema kadu
    agni kante swacchamainadhi
    mamakaarame ee laali
    paataga rasedi hrudayamaa
    umadevi ga shivuni ardha
    bhagamai na lona niluvumaa
    shubha laali laali jo laali laali jo
    umadevi laali jo laali laali jo
    mamakaarame ee laali
    paataga rasedi hrudayamaa na
    😉 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 ;);) 😉 😉 ;):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 ;):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 ;):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 ;):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 ;):) 🙂 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 😉

    1. favorite to all & me to … Tamil version is very good….

  8. Lovely episode.

  9. I don’t know Tamil well…..Vani jayaram sang the song in Tamil version…. her voice is awesome especially in ….manushulerugaleru maamooluprema kaduagni kante swacchamainadhimamakaarame ee laali

    1. so many people don’t know my original name even though I meet them daily….

  10. gopu nuvvu yem cheppalanukunnav
    names gurinchi nenu just unnayi ani
    cheppanu anthe
    ayina yenduku nuvvu
    andukani nuvvu ala cheppala
    ne 12:58am cmts chudu
    yela undu tekusa

    1. *telusa
      sare gopu nenu yemaina tappu
      chesinte sry nenu yinka yeppatiki ranu good bye

      1. Ab so b jAo na! Kal skool b jana hai ?

      2. Amma thali…..nanu naa friends andaru inka thelisena vallu ” bauji “ani pelustaru…. konthmandiki na asalu Peru theliyadu konisalu marachipothutaru….ee Peru thone famous ayanu….neku chependi kodu Ade…nevu e thapu analedu…nenu adigendi ilanti Peru neku unda ani…

      3. r u ishita

  11. I am deeply in luv with this serial………….love yhm……<3<3

  12. Dr manisha patil

    I love this serial.. n correlate with my life thatsy more attached to ishita Raman.. n of course roohi


  14. Ishita u r too cute

  15. SBB TRP 
    1) SNS
    2) YHM
    3) Ashoka
    4) SSK
    5) Udaan
    yeeee yhm 2nd position par hai. ….

    1. Now this is a good news!not 5th atleast 2nd is also good ?

  16. Gopu ji aapne jo b bhola theek hi kaha hoga par mere pale kuch b nahi para ?sir ke ooper se guzar gaya ?

    1. Sorry dear!vo mere liye tha b nahi ?

  17. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress
    Divyanka Tripathi has been on a
    roll. After bagging trophies at Star
    Parivaar and Zee Gold Awards, the
    leading lady has now been
    honoured with an Oscar, a ‘home-
    made’ one.
    The actress shared a photo of a
    bunch of goodies she received from
    (possibly) a fan, on Instagram.
    “Awwwwww! Thanks fr the
    #Homemade Academy Award n
    #Collage Poster Yogi. #originalidea
    #OriginalPhoto #NoFilter (sic),” she
    With a loyal fan following like
    her’s, it’s not too hard to imagine
    her being showered with gifts every
    now and then. Recently, she
    received a cake from one of her
    fans on completing a certain
    number of followers. Interestingly,
    she also actively took part in co-star
    Anita Hassanandani’s 200k
    followers’ celebration.
    Her list of achievements doesn’t
    end here. A few days ago, she
    wrapped up shoot with Vidya Balan,
    and it has left her inspired.
    “Receiving compliments from an
    actor of Vidya’s stature is extremely
    overwhelming. Vidya is the epitome
    of professionalism, who is true to
    her craft and this is something I’m
    going to take back from her,” she
    told IANS.

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  19. are yar patha nahi ye leap sach ho ya nahi par jab se ye news aayi tab se trp low ho gayi show pe bhi intrest nahi ho raha hai i hope hame kuch acha sa ishra scence dhek ne ko mile

  20. very nice show.subbu now tell fast reality.

  21. Spoiler: Raman-Shagun to reunite,Ishita-Subbu to live in Australia post leap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

    Spoiler: Raman-Shagun to reunite,Ishita-Subbu to live in Australia post leap in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!
    Major twists and turns will leave the audience in surprise and shock. Let’s find out!

    Friday, June 12, 2015 | 6:43:22 PM IST (+05:30 GMT)
    7 Comments | 592 Views | Copyright:

    Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has been witnessing some high end drama with the show nearing its leap phase.

    We are sure, the ardent fans want to know that how the show will lead towards the leap and hence, we at bring to you come exclusive information on the same.

    The upcoming drama will showcase Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) being diagonsed with tuberculosis. The doctors will give up hopes and will inform her about her life being at stake. Knowing this, Ishita will get worried about her children. She will approach Shagun (Anita Hassanandani), inform her about her illness and request her to live with Raman and take care of the Bhalla family and the children!

    Informs a credible source, “Shagun will be now seen under good light where she will try to mend her relationship with Raman and be a good mother.”

    So what happens to Raman (Karan Patel) then? Why will he let Shagun take Ishita’s place in his life given the fact that he loves her a lot?

    The same source informs, “Well, here comes the twist! Ishita will pretend to be in a relationship with Subbu (Amit Tandon). This will create hatred in Raman’s heart for Ishita.”

    What happens next?

    Post leap, Raman and Shagun will be seen living together with the Bhalla family, while Subbu and Ishita will be in Australia!

    What are your views on the leap phase? Hit the comment section below!

  22. hell ekta has gone mad this will turn like meri aashiqui tunse hi.. yhm will lose 90% of its audience… oh God please this spoiler should be fake please

  23. please end this show I dont want ishra to be parted

  24. —THE END. —

      1. if the spoiler is true… the result of the show the end…

      2. yah true

  25. Post leap – Raman vll live together with shagun and ishita vll live wid subbu as Ishita vll be diagnosed wid tuberculosis
    Plz protest against the separation of IshRa using the tag #saveYHM #dontsepaeateishra #saveishra in all the social networking sites
    Plzzz protest friendsss….
    Can’t see separation of ishra
    Can’t see Raman wid shagun

    1. just end the show

  26. its better to end the show happily other than separating ishra ugh

  27. i think now shagun turns into positive

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